We met on a plane... The adventure continues

By Fastrunner325

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The continuing story of my three month affair with a woman I met on a plane
This is the continuing story of the adventures I had with Vickie, who I met on a plane. The story is true and comments are welcome.

I looked down at my IPhone and saw the text...

“Can you get away? I have an idea I know you will like.”

“I can be ready in half an hour. Will that work. Pick me up downstairs?”


Since I had been with Vickie several times now, I knew that she had something good in store. Her deviant mind was always looking for something unique. We had met several times now and each time we did something different. I cancelled my next meeting, finished up a few things and went downstairs to meet her. When I got there, Vickie was waiting for me in her car wearing a little black skirt and a white top showing off her perfect breasts. I got in and looked at the mischievous look in her eye and she didn’t say a word and just drove off. I knew not to speak and that she was calling the shots here.

“Hey babe. Take your cock out and stroke it for me. I want to see it while I drive,” said Vickie

I am already half hard. Being around her just makes me hard. Her legs look amazing in her skirt and I am staring at her nice cleavage. I unzip my pants and take out my cock. I am not wearing any underwear. I know better than to wear underwear around her. I start slowly stroking it and am fully hard in two strokes. She is driving but keeps looking over at my cock. Her eyes are glassy.

“Your cock is so hot. I see you shaved today. Keep stroking it for me.”

I keep stroking it and notice that the car has stopped. We are in a park under a tree but the park is very secluded and there is nobody else around. She turns slightly to me and instructs me to pull my pants all the way down and unbutton my shirt so that she can see my tight abs. She already has one hand inside her sh I rt and is playing with her nipples.

“I love watching you stroke your cock. It looks so sexy. I know you have always wanted to masturbate together. I am getting so wet. Can I get your cock wet for you?”

I nod and she leans over and take s my cock into her mouth. I almost cum right there as she goes slowly up and down a few times. It feels amazing. She stops and tells me to continue stroking. I stroke my cock as she pulls her skirt up a bit and shows me her freshly shaven pussy. She is also not wearing any panties. I am not surprised.

She starts to rub her clit and moans loudly as she does it. She keeps focused on me stroking my cock and I am mesmerized by how sexy she is with her blouse open, legs spread, skirt hiked up and hand on her clit. I tell her how sexy she is and how turned on I am. I tell her that if I slid my hard cock inside of her right now, I would cum in two seconds but it would feel so good. I tell her to put a finger inside of herself and she pushes one in. I reach over and grab her hand and suck her juices off her fingers and tell her how good she tastes. She pushes me away and tells me to keep stroking. She is rubbing her clit harder now and moaning louder.

Vickie say s “I am going to finger my ass.”

She reaches back with her left hand and I can tell the moment she puts a finger insider her asshole. I just watch while I stroke trying not to cum. I do not want to miss any of this. She tilts her head back but is looking at me the whole time. I am mesmerized. She is rubbing her clit faster. She is moaning loudly and suddenly her whole body tenses up and it is almost as if she cannot breathe. She lets out a huge moan and bucks her hips several times. Her pussy is so wet that the seat is covered with her juices. She pushes herself into her seat and slowly comes down. Amazing is the only word I can think of to describe it. She finally gets herself together but is still lightly stroking her clit.

“I want to see you come. Stroke it for me,” says Vickie

I will not last long now. I am so turned on. This is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I stroke slowly still trying to prolong the situation. It is so sexy. I tell her than I am going to cum and almost immediately start shooting. The first shot goes all the way up my chest and then shot after shot goes on my stomach. Vickie is staring at me, mesmerized. She is still rubbing her clit. I finally come down from my orgasm and my stomach is covered in cum.

Vickie says “Holy shit. That may have been the sexiest thing we have done yet. That was hot.”

I agree with her and start to look for a towel to clean myself off and she stops me.

“I like seeing you with cum on you. I am going to take a picture.”

She takes out her camera and takes a picture of my cock and stomach with cum everywhere. Then she reaches over and starts playing with my cum . The sensation of her hands makes my cock stir and I am already half hard again. Looks like we are not done yet.....