Timing Is Everything...

By Xdaone

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Can't fight what is Natural Forever.
Men are naturally aggressive creatures taking what we want. Predatory. Horny and male can be acceptable. Horny and female, taboo. Creating your closet freaks. A personal favorite still.....

My personal preference to leans to attraction which for me, is not race specific. Luscious and wet is what it is all about. The mind and the body. The persona of the moment. The contrast or consistency of color is all part of the eroticism. The passion that makes the pie. Apple. Blueberry. Peach or Pumpkin. The proof is in the filling.

Therese was her name. Shaped in voluptuous form that pushed the boundaries of everything. Lips almost too thick. Ass almost too big. Breasts almost too round. But they weren't. They just pushed the boundaries which is very appropriate to her everything. Her eyes were light brown pools that barely concealed her strange form of self discipline. They had to because my clue was her walk said it all. And to the touch of the slightest wind her breasts would betray her. Hardening with the wisps if the slightest wind. She was built to fuck, suck, and be dirty! It was all she ever really thought about. Whenever alone she would rub her clitoris and push her fingers in and out of her snatch as she drove around town. Fingers meandering and massaging herself endlessly. So much that she never even thought about it anymore.

The way it started? Her husband had been old school not wanting her, his wife, to suck his dick ever. He saw it as beneath her. His wife. And changing positions out of the missionary was rewarded with a open handed blow to the face and no sex for two weeks! He had a girlfriend, maybe two. But that isn't unusual for most Jamaican men and for him they were to suck his big dick. His wife kissed his baby boy.

Problem was Therese understood this and even accepted it somewhat. But to not fuck her! The mistresses. They get all of the good fucking and sucking Therese thought sometimes! Wondering whether or not having the house and the car was worth not being able to suck and get fucked the way she wanted to was worth it. She would be so wet when visiting family she had heard her now grown brothers talking about the mostly White and Hispanic girls they fucked on the side of their own Carribean princesses were treated by them. Degraded from what she would hear. But thing about those stories for Therese was how they appealed to her desire for carnal attention. That each story was having a automatic dampening effect on her groin. Secretly, she wished she could be used that way and knew that some day she would. She was too beautiful to not get her way.

The brothers would talk about how they had these "ho's." suck and lick their cocks and asses to various degrees of success. How they would make them beg for the "Black snake" and she would repeat the words over and over while thrusting her fingers inside her at a rapid pace.

"Black snake. Black snake. Fuck me. Black snake." Her brothers took after her father so she heard. Long and thick 9 inch dicks that the girls just loved to ride on. She would tell them be quiet, she was a church girl but they would tell her shaddup or go in another room which she would do gratefully. Allowing her to rub her clit behind closed doors as she listened. Waiting for the day she could be married and enjoy sex too. But he wanted a breeder, not a lover.

Lucky for her she realized early on that her husband was no different than her brothers who kept their women at home on a pedestal while putting every other women on all fours. She was to be a prize showpiece. Untouchable, when all she wanted was to be touched everywhere! She was driven to smut and perversions. More than the girls she had heard stories about! She knew because she used to get wet when she saw even her brothers dicks and went on a secret mission to learn all of the names you can call a cock. She could never say them! But she knew. And only now, at this time now she was able to date and free to explore, being estranged for two years. There were many scenarios she wanted to explore and experience tallywhackers. By now she given up a lot of material things. And since than, she had been cautious, thoughtful and reserved. But her desire had been building and her thoughts more vivid recently for some reason. It was in the arousing breezes which always seem to find her thighs and make her melt. She secretly referred to being fucked by nature on long walks. But those are other stories.

The first time we met I watched as her skirt rode rhythmically each step as if music played. She walked towards me, nipples becoming more significant as she came closer into focus with my form. Sticking out her hand to greet the new employee. She was to show me "the ropes" and spend the day as my mentor. Assessingmy strengths and weakness not unlike I was doing to her but for a alternate purpose.

I listened to her intently, gazing directly into her eyes. Attentive as a new employee should be and purposely letting her see me stare. Stare at her lips as her tongue made its way past her lips to smile. Blush unwillingly. At her shifting back and forth on her seat. Readjusting her skirt and her approaches. Wanting to kiss her wasn't going to be enough for me and when her hand accidentally brushed the front of her skirt as I noticed her short reaction I knew what would soon happen. Her hardened nipples gave her away. Her reactions did the same when I leaned in close and touched her arm. As if she hadn't been touched in quite a while.

"Excuse me." Looking directly at her lips slowly leaning closer. My eyes brazenly staring into her hardened large, round straight nipples that must had to be huge from the indentation on the heavy, perfectly fitted professional garb. Than slowly back into her eyes. Therese sank back into her chair in the manner of a small relief affirming my suspicions of a dirty mind. Making believe I didn't notice wasn't hard at all as it wasn't meant to be. Therese composed herself well and continued. I listened and learned everything that I needed to know that day. The work conditions were soon to be of my liking.

Two weeks passed and my mind was on fire knowing that Therese was soon to be mine. But I wanted her my way. Everyday I would come in and impress everyone I needed to as was my custom. Becoming successful and focusing on impressing with my work solely. I knew about Therese already. I wanted her to respond to my touch in the same way so I would smile and nod. Look at her when no one was watching, undressing her. Taking off her glasses. Kissing her neck. Rubbing my hands around her breasts. Kissing and biting them simultaneously. Pleasure and pain. Running my long fingers up her thighs and up and down her folds. Just being bad.

She knew what I was thinking. I was sure the messages were clear. Our conversations were brief but electric. Her accent heavy and unsure in conversation with me. A natural submission in her voice that told me that she had already given herself to me in her mind many times. All I needed to do was claim my prize.

At the end of the first month their was a one on one review with Therese that was the company norm. We were to discuss what was being offered to me salary wise and the terms of my contract if, I chose to accept. It was understood what I wanted and the deal was already known to me.

I arrived at work and Therese was there early. She usually got in around 15 minutes early as I watched her patterns but this was a whole hour. I was going to accept so was setting up my office space since I wouldn't be in there much. The best part about sales. Balancing work leaves plenty of time for friends. I needed this too. After today I would no longer see Therese every day. Or even at all.

Strictly professional. Perhaps I had waited too long I remember thinking. There was no hint of affection in her tone. Even a lilt of disgust. Anger even and for the first time since the 8th grade I had a premature feeling. That maybe my belief that she was mine was wrong. A misread. My dick had been throbbing so much that week. Thinking about the chance to be alone with that beautiful form. Hoping she would wear a light top so I could see her nipples more completely. I had slacked off and forgot about the job and now I would lose everything again.

Walking in front of her into the conference room my mind raced. Now I wouldn't get my free time back. I would be back on the job hunt when it happened.

The door close loudly and the lock being turned. Turning to Therese's direction seeing the straps of the dress she had been unzipping behind me fall to the ground as she adeptly stepped over the garment in her black heels. I hadn't had the chance to notice her red pumps and calves until her thighs were placed in my hands by hers. Purring like a cat, rubbing her breasts up and down my shirt and reaching down to pull my tie and kiss me!

Her lips were the softest, most luscious pillows. Wet and warm. Hertonguestrong and soft simultaneously. Her hands uncuffing my shirt buttons starting at the sleeves. To the neck. All while adeptly rubbing my hard legs and chest. She undressed my torso in a strong, sensual manner as if she had done this to me before.

She wore Stockings attached to a garter. No panties. Push up bra that was now on the floor due to my auto reflex. And her tits now stood up! At 32 years old her body was as marvelous as I had imagined! My reservations now obviously lost in the moment I had been duped. Tricked. Controlled as a payback for playing my game and making her wait! I smiled at the thought as she pulled down my trousers and put her mouth on my long, hard dick and the fireworks began!

Her tongue unleashed. Licking and bobbing. Kissing and sucking my head with never before sensed passion! Blow jobs have never been enough for me but something about the way she went after it. With a passion that can only be described as love the orgasm welled up inside me. Looking down I realized she had achieved what no other ever had. My cock was fully in her mouth and down her throat which was as warm and wet as I had imagined in my most detailed vision. She had taken control of me. And I was about to cum down her throat and over her large brown tits. Lingering over and around her nipples before ever having her pussy impaled on top of me.

Therese had rubbed herself to orgasm in the short time it had taken for her to completely take me over. The sight of her in a Catcher's squat. Hands fingering he overly moist snatch and squeezing her oversensitive clit which perfectly complimented her nipples had me ready to let go my cream. I had to act.

Placing her head her head fiercely I pulled her forward to kiss. Grappling and enticing her nipples. Whispering in her ear "My titties." as O suck each nipple into my mouth deeply. Pausing to bite each lightly before grabbing them forcefully. I found myself doing to her what I wanted to every day but couldn't. Those twodeliciouslyround breasts. Each touch seemed to thrive being twisted and squeezed. Therese was now grinding and sinking into deeper and deeper ecstacy with each lick and touch of her waist. Her neck. Her clitoris ready to explode to touch being rubbed and teased by a beautifully strange penis. She was ready for it years ago.

With every erogenous zone explored by my tongue seemed to make her shake and quiver making me wonder how such a treasure could be so deprived. Time was short but I wondered while licking her pussy back and forth like I was savoring her, devouring her. See my fuck doll. Legs straddling the conference table edge, rubber legged. Crazed with desire so briefly yet sothoroughly. Smiling and looking down into my eyes with a half evil grin of orgasmic bliss.

Pulling a chair close and lifting her now shoeless leg allows access to her thighs. Therese laid back onto her elbows at I squeeze and rub her clit and bite her nipple releasing her orgasm once more. She has the body of a nyphomaniac slut I remember thinking with the dirty mind to match! But she was made for me. There had been men after her now just paper marriage dissolved. But none she could trust with her true self. None who understood her wanton ways. Until now. She knew she had found something when she first saw him. Someone who could sometimes demand her sex.

Putting my large fingers on her wet ass. Spreading Therese's juices around and pushed a the index finger into her asshole to the hilt, not asking permission or giving pause. The violation Therese had considered taboo in her many mastubatory sessions now sent waves through her thoroughly excited body. Removal of the appendage leaving Therese in an unusual, weakened state. Unable to resist being placed on her stomach with her pussy exposed in the air. Wet and glazed.

Unable to resist as the hard, wet dick plunged inch after inch. Long and thick, the cock she had barely averted choking on earlier moving inside her as Therese exploded once more! Just as she had imagined it would feel when she first stared at it a month earlier through those green slacks. So close to her mouth she couldn't wait till today. When she could finally taste and feel it inside her pussy. Even the way it was curved was perfect matched to her canal until their hips and tongues both meshed and mingled simultaneously.

Wrapped around his torso her breasts pushed into his chest as her body was now completely on fire. Tongues and lips together. She was experiencing a frequency and level of orgasm never before achieved! Her senses heightened with his as they fucked close together. Her hands wrapped under his ass urging his cock deeper. Instantaneously she became his. Their eyes locked as she burst into wave after wave of orgasm. Feeling the heat and waves of pleasure as they take her into a relaxed state of euphoria. The pulsating dick she wants to feel erupt inside her now! But she knows he won't she knows what she is supposed to do.

Slowly pulling out my cock and balls wet and sticky Therese moved forward quickly to replace her pussy with her mouth until the fluid she withdrew flowed down her throat, pulling her mouth off and squeezing her tits together to collect the rest of my semen as a souvenir. But instead she ended up licking her fingers and tits clean. Savory the taste and bathing in my appreciation of her devotion to the task.

We quickly dressed and I signed the contract without checking a single clause. I left the office and went about my day. Everything was to my benefit and more as she wanted me happy. She had already conceded to me what the Company were willing to without me asking. It was her call.

We never fucked her in that office again. Although there were some showers in the Corporate gym where she would suck and lick my dick and swallow my seed as she loved to do. Just to see if we would get caught. Memories...