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A woman watches her flatmate and gets off watching her
I had been away for a few days and my flat mate, Victoria, wasn't expecting me back yet. I let myself in to the flat, and went to my room to unpack, feeling tired I lay myself down on my bed and fell asleep.

I was woken to the sound of a running bath. I rub my tired eyes and raised myself off my bed, and left my room to say hello to Victoria. By now the noise of the running water had stopped.

I walked down the hall, towards the bathroom to shout through the door, to tell Victoria I was home. I reached the door and was about to shout when I noticed that she hadn't closed the door, I couldn't help myself, I peered through the crack in the door into the bathroom. Victoria was lying in the bath, with her back to me. I stood transfixed, as I watched her rubbing soap into her pert breasts. I should have left, but I couldn't help but watch.

I watched as she continued to rub the soap into her breasts, and then she moved her hands down applying the soap to her stomach and then her hands continued down to rub between her legs.

As I watched I noticed that she had started to rub a bit harder at her pussy than I would expect when washing, I could just make out her wispy pubic hair, trimmed into a neat strip. As I continued to watch I could feel myself becoming aroused.

Victoria was still rubbing at her mound; she was definitely masturbating; her fingers of her right hand rubbing up and down her slit, while her left hand moved back up to her breasts.

Without thinking my hand had drifted between my legs, I gently rubbed myself through the material of my short skirt. I could feel myself getting wet.

Victoria was now rubbing her pussy with a bit more urgency now; I could see her fingers parting her lips, running up and down her slit, every couple of strokes, pausing to tease her clit.

I slowly lifted my skirt up, and slid the fingers of right hand into the waistband of my panties; my other hand had started to undo the buttons of my blouse.

Victoria had now got both hands between her legs, and was rubbing her self harder, her fingers a blur as she frantically rubbed her clit, I watched as she inserted a finger into her hole, and then followed it with another. She stared to pump her fingers in and out of her hot pussy.

My fingers were scratching up and down my wet slit, I was afraid to finger myself too hard as I didn't want to make a noise for fear of being caught.

Victoria, now moved herself forward, I could see her maneuver herself, she had one leg draped over the side of the bath, I struggled to see what she was doing, shifting slightly I could just make out that she was holding her lips open with one hand, and then she turned on the taps, adjusted them and then she positioned herself under the jet of water. She now used her free hand to frig her hard clit.

I could feel my juice running along my slit, I was still being careful not to make a noise. I stayed clear of my clit as I knew that I would soon cum noisily if I did.

Victoria was clearly close to cumming, her head was thrust back, her hips rising and falling, I could hear her moaning and then she started to cum noisily, oblivious to the fact that she wasn't alone.

I wanted to rush in and push my head between her spread thighs, to taste her sweet cum, to lick and suck on her delicate lips, nibble on her clit.

As I watched her climax finally die down I left and quietly entered my bedroom, and silently closed the door. I lay face down on my bed, my face buried into my pillow to stifle the noise that I knew I would make. I had both hands under me, my fingers in my panties, stroking along my dripping slit. I started to pinch and pull at my sensitive clit, my juice flowing from me, the fingers of my other hand scratching along my wet lips; I push three fingers into my hot, tight juicy hole.

My orgasm swept over me at that moment, I cried out into my pillow, I bucked my hips, grinding my clit onto my fingers, forcing my fingers deep into my soaking hole, my juice pouring from my pussy, coating my fingers with my cum.

Eventually my climax subsides, I withdraw my cum soaked fingers from my dripping hole and bring them up to my mouth, licking my fingers clean, I savour the sweet taste of my juice.

I hear Victoria leave the bathroom, had she seen me, heard me? Is she going to come and confront me? I listened intently, but no she wasn't coming my way, in fact as she left the bathroom I could hear her singing, her sweet voice audible through my door. She couldn't know I was there, I was so relieved, I would wait a while and then I would go downstairs and pretend to come in noisily.

As I waited I could hear that Victoria was now in her bedroom, I heard her TV come on, I couldn't make out what she was watching; only that she had it on.

As quietly as I could I rearranged my clothes, my panties were soaked so I discarded them. I opened my bedroom door and silently crept along the corridor, Victoria hadn't closed her door, why would she, she thought she was alone.

I managed to sneak a look into her room as I passed. She was lying on her bed, her back to the door; she was wrapped in a towel, her hair and skin still wet from her bath. I glanced to see what she was watching on TV, some credits were rolling across the screen, and then the action started.

On the screen I could see a woman enter a bedroom, she was dressed in a sexy black dress, wore high heels, extenuating the length of her tanned legs. As she walked into the room she slowly pulled the straps of the dress over her shoulders, and peeled the dress down over her breasts, exposing her very skimpy and lacy bra.

I couldn't believe it, was Victoria watching a porn film? I stood rooted to the spot anxious to find out. I had watched a couple of porn films before, but I it was always one that a boyfriend had, I couldn't believe that Victoria would have one.

On the screen the woman tugged her dress over her hips and wiggled herself free, kicking it into the corner of the room. She was wearing a very sexy skimpy pair of lace panties, and a pair of stockings and suspenders.

I looked at Victoria laid on her bed, her towel was still wrapped around her, but one hand had snaked under it and I could just make out movement around her breasts.

The woman on the screen sat on her bed and reaching behind her, released the clasp on her bra and slowly peeled the bra from her pert breasts, throwing it onto the floor with her dress. Her hands moved up to her breasts and delicately rubbed her nipples.

My gaze moved back to Victoria, her towel was gaping slightly, her hand moved with a bit more urgency under the towel. I managed to restrain myself, for the time being, from touching myself, my legs were firmly clamped together and I tried to slowly stimulate myself by rubbing my thighs together.

On the screen, the woman ran a hand down between her legs and gently rubbed her mound through the material of her panties. Her hands then moved down and massaged her thighs, just above her stocking tops.

I heard Victoria moan quietly, I watched her hand move under her towel, moving towards her pussy, as I rubbed my thighs together I could feel how wet I was, my lips sliding together.

On the screen the woman now moved a hand into the waistband of her panties, I could just make out her hand through the lacy material, and she rubbed all her fingers along her mound.

Victoria rolled on the bed, her towel falling away from her, allowing me to gaze yet again on her beautiful form, she reached towards her bedside cabinet and opened a drawer, reaching in, I watched as she rummaged about for a few seconds, she withdrew her hand and she was clutching a big black dildo, she put it on the bed beside her and her hand reached back into the draw. This time she withdrew a smaller, pink vibrator.

The woman on the screen continued to rub herself, her other hand now pulled the material of her panties to one side allowing a view of her completely shaven pussy.

Victoria picked up the black dildo, and brought it to her mouth, her tongue licked along its length, I wondered if she could taste herself from a previous session with it, and then she took it in her mouth pushing it in as if she was sucking a man off. After she had lubricated it with her saliva, I watched her bring it down to her pussy, I stared intently as she rested the head against her slit, and slowly, oh so slowly, she started to push, I watched her wet, swollen lips part easily, the head disappearing into her tight hole. Her body arched as she continued to push it in, until she had taken it all.

I couldn't help myself now, I started to scratch at my pussy over my skirt, not wanting to go to fast to soon.

I glanced at the TV and watched the woman on the screen she had pulled her panties tight, the gusset, bunched together, her pussy lips spread, the material forced into her gaping slit.

Victoria was slowly fucking herself with the dildo, as she withdrew it after each stroke, I could see her sticky juice coating the plastic toy. She then brought it up to her mouth and again sucked it deep into her mouth before inserting it back in her pussy. She now found her vibrator and turned it on, I could hear the buzzing as it sprang into life; she started to run it around over her stiff nipples, first one then the other. All the while she continued to fuck her tight hole with her dildo.

I reached under my skirt; I covered my sex with one hand, pressing the heel of my hand into my mound, one finger resting between my wet lips. My other hand gently massaged my breasts through the material of my blouse. I started to undo the buttons on my blouse, allowing me to touch my hard nipples.

I continued to watch Victoria, her pace had quickened, the black dildo moving in and out of her pussy, I could hear the slurping of her juice every time she pulled it out of her hole, befor forcing it back into her delicate hole. She brought her buzzing vibrator down and pressed it along her slit, the vibrations obviously stimulating her clit, her back arched as she now brought the tip of the vibrator to her hard clit. She let out a low moan as she ran the tip around and around her hard clit.

The woman on the screen had discarded her panties and was furiously fucking herself with the fingers of one hand, with her other hand she frantically rubbed her stiff clit.

I, now had curled the finger resting between my lips and inserted it into my wet hole, I then followed it by pushing another finger in with it. I started to slowly fuck myself as I watched Victoria continue to fuck herself.

I sensed Victoria was close to cumming, she was gasping with every thrust of her dildo, the vibrator pushed hard against her swollen clit, her hips bucking, and then she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm swept through her.

I wanted to cum, I moved my other hand under my skirt and started to rub my hard clit, I could feel my climax fast approaching, my pussy started to spasm on my fingers, I pushed the two fingers deep inside me and curled the tips of my fingers up, trying to stimulate my sensitive spot, deep in my pussy.

Victoria cried out, her hips raised off the bed as she came, the dildo remained buried deep inside her pussy, her vibrator pushed hard against her clit.

I came with her, my legs almost giving way beneath me, I leaned against the door frame, my fingers buried deep inside me, I continued to rub furiously at my hard clit, my juice pouring from my cunt.

Eventually, my orgasm subsided; I removed my hands from beneath my skirt, bringing them up to my mouth, allowing me to yet again taste myself.

I watched as Victoria turned off the vibrator and set it aside, she then slowly removed her dildo from her pussy, the shaft glistening with her cum, as the tip emerged from her sweet hole, I watched as her cum ran from her hole and oozed down between her legs.

I quickly gathered myself together and left, returning to my bedroom before I was caught. I was already conjuring up a plan that would allow me to put a show on for Victoria