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Webcam Strangers

The Internet is for Porn!
The website used in this story is completely fictitious.

I get so tired of being home alone at night. It sucks. Having to get yourself off when your girlfriend isn't around gets progressively harder as you run out of porn. Sure, the Internet if filled with hot videos for our enjoyment, but I want to have a real person interact with me. So, in the magic of a search engine, I found Chat Swap.

Now, for any of you who don't know, Chat Swap is a website where you can talk with random strangers on your webcam. Most of the time you hit the button and you see a random guy jerking off before you close it, so it might start to lose interest for you guys (maybe not you girls), but stick around for a while and scan through. Let me tell you about what you can end up in.

So, when I discovered Chat Swap, I cycled through cock after cock after ugly cock. I was thinking I should just put the camera on my dick as well, since everyone is doing it, right? But, I decided I have just enough class to show my face first instead. Now I'm not the most attractive person in the face, even though I am clean and well kept, but I didn't want to come off to any girls as a perv. Well, at least not at first. Then I got lucky. A real live girl!

"Hi!" I type into the chat. She is dirty blonde and slightly pale, wearing a white t-shirt. She laughs at me and closes out. What a letdown! Finally I see someone from the opposite sex, and rejected already. It was a sad moment for me. However, you can't just give up, right?

Again, there was more sifting through the jerking guys, for maybe about 5 minutes or so. I felt like I should be gay. Maybe then it would be a lot easier to find what I wanted, since I have been seeing cocks for most of my Chat Swap experience. But then, another stroke of luck! And double this time! There were two girls. One was a black girl, with long braids. You know, like the ones Jada Pinkett had before Set It Off (if you all remember that movie) and a nose ring. Pretty sexy to me. The other girl was, well, kind of ugly. She had a lot of pimples on her face and was pretty overweight judging by the look of her huge round cheeks. Now, I have nothing against overweight girls, but personally I'm not attracted to them. Call me shallow.

"Hi there ladies," I post in the chat. They laugh at me and close the window. "Fuck me," I whispered to myself. This was almost the breaking point. It was starting to get late and I had to wake up early the next morning. But, I decided to go one more round.

Third time's a charm, right? Wrong. I see an attractive blonde girl, but just as I am trying to type out the word 'hey' the chat closes. Goddammit. This is starting to not be fun. I sighed deeply, then decided to go for one more click of the button.

Lucky me. Maybe it was my destiny after all the crap I went through on this thing. A very beautiful brunette, with tanned skin, and a pink tank top on. I could see her bra was a light blue as well from the straps. Here's how the conversation went.

"Hello!" She was the first to type. I promptly responded.

"Hi! How are you?"

"I'm alright," she replied. "It's refreshing to see a face and not a penis! lol"

"Tell me about it," I responded, feeling her pain."I feel like I have been digitally jizzed on all night."

"ROFL!" she replies with haste. "Wow that was good." She laughs on her webcam, I catch a glimpse of what may be a tongue ring.

"Ty," I type back to her. "You have a beautiful smile."

"Thanks! You seem sweet."

"Thnx cutie. :)" I respond with the smiley face to show I am happy to receive a complement. "I have to try really hard though. As you can see, I'm not too attractive."

"Aww. :(" She pouts in her webcam for me. "I don't believe you. You are pretty cute."

"Nah you're just being nice," I reply; remember everyone, girls love confidence.

"No seriously," she types back to me. "I'd give you like a 7 on the 10 scale."

"Wow 7 eh? You're boyfriend must be ugly as shit then! lol" Why did I say that? So not funny.

"ACTUALLY," she replies as I see her lips curl a bit, "I don't have a bf. tyvm. :p You're lucky you are funny or I'd leave the chat."

"Well I'm glad I'm lucky then. :)" I felt like I really was. "So, what now? Where do these conversations usually lead?"

"Well," she says as she looks around and giggles.

"I usually don't do this, but since you are nice..."

Then she does it. She lifts her tank top off and undoes her bra. She throws them behind her and waves with a smile. Her breasts had to be around a large B cup, but don't quote me on that because I'm not very good with bra sizes. The conversation continues.

"Wow! Nice tits sexy!" I lick my lips on the webcam, making me look like a total jackass.

"I know," she replies, "I play with them a lot!" She starts caressing them on the webcam while blowing smiling kisses my way. I laugh and blow them back. "Now, are you going to show me yours?"

"I'm afraid I don't have boobs young lady," I reply, trying to muster up a joke. "Sorry."

"LOL! You know what I mean!" She waves her finger at the webcam. "Show me your dick!"

I back up from the webcam just a little bit so my lap is in view. I remove the red gym shorts I am wearing to reveal my semi-hard tube. Trimmed, not shaved. She immediately responds.

"Oh wow nice. How big is it?" she asks as it finished growing.

"I don't know," I type to her, "I never measured it. If I had to guess I'd say 9 inches or so. I'm a tall guy."

"Oh? how tall? I'm only 5'7" "

"I'm 6'3" "

"Oh god you'd dwarf me!" She laughs a little more. I am becoming hypnotized by her breasts more and more as she types, her arms pressing them together slightly as she reaches for the keyboard. "I like tall guys though. ;)"

"Well, I like girls who like tall guys," I respond. Not a very good response, but it'll do for the time being. "I also like girls who like my dick lol"

"Jerk off for me some," she commands as she licks her lips, a sinful smile on her face. "I know you want to."

Without a moments hesitation, I grasp my cock and start stroking it, leaning back in my computer chair. She smiles and licks her lips, and starts caressing her tits again. This is what I was looking for all night! The fun had began for me and her both.

While I'm jerking off to her beautiful tits, she then scoots back her chair as well. She is wearing jogging shorts, you know, the skimpy ones that you used to try and look up in high school? Yes, those ones. She starts rubbing her crotch with her hand on top of her shorts. She reaches one hand to the keyboard.

"I'm not wearing any underwear," she advises me.

"Oh ya?" I type with my free hand. "Prove it."

She does. She stands up and turns around, her firm shapely ass the only thing visible in the webcam now. Her hands slide those shorts off slowly, revealing her round, beautiful butt cheeks. I wanted to lick them so badly. Then, she spins around quickly and drops into her chair, spreading her legs and propping her feet up on the desk.

Her pussy was perfect. It looked to be waxed, because it was so smooth all around. It was thin, and it made me believe that she may not be very promiscuous. Her fingers slid up and down her slit, massaging her lips softly and slowly. Her face relaxed, her head leaned back some, and she smiled again.

I pumped my cock harder now. I wanted her to see how turned on I was getting from her. She was so sexy, and not the type of girl you would think you would do this with without knowing her for a while. I almost wanted to flick my testicles to see if I was dreaming, but then who would want to wake themselves up? I use my free hand to type again.

"You are so sexy." I pump my hard member for her some more, poking the tip out for her. "I wish I could taste your pussy and ass."

"My ass too? Oh boy. No more talking, just watch until we cum." She lifts her legs up some more and scoots down just enough where I can see her asshole. It was so clean, so tight looking, so beautiful.

Of course, I didn't type back once after that. I thought about tasting her pussy. I fantasized about her warm juices all over my tongue and lips. I wanted to taste her asshole too. It was perfect and obviously tight. Funny thing though, just as I thought that, she slowly slid two fingers deep inside her asshole as her other hand picked up pace, rubbing her slit firmly.

I could feel my cock wanting to explode now. I slowed my strokes so I didn't cum yet. I wanted to see her cum first. You could tell she was breathing heavier now, so maybe she was close?

Then it happens. She looks to be groaning in pleasure as she leans forward a little and move her legs closer to each other. I couldn't help it at this point. I shot my hot jizz right at the webcam (not intentionally) and it was a lot of cum. She giggled at the cam and made tongue motions as if she was licking it all up. Then, she waved to me and closed the chat.

That's what I was looking for all night. A quick fun video session with a random girl I never met. Did I want to know her more? Maybe. But it's better how it ended. No connections, no worries, no regrets. Just the memory of the hot girl on Chat Swap.

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