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What I Saw

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What I saw as she lay on the couch.....
What I Saw.... My Fantasy

As you lay on your couch, you can feel the warm leather plastered to your backside. There is a cool breeze coming through the door and windows. It is the last few days of September. The sensation of heat on your ass and legs while the cool breeze runs over your body is sending tingles down your inner thighs. You are sipping cabernet and the sweetness on your tongue from the heady cabernet is intoxicating. Candles are your only source of light. All these wonderful sensations and smells are causing you to become more excited. You can feel your vagina swelling slowly as the blood rushes directly to it, as though it has a mind of its own. You are hot and bothered.

Fortunately, this is your continual state, horny. As you lift the glass of wine to your mouth, the bottom grazes your small breasts and hits the nipple ever so slightly. You place the glass back onto the table, but you are so distracted you knock it over. Music is playing in the background like it is a staged scene, but no, you must stop to clean it up.

As you stand, you feel the surge of pleasure between your legs. You decide to leave the fucking wine on the wooden floor and you go to your bedroom to grab one of your toys. You go back to the couch. You have inserted it so it is hidden under your little black tank dress and you place a pillow under your knees to help block the view. Your windows are not drawn closed and anyone can walk right past. You love this naughty feeling of almost getting caught.

You place your fingers over your lips and move slowly. You know you will cum fast but you do not want to, so you go slowly enjoying your body's sensations. It feels sooooooo good, too good. That warm sensation is riding up through your body. You cannot stand, so you let the toy slide out until it is still touching your lips and then you use only your hips to move back and forth over the tip. You feel the intense goodness right now, pure fucking pleasure. It slides easily as you are so wet. As you hit different spots you can feel different things shoot through you. Ohhhhhhh god! You just found that spot, the one where you want to kill for. Ahhhhhhhh. Just inside the tip of your vagina, the toys tip is pressed against your wall and you feel it all starting to get warm and fuzzy.

You know you are about to explode but you refuse to. Ohhhhhhh. You are so flushed right now and you cannot take it anymore. All you can think of is a man's hard fucking cock inside you. So you push your toy in all the way. You hate using your hands as you need them free to touch yourself, your breasts, and your belly. You take the pillow and prop it against the toy to then use your hips, back and forth, then sideways. You are quickly starting to lose it. You can feel the wet now beginning to drip down between your legs and onto your thighs and, oh my god, to the crack of your ass.

You are in a complete state of heat and delirium. You cannot stand this. You want someone to pull your hair and pull your head back and bite your neck and cover your breasts with their lips. Ahhhhhhh...You don't want to cum, not yet. You pull the pillow in closer with the heels of your boots, so the vibrator goes in deeper. You swivel your hips to feel it push harder against you. You move the vibration level up a notch. You are in complete heat, your nipples are tingling and you forget about everything.

There are no fantasies of anyone. You are now in the moment of pure pleasure and bliss, pure hedonism. You move faster and faster and you start to moan. Oh yes, you moan all by yourself. It is not for others' ears. It is to release the inner tension building within, and oh, my fucking god! You explode into warm splendid waves of fuzziness, warmth, and wetness. You cum hard and you do not stop. Your toes are tingly and your clit is starting to quiver as it becomes so sensitive. Another wave rolls over you, multi-orgasmic. You ride it out until you are soaked; your thighs, your pussy, your asshole, your couch. Thank god, it's leather.

Now you will revel in your own glow and have another glass of wine. You love the smell of my own sex on you.


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