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What I do (when I think of you)

When Kait shows Liu what she does when she’s lonely for him. He gets an eyeful of her “self love”.
Liu and Kait were finally able to spend some quality alone time. His promotion to Homicide Detective meant frequent double shifts and nights away from her. He was beyond exhausted. Kait missed spending time with him, but had her ways of releasing that energy. Their first night together in nearly one month was most welcome. Although the next night, Liu cautioned her that he was too tired to do “anything”. She knew what that meant and didn’t press him.

They sat on the couch in their living room. “I’ve missed you so much” Kait said in a near sultry voice. “It’s almost painful when you are away” she said.

“What do you do when I’m away?” he asked with a suggestive hint.

“You want me to show you?” she asked playing along.

“Yes, very much so” he replied.

Kait started fondling her breasts through her light brown sweater. She sweetly brushed her blonde hair from her shoulders before holding them in each hand. She pinched her nipples, making their hardness visible. Liu’s full attention was focused on her every move as she slowly pulled off her sweater and continued touching her breasts through her bra.

She unfastened her bra and slowly removed it. She playfully put it around Liu’s neck. He smiled, took it in his hand and put it down next to him. Kait licked the nipple of her left breast and then the right one. “Nice” Liu as his cock grew harder. She pinched her nipples playfully, and then slowly brushed them against his face. “Look, but don’t touch” she teased. Liu smiled and exhaled like he was ready for the challenge.

Kait stood up and methodically removed her skirt. Kicking it aside, she began to finger the outline of her red panties. She fingered her clit through them. “I’m so hot for you” she whispered to him. Liu went to remove them. “Look, but don’t touch” she reminded him again. “Take them off” he said, his voice slightly cracking. “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t” she said teasing. She could tell Liu was getting hard. She continued to finger herself through her panties. She pulled down one end, leaving the other side up and her pussy still covered. Liu’s breathing got heavier as he started rubbing himself through his pants. Kait took the other side down, still not enough to reveal “anything”. He wanted to touch her so badly, but she wouldn’t let him. Finally, she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. “Hey” Liu said softly as he visually examined her completely shaved private area. “Fuck- what a pretty pussy!” he said.

Kait sat back on the couch facing him. She spread her legs wide and rested her left leg on his shoulder. She put her right leg on the back of the couch and started rubbing herself for him. “You’re dripping” he said as he saw the wetness on her inner thighs. Kait took some of that wetness and rubbed it on her already throbbing clit. She circled it with little pressure as she teased it gently. Her moans were low but intense. She started rubbing it faster and harder. “That’s it!!” Liu said as he took his cock out and started stroking it. “That’s it!!” he encouraged her as she got closer to climax. Her moans became louder as the pleasure inside was growing. He legs began shaking as she was moments from her orgasm. “I LOVE YOU !!!” she yelled in pleasure as she felt the surging release. Liu let out a groan as he ejaculated on her stomach. He rubbed his hot semen on her stomach, slipping some between her legs. He shook his cock near her mouth so she could take the excess. She licked him clean then fell into his arms. “That’s what I do when I think of you” she said as his hands fondled her breasts. “Next time I’m going to fuck you” he told her. “Is that a threat?” she asked playfully. “No, that’s a promise- a fuckin’ promise” he replied. “A promise you better keep” she said as she kissed his hand.

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