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Want to watch?

Watch me get off in the shower. Want to watch?
There‘s a window in my bathroom. I know you’re outside. Make yourself comfortable. Watch me release the tension of a long day. And don’t worry, I won’t mind if you rub yourself while you watch. The thought only makes me hotter.

It has been a long day. Rushing to get ready to go to a job I hate. Rushing to get the kids off to school. Of course, MaryJane forgot her backpack again so I had to rush to get her to school since she missed the bus. Then hurry up and wait behind the never ending procession of other parents dropping their kids off. Obviously they have no where to be in any particular hurry.

Naturally, I was late to work. I had to listen to Mark gripe and complain like the little bitch he is. I wanted to stab him in the eye with my fork at lunch. I really should quit. It’s not like I’m really all that important at work. Then had to rush home through traffic that moves like January molasses. Why can’t I just teleport?

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jimmy got in another fight at school today. Then all the fighting at home. I swear the boys will never learn to get along. MaryJane can’t seem to put her cell phone down long enough to acknowledge I exist unless she needs something, much less notice that I could use some help around the house. Especially since their dad is out of town on business.

Well, to hell with it all. I don’t get time alone very often and I’m damn well going to take advantage of it. The kids are asleep. The dishes are done. Roscoe and Bacon won’t need to go out again tonight. Oh, I know exactly what I want. There it is. My old purse. Maybe it’s in here. Yep. Cool. Just enough for a joint.

I roll a joint and prepare to relax. I smoke the pungent herb within the confines of my large master bathroom. Letting the day melt away as I shed uncomfortable high heels and restrictive clothing allowing my skin to breathe. The room fills with smoke. As I begin to relax, I turn the hot water on. There are various different candles placed throughout the room. Slowly, methodically, I light each one. The smell of vanilla, lavender and sandalwood mix with the earthy smell of weed. Steam billows from the hot water now cascading from the showerhead. The sudden clash of hot steam and cooled air wrestles against my flesh, causing a chill to rise.

A quick flip of the switch and all light is gone except for the gentle flicker of flames burning on candle wicks. I slide my white, no nonsense bikini panties to the floor, step out. The clasps on my bra are easy work and the white lace slips down my arms landing in a lazy heap on the floor.

As if in slow motion now, I pull the shower curtain back. My skin is assaulted by steam causing my cold nipples to pucker. I step into the shower, drawing the curtain closed behind me. Surrounded by nearly complete darkness, the world disappears.

I can literally feel the stress wash down the drain as the water scorches my bare flesh. Stepping deeper into the cascade of steaming hot water, my blond hair is saturated and begins clinging to my body. I sweep my hands through it, letting it fall straight down my back. A stray lock is pushed over my shoulder by the rushing water. With the delicate tips of my fingers, I brush it from my breast and back behind my neck.

The water flows across my shoulders, streaming down my breasts. It’s beautiful how it streams between them and washes over the mounds to fall to the shower floor. Using only my hands, I spread the hot water over my skin. My arms. My chest. I pay close attention to my breasts. Massaging the wetness into the delicate skin. My dark pink nipples perk up again as my fingers circle them. I drop my head back and sigh at the sensation that ripples though my body as I begin to roll my excited buds between my thumb and forefinger. Oh, how long has it been since I pleasured myself? Too long.

I turn into the water, letting it pour over my face. Ribbons of hot water begin to trace the outside lines of my cleanly shaven pussy. My pussy. I love the way that sounds. It’s dirty and sexy all at once. My pussy.

I arch my back slightly so the water has a more direct path to my pussy. My hands gravitate to the center of my body, pressing against my erect nipples and reveling in the smooth skin of my tummy on their way down. Expert fingers find the satiny smooth skin of my shaved erogenous zone. I lift my leg, placing my foot on the tub’s edge. Gently, my fingers spread open my slit and the hot water batters my throbbing clit.

Ah. I drop my head back as shudders pass through my body. My clit grows larger. Begging for attention. Sweet nectar perfumes the air as my pussy begins to drip with want. I take my swollen nub in between my fingers and stroke it. Slowly.Gentle at first. But as my stomach tightens and my desire grows, my fingers move quicker.

The hot water beats down on my hand and my exposed clit. The sensation causes my legs to tremble, making it hard to stand. I don’t care. The delicious feel of my slick lips pressed against the palm of my hand consumes my mind. Wonder if I can reach that spot Tommy always hits that makes me squirt on the bed? My eyelids drop shut.

I imagine the top of Tommy’s head, my fingers tangled in his short brown hair, as his wonderfully soft, yet incredibly strong, tongue licks and laps the honey that flows freely to feed his desire and heighten mine. Though I can’t see his face, I know he’s smiling as he drives two long, thick fingers into my beckoning cock hole. I stretch my fingers, reaching deep inside my sheath. There. Oh! I tickle the sensitive spot deep inside, still imagining Tommy’s head fixed firmly between my thighs. My lips part. Air rushes in and out of my lungs. A moan of pleasure escapes with each breath.

I rub my pulsing nub in manic circles with my thumb as my fingers twitch and probe within the depths of my hot desire.

Steaming water continues to pulsate against my skin. As one hand abuses my pussy, the other finds my stiff aching nipples. My fingers pinch and pull the protruding buds. My pussy responds by tightening around my fingers. I push them deeper. Waves of ecstasy roll through my body. My knees tremble. I can’t stand anymore.

Near mad with desire to have Tommy’s cock slamming into my cunt, I step from the shower leaving the water running. With water dripping from my naked body, sweet nectar saturating the satin lips between my legs, I withdraw an old friend from inside an old purse, in the top of the closet. I lick my lips. The fake cock is rigid and cold. Luckily for me, it has a suction cup behind the hard plastic sac.

Back in the shower, hot water warming my skin again, I wet the toy cock and secure it to the back wall of the shower. The tender box between my thighs pulsates, wanting to be filled.

I tilt the shower head to spray water to the back of the tub. Sitting at just the perfect height, the dildo beckons. Bending at the waist, I slowly slide my sheath down the length of the protruding rubber cock. I take it all in. All the way to the sac that caresses my quivering clit. My back bows down, trying to push it deeper still.

The water is cooling now but still beating down against my back. My long blond hair is saturated by the stream and falls on either side of my face. I tilt forward, drawing my pussy up the length of the shaft, slowly removing it. Not all the way.

An instant before the bulbous head pops out, I push my hungry lips against it once more.Pounding it deep inside of me. The hard, round tip probes the depths of my pussy, slamming hard against that erogenous spot that makes juice flow in gushes from my trembling twat. My hands go wild. Fondling my dangling tits, rubbing by tight belly. I rake my manicured nails across my ass, scratching the tender skin. My body trembles.

I slap my ass and push harder and faster, fucking the rubber cock on the wall. That tight sensation grips my stomach. My toes curl against the porcelain tub. I grab the soap dish with one hand to support my weight as my knees become weak. With the other, I find my clit protruding from my swollen lips. I cry out as I vigorously rub the pulsating nub and slam harder still against the never wilting cock. My stomach tightens, My pussy clenches around the girth of the dildo.

Sweet release. Cum bathes the dildo, squirts the wall and runs down my legs. The intensity of the orgasm quakes my entire body making me shudder. I continue slowly stroking the rubber cock with my dripping pussy as the orgasm subsides.

My fingers still holding my engorged clit. Damn. I laugh to myself as I realize the water is on the verge of being ice cold. I rinse off quickly and turn the water off. As I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my shivering body I realize…I’ve got the bed to myself tonight.

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