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Tim Answers His Wife Heather

This is the final act of this series
Heather was on pins and needles waiting for her husband Tim to say whether he would or wouldn't join me and Heather when we met for our next masturbation session.

Tim had come home from working on the food plots for deer where he hunts every year, and Heather had rushed home in only her robe. When Tim asked where she had been with only her robe on, Heather honestly explained where she had been and what she and I had been doing, and then she just hoped for the best.

She had told Tim that she is almost always horny and when she saw me jacking off in my pool she got so hot and horny that she had to jill herself.....and that she knew I had seen her. She told him that his sex drive was, in so many words, nowhere near to hers, and that when they fucked, she was always left frustrated because she hadn't been able to enjoy an orgasm.

Tim had apologized, saying he hadn't known that and that he thought he had done his best to satisfy Heather.

She had told him about the conversation Heather and I had over my backyard fence a few days later...And how that conversation had led to her coming over to my swimming pool to enjoy a masturbation session with me...Up until the time Tim came home and Heather had to depart hastily and run home.

After her explanation, Tim told Heather that he understood, and everything was OK with him as long as I wasn't screwing her.

At that point, Heather had suggested that Tim would be welcome to join us when we had another jacking and jilling session and perhaps make a threesome out of it. Tim had said he would think about that and give her his answer later.

That's why Heather was on pins and needles...Waiting to hear what Tim would decide to do.

Tim took about three days considering his options before answering Heather.

He finally told Heather that he would come with her to our next masturbation session for two reasons:

[1] First and foremost he wanted to observe Heather and me to be certain that I wasn’t shagging his wife.

[2] Secondly, he was curious about this masturbating thing and wanted to observe what happens, just out of curiosity.

When Heather heard her husband say that, as soon as she could, after Tim had gone to work, she called me and told me what Tim had said and agreed to. Then she asked me when the three of us could get together in my pool for (in her words) “a super masturbating and cumming threesome party”.

I suggested that the coming Saturday or Sunday when Tim didn’t have to go to work might be a good time for the three of us to get together and cum together.

Heather giggled, with what I thought was delight, and said she would make sure Tim would come over with her late Saturday afternoon after he had finished his yard work on their property.

I told her that was fine with me, and asked if it is a definite date. She said, “You can bet the farm and your beautiful delicious hard cock and hot nuts on that”.

I told her the deal was sealed.

Early Saturday morning I got another pool float out of my storage room, inflated it, and tied it side by side with the two that Heather and I had used on her last venture into my swimming pool with me. I now had what amounted to at least a full size or queen size floating air mattress for the three of us to enjoy lying on while floating in my swimming pool and masturbating.

Around 5pm that afternoon Heather called me and asked it were OK for her and Tim to come over, and I told her it was. Then she told me that Tim had insisted that she wear more than just her robe this time, so she would be wearing a rather modest two-piece bathing suit under her robe, and that Tim was coming dressed in just some denim shorts and a t-shirt, since he wanted to be only an observer. She asked me if I would wear some swimming trunks so Tim might feel more comfortable when he saw me.

I said, “Sure, Babe…Anything for you and Tim…Up to a point”.

When Heather and Tim arrived things were very formal and somewhat awkward because Tim didn’t seem to want to be here.

Eventually, though, Heather and I coaxed Tim to get in the pool with us, dressed even as he was, and to lie on the float on the right-hand side of Heather’s float and I got on the one to her left.

We just floated around for a while talking about everyday things that neighbors would discuss with one another in any circumstance. Even Tim seemed to be enjoying himself.

Heather, while all of this was going on, had reached over with her left hand and rubbed my pussy-pleaser which made it become hard as a rock and as tall as a totem pole. Her hand went inside my swimming trunks, grasped my cock, and jerked me off.

At the same time my right hand invaded the bottom half of Heather’s swim suit and my fingers found, first, her mound, then her slippery slit, and then her trembling nub which I gently massaged until she moaned softly as she enjoyed her orgasm.

Tim seemed to be oblivious to what his wife and I were doing.

Heather, after her climax, put her other hand over Tim’s dick and rubbed it for a while through his shorts, but she didn’t feel or see any response.

She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “Now you see why I need you”.

I whispered back, “Darlin’, you can have me any and every time you want me”.

Tim spoke up saying, “This whole thing is boring to me. Heather, if you’re enjoying yourself you can stay, but I’m going home now. Just don’t let Dirk screw you”.

“Tim, Dirk promised that he wouldn’t fuck me, and I’ll hold him to his promise. That’s my vow to you”.

With that having been said, Tim got out of the pool and went home.

I kept my promise to never fuck Heather. But what Tim never learned is that I let Heather fuck me, time after time after time. Tim doesn’t have a clue.

The three of us lived happily ever after. 

  This is the end of this fairy tale. I hope you enjoyed it.

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