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To Be Rich .... Part 2

“So did you call him,” Carli asked as she answered the phone, not even gracing me with a hello of any sort.

“Yes,” I answered, trying to hide any emotion in my voice that might lead her to believe that something had happened between the two of us.

“And,” he coaxed at me, trying to get more detail than I was ready to really give her at this moment. I knew she was my best friend and I was supposed to tell her everything, but I was just not ready to tell her this.

“We had lunch,” I answered, which was the truth. I wished she would not ask more than that, but I knew I would not get off that easy.

“You have lunch,” she repeated to herself almost a little on the quiet side. “You just like went to some place and had lunch.”

“Pretty much,” I answered, lying through my teeth. “We had lunch, chatted about writing and then I came home. End of lunch time.”

“Well that is lame,” she grumbled. “Did he at least pay for your lunch?”

“Yes,” I laughed, thinking about how much I had actually paid for it. “He paid for it.”

Beep Beep

I pulled my phone away from my ear to see who was calling and my heart stopped, it was Brian. I tried to control my voice so that Carli was not aware of my excitement.

“Car I am going to have to go,” I said quickly into the phone. “My mom is calling and I have not talked to her for a few days.”

“Oh, okay,” She responded. “Tell mom hi for me.”

“I will,” I assured. “Love you, have a good night.”

“Love you too,” she said into the phone as I pressed the end call button and picked up the other line.

“Hello,” I spoke softly into the phone. I did not want him to hear my excitement, just as much as I did not want Carli to hear it. I was not going to act like a school girl and get all giddy, even though that is what I really was at the moment. I was completely giddy.

“Hey you,” his voice broke through the phone and shook my body. I had been waiting for his call for so long and now I was not sure what to say. I told myself to play it cool, but I was not the best at doing things like that, so I laid there, frozen. “Are you busy?”

“No,” I answered. “Why?”

“Just crawled into bed,” he claimed. “You crossed my mind, so I thought I would call you to make this day complete.”

I rolled over on my bed and reached for the light, turning it off and leaving me in the darkness. I then moved myself under my covers, as quiet as I could.

“I am in bed too,” I noted. “Small world.”

“Small world indeed,” he added.

It was silent for a moment and that made me nervous. Did he just want to say goodnight? Was he wanting to talk for a while? Did he have other reasons for calling.

“Can I ask you something Clara?” he asked.

“Of course,” I answered. I wanted him to keep talking to me, so if that meant I had to answer questions, then I would answer questions.

“What are you wearing right now,” he asked.

I had not really been thinking about my clothes, so it took me a minute to recall what I was wearing. Once I got the full image in my head, I decided to let him in on it.

“Well I am wearing a white tank top,” I started, running my hand down the front of my shirt as I informed him. “As well as a pair of black boy short panties.”

“Mmm,” he moaned into the phone. “I bet you look so amazing.”

“I suppose.”

“No,” he insisted. “I am sure you look amazing.”

I could feel fire set against my cheeks and I was glad that he could not see my blushing at this point in time.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“No need.” he stated.

“Hey Clara,” he began. “Can I ask you something else.”

“Yes,” I answered quickly. “Anything.”

“Will you touch yourself for me,” he asked, “and tell me what you are doing while you are doing it?”

“Like you want me to masturbate for you over the phone,” I asked him, wondering how I had managed to even get those words out of my mouth to begin with.

There was another pause. Had I said the wrong thing?

“Yeah,” he spoke quietly. “Will you masturbate for me and tell me about it?”

I thought about this for a minute. I had never really told anyone about what I did when I masturbated, nor had I ever masturbated for someone else. Though, I figured that if I was already on the path I was on, this was not going to harm anything.

“I can do that,” I answered. “Can you hold on for a minute though?”

“Of course,” he replied, “take your time.”

I crawled out of bed, setting the phone down on my night stand. I figured this would be easier if I was naked. So I proceeded to pull off my white shirt and slip my black panties off of my body, leaving me naked and bare.

Nerves coursed through my body, but I fought them. They were not going to stop me for playing with myself. They would not ruin this for me.

I made my way across my room and grabbed my headset before crawling back into bed and grabbing my phone. Once my headset was properly set up, I slid back down into my bed.

“I am back,” I let him know.

“Welcome back,” he said. I could imagine the smile on his face, flashing occasionally the teeth that had me so turned on this entire time.

“Are you ready,” I asked him.

“Very,” he answered.

“Okay,” he let out a deep breath. “Here we go then.”


“I am bringing my hands up to my breasts,” I informed him. “I am softly rubbing and massaging them between my fingers, feeling the soft skin against the tips of my fingers.”

“Mmm,” he moaned into the phone.

“Lightly squeezing around them, feeling ever inch of them.”

I moved my fingers into my nipples.

“I am now lightly pinching my nipples between my fingers, imagining they are your fingers pinching them so tight. They are getting so hard.

I am now bringing my finger up to my lips and licking it. Bringing it back down now and rubbing it onto the top of my nipple, making it hard and wet and tingly.”

“Oh yes,” he cried.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “Now that they are nice and hard, I am working my hands down my stomach, lightly tickling at the skin.”

“You have such an amazing stomach.”

“Thank you.” I answered, blushing again.

It took me a moment after that to regain my thoughts, but they soon came back to me.

“My fingers have just reached the lips of my pussy. I can feel the heat that is radiating off of it.”

“I bet it is so warm,” he chimed in.”

“Mmm, it is.” I clarified for him. “It is warm and soft and just begging for me to slip my finger between them.”

“Do it baby,” he begged, “rub that clit for me.”

“Mmm,” I moaned again. “I softly push my fingers between my warm pussy lips, quickly finding the tip of my clit and resting my finger against it. My body is shaking with excitement.”

“Mine too baby,” he added, “Mine too.”

“I am rubbing my fingers over my clit, back and forth back and forth, rolling it in circles.”

The feelings that were growing inside of me were amazing. Who ever would have guessed that I would be doing something such as this and doing it well enough to keep him interested?

“I am not moving my finger down to my pussy entrance. Pushing the tip of my finger inside me slowly.”

“Oh yes baby, finger that pussy for me, nice and slow.”

I know that it was crazy, but him calling me baby drove me crazy. I felt like doing this was bringing me closer to being his, to living in his world with his money. I had never been driven by money and desire before, but it was a very powerful desire.

“Don’t say no more baby,” he said. “Just let me listen to you. I want to hear you.”

“Mmm,” I moaned into the phone, glad that the commentary would get to stop. I would now be able to concentrate more on getting myself off.

I slide my finger deeper inside of my pussy, adding a second one into the mix. My breathing was hard, dancing with that of his own breathing. I wished I could see him, that he could be watching me do this for him.

I spread my legs further apart to fuck myself harder with my fingers. I was so wet that my fingers were dripping. I worked in another finger quickly, opening myself up more than I ever had before. It was almost too much for me to take, but I wanted to do it, for him.

“Of fuck,” I moaned loudly, pushing my finger in and out of my pussy so hard.

“Yes baby, yes,” he moaned into the phone loudly. “Cum for me please?”

“I am so close,” I breathed out quickly, my hips pushing up against my fingers, my body shaking.

“Oh god yes,” he nearly growled into the phone. “Cum baby, Cum.”

I pushed my fingers quickly in and out of me, pushing my palm down against my clit, rubbing over it as I fucked myself. Finally I hit my breaking point, I could not hold it in any longer.

“Oh fuck,” I screamed into the phone. “I am cumming.”

I moaned and screamed and bucked my hips. Having him hear me cum made the feeling that much more intense.

“You are so amazing,” he whispered into the phone.

“Clara,” a voice called from beyond my door. “Clara are you okay.”

I had not really considered the fact that my father was home or how much noise I was actually making. All that I had been thinking about was pleasuring myself for Brian.

“I’m fine,” I yelled, hoping that he would just go away.

“Are you sure,” he asked.

“I better go,” Brian whispered in my ear, causing my heart to sink a little.

“No,” I silently pleaded with him. “Stay.”

“Meet me for lunch again at my house tomorrow,” he suggested.

“Okay,” I responded, as there was a click on the other end of the phone.

“I promise dad,” I yelled through the door again, completely out of breath, “I am fine.”

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