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I need your touch
After a long day of work, I finally walk through my front door. My shoulders and neck are aching, wishing your hands were kneading them, soothing the pain with firm but careful fingers.

I sigh, leaving my bag by the stairs. The house is empty. Running my hands through my hair, I kick off my heels and make my way up the stairs towards my room. It's too quiet, so I put on some music and start to undress.

My clothes feel heavy as I take them off, first my blazer, then my shirt. The buttons pop one by one as I make my way down towards the bottom, the black sheer material gliding off my skin onto the floor.

Next my pencil skirt. It's tight, so I have to slide it down my legs using both hands. I straighten up and realise the curtains are open. I'm too tired to care. My black stockings feel tight around my thighs, I take them off one by one, relishing the feeling of the cool air on my bare legs.

I'm left standing in a cream and black lace bra and panties. They're the ones you bought me. I admire my reflection in the mirror, my flat stomach, C cup breasts and full, round ass. I reach behind and undo my bra, my breasts feeling tender and sensitive as my nipples harden at the sudden cool air caressing them. I massage them slowly, teasing my nipples with my fingers. Smiling, I walk towards the bathroom.

There's something so sensual about walking through my house in nothing but my panties. I feel relaxed as I start running hot water into the sink, letting it fill to the brim with steaming water. Gently, I use a cloth to wash my face. It's deliciously hot, and I think of your hot breath on my skin as I run the cloth slowly down my neck.

A drop of water escapes the cloth and makes it's way slowly down my neck and onto my breast. I like it. Squeezing the cloth, more droplets move down my skin onto my hard nipples and I imagine your tongue, wet and hot, making the same slow and delicious journey down my body.

I giggle to myself, then pick up a tub of lotion and slide my fingers delicately across the thick, creamy moisturiser. It smells like raspberries, sweet and fragrant. I rub it into my skin, caressing my tits and stomach, moving downwards towards my inner thighs and back up again.

This time I'm rougher, repeatedly pulling at my nipples and dragging my nails across my stomach, leaving faint red lines behind. I bite my lip and suck in my breath. I need your fingers, your lips, your hands, your cock…

My eyes snap open again as my moan brings me to my senses. My pussy is starting to tingle and I can see the wet patch on my panties already starting to grow.

Impatient, I take off my panties in one smooth movement. I love teasing myself, but I want… no, need to be touched. Leaving them on the floor I make my way back to my bedroom, then pause at the window. No, I'll leave the curtains open for this.

Laying on my bed, I spread my legs and touch the lips of my pussy. I'm already soaking wet, and I can't resist sliding two fingers inside myself. Oh god, it feels so good. I feel the juices that had coated the inside of my panties against my knuckles and it turns me on even more.

Removing my fingers, I suck them into my mouth and taste myself. You love it when I do that, don't you? I can tell by the look on your face when you see me do it. It makes me feel so naughty.

I reach into the bedside drawer and get out my vibrator and dildo. The vibrator is small, pointed like a bullet with only one setting… and it's powerful. Turning it on, I rub it delicately across my clit. Fuck, that feels amazing. I lay back and imagine it's your tongue, slicking backwards and forwards across my sweet spot, making me moan your name.

I think of your head buried between my thighs, sucking my lips into your mouth then biting on my clit. I moan your name again, pinching and twisting a nipple between my fingers. My bullet moves inside me, teasing me like your tongue dipping into my sweet, wet hole and I can't help but press harder and arch my back, you get me so fucking horny.

I pick up my dildo, keeping my vibrator on my clit as I push the head of the dildo up to the entrance of my soaking wet pussy. I move the vibrator in fast little circles over my clit, just like how you flick your tongue over it. Oh god, I want you so bad.

I gasp as I push the dildo inside me, the slick movement taking my breath away. There's no need for lube, you've got me so wet. I'm in the mood for cock, I spread my legs wide and start fucking my pussy. I close my eyes and lean back into the pillows, thrusting my dildo inside me. I imagine you fucking me, your dick pounding in and out, seeking out my g-spot and bringing me to orgasm.

I feel dirty, naughty, legs spread wide in full view of anyone looking in my window. I fuck my pussy hard and deep, rubbing my clit and moaning. Fuck my pussy baby, fuck it hard.

Waves of pleasure surge through me with every thrust, sliding my dildo faster and faster against my g-spot. My breathing becomes ragged, my moans get louder. You're going to make me cum so hard, I can feel my orgasm building.

I hear your voice in my ear, telling me to cum. Asking me what I want.

"Faster, harder, please!" I beg. "Oh god, faster!"

Suddenly I feel my whole body tense and clench, legs snapping and squeezing against my hands. Pressing hard on my clit I buck my hips, riding out the rest of my orgasm.

Feeling my body start to relax again, I lay there, breathing hard with my eyes closed. All I can hear is my ragged breathing and the birds outside. A blissful sense of relaxation sweeps over me.

Opening my eyes, I smile.

I can't wait to see you later.

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