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Toy Story

Lushies tell their toy stories in return for a prize as the writer tries to control himself

It was time to enter his first writing competition. The Mac laptop was open and the fingers were poised. The trouble was that the story was about toys and as a bloke he didn’t really have any experience. Yes, he had watched some masturbation porn where girls used them on themselves and each other but that was it.

Ideas ran through his head. Maybe a straight masturbation story, a first time story, some with a lesbian slant or even a good old fashioned Sybian tale.

Then in a flash, a naughty idea appeared right in his head. He had a lot of female friends on Lush. Why not ask them? If he won, he could donate the prize to whoever gave the best answers to a short questionnaire. Yes that might be good.

He quickly fired off a mail to all his friends - women of course. There were three questions:-

Why should I give you the prize? What is the best experience you have ever had with a toy? If you win, what will you do for me?

Everything was confidential. No Lush names would be used and he was to be the sole judge of the winner.

It wasn’t long before the answers started arriving in his in box and he began to read. Some of them were funny, some were extremely horny and some were down right weird. But hey what did he expect.

He poured himself a glass of cold white Sauvignon Blanc, turned on his desk lamp and started to write. This could be fun he thought as he scanned through the 32 replies from his friends.

A quick read through them all got him a little hard in his pants. The replies were hot alright and it was going to be difficult to choose the best ones. He was also going to disappoint some by not picking their replies. Never mind he could read later and get off as he pictured all the fabulous things they were doing to themselves.

This was going to be a race against his own orgasm.


From : Valkyrie

Q1. You should drive me the prize because you are my oldest Lushie and you owe me for introducing you to BangBangGirl42.

Q2. Wow that’s a difficult one. It has to be my first time. I was 20 when I bought my first vibe. It was small and fitted into my bag. I only got it because a couple of my friends insisted I should. I had been single for a few months and was running out of ways to come. It was a Mia and as soon as it arrived just the thought of it made me horny.

I had to spend all day at work thinking about it and couldn’t wait to get home and get off. I could hardly get my key in the door as I jumped inside, grabbed the package and headed upstairs to my bedroom. I threw all my clothes off apart from my panties and settled on my bed unwrapping the parcel.

I remember taking it out, holding it and thinking how beautiful it looked. As I held it in my left hand, I started touching my breasts and nipples, making them hard. My panties were already pretty damp from spending a day thinking about my forthcoming orgasm.

I found the on switch and the vibe sprang into life. Oh my god, it felt so strong in my hand. What was it going to do to my clit. Gingerly I placed it on my clit but over my panties. As soon as it touched, I gasped and the vibrations went right through me. Jesus this was so fucking good. Slowly I started to rub my clit with it and pretty soon I was struggling to hold on. I reached down and slipped off my panties and gently placed it on my naked pussy.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. It hit me like a tidal wave. The orgasm was so strong and so quick. It was amazing. I had to throw the vibe on the bed as my clit was so tender. All I could hear was a gentle buzzing noise next to me as I lay there recovering.

When I had come round, I started again. I must have come four five times that night but I really don’t remember because it was so so good.

Q3. Hmm I think you’ve had enough from me for you to just give me the prize.

Mm he thought as he read. He could picture her excitement as she unwrapped her vibe and feel her nervousness as she edged it closer to her pussy. The thought caused a stirring in his cock as he pictured her writhing on her bed feeling the full force of her first hands free orgasm.

On to the next one. Ahh this would be interesting and he bagan to doubt whether he would be able to last without coming.


From : SouthernBelle

My my aren’t you naughty.

I know I am probably the only female you know who doesn’t do toys. I just cant get them to work for me. Ok I take that back. I got a Hitachi Magic Wand as a gift once. But it almost burned my clit off. So I just used it on my back and neck and it was great at that. Its just an exercise in frustration getting something to work so I just pretty much gave up. The chances of it burning through the batteries before it does me any good are pretty high, so its kind of pointless.

This is quite hot though - I might have to get my magic fingers out and prove how good they are.


Oh fuck he thought. She had sent a couple of pictures to him including one of her hands and a wet pussy shot. He knew she was blonde and like to masturbate standing up. He closed his eyes and pictured her rubbing her clit hard in the middle of her kitchen, one hand on the table supporting her.

With that in his mind he undid his belt, opened his khaki trousers and slipped his hand inside his black underwear. His cock was already hard as he stroked it slowly. She had told him she got really wet and he pictured her glistening fingers slamming into her pussy as his hand moved faster up and down his uncut cock.

From : Hentailover69

Q1. Because I don’t have one and I need it for my well being

Q2. I dont have a toy so I don’t have any experiences to call on. However I have always wanted to try a remote controlled by someone else. The result would be shocking…….GOSH!

Q3. Not too sure - what would you want me to do?

He knew exactly what he wanted her to do. Sit astride him and fuck his brains out. Mmmmmmm


From : Newyorkstateofmind

Q1. I have worn out my others and need a good solid replacement

Q2. I was lying in bed propped up on my pillows with my computer open and was listening to him talk. He had sent me some audio but cant remember which one. I started caressing my body listening to his voice then turned on my vibe and teased my nipples and then ran the toys all over my body before reaching my pussy.

I was wet already, probably because we had just been chatting and he had messaged me as he drove asking what I was doing. I told him how I was holding my bullet vibe on my clit with it on low, just touching the tip.

I could feel the orgasm beginning as we typed naughty messages back and forth and at some point he pulled over in your car and called me. As he spoke, I slowly increased the speed, rubbing around my clit, tapping the tip. Soon I turned it up high and started really working my clit over. All the time I could hear his voice telling me what he was doing.

I slipped my vibe into my pussy on high and nestled the bullet between my lips and squeezed my legs shut and thats when the first orgasm started. As I came would would turn the vibe down, relax and then turn it up again coming over and over and over again. It was a vision altering night.

Q3. You know exactly what I would do.

Oh my god yes he did now. She was always so so horny


From : Diamondpussy435

Q1. I don’t want a sex toy - my girlfriend has a tongue that is better at making me come than all the toys in all the world.

Q2. Never used one and never will.

Q3. You know that’s a stupid question - you know I am a committed lesbian but I will get my gf to explain how its done.


The sight of two girls getting it together was his second favorite thing. He instantly felt a surge in his cock as he pictured Diamond getting licked to death by her girlfriend.


From : BarebackDownUnder

Q1. I am a poor student who can’t afford to buy their own - help me please. I so want one of my own

Q2. I have only had one experience of a vibe and fuck I nearly killed the bloke. I like a bit of bondage. Nothing too heavy but a little bit of pain goes a long way with me. I had been out clubbing and was talking to a hot guy about sex and it turned out he was so kinky, I nearly wet my pants on the spot. We ended up having a snog outside and ended back at his place ready for some action.

After he had spanked me a little, pulled my nipples and smacked my pussy, I found myself tied to the bed and blindfolded with a stocking that he had produced from nowhere. I was not tied too tight. I could move but I was spread. I could also just see through the stocking.

As I lay there, he was kissing me all over, teasing me like hell and then he suddenly stopped. I heard him walk to the chest of drawers, heard them open and the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fuck it was a vibe. The bastard.

I knew what was coming and sure enough I felt the vibe on my right calf slowly moving up past my knee and up my thigh. As it got closer I felt him kneel next to me and turn my head and his cock touched my lips. Then I felt it slide into my wet pussy. And then something hit my clit at the same time as the end of the vibe hit my g-spot. it felt like a Ina 2 on a low setting.

Fuck fuck - I thought I was going to explode. The bastard just held it still and not moving it at all. I could move a little bit but not enough. I came in about 60 secs flat and he just kept it there still vibrating in me and on me so I just kept coming. As every orgasm came and went he flicked up the power and it just blew my head off and clit off. I lost count and passed out.

Q3. I will record myself using the prize vibe and send you the recording - on video!!!!!

Suddenly Bareback’s shaved pussy filled his mind with the Ina 2 buzzing away, her moans of ecstasy building and building as her orgasm approached. God his cock was hard and there was pre-cum leaking from the head. He so needed to come and was so close but he had to finish writing before he came. 


From : Cantstayaway

Q1. So I can have the biggest collection in my state

Q2. Driving along Route 66 with a Lily in my panties flashing at all the truck drivers

Q3. Absolutely nothing at all - you get enough anyway

He laughed at this thought and it took him back to the time he had made his ex-wife come in the car on the motorway. Strangely this message calmed him down a bit and he stepped back from the edge of orgasm.


From : MI62

You naughty naughty boy

Q1. Well I’ve heard so much about these Lelos so it is about time I threw away my white plastic 70s model - there is too much tape on it now to get me off.

Q2. It was so long ago I can’t remember but I think the day it arrived I ran to my bedroom and shoved some batteries in the end and went to it. The thrill was that people at the bus stop could see what I was doing through my window. It was such a turn on

Q3. You can come round and watch me.

He loved watching women masturbate and suddenly his cock went rigid as that familiar feeling began to grown deep inside him. He had to get the story finished before he came. Just one more and then relief.


From : Nerdybrianbox

What a delicious idea. I don’t have a vibe and never will have. I love my fingers. They are so yummy.

Good luck


The thought of his favorite bespectacled nerd at her desk, feet up, legs parted, rubbing her clit furiously as she teased her nipples, almost sent him over the edge. He had to concentrate on the job at hand and finish the story.

After two hours of editing and rewriting, he finally submitted his story and settled back to decide who would win if he won.

That was going to be tricky. He decided to put it in the hands of the readers and ask them to vote for the Lushie who most deserved the prize. So readers can vote for the most deserving - only he knows who these toy tales are from.

Now it was time for him to come. He closed his eyes and pictured his favourite Lushie masturbating frantically and bringing herself to a fabulous orgasm. His orgasm hit hard as he shot his come all over his stomach. Each stroke brought a spasm as he pictured her coming magnificently.

Lets hope she won the readers vote.

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