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I want it.

Oh, man do I want it bad.

I can’t help but shudder at the thought of what I’m about to do. Almost without my control my right hand caresses down my neck and to my chest to where I really want it, cupping my left breast and squeezing it with the perfect amount of pressure I like. My breath quickens with want and need, as my nipples get harder.

Oh so hard.

That’s my favorite part, when my nipples get nice and hard from arousal. To feel and watch when my body reacts to the pleasure and sometimes pain I give it at will. Usually I like to take it slow, build up just the right amount of pressure of need, but I’m to excited from you telling me to do this. Just thinking about you directing me makes my legs do a funny quiver and I have to press them together. Mmm love that feeling, my body gets hot and I can feel myself getting so wet. Sometimes I make myself so fucking wet that its just dripping from my pussy, sweet honey that tastes so damn good. But that’s not one of these times. I want it fast and hard.

Feeling that hotness in my pussy now, I squeeze my breast harder and move my fingers to pinch my nipples. Soft at first but I can’t hold back and I pinch harder wanting to feel that sweet pain that sends so much pleasure to my head and pussy all at the same time. I press my legs together even more as my other hand joins the pinching on my other nipple. I love twisting and rubbing my breasts so much I could cum from just that, it feels so damn wonderful. But tonight I have plans. My favorite toys have been brought out to join this little party.

My eyes dart to them at my side and I feel myself get even wetter. Sitting up on the bed I take my first toy in my hands, it feels so smooth and big. This is my favorite dildo for simple penetration, it’s my favorite cuz it fits so damn nicely in my ass. I lean forward and run my tongue along the length of my favorite, imagining it’s your wonderful cock. I see your cock in my head and in my hands I can’t help but moan at the sight. Taking my favorite deep into my mouth I wet it completely loving how good and slippery it feels. I spread my legs wide on the bed wanting myself completely open for him. I run him along my wet pussy lips and clit.

Before I can even take another breath I plunge him deep and hard into my pussy. I gasp at the feel of being so full. My hips move on there own accord and my hand pinches my nipple even harder. God I love this. I slowly take him out and bring him back towards my mouth. I love the taste of my juices, it’s so rich and it makes me even hungrier than I can imagine. My tongue licks him up and down and takes him once again deep in my throat. Trailing him between my breasts I let my wetness spread down my body.

Having him against my pussy lips once more I tremble at what I’m doing. I run him over my juices and then further back to my hot spot. Slowly I push him in my ass, loving the stretch I feel and how full he makes my ass feel. I thrust down onto him nice and slow and I moan loudly at the pleasure he makes me feel. I want to savor this feeling, the feel of him deep in my hole but my body won’t listen, and my hips start moving up and down on him. Moving in a rhythm that is a special language that only my body can understand.
I hold him with one hand as my body moves on him while my other hand is running frantically from my breasts to my stomach and thighs, trailing my nails on my hot flesh. My hand then moves to my clit and I shudder over how good it feels to have those pleasure points active. As good as this feels, I can hear my body screaming for more, knowing that this is just the beginning. My whole body is flush with warmth as I reach blindly around me searching for my other toy. I do not stop my body from fucking my favorite as I search and finally, finally! I find the other. It’s a strap with a little bullet connected to it, so that it vibrates directly on my clit. I have to stop thrusting to put it on and I curse myself for not thinking to put it on before.

At last it’s in place and I put it on level three, one from the highest. It vibrates so fiercely that my body shakes with need. I’m moaning loud now, having no control over the matter. My breasts are heaving up and down now, so hard and full. I wish to squeeze them some more but while one hand helps my favorite fuck my ass and with the vibrator pulsing on my clit I want to feel completely full. I then thrust two fingers in my dripping pussy. I’m so wet my fingers move easily in and out. I can hear my own juices as I fuck myself and that makes me move even faster. I’m moving in a fast rhythm and I don’t think I could stop if I wanted. The fingers in my pussy moving around and thrusting in and out so deep that I can feel my favorite fucking my ass from inside.

I deeply wish this could go on forever but I know my body and it’s giving me all the signals of being so damn close to Cumin. My minds screams that it’s too soon, wanting to draw this pleasure out even more but my body once again doesn’t give a damn and moves on its own. Wanting what I’ve been teasing it all damn day.

My whole body is shaking as I fuck myself hard, and I feel that deep heaviness build and build so hot. My whole being is hot, almost on fire yet my skin breaks out in goose bumps, as I get closer. I can feel it any moment I imagine that you are watching me. Telling me not to cum, telling me that I cannot cum unless you order me to. Damn, I want to cum, but I can just see your eyes hard and dark as steel, wanting me to be in this pleasure pain zone.

Don’t cum, don’t cum, I repeat in my head but my body wont listen and I’m forced to fuck myself even harder. There’s no more moans coming from my lips now, only ragged breathing and pants as my brain solely functions on my sweet fucking.

Don’t cum, don’t cum.

My body moves hard and my eyes snap open as I actually scream my orgasm. Its loud and long but my hands and body haven’t stopped fucking. They can’t, not till its over.
Over and over again I cum. I want it to never stop; it’s both pleasurable and painful.
I can’t breath and I can’t stop panting at the same time as my body collapses on the bed fully exhausted. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open as my pleasure spreads though my body. My body is tingling everywhere and the air is filled with sex. I breathe deeply as I blindly reach down and turn off the vibrator. My hands are spread at my sides and I know I’m about to pass out. I have a faint thought to take my favorite from my ass but I love the feel of him in there, besides I know that you are due back tonight and that’s when the real party begins.

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