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Vibrators Are For Pussies!

Vibrators Are For Pussies!

Sometimes you just have to do things the old fashioned way...

"Open your legs," his growl echoed through the tinny speakers. "Show me that hot, sticky cunt of yours... No, of MINE!"

I obediently lifted my bare ass and parted my thighs. His eyes widened and his lips formed a silent ‘O’ as I tilted the laptop lid down, webcam making my pussy fill his screen.

"Oh, there's a good fucking girl," he cooed. "Now, spread those juicy lips for me, show me how wet you are."

Two perfectly manicured fingers pushed puffy pussy lips apart and my trimmed, brown curls opened to reveal a slick, hot channel, dark pink like my nails and already glistening with arousal. With the pointed tip of an index finger, I held my lips wide then pushed and pressed my pert little clit. It turned me on to hear him gasp as he watched.

I heard him squirt lube, followed by the sound of the rhythmic slap of skin on skin, palm around shaft, as he began to stroke his erection, for me.

"Show me!" I barked, desperate. "Let me see your hard-on!"

His face disappeared from view and the picture wobbled as it panned down that hairy chest before settling on his crotch. His penis came into focus, pink and huge as it filled my screen, his fingers already tight around the thick, fleshy column. What a magnificent cock!

"All for you, baby!" he gasped, stroking. "Look how fucking hard you make me!"

"Holy fuck! I want you... to taste you!" I moaned, noticing the clear bead of precum oozing from his little slit and I wished that I really could rub my lips over his spongy head and coat my tongue with his juice. As I gazed, open mouthed, I began to smooth and pat the sheet beside me with my free hand, until it found my trusty bullet vibe.

His voice was breathy now and he groaned, watching the chrome tip tease my fleshy button. I pushed the plastic toy down my slippery cleft and dipped it into my dripping hole, moaning as I opened myself to let him see everything. When he groaned, I pressed it back against the base of my nub, rubbing and circling, pleased to feel the strong, familiar itch which always preceded an orgasm. I had a feeling it was going to be especially good this time, I just hoped my WIFI wouldn’t cut out like it did on our last session.

"Are you going to cum for me, my dirty slut?" his words stuttered as he pulled and tugged ferociously up and down his thick prick.

I found the indent on my toy’s shaft and it buzzed into life against my delicate folds. "Aaaaah!" I squealed, "Oooh fuck yes!! I'm going to cum for you!"

"Mmm, good girl!" he breathed, his fist a stuttering, pixelated blur.

"Close now," my breath was ragged as I pushed the switch again, ramping up the power to full. I began to feel dizzy and welcome pulses started to radiate from between my legs, through my whole body. I was close, very fucking close.

My eyes started to glaze over as my body began to welcome its building climax and struggling to focus, I glanced at the screen once more. His hand was moving so fast, I could barely see where his fist ended and his cock began. I pressed the tip of the vibe harder against the base of my clit, fiercely pushing at the swollen flesh.

The vibrations pulsed then stopped.

Confused for only a split second, I rubbed harder and faster, my pulsating clit started to become inert. I frowned and looked down at the motionless plastic in my hand. My fingers slid until I felt the bump of the control again and I switched it on. Nothing. I was holding my breath, fearing I might lose my cum, so I let out a gasp and stabbed at the button once more with a slippery fingertip. Nothing.

I glanced at the laptop screen and I could see that his strokes were slowing, the pulls and tugs becoming more deliberate and firm, and I knew that white cummy jets were sure to spurt from the tip at any moment. He was obviously unaware of my technical issues.

I brought the vibe to my ear and shook it, dismayed to hear a sad, death rattle as metal and plastic clattered inside. “Alas, poor Bullet, you served me well,” I thought and grinned. Then I wondered how I was going to cum? I let the dead vibrator slip from my grasp.

I heard him grunt, saw his hips thrusting up against his hand, and I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips again, wetting them then pressing them to the base of my erect clit and beginning to furiously stimulate myself. God, it had been a long time since I had masturbated this way. I’d grown lazy, relying on the quick fix of toys to get me off, almost forgetting that the solution was literally at my fingertips.

Grateful, I felt the pulse of near climax begin to kick in again and I looked at the screen and heard him cry out his own orgasm. The picture froze, silent, his cum a near perfect arc as it exploded from his cock, his hand a motionless blur. As I looked, I both cursed and praised my dodgy internet connection. I didn’t think I’d ever seen a more perfect cum shot and it inspired me to catch up with my own.

As my fingers rubbed and jerked, pulling back the hood of my clit, I remembered discovering masturbation for the first time. I frantically frigged, faster and faster, grinning at his paused ejaculation, filling my screen. The stunned shock and awe of my first climax flashed through my mind and I squeezed and tugged a nipple with my free hand, stretching and pinching it, hard. The shockwaves edged my orgasm ever closer, but my arm was getting tired, I wasn’t used to this. I continued to strum, recalling early attempts to save my aching wrist; that time with a cucumber and the marvellous discovery of another use for my electric toothbrush! The shame flashed through me, short-lived as it was, I bought my first clit vibe soon after.

I shifted position a little, lifting and thrusting my hips to meet my palm, thinking how I’d stifled my cries of pleasure back then, so that they wouldn’t draw unwanted attention from my housemates. This felt so fucking intense, much more so than usual. I was dizzy and my face felt hot and flushed. Suddenly, an unexpected wail filled the room, as waves of pleasure, stronger than anything I’d felt in ages, filled my body, cunt to toes, and I realised that the sound had come from me.

I didn’t stop as I normally would have, with my toy, but kept on rubbing and the waves just kept coming, my back arched and I rode the longest climax, slowing my movements as it began to gently subside.

My whole body was trembling and my breath was coming in short gasps. I looked at his frozen, ejaculating cock and it disappeared as the the screen went blank.

I sat for a brief moment, getting my breath back, then I leaned forward, fingers slipping over the laptop mousepad to call him. It barely rang once before his smiling face appeared on screen, a white towel coming in and out of view as he cleaned himself up.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” he grinned. “What happened? Connection die?”

“Not just the connection,” I moaned, pulling up my panties and vaguely wondering what would happen if the CSI guys shone a black light over my computer. Did ladycum glow the way that semen did? I shook my head, deciding that I spent far too much time watching television. “My fucking vibe died on me! Just as I was about to cum!”

“Oh no,” he frowned, all pouty, “did you not cum? I did, it was SO fucking good!”

“Ha, yes, I saw! Your squirt froze, mid-cum, on screen!” I winked at him, “Nice inspiration for me though.”

“So,” he said, dropping the towel and leaning earnestly towards his screen, “What did you do?”

“Well, I did what anyone would do under the circumstances,” I said, waggling my fingers proudly at the camera. “I went ‘Old School’, best cum I’ve had in ages."

“That’s my girl!” he laughed. “What a trooper you are, in the face of adversity.”

“Fuck technology! You can’t beat a good finger wank,” I laughed, adding, “Vibrators are for pussies!”

“Aaah,” he teased, “you won’t be wanting your Lelo Christmas order then? Shall I cancel it?”

“Fuck, I wouldn’t go that far! Don’t you dare!”

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