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To Be Touched

A husband hides in the closet and watches his wife.
I look down at my feet that appear so white as I slip on my panties after taking my morning shower. The day will be hot, somewhere in the upper 80’s and I contemplate wearing shorts with my extremely pale legs. I look in the mirror and see my bare chest, the small white mounds with nipples erect from the chill of being freshly out of the shower. I have no tan lines to speak of because I have no tan and though I know I will wear a tank top, I also know that I will slather on the sunscreen to avoid welcoming any more freckles which is pretty much unavoidable. I turn around to see my thighs, to monitor the cellulite and decided if I need to kick up the exercise a notch or if I am comfortable. Standing there in front of the mirror, naked with the exception of the underwear, I finally look into my own eyes and see me. Am I sexy? Would I fuck me?

I grab the backs of my thighs and then run my hands up to my ass and then lift my cheeks making a silent agreement with myself that I will swim, walk, or do something at least twice a week, but otherwise…yes, YES, I would definitely fuck me.

I start to put on body lotion rubbing it into my arms, my breast, my stomach, my calves, then up my thighs. I start letting my mind wander, wishing that it wasn’t always me. What would it be like to be touched again? To be wanted?

I sit on my bed and lay back mindlessly stroking my thighs. Feather light touches that start to warm me from the inside out. My eyes are closed and I’m picturing strong masculine hands gently touching my skin and I finally feel turned on enough to pull my panties aside. I open my eyes and look down at my freshly shaven pussy peeking out from my panties. I can’t help but think of how badly I want to be touched there and without really thinking about it, lay my head back, close my eyes and spread my legs to the imaginary masculine hand that would touch me.

I let my panties go back and decide to go for the more direct approach in just going underneath them. I reach my hand down and start to softly caress my pussy lips. Denying myself the pleasure of touching my clitoris and thinking intently on the gentle touch of the masculine hand, I can feel my body relax into the beginnings of a gradual build up. Wanting to use both hands at this point so I can spread my pussy lips, I decide to take off my panties. Feeling completely naked and turned on, I run my hands down my body from breasts to naval, to thighs and then back up to my pussy. I close my eyes again and start caressing my pussy lips with both hands and once again spreading my legs. Getting caught up in my fantasy, I reach the point where the masculine hands spread me open. I spread open my pussy and spread my legs wide.

Suddenly I feel weight on the bed and I open my eyes to see a head between my legs and the unexpected heat of a mouth on my exposed hole. Instantly I shut my legs around the head in shock and attempt to get away. Masculine hands hold my legs down and open.

I make a strangled sound that resembles a wannabe scream. Then the man looks up and smiles.

“What the HELL!! You were watching me?!” I feel suddenly humiliated.

“Mmmm, from the closet,” he confesses without guilt. Then drops his face to continue to partake in what he felt was nothing less than an invitation moments earlier.

The invasion of my privacy, the shock of my secret moment with myself being suddenly shared breaks my mood and the build up. I try to push him away,

“You scared the crap out of me, I had no idea you were here,” I say angrily as I feel a blush run over my whole body.

“Shhhh,” he smirks and easily resists my pushes. “Just lay down. You know that you were opening your pussy just for me..” he trails off as he looks down and spreads me open. He can see the warm, wet entrance and his eyes grow dark with desire.

I have dreamed of being touched like that for so long, I can’t move. To see the longing and desire in his eyes, I can not help but to want to suck it up. I’ve been starving for it and so I open my legs to him, welcoming him and his desire.

He looks back into my eyes and sees that I’m no longer resistant. Letting go of my lips, he sits up and looks down on me. “That’s it, Baby, spread your legs for me…” he says as he rubs my calves in encouragement. “Now show me like you did before you knew I was watching.”

Somehow I could actually feel the heat of his gaze running over me. Feeling exposed and already found out; I went ahead and repeated my secret touching only this time, my eyes were open watching him as he watched me. I finally reached the point where I wanted to spread open wide and he could sense it.

“Show me how you want it…” he stills his hands on my calves and watches as I open up and reveal my wetness.

“You are soo wet,” he says as he dips a finger into the clear cream and then smears it up on my clit. “Is this what you wanted?” He asks softly.

My body jolts and rises in response. I nod my head yes since I can’t seem to speak in that my breath is gone.

“I don’t think so,” he says, then lowers his face back down between my legs. “I think this is what you want,” he says sexily. I can feel his breath on my slit and I almost can’t stand it. Then I feel his hands on mine, pulling them away and then placing them on the back of his head. His freshly shaven hair tickles my fingers and instinct takes over to pull him down to fulfill my need.

I can feel his hot tongue slide up and down, swirling around my clit and dipping into my hot spot. Holding his head softly to me, I moan in ecstasy. I want to drag it out and savor the moment, the feeling of his lips kissing me down there, his face on my thighs, my fingers in his hair. The build up begins to grow quickly and I know I will come soon if it keeps up. I decide to focus on him.

I pull his head up and kiss him. Those sensual lips that were just massaging my clit, now wet on my mouth. I reach down and feel his ready erection through his pants. He quickly dispenses of them to the side of the bed and lies back on a pillow. I slowly straddle his face letting him lick me a few times before I work my way down his chest, belly and thighs running my fingers and wet kisses down his body and getting into position for a healthy 69. I can feel him spread me open and play with my pussy while I push gently on his thighs encouraging him to spread his legs. He quickly complies and I watch his dick jump in anticipation. I rub his stiffness against my cheek while I touch and tickle his balls. I love the warmth of his dick on my face. It’s so tender and intimate leaving me eager to make love to him with my mouth.

I can feel him looking into my pussy and watching the wetness as he plays with me while I begin to suck his hard cock.

My tongue swirls around and I let my hands begin to stroke along. Tasting pre-cum, I can sense that he is feeling very good. He’s quietly groaning, letting me know that he likes it. I can feel my pussy throbbing as he is rubbing my labia in large circular motions causing me to open wide and then close in around my clit, and he does it to the perfect rhythm of his cock going in and out of my mouth. I moan against his shaft in my mouth and he relishes the tiny vibration. I can feel him buck up to reach deeper into my throat. I take that as a sign that he’s getting close.

We simply cannot finish without penetration. I need to feel his thick rod fill me; I need to squeeze around it as I cum.

“I want your dick in my pussy…” I confess breathlessly.

“Mmmm,” he responds and quickly flips me over placing my legs up on his shoulders. I’m sloppy wet, literally dripping with need. I enjoy the feel of him pushing my pussy lips together and then squeezing his dick in between and into my hot wet center. “Oooooo, it feels good,” I almost whisper.

“I knew you’d like that,” he smiles as he pulls out and then thrusts back in. It’s so wet and feels so good, he can not help but find a rhythm and ride it.

“I want you to cum for me,” he says as he feels his own climax rising.

“Touch me,” I answer to his command. He slows his pace to a savoring thrust where you can hear the sticky wetness with the sensual movement. He rubs my clit gently with the tip of his thumb and my body ignites to a fire that only he can bring with the intense rush of need that borders on insanity. He knows its coming, he can feel it.

“Come for me,” he encourages. I can feel my body rise as the feeling sweeps over me. I moan unintelligibly and he stills inside of me so he can feel my intimate muscles tighten softly around his hardness. He can feel the wetness dripping from me and knows that he can not wait much longer.

He takes my legs and pushes them up to my chest, then dives deeply into me, thrusting hard and fast needing to feel the slick friction of my wet pussy. He puts his face next to mine listening for the breath that rushes out of my lungs when he thrusts in. I wrap my arms around his back and hold him close to me, not getting enough, wanting more and more.

“I’m close,” he says through gritted teeth.

“Cum inside me,” I encourage him. Finally I feel him push in deeply. His body is tight and shaky. He pulls out slightly and then pushes back in even harder. It’s a good one. His eyes shut tight and he is lightly groaning. It feels so good to be filled with his cum.

He pulls out and kisses me. After such a rush, our sweating bodies need to go to take a shower together where the heat and the steam create a relaxing afterglow.

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