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What Hayley did

Solo sex on a train
Last week I went to see a friend in Peterborough and ended up coming back to London on a late train. It was pretty quiet in the carriage and I was reading my book - nothing rude - when I started to feel a bit horny.

I looked at some stories on Lush, on my phone and the itch got worse. That feeling in my tummy of sexual excitement, that dampness in my knickers. The motion of the train didn't help and there were only one or two other people in the carriage. I had a dress on too...

I let my hand rest on my leg for a moment as my heart started to beat a little bit quicker and my throat went dry. Dare I do this?

I let my hand slide up under my dress and stroked my pussy through my knickers. Electric! I felt that instant response in my groin, that lovely rush of pleasure and also that sense of need. My body telling me it needed to cum, now.

So I slipped my hand into my knickers. Oddly I was thinking how it must feel for a guy to finger me for the first time, so I slipped my hand down the front, which is trickier in public than sneaking in to the gusset! I let my hand move down over the bottom of my stomach, over my light pubic triangle, the roughness of the hairs. Is that a surprise to a guy in this pornified age? I like it. A guy once told me that feeling a girl's pubes under his hand for the first time is almost as exciting as fucking her.

Then my hand was on my genitals. That sort of squidgy feeling they have, is that pleasant and exciting to a guy? It certainly was to me, as I felt a huge rush of adrenalin and my heart was going mental. Was I really doing this in public? I looked up to make sure nobody could see. The guy was reading his paper, the woman diagonally opposite seemed to be falling asleep.

My finger found my clit and I found a story on Lush that I liked. This wasn't going to be a long slow one! My whole body responded to my own touch. Don't you wish it was your hand in my knickers? I remember my boyfriend once fingered me to a climax on another train. It was in the early days of our relationship when we couldn't keep our hands off each other and we were in a private carriage, snogging and having a bit of a grope, when he just slid his hand up my skirt and into my panties. We continued to kiss as he rubbed my clit in delicious circles and I exploded in a minute or two. Seconds later, the guard came in for our tickets, the room probably smelt of sex and we were both very flushed, my boyfriend trying to hide a huge boner in his pants. After the guy left, I rubbed him through his jeans and he came with a low moan, making a real mess. Ah, heady days! Now I'm doing the same thing alone.

As I read the story and rubbed my clit, I felt so excited and so naughty. I hadn't felt so fucking horny in a long time. It only took a couple of minutes for me to be right on the edge and I could feel my knickers were soaking wet with the thrill of it. I shoved a finger up my cunt and hooked it round to touch my G spot. Wow! I had both hands in my panties on a train and it felt delicious.

I was slightly nervous about finishing. There is a moment in any orgasm where control is lost, by its very nature. If you are masturbating, your hand takes one life of its own. I can control my moans, but I am going to have to let myself go and lose control. I hope we're not approaching a station...

I gave my tits a quick feel, my hand still on my pussy. Fuck I was so horny. I thought of people reading Lush, reading this story and masturbating and I thought of what a dirty cow I was being and I just needed to cum. I took a deep breath and rubbed harder and faster. There was no stopping it now, the orgasm rising in my belly, my legs literally shaking as I fingered my clit hard, wetness seeping into my knickers. I leaned back and closed my eyes as the orgasm hit me and the train rushed along, it was a long cum and I opened my eyes before I finished, staring at the woman opposite to make sure she was still asleep and actually noticing her nice body, which gave me another convulsion.

So I came on the train dear reader - and to the best of my knowledge nobody saw. Maybe you wish the woman with the big boobs and shapely legs opposite had woken up and joined in. Maybe I do. But I felt so wet all the way home, still slightly disbelieving I had just wanked myself off on public transport. And when I got in, I woke my boyfriend and told him what a dirty bitch he was living with and he got super excited and fucked me doggy style as I masturbated again...

And I am masturbating now at the memory of it. I hope you are too x
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