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Trains Aren't All That Bad...

Trains Aren’t All That Bad…

So yet again, it was time for me to get onto the train. I had been home for important reasons over the weekend but this time, I couldn’t get a lift back from my mum and dad. The train therefore was the next best thing. It’d take a little longer, be a little bumpier and I’d be sitting with complete strangers, facing the potential of anything happening.

Bear in mind, if you will, that I had met someone that I would now consider a good friend on here earlier during the week. We had started talking about lots of different things, including uni, what turned us on and who we were.

Annie was one of the reasons I joined Lush. I saw her profile, read her stories and was like :O WOW. So, when she accepted my friend request, naturally I was delighted.

The morning of my train journey, a Sunday, Annie and I had been talking and I was set a challenge: To see if I could find a quiet spot on the train and “enjoy” myself a little.

Later that day

I was dropped off at one station, not my home one as nothing was going through there that day. When I got on the first train, a brick on wheels, there was no chance that I’d be able to do anything to pleasure myself, sigh.

I arrived at the station where I would need to connect to get back to uni. I’d planned to get in early like I did just in the event of a train being late, (see, I’m up here for thinking, down there for everything else) and I had about twenty minutes to myself. I went and grabbed some food as I realised I’d forgotten to eat at home (no idea how I managed that), and then it occurred to me.

I had a hole in the pocket of my jeans.

It wouldn’t be easy, and I wouldn’t do it now, I’d wait until I got to my seat.

The train arrived and I clambered aboard, put my small amount of luggage onto the overhead rack, asked the person occupying the seat that I had booked if I could please have it. They moved, no troubles. The seat next to me should have been occupied, but the owner hadn’t shown up. For some reason this time, I didn’t want to get out the phone that has all my music on it, unusual because I like to try and hide the noise of the trains and escape into my own world.

I settled into my seat and started to take in the carriage around me. Behind me, a sleeping woman, in front, a young pregnant woman, opposite her, an old man, behind him, a few noisy twenty-somethings. The other side of the carriage next to them, a young man, behind him, a young couple clearly in love from looking at their faces, then, beside me, a young uni student and an old woman. Doing this would be difficult, but I’d manage to somehow.

I put my laptop on the empty seat beside me and took off my jacket, a denim one and so it hardly moved when I placed it over my legs. I put my hand into the right hand pocket of my jeans, the one with the hole, and fiddled with it until I could fit most of the first half of my forearm through it. I pulled my arm out for a little while first since the train hadn’t moved yet, and I planned on letting us get underway first.

The train set off and I could feel the vibrations of the train coming through the seats. I moved myself a little so I could feel them more definitely. After a little while, when the noise on the train became a normal level of chatter, the old woman started annoying the uni student with her constant chatter as she tried to do her work (she was quite hot and was in her third of five years studying to become a vet). The bleeps of games consoles and the tinging of text messages arriving became normal background noise. Then I started to listen to the noise of the train more, and found bizarrely that it was making me feel the vibrations more. Time to violate the hole in my jeans.

I pushed my hand down the hole, moved aside the underwear I had on and started to gently tap my clit. Thank god my jacket didn’t move and give any indication what I was doing. I felt so wrong doing this with such young innocent people in the vicinity, but I knew every other person on the train had probably done what I was doing now. Just not in the way I was doing it. At the same time, it felt so, so right.

I then just let my fingers rest there, letting the natural vibrations do their bit, and boy did they. I then slid my finger down along my slit slowly, it gently bouncing as we went over the track joins, thrilling me. I was so wet it was unreal.

Then, another brilliant idea.

I could get on the internet on my phone. I hoped to god Annie was online.

She was.


A few seconds after I was online, I got an online message: Good train journey?

I told her I wasn’t back yet but that she’d be enjoying what I was doing now. This opened a whole new topic of conversation.

I continued talking to Annie and masturbating as you do, and before I knew it, I was having to hold back screams of delight from escaping my lips. I settled instead for biting them. I won’t lie, I did get a glance across form the uni student and the young couple who I would have gladly joined had they not been staying on the train until the stop before me.

When my stop was coming up, I slowed down, removed my hand from the hole, lifted down my luggage, slung my laptop bag over my shoulder and held my jacket with my right hand. Nobody was any the wiser as to what happened on the train who had been off, my hair wasn’t any more messy than anyone else apart from the headrest mess you all got, I was a little pink in the cheeks but still.

I have to say, that was probably the best train journey that I’ve ever had. I do plan to do it again.

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