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Watching Football (or so you think)

a horny guy,a boring game...made more interesting
How do I begin? Should I start by telling you that right this second I am extremely horny? My wife sits in the living room watching one of her boring reality TV shows. Little does she know or care about what I’m doing. I feel my cock jump ever so slightly as it sort of knows what it wants me to do. Trust me when I tell you that I’m not a bad looking guy, so it probably wouldn’t be hard to find someone to service my needs. But being married, I prefer to stay faithful to my wife (masturbation does not count as a form of cheating, though I know some females will balk at that comment). Besides nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, can pleasure you quite like yourself. I look over at the clock on my nightstand, and it reads 2:15. There’s a meaningless football game on the TV in here with me, but my mind is far distanced from it. I find myself doing oddball searches for porn sites on my little netbook. The latest “stretched panties” seems to have pulled up the desired results. I have always had a panty fetish, as long as I can remember. And I don’t mean wearing them; I’m talking about seeing women in them, which is a huge turn on for me. Witness that by the lump steadily beginning to grow in my pajama pants. Again, I’m not blessed with a huge cock, it measures out at a mere five and three-quarter inches long by approximately two and half inches in diameter (circumcised). Yes, I could have lied and went straight to six, but being honest adds just a bit more realism to the story. Besides, I’ve never had any complaints.

Anyway, it’s not long before I’m fully erect. I turn on my left side to get a bit more comfortable so to speak. Being right-handed makes things a tad easier, if you get my drift. I slowly put my thumb and index finger just below the head of my shaft and give it a few well-intentioned strokes. Suddenly I feel like I’m fifteen again. I want to jerk off so bad, but I’m afraid I’ll get caught. I don’t know whether it is the adrenaline rush or what, but I decide to throw caution to the wind. Besides, she’s too preoccupied with the television anyway. I continue my little tease. After all, I don’t want to come too fast. It feels so good, going this slow as to not raise any suspicions. I can actually sense my breathing changing as my finger and thumb continues it’s little tease. It takes all I can muster not to just take hold of my shaft and jerk it off until I explode with pleasure. But then again, that would be the easy way out. Looking at assortment of pictures, big tits, little tits, shaven, hairy, blonde or brunette. They’re all here. Posing for my own personal enjoyment.

Finally I feel a drop of pre-come ooze from my now throbbing shaft. I use my index finger and quickly scoop it up and use it as a lubricant on the underside of my cock. This is all so very arousing. I know that when my orgasm hits it’s going to be fantastic. There is one picture that I’ve run across, a small busted girl sitting back spread eagle on what appears to be a bus. Her sweet, shaved pussy juts out splayed before me. Her skinny legs spread wide, the expression on her face seems to cry out “Fuck me. Fuck me here and now”. That’s one of the wonderful things about fantasy; you can make up any story as you go along. I have her saved on my toolbar so I can look at her anytime I need a bit of inspiration. My fingers begin traveling a little faster now. Pinching the head a little harder. But still using just my thumb and forefinger. My breathing gets a bit raspier and my balls are beginning to tense up closer to my body. A sure sign that an orgasm isn’t too far off. I let loose of my cock momentarily, just to appreciate its steady throb. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I begin again with almost the same method, only this time I keep my thumb just below the head, and I use my index finger to slowly stroke the underside. From the base all the way back to the crown. It doesn’t take long for another large glob of clear pre-come to appear. Again, using the same index finger, I rub it over the head and back to the underside of my cock. Lying there, not moving my arm, even if my wife would happen to walk in, she would be clueless as to what I was doing. That is unless she saw the front of my pants Anyway, right now I am concentrating on not coming too soon. I want to milk this out for as long as possible (no pun intended). I take a deep breath and exhale. It feels so good. I slowly, tantalizingly, let the tip of my index finger stroke the underside of my cock once again. I feel it pulsing beneath my finger, begging for more if you will. I reach down further now, and pull and massage my aching balls. The smoothness of them is another turn on (yes…I shave). I squeeze them gently, knowing that I am getting ever so much closer.

A few minutes of that and I am back to my cock. This time I take my whole hand and push then pull on it. I look down at it and laugh to myself, as my throbbing prick just oozes with pre-come. Again, I use it as a natural lubrication. This time I just push and pull only the head of it, again between my thumb and index finger, ever so slowly. I look down at the picture of that spread out girl again. Wishing it was her that I masturbating for. I’d love for a female, any female, to watch me come. I want to know what perverse effect it has on her. My own wife thinks it’s “disgusting” and something only perverts do. Married men don’t do that kind of stuff (or so she thinks). So in my mind, the girl in the picture is watching me, begging me to come for her. Unconsciously I begin stroking myself faster.

Up and down my shaft with only two fingers. My orgasm is fast approaching. My breathing is more ragged, my balls a bit more achy. I want to come now, I have all of the inspiration I need right here. That is until I realize that I can’t very well come all over the bed sheets. How would I explain that one? Thinking quickly it’s back to my old sixteen-year-old tricks. I reach down along the bed and grab one of my white socks from the day before. Funny how my cock automatically senses what it’s for, as I am almost there. I look over my shoulder one last time and then focus my eyes on the screen. With just two fingers I begin to jerk off in earnest. I want to come so bad now, but not bad enough where I want to use my whole hand. In a bizarre sort of way, I am still teasing myself, taunting myself, almost daring myself to come.

I turn on to my back briefly and pull my cock up, marveling at how close I am to coming and at the same time being able to hold hack. I turn back to my side and once again pick up where I left off…thumb and index finger, gently, slowly pulling back the foreskin and then going back up again. I am just about at the point of no return, probably about another five or six strokes when came up with a new technique for teasing myself even more. I let go of the head of my prick and started lightly pinching the underside of my cock, making its throb that much more pronounced. Not enough to where it hurt mind you, but just enough to feel it. The pre-come was practically running out of my cock now, dribbling down on to the sock in long, clear ribbons.

I stared at the picture, and then focused my attention on my cock again. I was torn between coming and teasing myself some more. However in the back of my mind I knew that if I kept fooling around like this I would eventually get caught. I continued ‘pecking’ at my cock for another few minutes or so, reveling in the sensations I was feeling. With every nibble my cock would jump up. It was almost like having the sensations of an orgasm but not quite the total euphoria of having one. Once again I was at that point of do I or don’t I? Abruptly I quit what I was doing all together…but only for a minute. I had my mind made up. This time I would finish myself off. I wanted the feeling that I was going to come die off first. So I just lied there. Watching my hard-on beg for my attention. It drooled.

Just as suddenly my mind began to think (fantasize) of this girl that I work with…Julie. The one person in the whole place would love to hold in my arms and squeeze tight. She had the perfect little body that any guy would love to fuck. My only other problem other than being married is that I’m twice her age! Still there is a very mutual attraction between us. So, I once again took to jerking off, using my thumb and forefinger method. Thinking of Julie and knowing how close I was before, I knew it wouldn’t take long. Up and down I worked my shaft, my balls clinging ever tighter to my body. Oh my God, I closed my eyes and visualized Julie standing naked before me…the smallish, firm tits, the shapely ass, those dark eyes…the reddish/blonde hair…

I can’t hold back any longer, I won’t hold back any longer…I squint my eyes and grit my teeth. Suddenly I feel that familiar throb, way down deep within my nut sack. I silently cry out “Oh my God” …the first spasm of my cock spits out a long stream of white, sticky come. I feel it rising up and firing out of my cock as wave after each delicious wave overtakes me. I watch intently as my cock erupts with total satisfaction. Three (or was that four?) large jets of come shoot from its tip, followed by several more smaller successive ones. I continue milking my cock, making sure I get every small remaining drop out. I remind myself that this is all for Julie and what she does to me. Soon my cock returns to its normal, flaccid state. I roll up the sock and hide it deep under the bed where it won’t be ‘found’ for a few days. I lay back again, falling asleep to the football game and thinking (wishing?) I had at least a pair of Julie’s panties to sniff and/or jerk off into. But those are things dreams are made of .

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