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Two AM Orgasms

Two AM Orgasms

You Have The Most Beautiful Effects On Me
Sighing softly to myself, I look at the clock just in time to see it flick to two am. The red glow from clock is bright; I can’t seem to get any sleep tonight. The fan blows softly over me, tickling my skin against the sheets, Mmm I love that feeling. It’s dead silent except the chirps of the crickets. It’s one of my favorite sounds, lying here listening to them is so relaxing.

I know I need to get to sleep, and it’s not like I’m not trying, I just can’t seem to stop my mind from thinking… Yes, of you. Are you fucking happy? Stop smiling you wee bastard. It’s bloody annoying; I can’t get you out of my head sometimes. I think about the way you smile at me, and the way you speak to me. Fuck, I love your voice so much. I miss it, you know? It’s been a while since we've spoken. I miss the way we spend time, and the way you devote all your time to me, but most of all I miss the way we fuck.

Yes, we fuck. Even when it’s gentle, and soothing it’s fucking. What we have is primal. I miss all that; can you please come fuck me? Oh shit, here comes a train. It sounds like a loud one. I know most people would absolutely hate living so close to a train track, but I have all my life. I’m used to it, I even find them soothing. Hell, it’s fucking loud, and heavy. I feel my bed shaking slightly. I can’t help but giggle, the idea of one of those coin-op vibrating beds spring to mind.

Even with the loudness of the train, the crickets seem to fight to be louder. Chirping away, minding their own business, doing their own thing, singing the song of crickets. Toot-Toot! God damn that train is long tonight, isn't it? It makes me wonder how I can sleep through that shit when I can sleep! It makes me laugh thinking of the first time you heard it through our Skype call. It scared the hell out of you. I died laughing, me and my trains. I like trains…

Back to you though, I may like trains, but damn do I love you. Do you know what I’d do with you, if you were here right now? I’m sure you do, cheeky fucker. I’m naked, you know? It’s far too warm tonight for any clothing, not even panties. I took a long shower before bed, to wash off the day’s sweat. Though even with a fan on, I still have slight perspiration. Maybe if I slip my legs out from the sheets. Mmm, much better. The fan blows over them gently, swirling up to tease my chest. My nipples harden, aching as they touch the softness of the fabric of the sheets. I like when it does that.

Maybe if I put my hair up, tie it up off my neck that might help with the heat? Hm, no, I like it down, as do you. Don’t you, love? I would very much like if you came and fucked me right now. I want to feel you deep inside me. The train is still going by, can you still hear it? We can fuck the pace of the train. Could you imagine being able to fuck me as fast as a train can ride the tracks, fuck that would be so hot!

Okay, I can’t help it now. I have to touch myself that idea turns me on far too much. I’m not bucket worthy, not just yet. I’ll get there though, surely I will. You always bring me to that level of wetness, even when you’re not here to do it yourself. Can you be here to do it? No? Not right now. Okay, do you mind if I keep touching myself? Mm, no? Okay, good.

For some reason my nipples are extra sensitive tonight, they would do well with your mouth on them. Maybe they need some of your special treatment. Fuck, yes that would be incredible. You can lick, suck and even bite on them. That would send me writhing in a heady mix of pained pleasure. You might even make me come just like that. Your mouth is magic after all, you know this. Aw, no the train has gone now. Bye-bye train. Now all I can hear is the crickets, which sound ten times louder without the train, and the sound of my fan whirling.

Mmm, I can feel the wetness building; the idea of your mouth on my nipples really did get me excited. Do you want to feel? Go on then, touch me. Find out for yourself. Mmm, yes, just like that. My clit is tender, caressing it with need. My hot pool is aching for touching. I’ll get there soon though, no rush. I know it’s now two twelve in the morning, but I’m fucked anyway. I might as well enjoy this, yeah? Oh, I will, don’t worry.

My breathing is already irregular, working my clit a little faster now. My other hand is pulling my nipples into submission. They are taut, aching for my touch. Okay, I lie, they want your touch, but this’ll do for now. Mmm, fuck the simple thought of you makes my pussy clench with excitement. Do you know what you fucking do to me?! I’m sure you do, because I know as you read this you’re grinning from ear to ear. You’re such a wicked man, but I love it so much.

Do you think it’s time yet? Should I slide a finger down inside my sweetness? Mm, you do? Alright, I will. Moving just a single finger down inside me, inch by slow inch, I work it inside me. I’m thinking of your cock moving inside me as I do this. Oh it’s so wonderfully beautiful. Fuck! Gasping for air with each passing moment, I fill myself until I’m knuckle deep. I curl it upwards, and caress my g-spot. Mmm yes! That’s the spot I like.

You’re deep inside me now, grinding you cock-head on my sweet spot. You roll your hips, as I roll mine to match yours. We sway together as though we’re made for each other. Though after all, we think we are, so it makes sense, doesn't it? Don’t slow down please, keep thrusting. You keep banging perfectly, head on right on that spot. You’re going to make me come so soon.

Arching my hips towards myself, I move my hand that was on my breasts to my clit. I start dancing over it with my fingers, moving with such ease. They know exactly what to do, working me closer to that beautiful orgasm I so desire. Oh fuck, wait, I want to use a toy! One second, let me grab one. Which shall I use? I have many to pick from now. Please don’t notice I’m blushing to this confession. I need them, honestly.

Mmm, how about I use the long pink one? I like that one. Okay, you like when I use it also, good. We’ll go with that one. I’m so wet; I won’t have an issue sliding it in. Ooh, I like how cold it is, even in this heat. My nerve endings are on high alert, standing to attention, and the blowing of my fan is causing my whole body to ache. It’s beautifully delicious.

Slowly I work my toy in and out, thinking of your cock moving at the same pace inside me. My fingers are dancing still over my clit, the vibrations teasing both deep inside me, and against my clit. Bloody hell! Mmm, I wish you were here to enjoy this with me.

The vibrations seem to be doing most of the work right now, my pace is slow. I’m just soaking in the jolts the vibrations give me. My fingers are taunting my clit. I know I’m close, I believe I’ll have more than one orgasm tonight. Mmm, yes defiantly more than one. I turn the toy up to the next level, allowing it to tease deeper inside me. Pressing the top bit of it against my clit now, letting my fingers relax. Oh fuck fuck-fuck! Yes! Mmm, that always does the trick. I feel the clench deep inside me, following by the soul-shattering intensity of my orgasm. I’m so wrapped up in my orgasm, my toes curl, and I cry out your name. It’s no longer the toy inside me, though I've been envisioning your cock the whole time anyway. I come hard around you.

Shuddering in breaths of gasping completion, I let out a soft whimper. “Fucking hell!” I curse out, shivering in delight as I feel the spasms still coursing through me. The way I orgasm when I think of you is so wonderfully amazing. I love the affect you have on me. Well, I know you love it to, don’t you?

My heart is slowing down, coming to a semi-normal pace. Though my orgasm has passed, I’m still working my clit. I’m not moving the toy though; it’s just lying inside me. It’s on the lowest speed, my fingers caress almost in a petting motion on my clit. I want to come again for you. I just want to enjoy the slight touches right now though. My hips roll slightly, and all I can think about is your moans.

Do you know, I think you have one of the sexiest moans ever? I know, you’ll tell me I do. But, you’re wrong. It’s you. I love when you moan for me. It’s even hotter when you say “I’m coming.” That’s so fucking hot. I want you to come inside me, I want to feel it. I’ll even let you come in my arse, if it fancies you so.

But, right now I want my pussy to be used. Yes, fuck me please, would you? I’ll even submit to you, do as you please. Come crawl into bed with me, and ravish my body with your heated needs. The way your hands touch me, it’s like magic, magic I need and crave. Do you understand how much I need you? It’s not just sexual, but right now, it is. With each passing day, the desire for you grows, in every sense. You feel it too, don’t you?

I bring my toy back up to the second notch now. I want to feel the passion build higher for you now. Mm, fuck yes, deeper inside me please. You feel so deep inside me. The blood is rushing to my ears, throbbing loudly. It doesn't drown out those crickets. I like that, a beautiful mix. I move the toy in deeper, faster now, oh I’m becoming greedy, don’t mind me. Fuck! Mmm, I’m going to come again. All of this is too much, I’m so close.

“Please,” I whisper out to my empty room. I’m begging you, like you’re truly here not to slow down. You move your hips deeper inside me. Opening my legs wider, I feel you fucking me deeper. “Oh shit,” I growl out, suddenly explosions of ecstasy take me. Coming hard, my head lifts high, and I grind my hips fast. My orgasm is intense, my walls convulse, clenching hard with each spasm.

This time I don’t slow down, I want another one. I want it soon, and continue to fuck my pussy with no mercy. Driving my toy deeper, as though it were you with no hesitation you fuck me wildly. My fingers magically work my clit, it’s so sore and tender, loving all the attention it’s getting. I know I can come again, and soon. I know my body so well, but so do you. I love how well you know my body, and exactly what to do to drive me over the edge.

You’re pounding on, deep inside me, fucking me, owning me, controlling me, kissing me. You do all of this at once, taking me to a new level of submission. Its right where you want me to be, isn’t it? Oh, yes, I thought so. Its okay, I want to be here, if it’s with you. Oh, yes I do, as much as you. You do, don’t you? Mmm, good. I thought so! Fuck, the things you do to me!

Suddenly I’m lost in the throes of my orgasm; I come hard at all I’m thinking of. Of course it’s all of you. I can’t get you out of my head. You beautiful, sexy, gorgeous man! I don’t want it to end, don’t stop. Fuck Fuck-fuck! Mmm!! My breath caught in my throat for a long moment, before I cry out a long moan. You begin to spill your seed inside me. It’s rope, after rope filling me so deeply.

You thrust on, not wanting it to end yet. I grab your arse, pulling you closer into me. We keep our perfect pace, I milk you dry. Once you’re done, I don’t stop grinding. You know exactly what I want. I want to feel you soften inside me. You lean down; engulf your lips over mine. We kiss softly, our needs are more relaxed. Our hips move nicely, soft, loving. I can feel your once thick cock, softening inside me. I love how it feels when it grows soft, of course not as much as when it grows hard inside me.

My eyes are closed, I know the moment I open them I know you won’t be there looking down at me. I reluctantly do though, my eyes fluttering open. I let out a light sigh, yes, I was right. You’re not here. But, you are in my mind, heart, body and soul. I do miss you, so much.

Gazing over, I notice the time, ten of three. Almost an hour I fucked myself. Bloody hell! It was well worth it, and I even feel totally spent. Maybe now I can get some sleep. I know it won’t be but a few hours, but this past hour with you has been so worth it. It truly feels like you've been here with me.

Thank you for coming to visit me… I do truly miss you. Come play with me again soon.

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