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wake me up before u go

I wasn't sure how I came to be the way I am and it took a long time to accept it but now I embrace it and have now added an extra string. It took me a while but I have mastered the art of hypnotism. I have also learnt that one cannot be made to do something that one has not thought about doing subconsciously.

I have now lived 25 years alone and invisible to the world. Once the panic subsided, which took a long time I was able to see the up side. There are lots of advantages to not being seen. Many years have since passed and as I said before I have just mastered the art of hypnotism.

She walked up to her sister in the mall and they started arguing. They both seem distressed and one walked out. She was about 5'6 with short straight blond hair and a nice curvy arse. They showed nicely in the jeans that she wore, and her t shirt fit her snugly making her b cupped breasts, nicely shaped. Her skin was fair and freckled. Tears streamed down her attractive face. She turned around and walked out, making a call. I could tell the conversation was tense, and 10 minutes later she was picked up by a guy in a SUV (the husband). I followed closely and was able to slip in the back as she placed her bags in . She sat in the passenger's seat and spent the whole ride explaining the argument, which bored me. They finally got home. A rich double storey house. I waited for them to leave and got out carefully.

He was apiece of work because even though she was upset, he was still going out with the boys that night, which she didn't seem too impressed with. She did seem ti be milking the sympathy though, bit of a drama queen. I bided my time listening but not really paying attention, watching tv to be honest. At about 9pm he left. Now we were all alone. She got herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch with her legs tucked underneath her. That first glass went down quickly and she got up to get another. I was right there sitting in the couch next to her, and would have loved to reach out and grab her but ti didn't. I just watched her nice arse saunter away from me.  This was the perfect chance to try my new skill. Using the crystal wine glass as a medallion, I suggested to her that it would be more comfortable to change into something else for the evening and that a shower would be a good idea. I could see her almost confused, but then she walked back to the couch and thought that this was a failure before it began. She sat down once more watching the tube. All of a sudden, as if by magic, she got up and walked upstairs. She walked straight into her bedroom and turned on the shower. I watched as her t shirt went over her head leaving her in her white bra. Her stomach was flat and pale white. She then undid her jeans and pulled them down. Here she was standing in front of me, naked. Her legs were not very long but fairly toned like she had been going to the gym. She didn't bother shaving her pubic area, which I thought was a must. She walked into the shower and started washing. I suggested taking the shaver to her pubic area, and 3 minutes later it was all coming off, all of it. Now her pink pussy was totally visible. Her clitoris was just visible from where I was standing. This was a huge turn on and I was instantly hard. Once she had finished showering she moved to her dressing table and opened the second drawer from the bottom. She did have a fine selection of lingerie to choose from. One would think she worked at a lingerie store. I didn't want anything too risqué, so chose a black lacy bra, with a pink brief. Over that a short nightie with a tartan pattern, pink and black. I sat right in front of her as she sat on her parlour bench and lifted her leg onto it, to put the left hole up her smooth while toned leg. She then dropped it down and did the same with her right leg. The final sight of her hairless pussy lip was breathtaking. Finally the gusset covered it. She stood up and pulled them up a little more, so that the mound was a little more visible and a hint of her pussy lips too. She then put on her bra. Her pink nipples were soft and no at all pointed at the moment. The cup of the bra covered them and suddenly a hint of arousal as they disappeared behind the cup. She then bunched the nightie over her head and proceeded to pull it through and straighten it down her chest, over her midriff and finally her hips. The nightie went down almost to her knees. She straightened it out and had a final look into her mirror. I was right behind her now and could see every inch of loveliness that she could. I was so tempted to feel her arse, just a faint touch, but that would be too much. She looked into the mirror and smiled a little smile. She then took a slight step back, and I was just able to get out of the way in time. Even though I was invisible I could still be felt. that was my waring to not get too complacent. She went back downstairs and came back up with the bottle of wine and the glass. She then turned on the set in her room and took up the position in her room. I watched her shape draped on that bed on her side on top of the sheets, with her dead resting against her arm. Every now and then she would shift and a bit more of the back her creamy white thigh would reveal itself. I would get up every now and then for a front up shot. The front of the nightie was not low cut, but because she was lying down I was able to look down her top, and see her soft breasts nestled in that black bra. The bottle was now finish and she turned off the set. She moved up the bed to her pillow. I could tell she was ready for bed and I could not have that. I had front row seat for the show and I wanted my money worth. I suggested that maybe she should masturbate before falling asleep and if she had any toys around the house, that she should get them. She woke up and moved to her closet. She reached up high to the back, which had the effect of riding the nightie up the back of her tight thighs and revealing a hint of her cotton pink panties. She came down with a small bag. She walked over to the bed and unzipped it. She pulled out a pink vibrator, and some heating lubricant. Now the show was heating up. She sat on the bed. I suggested that she straddle the bed. She must have been a gymnast back in the day because, those thighs spread wide on her knees, riding her nightie up to her waist, revealing the whole pair of pink cotton panties now. It also had the effect of pulling her panties higher up, and now her mound was more clear than ever. I took the position just in front on the bed on the floor. She squeezed some lubricant on her hand and smothered it onto the pink dildo. She began sliding her hand up and down the 6 inch vibrator, and as I panned up I could see her head tilt back a bit and her eyelids closing slightly. A slight moan left her pink lips. Her hand was busy stroking the dildo. She then guided the dildo to her pussy. She began rubbing the dildo on her mound through her panties. The moisture was transferring to her panties and they were becoming moist. Now her pussy lips were almost visible. she became more insistent and rubbed harder, pushing into her lips a bit more. Her eyes were closed now, and her breathing much heavier. Her hips rocking with her thrusts. It was too much for me. I moved up behind her on the bed, which she would have felt as the mattress would have moved. She continued stroking her pussy through her panties. I reached for her waist and pulled up the night half way up her back. I could see her full arse rhythmically thrusting and abating. She was right in the eye of this tornado, and nothing else mattered to her now. I placed my finger on her thigh from behind and followed the muscle up to her sexy arse and slipped my fingers under the elastic there. The feel of her smooth skin was electric. I used my fingers to lift the panties and ride them up her arse, so that it looked like a g string. I just sat there and gazed at her perfect arse still gyrating and the muscles tightening and relaxing. In front of us was her mirror so that even though I was behind her I could see her front as well. Her hand now slipping the gusset of her panty aside revealing a slightly moist smooth pussy. The clitoris looking slightly more swollen with a slight glisten. I could hear the murmur of the vibrator and placed my hand on her hers as she guided the dildo to the awaiting pussy. That was the moment. If she had stopped and screamed I would have been in trouble, but she kept going, in fact I believe she leaned back slightly, so that the tip of my now hard cock brushed small of her back. The dildo slid gently up her pussy, as the lips parted. She let out a louder gasp, and a slight frown on her forehead, almost a grimace, but she followed up with the slide out. The dildo was glistening now with her pussy juices. She continued to slide that dildo up and out of her tight bald pussy, each time trying to go deeper. The movement was progressively getting faster and the dildo head seemed almost to disappear before she pulled it out. Her moans were now higher in pitch and a bit louder in volume. Her mouth open now, and eyes tightly shut. My finger were wet too and I brought it back around to her bum. I slowly pushed her forward, and before long she was on all fours.  She rested her weight on her one hand while pumping her wet pussy with the dildo in the other. I lifted the nightie right over her round arse. I placed my hand on it and felt the slightly firm skin, with just enough fat to please me. I slowly spread it apart with my hands. Her arse was perfect and ready. I pulled the gusset further aside to reveal a cute brown button arsehole, which was changing in shape with her muscle movement too. I reached around and was about to lubricate my cock when in the mirror I saw her gaping mouth staring at me invitingly. I was still staring at that delicious mouth when with all the pumping the strap of her nightie slipped down her shoulder, revealing the black lacy bra holding up those perfect c cupped breasts. I got up and moved around to her gorgeous face. I reached under her chin and squeezed her soft white breasts. I could now feel and even see slightly her nipples much more evidently. They were very hard and big. I reached under her bra and pulled at them using my thumb and forefinger. This made her even more excited. I stayed there a bit, playing with her gorgeous pink nipples which stuck out about and inch now. They were great so I moved down and sucked hard on them. They were very warm and salty. Her breast moving back and forth but her hard nipples firmly in my mouth.  Her gorgeous high cheek boned face was inched away from my cock, ready to explode. I decided against that to and took up my position behind her. She was still pumping her poor pussy with that dildo, and a few suggestions from me to stop at vital times prolonged the ordeal. I stood up behind that tight lil arse letting it slam against me a few times, before I lubricated myself, and held on to her hip. This was difficult as she wanted to moved. I squirted some lubricant right on her arsehole and proceeded to push in. I met with huge resistance, but it got easier. I pushed in slightly and out again. Once the head was in it was much easier. The lubricant spread inside her arse nicely and I was able to slide my cock in and out at a steady pace. Her moans were now a lot more passionate and insistent. Her own pumping getting faster too, as she was being double fucked by herself and an invisible visitor. My cock was right in her arse now, and I had increased my pace a lot, slapping into her arse cheeks, while on one knee, and guiding her arse back out again. Her legs spread as far as they could go. She was very near to orgasm now, and so was i. I could feel her body convulsing with her huge orgasm, and after about 30 seconds of this she finally let her hand that was holding her up go and her shoulders collapsed on to the bed. Now it was only her round arse sticking up in the air, with her back bent allowing me entry. She was spent and I had to come now or lose the chance. I grabbed her arse cheeks even harder apart and pumped faster still. She was still letting out moans and it was then that could feel my juices about to explode. With one last push I could feel my cock beginning to empty my load in her tight arse. I pulled out mid orgasm, and continued pumping with my hand down the crack of her silky white arse, resting my spent cock on her arse cheek. I could still see my cum dripping down her arse and onto her white shaved pussy. I let go of her and got dressed. I walked in front of her. She was slowly subsiding after her orgasm. She got up and pulled the strap of the nightie, which had fallen loosely back onto her shoulder. She reached under her nightie and pulled her panty over her pussy again and straightened her nightie. She moved towards her bathroom and before she disappeared behind the door, whispered, "He's going out next Saturday at nine again if you are free, my intriguing stranger.", and with a slight saunter of her hip she was gone.

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