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Unfinished Business

As it turns out, my sexy young blonde neighbor loved to watch...
It’s been almost a year that these neighbors from around the corner have been parking their vehicles in front of my house and my neighbors on the same street. I never really understood it as they rent a house around the corner that has a huge driveway. I get the fact that they can’t park their vehicles overnight on their street, but why can’t they park in their own driveway?

It was actually over 6 months before I actually figured out who’s vehicles these were. There was a extended bed truck which was obviously a company vehicle, a black truck and a souped up Subaru with a glass pack on it.

By happenstance one night, I saw the company truck pull up and park. I saw the guy get out and walk around the corner and down the street to the second house and went inside. The following weekend, both the black truck and the red Subaru were parked on their street in front of their house. It was the first nice spring day, so I had opened up the front door. I let the glass down on the storm door to let the fresh air in.

I just happened to be sitting on the Recliner when I looked up and saw that guy and this cute blonde walk out of the house. My house is on the corner, so I can see down both streets. The guy got in the black truck and the gal got in the Subaru. It was still pretty far away, so I really didn’t get a good view of the gal, but from what I saw, she sure looked good.

I assumed they were a couple, but thought it was odd that they got in separate vehicles and left separately as she warmed up the Subaru for a few minutes before leaving. A few weeks later, as I was in the kitchen and had the door open, I heard the now familiar sound of the Subaru. I looked out the door and through the windows of my alcove. I saw her park out front of my next door neighbors.

The blonde haired girl got out and she must have just gotten off work as she was dressed in a nice pinstripe professional skirt and nice blouse. I could now confirm what I had thought earlier. She was a definite looker, about 5’ 4”, short blonde hair, beautiful slim body with perfect curves, ample breasts and a nicely curved firm round ass. My cock stirred as I watched her walk across the street and along the sidewalk, around the corner and back to her house.

After that, I always listened for the sound of the Subaru hoping for a glance at my hot blonde neighbor. I have a glassed in alcove off of the back door that allows me to go to my garage, a screen door to the left to my driveway and another opposite that to my back yard. I would purposely need to go to my garage, or let my dog out whenever I heard my favorite glass pack muffler.

As the weather became warmer and the occurrences of me being in my alcove whenever she would come home and park on my street increased, she started to notice me. It was inadvertent glances at first. Then it became small smiles and then actual friendly waves and smiles. As the weather was warmer, many of those times, I was just in my shorts only. That girl always gave me an instant hard on. I doubt that she could have noticed that from the distance though.

I never would expect anything to come of it at all as I would guess that she was probably in her early to mid twenties and I’m in my fifties. Of course there was also the fact that I knew she lived with a guy around her age which I assumed was her husband or boyfriend.

Of course that certainly didn’t stop me from fantasizing about her. She was definitely the subject of many jacking off sessions. As I live alone and am divorced, I have a lot of those sessions. Sometimes several times a day.

It was now summertime on a Saturday. I was in my usual favorite attire, just shorts. I had just finished my lunch and let my dog out into the back yard. I don’t know why, but images of my sexy, young neighbor suddenly entered my mind. Of course, my cock instantly hardened and tented my shorts out.

Even though I had already jacked off as usual after I woke up in the morning, this had gotten me all worked up and I thought, “What the hell,” and I went to my bedroom, dropped my shorts and started stroking myself.

Images of my neighbor were flashing in my head as I was going at it. Suddenly, I heard her Subaru pull up. I stopped stroking myself and held my cock steady as it throbbed in my hand. I wanted to run out to the alcove to catch a glimpse of her. Although I was naked, I got up quickly and went to my kitchen, careful to stay back a little, hopefully out of sight.

I kept my hand wrapped around my hard cock and gently stroked and squeezed it as I peered out, looking for her. Suddenly my dog barked, apparently seeing me at the doorway. She looked over and smiled.

I immediately back away from the door. I didn’t think that she could see me, but my dog did and I thought that maybe she did. I ran back to my bedroom and grabbed my shorts just when my doorbell rang.

“Oh shit!” I thought to myself. I fumbled trying to get my shorts on. I finally did, but my cock was still hard as a rock and tented them straight out in front of me. As I entered the living room, I saw her standing at my front door, since it was open.

She looked at me smiling. She definitely looked down my shorts and then back up to my eyes and just kept smiling at me.

“Hi, can I help you?” I said slowly walking towards the door my cock throbbing.

“Hi. I was really hoping that you could,” she said and giggled a little bit. “I’m Candi and I’m your neighbor. I’m sure you know that though,” she continued to giggle and looked back down at my shorts.

“Hi Candi. I’m Tom. Yeah, I know you’re my neighbor," I replied as I now got to the door.

While she kept her eyes on my crotch, she said, “I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I feel bad having to ask, especially since we haven’t met before. It’s just that I can’t do it by myself and I don’t know who else I could ask.”

“What? What do you need, Candi?” I asked.

“Well, it’s my house. I need to move some furniture around now that I got rid of that bum room mate of mine. Do you think there may be any way that you could help me out with that. You don’t have to do it right now, it looks like I might have interrupted some unfinished business of yours, so later on or any other time would be fine.”, she said staring directly at my tented out shorts.

I was so embarrassed. “Did she just insinuate that she knew I was jacking off?”, I thought to myself. I couldn’t help it, because that somehow turned me on even more so and some pre-cum oozed out of my cock as it flexed in my shorts. “Ummm. No! I mean, you didn’t interrupt anything at all. I can give you a hand right now if you want. Do you want to do it?” I asked.

She laughed out loud and then said, “Well, Tom. We just met, so I don’t know about that!” and laughed some more.

I suddenly realized what I had just said and I couldn’t help but to laugh too. “I mean... Well, I’m sorry. I meant… Oh my God, Candi!” I fumbled around trying to respond.

“I know what you meant, Tom. It was just so right there. I just couldn’t resist!”, she said and then winked at me. “Soooo, let’s do it! What do you say?” she said laughing some more.

“OK. Yeah, let’s do it.” I said laughing too. I opened the door and she stepped aside as I stepped out to join her.

We started walking towards her house and made some small talk. We got to her house and she unlocked the front door and we entered the living room. She left the front door open. It was sweltering hot in there.

“Oh my God, it is so hot in here!” she said. “Sorry, but I don’t have any air conditioning," she continued. “I need to get into something cooler. Do you want something to drink? There’s beer in the fridge, help yourself and make yourself at home. I’ll be right back," she said and then quickly walked over to the stairs and then ran up out of sight.

My cock was aching it was so hard. I grabbed it over my shorts and gave it a squeeze, trying to relieve some of the pressure. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. All that was in it was an open 12 pack of beer, a couple bottles of water and a half bottle of vodka.

I grabbed a bottle of water and went back into the living room. It was then that I realized that the only furniture that was there was a lazy boy recliner and one of those really old console TV sets. I sat down on the recliner and opened the water and took a big swig. I then held the bottle up to my forehead, realizing I was now sweating like a pig.

I put the bottle between my legs to hold it as there wasn’t any table. The coolness from the bottle seeped through my shorts to the tip of my cock giving it a little relief. I heard a toilet flush and then Candi appeared coming down the steps.

I had a side profile of her as she jogged down the steps. My cock released even more pre-cum as I watched. She was wearing a tube top and her breasts were bouncing up and down as she came down those steps. She got to the bottom and turned towards me. She was wearing the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen in my life and to make matters worse, I could clearly see her camel toe from the tightness of her shorts.

My cock was throbbing so badly now as she started walking directly towards me smiling. I stood up as she moved closer. Without thinking, I took another swig of my water.

“Oh that looks so good!” she said as she stopped right in front of me as I lowered the water from my lips.

I assumed that she was talking about the water, “It is. I’m sorry, I should have gotten some for you too. I’ll get some,” I said.

She started giggling and said, “I think you misunderstood. Is all of that from looking at me?”


“All that!” she said as she pointed right at my crotch.

I looked down and saw my shorts were soaked from holding the water bottle.

“Can I see it? I only got to see the head before. Please? Can I?” she said and then opened her hand and palmed the front of my shorts.

“Oh God, Candi!” I moaned out.

“Please, let me see it," she asked again as she now grabbed my hardness. “I’ve wanted to see it for a long time now, seeing you all hard like that every time I see you. Oh God. Please!” she said now begging.

Then she brought her other hand to me and started to unbutton the top of my shorts. I couldn’t believe my ears or these circumstances. She then unzipped my fly and my shorts just fell right down to the floor and my cock bounced up and down sticking straight out in front of me.

“Oh my God. Mmmm. That is so nice an big and hard. Mmmm,” she said as she then pushed me back into the recliner and then down to sit in it. My cock stood proudly up from my lap as more pre-cum drizzled out the tip and down the underside of my cock head and shaft.

“Oh my God, Tom. That is so fucking hot!” she said as she now dropped down to her knees directly in front of me. “So Tom, were you thinking of me when you were taking care of business when I got home?” she asked.

“What?” I replied.

“Oh come on. I know you were jacking off when I got home, why else were you naked and hard?” she said.

“Okay, okay. Yes, I was thinking of you. I think about you all the time, especially when I jack off. You’re gorgeous!” I admitted to her.

She smiled looking into my eyes. “I do too. I think of you when I take care of my business too," she said as she then looked down to the floor, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh my God. Are you serious?” I asked.

She looked back up at me and then back down to my cock and said, “Yeah. All the time. I think of you jacking off thinking of me.”

“Wow, I would have never thought a girl as young, sexy and as beautiful as you would think of an old man like me.”

“I like older men, Tom and you… well… ummm… don’t sell yourself short. I mean I think you’re a very hot, hunky stud!”

“Holy shit. I thought you barely even knew I existed.”

“Well, after I noticed you watching me. I started looking for you every time I got home. It really turned me on that you were watching me. Later on, I started wondering if you thought about me when you… you know… took care of your business and that turned me on even more. Ooooh God. Mmmmm. It’s turning me on so much right now, I’m getting so wet!”, she said as she spread her knees further apart.

I looked down and saw the front of her short shorts had a huge wet spot now in the front.

“Tom? Would you... Would you do it now?”

“What? What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know. Would you take care of your unfinished business now? For me? Would you take care of your unfinished business?” she asked as she rubbed her pussy over her shorts making my cock throb more.

I grabbed my cock with my hand and slowly brought it up my shaft to the top. “Oh God, Candi! You’re so fucking sexy!” I said half moaning the words out. I slowly went back down my shaft.

“Oh God, Tom. That’s sooo fucking hot. You’re making me soo fucking wet! Keep going, babe. Do it! I love watching a guy stroke his cock! Mmmm, so fucking hot," she said as she grabbed her tube top and pulled it off of her, letting her pert young breasts bounce up and down right in front of me. Her nipples were hard and poking out like little pencil erasers.

I stroked myself faster and moaned out again as I looked at her breasts. She sat back onto her ass. Then she extended her legs out and pulled those tiny shorts down her legs and off as I continued stroking myself.

She sat up indian style with her pussy lips glistening wet in the light.

“Oh, God!” I moaned out as more pre-cum came out of my cock and I increased my speed. She brought her hand to her pussy and started fucking herself with two fingers as she stared intently at my cock and licking her lips.

Faster and faster we both went egging each other on.

After about another minute, I knew I was almost there. “Oh, Ohhh! I'm Gonna cum!” I screamed out as I continued stroking myself fast.

“Yes, babe. Cum for me, Tom. Cum for me!” she yelled in response and suddenly got up on her knees right in front of me. “Cum on me, baby. Cum on me so you don’t mess the floor!”, she said as she slid her hand back down and started finger fucking herself again.

“Here it comes. Here it comes. Yes!” I screamed out as I shot a huge stream of cum out hitting her forehead first and then down her face.

“Yes, oh God, yes Tom! Cum for me!” she screamed out and brought her free hand up to my cock just as I started to shoot again. She held my cock and pointed it at her breasts. I shot out all over her breasts.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming too!” she screamed out and leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my cock head as I spurt for the third time, but this time into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around my cock head and swallowed my cum as I continued to spurt more into her mouth.

I stayed semi-erect as I finished cumming in her mouth. She pulled me out of her mouth looked up at me, smiled and said, “Wow, Tom! Wow!” and then just laid back onto her back on the floor.

After a few minutes she sat back up and said, “Tom, I really did need some help moving furniture. Can you still help me?” and giggled.

“You betcha,” I said.

“Thanks, babe. You’re so good to me! I guess I should clean up a bit first though," she said and then she ran a finger over the cum on her breasts and then licked it off. She repeated with two fingers. I couldn’t believe it, but as I was watching her my cock started to get hard again.

She noticed and said, “Tom. You need to take care of that unfinished business! You know, how I am about unfinished business now. I love to watch you work.”

I started stroking myself as she continued to clean herself up. I stroked myself faster and faster as she continued on. When she was done, she got up on her knees again and came up to me and grabbed my cock. I let go and let her take over. She stroked it a few times and then she started sucking me. After about a minute or so, she pulled my hard cock out of her mouth and said, “Do you like doggie?”

“Of course. Who doesn’t?, I replied.

“Good. Let’s do it!” she said and stood up and said, “Come on!” and she ran to the steps and started going up.

I ran after her...
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