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Visiting my boyfriend's friend

What happened after I had split with my boyfriend.
For those that have been following the story, you now know about my exhibitionist side. For newcomers I could re-cap but it would be easier and hopefully better for you if you read my previous stories.

However, I shall bring you all up to speed with what happened in between the last story and this one. After the holiday things went back to normal for a while. Then out of the blue, my boyfriend and his friend both moved away with their jobs. They weren't connected, it was just bad timing (for me at least).

Actually, I should give you some names. It's going to be a lot easier than saying my boyfriends friend every time. For the sake of discretion, I shall avoid real names. We'll call my boyfriend Dave, and his friend Andy.

After Dave moved we tried to keep things going but the long distance became too much. I used to go and visit and he'd come to me, but ultimately it put too much of a strain on our relationship. Eventually we called it a day. That said, for many months we used to meet up and re-live old times. And we stayed really good friends which is a rare thing when couples split.

Andy and I also stayed in touch, then one weekend he invited me to stay with him for a night out or two. It turns out his flat mate had a friend coming up and he thought it would be nice to go out as a 4 some. Andy had split with his girl (the one from the holiday) too, so was young free and single. His flat mate was called John and his friend Amy. Amy had a boyfriend so nothing naughty was likely to happen with them. Still it would be good to go out and let our hair down as a 4 some.

The journey to their place was a nightmare and I ended up getting there 4 hours late. I'd sent a message and told them to go out for dinner and I would meet them. They however, insisted that they would eat and then head home. We could drink and catch up on the Friday and go out Saturday.

When I eventually arrived they were all well on the way. I was going to have to play catch up. I opened a bottle of wine and away I went. Within an hour I was also pretty drunk. The talk was the usual putting the world to rights, and quickly moved onto sex.

Andy and I avoided mentioning any of our history together. He still never told anyone as far as I was aware. With the chat getting naughtier and naughtier John suggested a game of strip poker. I laughed and told them they weren't very original. "What do you suggest?" asked Andy. "How about Pornopoly?" I replied.

Now for those that have never played pornopoly before, its quite simple and great fun. You need all the stuff for monopoly except the money. You all take turns and every time you land on a spare property you keep it. Eventually you start landing on other peoples properties, then you have to pay your fine with an item of clothing. If you land on 'chance' or 'community chest' you pay with an item or if you are 'given money' you can put something on. Easy!

Amy wasn't to keen on getting naked so we said anyone could quit whenever they wanted. The only deal was that if you left the game you had to head off to bed! We all agreed and started playing. It didn't take long for shirts, and socks to come off. Amy was down to bra and trousers and was getting uncomfortable. I was doing a little worse and was in my underwear. The boys were winning! Not good for us.

Then all of a sudden the luck changed and the boys all had to strip down to boxer shorts in no time. Before long, I was topless, the boys in pants and Amy in her underwear. Amy then decided she'd had enough to drink and felt if she left the game before anything else happened she wouldn't have to hide anything from her boyfriend. As soon as she'd gone we carried on. Andy was first to lose and down came his pants to reveal a raging hard on. It was now just me and John in pants. The next person to have to pay would be out and the other player the winner.

My turn was next and I landed on community chest. The boys cheered and as I turned my card over I grinned. I had been 'given money' so chose to replace my jeans. I know I was topless but I loved being stared at! he he. Then on the next go, John landed on one of my properties and lost! I screamed a little in delight and reluctantly he lowered his shorts.

He too was hugely turned on and sat there sporting a massive erection also. It was glorious. "So what does the winner get"? I asked. The boys looked at each other and asked me what I wanted. I grinned at Andy and told them I wanted them to play with themselves. John was in shock but Andy knew me too well. There was no way I would back down so he started stroking. John then followed suit. There they were, two naked lads, stroking their cocks just for me.

It was too much and I started to get wet. It was such a turn on. I then decided to treat them a little myself. I lowered my jeans and slid a hand inside my pants. Slowly I started playing with myself. I'd never had an audience of two. And it didn't take lone for me to reach orgasm. The boys were getting close too. I told them to stop and went and sat between them. They both adjusted themselves to get a little more comfy then I reached down and took one cock in each hand. They both leaned in to kiss me and grab a breasts each.

They were almost mirroring each other. They would both kiss my neck and play with a boob, then both reach down and stroke my thigh. The only question for me was how far did I want this to go tonight. I was in complete control. Their hands kept working their way to my pussy and I kept pushing them away. It was torture for them both. The only thing I would let them do was to kiss my breasts.

They both lowered themselves and licked my breast and my nipples. My nipples stuck out like bullets. It was driving us all wild but still I held out. Refusing to let them get inside my pants. I was soooo mean! I could feel they were getting close to cumming then they both stopped kissing me and sat back. I took this as my cue to wank them harder and faster. Within seconds they were both shooting hot cum into the air.

True to form it landed on their chests and as I loved to do, I had a little taste, wiping my finger and licking it off. This time though, I decided to take it a little further. I wanted to see how turned on they were and how far I could push them. I bent down and licked all the cum off Johns chest then turned to Andy and kissed him full on the mouth. I'd already swallowed everything but the smell and taste were there. To be fair he kissed me back passionately with his tongue. I then licked his chest and turned to John. He was a little more reluctant but when I promised this was just the start of the weekend, he gave in and kissed me.

After that, with both boys spent and now sporting soft cocks, I stood up and said I was gonna turn in for the night. They looked at me in disbelief. "You cant leave us like this" they complained. "I'm very tired, Ive had a long drive and too much to drink. If you're good boys we'll see what happens tomorrow". And off I went. Amy was sleeping in Johns bed, with him on the couch. She was insistent that they do that to save the guilt. I had no ties so was sleeping in Daves bed with him. However, being the tease I was, I put on a nightie and climbed into bed. As I pulled the covers up he walked in grinning.

"You are such a tease" he said. "And you love it" I said back to him! he he. He climbed in next to me and tried to cuddle in and stroke my breasts. I pushed him away and grinned. "I think you've had your fun for tonight" I told him and rolled over.

With that, we both rolled over and I slowly reached down to play with myself. I was soooo wet he had to have heard me. In fact, I'm pretty sure he did because he mumbled that he wanted to do that! ha ha.

Obviously this was only the Friday night. If this story goes down well I shall tell you all what happened Saturday!

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