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Virgin Babe Fucks Herself - Part One

Virgin Babe Fucks Herself - Part One

Can This Virgin Fuck Herself Into Orgasms?
Sex wasn’t really on my mind until I started dating my boyfriend, Nicolas. When we started dating we only held hands, kissed and flirted a lot. He knows I’m a virgin, and he seems okay with it, but part of me does wonder what it would be like to have sex. Before dating Nicolas, I didn’t even masturbate. It was like a switch was shut off, but when I started dating him, my hormones came blasting through, full force.

Nicolas is two years older than me, and has had sex with others, but promises he is okay not rushing into it with me. He tells me he loves me, which makes me want to give myself to him. I guess a part of me is scared to do so though. My parents never really talked a lot about sex, they are kind of old school, I guess. It was my doctor who suggested me going on birth control to regulate my periods. At first my mother was against it, but the doctor convinced her it was for the best.

I have a friend. who I can tell everything to, and I have told her about how I feel. When she found out that I’ve never even masturbated she told me I should try. She went on telling me to either use my imagination, or to go online and watch porn. The idea of watching porn put me right off and I said no way. I think the best idea is to use how Nicolas makes me feel when he touches me.

It’s Sunday night, date night for my parents so I have the house to myself. I decided to go to bed early but I spent a long time on the phone with Nicolas. He has no idea what I’m doing because I want it to be a surprise for him, when and if I choose to have sex with him. I do, however, want him to tell me what he wishes he could do to me, if he were here. He often does this.

“Nicolas, I’m in bed, thinking of the last time we had a date at your place. I can’t get your lips out of my mind. Tell me what you’d do if you could, right now,” I whisper, feeling shy for asking.

I can hear his smile when he begins, “I like the way you think. First of all. I’d love to cradle your head between my hands, lean in and kiss you teasingly slow at first. I want to taste those sweet lips of yours on mine. You always taste like cherries. I like that,” his voice drifting.

My eyes closed, thinking of the way he describes what he’ll do to me. I’m in just a tank top and panties; under my covers I let my hands wander over my body. I caress my breasts, thinking of them as Nicolas’ hands. I'd much rather them be his, but my own touch is heightening the pleasure of listening to him talk to me. My blood rushes through my body fast, causing my heartbeat to quicken.

“Do you like that, Kyra?” His voice is breathtaking, making me long for him more.

“I do, please don’t stop, I really like hearing you talk to me like this,” I whisper softly, aching to tell him what I’m doing.

“I don’t know what’s with you tonight, Kyra, but I like it...” His voice is pleasing, making me smile, “...Feel my lips over your jaw line, bathing you in kisses, until I reach your ear, sucking softly on it. My warm breath on your skin, giving you light goose bumps. It makes you squirm, wanting more.”

He continues on, making me ache. I reach down into my panties, and stroke lightly over my lips. I can feel just how wet I’ve gotten already. I’ve allowed myself to get so excited, so fast. He has no idea what I’m doing. Nicolas goes on describing what he would do to me. I don’t let myself do too much on the phone, wanting to do this privately.

After almost two hours on the phone, he has to go: It’s gotten late. I’m sad, but grateful at the same time, because I really want to come now. I squeeze my breasts, caressing my nipples, feeling just how hard they are. I work one hand back down into my panties, thinking of all the things Nicolas said he’d do to me. I slip a finger over my clit, down into my pussy and begin to lightly fuck myself. My other hand coming down, and toying with my clit, I grind against myself.

The pleasure is so overwhelming, it feels so natural. How did I never do this before! I let out a soft whimper, feeling a strong ache building deep inside me. It’s something I have never felt before. I tremble, my legs buckle, and whimper out further. I gasp hard, sucking in a startling breath, my toes point hard and I begin an earth shattering orgasm. I groan out, losing all control over my body as I come hard.

When it passes, I lie there looking at my ceiling, feeling as though I’m spinning fast. What a fucking high! I can’t help but giggle, blushing at the way I feel. It’s like a drug. I smoked pot once, but I was too scared of getting addicted, so I never did again. It makes me feel like that, and drug free. I curl into a ball, letting sleep drift over me. I can’t wait to tell my friend Sadie. She’ll be pleased.

The next day when I tell her, she is pleased, telling me that I’m one step closer to be ready for sex. I shake my head no, telling her no, not yet. She asks me what I’m so afraid of. I go on explaining to her that it’s having something enter me, the idea is kind of scary. She giggles, telling me it hurts so good. I don’t even know what that means!

Sadie tells me if I’m so worried about having sex, that I should buy a vibrator and try that. It’s how her sister started out. I never thought of owning a toy before. She even tells me she’ll go with me; she needs a new one also. We decide to go at the weekend.

Throughout the week, I keep masturbating like I did the first night. I find myself doing it every chance I can, loving how it makes me feel. It makes me feel naughty, sexy, turned on, satisfied, and each time, giving me that fantastic high.

When I do see Nicolas, I allow him to do more than just kissing; to touch me more. He doesn’t complain a single bit. We focus on doing a lot of that and a lot less of everything else. I still don’t tell him what I’ve been up to. I love the way he makes me feel.

Friday afternoon comes and Sadie is excited to go to the shop. She’s been to the one we’re going to before, her sister has brought her bunches of times. I’ve stuffed a $100 bill in my purse, unsure how much things are. Sadie tells me some toys can be expensive, but there are ones cheaper. You get what you pay for, she tells me. This, of course, makes sense. Isn’t that always the case?

Entering the shop, I see that it isn't all that big. I smell a lot of leather, oils and even candles. It’s covered, wall to wall, with toys, clothes, whips, chains, masks, candles, oils and other things. Things I’ve never even dreamed of, let alone ever think I’d ever see. I start to get a little nervous, but Sadie is so excited it helps me relax. The girl behind the desk looks to be in her late twenties, smiling brightly at us.

“Take a look around, girls. If you have any questions, I’m here,” her voice is soft, pleasant. She goes back to reading some magazine.

“Thank you,” we both say in unison.

We giggle and Sadie brings me to the wall with the vibrators. There are tons! I’m shocked there are so many. There are different sizes, shapes, colours, speeds, anal, pussy, double headers, spinning ones. It’s just overwhelming. I watch as Sadie looks at them, a little scared to even touch them, as if they are going to jump out and bite me or something. I let myself relax, scanning over them. I know I want something fairly simple, I don’t want to put my pussy in shock the first time I use a toy.

A cute pink one catches my eyes. Taking it off the shelf, I hold it in my hand. It has a nice weight to it, it’s long and sleek. It has no shape, outside of being long, no spinning things or beads. It’s simple, something good for a first timer. I know this is the one I want. I put that one back, grabbing one in a package.

Sadie is off further down the wall, looking at other things. I go to her, smiling, holding my prize.

“Find something you like?” she asks.

“Yeah, this one,” I hand it to her. I blush deeply, feeling almost silly.

“Oh, nice choice. I’ve had that one, but it wasn’t pink, it was red.”

“Damn Sadie, how many have you had?” I say, thinking it must be a lot.

“Erm, a few, I’d guess like, hmm, five? I like to change it up. It beats finding cock at school. I can’t wait until we’re in college!” she giggles.

I know that Sadie has had sex, but the times she had it never worked out with the guy afterwards. She always feels used, which is why I am careful of having sex. I know that Nicolas isn't going to be like that, but I don’t feel the need to have sex right now. Exploring my sexuality like this, gives me more reason to wait, to find out what I like before giving myself to a guy.

I glance at a shelf behind us and see these little bullet-shaped things. I pick one up, wondering what it does.

“Sadie, what are these?” I hold it, liking the cold metal against my skin. It gives me the shivers.

“Those are bullets! You can use them inside, or against your clit. I like mine against my clit as I masturbate with a vibrator, giving me extra stimulation. I suggest them,” she whispers to me, taking one off the shelf and into her basket.

We shop around, looking at other things. It’s hard to believe how knowledgeable Sadie is about all of this. I’m convinced to get some lube that tingles and also get some new lotions. I knew I’d need my $100. When we have everything we want, we go up to the cash desk. I blush looking at the lady again.

“First time, is it?” She looks at me, my mouth drops, blushing harder.

“Erm, yeah, how did you know?”

“I can smell fresh meat. I’ve seen Sadie here many times, haven’t I, Sadie?” she giggles.

It’s Sadie’s turn to blush, “Yeah, guilty as charged. It’s my favourite shop.”

“You’re a good costumer, now bringing in fresh meat. Such a good girl,” the lady behind the desk coos. Her name tag reads Sally. I like her instantly.

After she rings up everything I want, my total comes to $67.87. Sadie giggles, telling me I’ll be addicted in no time. Hers comes out to well over $100.00 and she doesn’t bat an eye. She tells me this was nothing. I take her word for it.

We part ways, as I tell her I have a date with Nicolas later on and need to get ready. She wishes me good luck, winking at me. I head home, going straight to my room. I hide my things under my bed, feeling as though I have to sneak around. I know my parents will never find my stuff, as they never come into my room. I strip down, grabbing my robe and towel, and go shower.

My mind is on Nicolas and the things I’ve bought. I wonder what he’d think, if he knew I had gotten this stuff. I don’t think he’d judge me, but I wonder if he’d feel as though I didn’t think he was good enough. I know different, I’m doing this for me, but for him also. I’m looking forward to seeing him tonight.

Out of the shower, I get dressed and find my parents having dinner. I let them know about my plans, telling them I’ll be home by midnight. I kiss them each, heading out to the porch to wait for Nicolas to come and get me. I’m wearing a pair of form fitting jeans, which show off my arse nicely and a cute sweater I haven’t yet worn. The weather is changing far too fast this season, making me miss summer already. My blonde hair down, I run my fingers through it, wishing Nicolas would hurry up. The night air is making me a bit too chilly.

Just then he pulls up to the curb by my house, I bounce up, and head towards his car. When I get in, I take a deep breath, inhaling his wonderful scent. He smells of after shave and shampoo. It’s so heady, making me dizzy with pleasure.

“You look great, babe,” he whispers to me, leaning in to kiss my lips.

“As do you, where we going?” I ask, kissing him between questions and comments.

“Just the local spot, you know we don’t have a lot of choice. You know, small town and all.”

“I don’t care, I like it there. One day you can bring me some place fancy,” I giggle, slipping my fingers interlocked with his, as he pulls away from the curb.

“You got it, babe,” he strokes his thumb over my hand, caressing me softly.

The next few hours we have dinner and head to the ice cream shop afterwards. We spend some time with a few of our friends, enjoying each other’s company. We’re all over each other, but not as bad as we are when we’re alone.

On the drive back to my house, I’m cuddled close to him, teasing him slightly. I’ve gotten more comfortable with touching him. I am overly curious as to what I can cause by touching him. My lips are gently on his neck, kissing lightly, my fingers roaming down, teasing him over his jeans. His breathing growing heavy, but he doesn’t say anything. I think he’s more surprised I’m being so outright bold with him.

I can feel how hard he is for me, making me wish more than ever to see him. I don’t dare ask, not yet. I do know I can’t wait to get home and use my toys whilst thinking of him. I nibble on his ear making his breathing faster.

“Kyra, you’re killing me, what has gotten into you, babe?”

“I don’t know, I can’t help myself,” I moan lightly into his ear, squeezing his shaft just right as I say it.

“Well, if you keep it up, you’re going to make me come in my jeans,” he laughs, me joining him.

I slide my hand off of him, “I’m sorry, I got too into it.”

“Don’t be sorry, babe, it is hot. I love your touch.”

I’ve noticed we’ve come to a stop, sitting in front of my house now. Its five to midnight and I know I can’t be late. We kiss for a few minutes, before saying goodnight.

“I’ll be thinking of you when I get home, babe,” he whispers into my ear, as I open the door.

I blush hard, “Please do,” I giggle. I slide out of the car, shutting the door. I watch him pull away, before running up into the house.

Once I’m back in my room, I strip down out of my clothes, grabbing my robe, I go to the bathroom. I wash my face and brush my teeth, thinking of Nicolas. I think of him with his cock hard as ever, going home and undressing, climbing into bed and jerking off. It makes me wonder what it looks like, making the burning desire for him grow deeper.

Back in my room, I drape my robe over my desk chair. I get into bed, and bend to pull the bag of stuff out. My heart begins to race, grinding against the bed; I can feel how excited I am. I want to come so much. After what seems like forever of getting the vibrator out of the package, I find batteries to put into it. I turn it on and it buzzes into life. I gasp at the strength, thinking of that inside me.

Sitting back, I let my mind wander back onto Nicolas doing the same thing at home. I see him jerking his cock, thinking of me, being inside me. I let my fingers play with my breasts, teasing myself, wanting to work myself into such a high need.

One of my hands moves down between my thighs, caressing my cleft, feeling the wetness building. I rub my thighs together, feeling the need working higher. Once I feel I can handle it, I take the toy into my hand, slipping down between my legs. I slowly, ever so slowly, begin to push it inside me. I groan out, the touch almost like a bite, I whimper out. I almost want to stop, but I’m too turned on. I don’t allow myself to stop, pushing further. I stroke it in and out, working it in a little more with each movement.

When I feel as though I can finally slide it inside, I do. I push it until it’s fully inside me, the strokes increasing. I moan out, gripping the sheets with my free hand. I keep it there inside me, rolling my hips, allowing myself to adjust to this foreign object inside me. It feels beautifully wonderful. Slowly, I turn the speed onto the lowest setting, letting out a small howl of shock. It springs to life, making me squirm. A desperate rhythm starts, stroking into me further.

I begin to ride the wave of frenzy, fucking myself with my vibrator. Every so often, turning the speed up, working it deeper inside me. I gasp, fighting for more air. I feel my body tighten, I know I’m close to my orgasm, I moan out hard, feeling it take me. I come hard, convulsing around my toy. I grip it with need, powering deep inside me, I fuck faster. I’ve lost control over my body, making me come endlessly.

Writhing and arching my hips, I want this orgasm to never end. I muffle my moans, biting my lip. It’s after one in the morning, not wanting to wake up my parents. I feel so high, my heart slamming against my chest. I want to come again!

I think of Nicolas again, thinking of the way he touches me, the way he might feel inside me. It turns me on, beyond what words can describe. The tightness of my pussy grips the toy harder, plunging over the crest again, I rock in ecstasy. The overwhelming spasms take me; I come harder, fucking myself even deeper. The setting of the toy is at the highest speed now. I come for Nicolas, hard, squeezing around him, and not this toy that is actually inside me.

The throb of my orgasms still pound through my pussy, even after I slide the toy out. It’s soaked with my wetness, I blush and daringly, I take it into my mouth. I suck gently on it, tasting myself for the first time ever. I actually like it, tasting the musky scent of my own juices. I enjoy the sharp throb of the orgasms working inside me, coming down slowly from my high. My heart rate fast, throbbing with delight.

Realising I haven’t even used the bullet, I know I’ll have to use it the next time. I’m too knackered to even attempt to orgasm again. I slide my new toys back under the bed, curling up, I caress myself lightly. I lay there and somehow, shockingly, mange to bring myself into a small orgasm by the soft petting. It makes me long to be with Nicolas.

Can sex be as good as masturbating? Do I want to find out? Hell yes I do!

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