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Truth or Dare, Chapter 2

A repeat performance leads to even greater thrills for a divorced man
I came back inside and closed the door, and stood for a moment playing back Johanna’s last few remarks in my head. What had she said? “Don’t wait up?” What did that mean? That I should go to bed? “Leave it unlocked?” Did that mean she was coming back, and this time we could really get it on because she said there were going to be no rules?

It all sounded too good to be true.

I ran upstairs, took a quick shower and jumped naked into bed. I stayed hard for the best part of an hour, just dreaming about her question: “Do you want to fuck, or what?”

Finally I fell asleep, but woke with a start when I heard a voice from downstairs calling.

“Mr. B?”

“Yes! Who is it?” As if I didn’t know!

“It’s me. Johanna. Come on down. I have to talk to you.”

“No! You come up here. I want to talk to you!” My cock was getting as excited as I was.

“No! You have to come down here.”

“OK, I’m coming,” I grumbled, getting out of bed and stumbling towards the landing. I decided not to put on any pants to show Johanna that Mr. B. was ready for her visit.

I walked down the stairs. Mr. B. swung left and right with each step. Johanna looked up and gave me another of her lousy impressions. This time it was Mae West.

“Hey, that’s not a gun in your pocket; you are happy to see me!”

“Johanna! Welcome back. Come on up, I’m ready for you.”

“No, Mr. B. I have to tell you something.”

“What? What’s so important?”

“I didn’t win. At least, not yet.”

“But you told me you won. Didn’t you show them the picture?”

“Yeah, I did, but they didn’t believe it. Hailey - you remember Hailey? She’s one of the old gang who used to hang out here with Steffy - she said it couldn’t be your cock because your cock is much smaller.”

“What?” I exploded. “What does she know about my cock?”

The answer came from a voice outside my front door.

“I saw it when I was sixteen!”

Johanna called back to her, “Come on in, Hailey, you explain it to Mr. B.”

Before I knew what was happening, the door opened and the blond head of Hailey came in. I turned and ran towards the kitchen, trying to hide my nakedness from her.

“Nice ass, Mr. B!” she called out as I reached the kitchen and slammed the door behind me.

I looked around, desperately searching for something to cover me up. There was nothing. A dirty frying pan in the sink; it might just work, but not very practical. A small dish towel; how would I keep it in place? The bread board? A box of frosted flakes? No! Useless. All of them.

(Note to self: keep an extra pair of pants in the kitchen)

Then I looked behind me. Ah! Hanging on a hook on the back of the door, there was an apron I had given to my ex a few years back. It had a cartoon figure of a buxom woman on it, with a caption that read:




During one of our spats I had taken a marker pen and crossed out the word ‘BUT’ and inserted the word ‘AND.’ It was not kind, I know, but it was true; she sucked in both departments.

I put the apron on, struggling with making a bow behind my back. How the hell do women know how to do that? Then I changed my mind. I didn’t want to upset Johanna, so I turned the apron around and was just about to put it on backwards, when I saw something I’d never seen before. Written on the back of the apron in my ex’s handwriting was, “AND FUCK YOU TOO.”

That would never do; I decided to put it on the right way round. I opened the kitchen door and gingerly walked back to face the two young women.

Hailey continued the conversation exactly where it had left off.

“I saw your cock when I was sixteen. Sorry, Mr. B. I was just very curious. I opened the bathroom door one time when I heard you in the shower. I saw your cock. It was the first one I ever saw on a grown up. It was really small.”

By this time, with all the insults being thrown at it, my cock had shrunk away to practically nothing.

“But Hailey,” explained Johanna, “don’t you know anything about guys? They get bigger!”

“Not that much bigger,” retorted Hailey. “Your picture looked just like your brother’s cock. He’s got a much bigger one. You cheated. You just took a picture of your brother.”

Johanna’s eyebrows shot up.

“My brother? When did you have sex with my brother?”

“Oh sorry,” whispered Hailey, “I was supposed to keep that a secret.”

I thought it was time for me to state a few facts.

“Hailey! That picture was of my cock. You’ve got to believe me.”

“Well, I don’t believe you. You’d better show me your cock if you say it’s that big.”

At this moment, my cock was as small as it had ever been and I wasn’t in a hurry to show her. Luckily Johanna came to my rescue.

“Hailey, we have rules. You just saw Mr. B’s ass. Now you have to show him something. Fair’s fair. Take off your top!”

“Me? Why me? This was your idea, Johanna.”

“All right,” agreed Johanna, “I’ll do it with you. Let’s not waste any more time.”

She began to take her top off, and surprisingly, Hailey went along with it, taking hers off too. She didn’t wear a bra either.

My cock suddenly let me know it was still alive as I stared at two gorgeous racks. Johanna’s I had seen before; two wonderfully rigid conical beauties that hardly even swayed as she moved. Hailey had a more curvy figure and her breasts were softer and rounder looking, and just called out to be cupped and fondled.

My hands automatically reached out towards them, but I was too late. Johanna’s hands were already there. She began doing just what I would have done: feeling their weight, rubbing her small nipples between her thumbs and first fingers.

Both of them seemed to be enjoying the experience.

“Let’s take a seat in the living room,” I suggested, realizing that things seemed to be going in a brand new direction.

We all sat down and Hailey finally came out of her trance and returned to her theme.

“Okay, Mr. B. Time to show us your cock.”

And, Hailey, we have to show him our pussies at the same time, don’t forget. That’s the rules,” reminded Johanna, and it was obvious that she was looking forward to seeing Hailey’s.

I reached around my back and tried to undo the bow I had tied, but it had managed to snarl itself into some sort of granny knot and it wouldn’t budge. It was hard to concentrate on untying myself in front of two gorgeous women who were now both becoming stark naked.

Again, I had already seen Johanna’s clean shaven pussy so I clamped my eyes on Hailey. It was like a jolt of pleasure when I saw she was also going commando, and a delightful discovery to see that her carpet didn’t match her drapes. She was no natural blonde. She had a forest of springy brown hair that clearly needed trimming if she was ever going to appear in a bikini. But in spite of the amount of hair, peeping out from the depth was a shiny pair of plump pussy lips. I looked over at Johanna; her eyes were glued on them too.

I managed to get my apron off. Mr. B. was growing, but he was still far from erect.

“Look at that!” sang out Hailey. “Mr. B’s cock is tiny. That’s definitely not his cock in your picture.”

“Be fair, Hailey,” responded Johanna. “You’ve got to give it a chance to grow.”

“Come on then, Mr. B. Make it grow!” Hailey commanded.

“Remember the rules,” said Johanna. “If Mr. B. masturbates, we have to masturbate as well.”

“Thanks Johanna,” I thought to myself, looking forward to ogling these two sexy women pleasure themselves.

I had just started to grab my cock and begun stroking it, when I saw Johanna make a quick move, reach across and put her hand on Hailey’s pussy. Hailey closed her eyes tight, leaned back on the couch and began to purr like a lion, as Johanna jiggled her fingers, vibrating her hand as fast as she could. I got the distinct feeling the two of them were experienced at this.

Mr. B. did what he was supposed to do. He grew, swelling up like a ball park hot dog sizzling on the grill, while my eyes feasted on every part of the two aroused women in front of me. Hailey’s eyes were firmly closed, but Johanna was watching my cock fixedly while she diddled her friend.

It wasn’t long before my cock was as vertical and swollen as it ever gets, and Johanna called out, “Look Hailey, look! See how big it is!”

“Not now, Johanna,” she growled back with clenched teeth, “Not now. Don’t stop.”

Hailey had missed her chance. Johanna pulled her hand away from her, slid down onto the floor, turned away from me and stuck her ass in the air.

“Fuck me, Mr. B. I’ve got to have that monster inside me! Now!”

(Note to self: Question, “Do I really want to describe the love making here? Surely everyone knows what making love is like.”

Devil’s Advocate: “Nonsense! No one ever gets tired of reading about people fucking.”

Self: “But they’ve read hundreds of stories about it. And they’re probably a whole lot better at it than I am anyway.”

Devil’s Advocate: “You’re too modest. Even your ex said that was the best thing about you.”

Self: “She did?”

Devil’s Advocate: “Actually she said that was the only good thing about you!”

Self: “Oh, gee; what a bitch!”

Devil’s Advocate: “You know, if you don’t tell your readers how the sex was, they’re going to get really pissed at you. You’ve got their attention; you’ve got two stunning young women, naked in your living room, and one of them is begging you to fuck her doggy style, and you don’t want to share that with them? What kind of an asshole are you?”

Self: “So you think I really should?”

Devil’s Advocate: “Duh! Tell ‘em about how wet her pussy was and how you slid inside so easily. People love that stuff!”

Self: “Yeah. It’s amazing how you don’t forget how to do it, even after months of not practicing.”

Devil’s Advocate: “Years! Not months! But don’t tell them that. You need to sound very confidant. Tell them how much Johanna loved it; how she pushed back at you; the growling she made in her throat.”

Self: “Yeah! She really wanted it.”

Devil’s Advocate: “And tell them what she did next. That’s not something you read in every story.”

Self: “You mean about how she pried Hailey’s legs open and shoved her head between them?”

Devil’s Advocate: “Yup. And how Hailey started panting and moaning.”

Self: “And what about me? I had my hands around Johanna’s waist, pulling her onto me. Fuck! It felt incredible!”

Devil’s Advocate: “Yeah! Tell ‘em, tell ‘em!”

Self: “And her tits!”

Devil’s Advocate: “Whose tits?”

Self: “Hailey’s. I couldn’t see Johanna’s because she was facing the other way. But Hailey’s tits were so round and soft and --- ”

Devil’s Advocate: “Right. You told us about them already.”

Self: “They were just so touchable, I had to reach across and fondle them, and she loved it. She started to beg me to rub them and squeeze the--- ”

Devil’s Advocate: “Yeah. Maybe that’s enough about that.”

Self: “No, this is great; I wanna tell all my readers what it felt like to have these two fucking gorgeous girls begging for more--- ”

Devil’s Advocate: “Shut up already!”

Self: “Oh? So now you’re jealous?”

Devil’s Advocate: “Just shut up and get on with the story.”

Self: “OK, I get it.”)

Johanna came first.

I came second.

Hailey? I don’t know if she came, but after a while I pulled out and Hailey piped up, “Look Johanna! I told you he had a small one.”

Johanna yelled at her friend.

“Hailey, you idiot. It was big when it was inside. Why didn’t you look when I told you?”

No answer. We all slowly got dressed. Well, they both did; I put on my stupid apron and saw them off at the door. Hailey ran back quickly and whispered in my ear.

“My turn tomorrow!”

And off they both went, hand in hand, leaving me grinning like a Cheshire cat.

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