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Watching your insatiable wife

A husband comes home and finds his wife having some fun on her own.

Leon couldn't wait to walk into the apartment and surprise his wife. With a bouquet of flowers in his right hand and a bottle of her favourite champagne in his left he made his way up the communal staircase. As usual he was smartly dressed, wearing dark jeans and a crisp collared shirt. He had so much respect for his hot, sparky wife who was modest and incredibly classy but also very rude and highly sexed. 

Maybe this time he would take her by surprise. He could whisk her off to the club and tease her all night until she was begging him to drive her home and spend the night fucking and playing in the tower room with the curtains open and the darkness mellowed by the far lights of the city on the horizon. He had been anticipating the taste of her sweet pussy and the sensation of her long, manicured nails against his skin. He was straining against his fitted jeans just thinking about it.

The hallway was partially lit as he quietly entered the apartment and he could see the bedroom door slightly ajar up the open staircase. Silently, he moved upstairs. Maybe he should shout out that he was there but he was always intrigued as to how she would receive his presence, particularly when she wasn't expecting to see him.

As he reached the top of the stairs he heard her distinct, gentle moan. Intrigued, he moved closer. He could see her naked, golden tan body stretched out on the sumptuous fabric covering their bed. Between her spread thighs her wet, glistening pussy was rocking against the wand that was pulsating unrelentingly against her clit. He wasn't shocked that she was getting off on her own. Maria was the most insatiable woman he had ever met, but the discipline she showed just as she was on the verge of cumming made him want to stride in and administer the pleasure himself, just to see her dissolve in ecstasy. 

He held back, standing deadly still. He was intrigued to watch what she would do next. She got on her knees, put her chest on the bed, her full arse protruding arrogantly and her thighs open so her needy pussy was on full view. She was lubricated to the point her sweet juice physically dripped between her legs. He could smell her distinct, womanly perfume mixed with her scented body spray and it was delicious. 

The next move she made was filthy. She reached over to retrieve her butt plug from the dresser. She slowly pressed it between her cheeks using her natural lubricant to ease the cool, glass toy into her arse. She placed the wand directly on her throbbing clit and thrust against it making herself cry out in anticipation of her building orgasm. 

Omg he couldn't hold back any longer. 

In a decisive move he strode over to the bed. In no time at all his body was pressed against her arse, his two fingers slipped deep inside her sodden cunt. His thick fingers were rubbing firmly against her g spot and it immediately tipped her over the edge. Her body convulsed as the stimulation pushed her into a hard orgasm, waves of pleasure pulsing through her body and her clit throbbing and contracting against his fingers. She cried out loudly and he put his free hand firmly over her mouth, muffling her exclamations of sheer, unadulterated, sexual pleasure. He was so turned on because he knew he would be giving her many more of these tonight.  

‘You naughty, naughty girl,' he scolded. ‘Enjoying yourself are you?' 

Her stomach leapt at his authoritative tone and it made her acutely aware of her indecency and boldness. Despite her confidence in everything sexual, she was so self conscious about masturbating. He had wanted for so long to watch her pleasuring herself but she had always diverted his attention with her astute wit and willingness to deliver amazing oral on him. Today she had been caught out and she knew it was going to be a night she wouldn't forget given the lustful, assertive stare he was giving her as she lay on the sheets, speechless and exhausted from her climax.

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