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When is cheating not cheating?

A good dog breaks his leash
I have been working for a large national company as a project manager for about four years now, and every now and again they send me on courses. This one happened to be a three day residential course in a pretty decent hotel.

I am also a happily married man who has always been faithful, despite a couple of opportunities over the years.

I got to the hotel at lunchtime on the first day to find that the organisers had arranged a buffet lunch with the idea that we all have a relaxed mingle. Being such a large firm I hardly knew any of the others as we were mostly doing similar jobs in different offices. I got chatting to a few people and doing my best to network a bit until I found myself talking to a really friendly woman called Judy.

We did the usual, 'so where are you from's' and it turned out that we both grew up in the same suburb of London and it also seems that we both hated growing up there but were also strangely nostalgic for that time. We started naming streets, parks or shops that we both knew and in no time at all it felt like we'd known each other for ages. I'd also mentioned how I had a wife at home and she said how she was going to miss her boyfriend, and how she wondered what the flat would look like when she got back.

Judy was in her early to mid thirties, slim and very active looking. She dressed very smartly in a skirt suit with heels but came across as quite demure and proper. Overall she seemed really professional and a go getter.

After lunch we went to lecture room for our first presentation and I was delighted when she came and sat next to me. There were a couple of exercises in the afternoon where you had to partner up and it felt great when we could act so well as a team and had such a great rapport. I have to say though, that at this point neither of us was actively flirting or being suggestive, it just seemed that we just clicked as work colleagues. Plus the course was quite intensive so there wasn't that much chance to do more than the tasks.

At about six o'clock we were set some homework in that we had to prepare a presentation to be given the next morning. Each of us was given a different topic and told there would be an assessment of our performance. As we were leaving the room, Judy asked if I thought we should go over each others presentations later and give each other some friendly critique? It sounded like a sensible idea and gave her my room number and told her to pop over when she'd finished.

I like to think that I'm generally pretty good at these things and in about an hour I thought I'd nailed it.

Feeling like I could give myself a reward for my diligence, I thought I'd indulge in a nice delicious wank. I didn't think that Judy would have finished anything by now so felt in little danger of interruption. I opened up my laptop and went to find a little online porn for some inspiration. It must have been all the business suits that I was surrounded by during the day that made me search for office scenarios. After looking at a few I went for one where a couple were getting it on in a boardroom.

After watching the unlikely set-up I arranged some tissues nearby, unbuttoned and unzipped myself, and eased my cock out of my underwear. The head of my cock was already a little bit slick with pre-come as I got into the action on-screen. The movie started with the guy bending the be-suited woman over the boardroom table, pushing up her skirt, parting her arse cheeks and eating her out from behind. At this I was stroking my cock nice and slow as I was in the mood to take my time. Then the guy on screen got his large tool out and the woman knelt down to lick and suck him. I was getting nicely into my stride when suddenly there was a sharp knock at the door.

I'll admit that I panicked a bit, trying to shut down the browser window, but in my hurry only minimising it. I then hurriedly tried to stuff my erection back in my pants and do them up. I'm sure that I looked a bit pink faced and flustered as I opened the door but hoped that I passed muster.

'Hi,' said Judy, looking all cool and professional, 'Are you alright?'.

'I'm fine, please come in, I wasn't expecting you so soon?'

"Oh, I got so far with the damn thing but thought you could help me with the rest?' She gave me a slightly quizzical look up and down, but then re-composed herself.

'No problem,' I said, 'Let's see what you've done'. It was then that I noticed that she hadn't brought her laptop.

'I've got it on a usb, hope you don't mind me using your machine?'

'Erm, sure'.

As there was only one chair at the room's desk we both sat on the bed and I put the usb in the pc and we started having a look at her presentation. Very soon, we were going through the ideas and gave each other some good pointers and I'd almost forgotten about the minimised browser. I'm sure things would have gone differently if I hadn't needed the toilet. 'I'll just be a minute' I said and went for a wee.

When I came out the bathroom I could hear the sound of slurping and moaning coming from my laptop and could see Judy with a very strange look on her face. It looked partially shocked, but also fascinated.

'Oh my Tom, I think I now realise why you had such a big tent in your trousers when you opened the door'. 'No wonder you looked all hot and bothered'. Her tone seemed friendly and a little teasing but I also noticed that she made no move to stop the film or move off the bed.

'I'm sorry about that,' I said, 'I didn't mean to embarrass you'.

"I'm fine about it, in fact if it is ok with you I'd like to watch a bit more'.

I was puzzled but murmured, 'Okay... '.

I sat down on the bed beside her as we watched the be-speckled woman in the movie sucking off the guy with gusto. Her breasts were exposed out of her shirt and she was pinching one of her nipples.

'So how far did you get before I interrupted you?' Judy asked, looking across at me.

'I was just, erm, getting into things really, I wanted to take my time'.

'Why don't you carry on now, I feel bad that I put you off your stroke,' she said, looking at me again.

'You know I'm married right? I replied, 'I think your great but I'm not that kind of guy.' I said almost pleadingly.

'I don't want to cheat either,' she said, 'What if we just don't touch each other, watching is ok, surely?'

I was feeling a real gamut of emotions, the situation was feeling very sexy but I also sensed I was on the line and about to cross it.

'Sure,' I said 'But you have to join in too.'

'It's only fair', she replied with a smile, one that I found both reassuring and seductive. 'If you show me yours, I'll show you mine,' she added.

I unzipped myself again, reached inside my boxers and brought out my cock. I looked up and saw Judy looking over approvingly.

'Start rubbing it for me,' her voice was lower now, almost commanding.

I looked from Judy to the screen to find the porn couple had now moved along, with the man fucking the woman from behind, her knickers pushed to one side and her legs looking great in stockings. His slamming into her was making a loud slapping noise.

Judy started to hitch her own skirt up, revealing tights rather than stockings. Instead of trying to take them off though, she dug her nails into the gusset and simply ripped herself a hole. I found this a real turn on and I'm sure my cock gave an extra big throb.

'I want to see your tits too,' I whispered gruffly. I started moving my hand up and down now, exposing and hiding my cock-head in fairly rapid motion behind my foreskin.

Judy had unbuttoned her blouse and had pulled her tits out of her bra making them jut upwards. She looked fantastic, her eyes lidded. She then lay back on the pillows, reached between her legs, through the hole in her tights, pushed her white, obviously wet, knickers to one side and started frigging herself. She let out a small moans and ooh's.

I was kneeling on the bed next to her looking down as I wanked myself and she looked up at me. Our eyes would meet and then glance at each others bodies. I felt that I didn't want this to be over too quickly and slowed down my strokes but couldn't help saying how fucking sexy I thought she was and that she was going to make me come. We had both lost interest in the movie by this time, although we could hear the moans and gasps.

After a few minutes she whispered 'When you come, I want you to come on me, on my tits, give me your come'. She was saying this over and over and it was having it's affect on me and I could feel the warm, gooey feeling rising from my legs and into my stomach that was telling me I was about to explode.

'Oh God, I'm gonna come,' and I gave out an animal grunt as my cock jetted my come onto her breasts and stomach. I gave my dick a final few strokes, eking out my orgasm and closing my eyes for a second or too, savouring the feeling.

This seems to have set Judy off as her legs stiffened, her head went back, the veins standing out on her neck. She cried out, her body going into small convulsions, muscles taut before slackening. It is always beautiful to see someone orgasm.

We looked at each other and smiled and I offered her my shirts to clean up. First Judy, and then myself, looked at the movie in time to see guy spunking in the woman's face.

'Well that would spice up the next board meeting at head office,' I suggested and Judy gave me a grin.

'That it would,' she said.

She followed with, 'I think I better get back to my room and get my beauty sleep, I don't want to blow the presentation now that we've worked so hard on it. This has been lovely though.'

'I think so too,' I said.

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