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Who knew what the river would bring: The Beginning

My first erotic story... ever! A little fact, a little fiction and a whole lotta damm I wish.
It was early in the morning when we woke and decided it was going to be too nice a day to spend working in the garden... we decided to hook the boat to the hitch, load up with a few snacks and bevies and off to the river for a day of fishing and to enjoy the sun.

My hair went up in a ponytail and I looked for my favourite bikini... it was one of those triangle style tops about 2 sizes too small for my ample 34DDs. The bottoms cover just enough to worry about and left minimal tan lines with string tie-ups on the side. It was getting late in the summer and I had worked hard on my tan. As I stood in front of the mirror adjusting the top to make sure the “girls” were properly contained I got a little chuckle. From a distance it might look like I was wearing a white bikini because I am normally pretty pale and still was underneath the parts that my bikini hid from the sun.

I could hear the truck start and knew we were ready to hit the road. I pulled on an old pair of cut-offs over my bathing suit and slipped into my new flip flops. Quick check of my bag – suntan lotion, sunglasses, camera, favourite ball cap - yup, ready to go. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a redneck girl, just the sound of the rumble from the diesel engine of the truck was enough to make me a little hot and bothered.

The beauty of the river is you can drop the boat in just about any place and enjoy a real nice cruise to wherever you want to drop anchor or pull up to the beach. Today however, we opted to drop the boat in further up the river so we had about an hour drive to the launch. We were about half way there when his cel rang – his buddies of course. They were already on the water and celebrating a good catch and wanting us to come and join them, but we were too far past them. He told them where we were headed and they said they’d try and meet up later. The guys are fun, but I was really enjoying a day with my man – just him and I.

“You know I enjoy hanging out with the guys, but I was really hoping to have you to myself today,” I told him.

“Ya, why’s that?” he asked.

“Sometimes it’s just nice you know... when the guys are around, the conversation always ends up being about the same old fishing stories,” I pouted.

“But baby, I brought your favourite little red rod and your lucky lure. You can get in on the conversation too,” he said. Like that was what I wanted to do, I thought sarcastically. Now normally I enjoy fishing with the best of them... today, however I had other things on my mind.

“Ya, but I can’t do this with the guys around,” and with that I took my seat belt off and slid over to the seat next to him. He was wearing his board shorts which made it easy for me to slide my hand up and grab his package. Since I caught him off guard, needless to say I had a little work to do to get my man to where I wanted him – good and hard.

A devilish little grin wiped across his face and he adjusted himself to make it easier for me to play. Fortunately his shorts were baggy enough for me to do just that. With just my hand I started to massage his balls. I loved playing with them. He always kept them nicely clean and shaven. His skin was silky smooth and they were a great size to play with. I loved licking them and taking them in my mouth. I could get one in no problem, but it was too much for me to take them both in my mouth – too much teeth he would say.

As I slowly worked my hand up his cock, I didn’t have much work to do because my boy was quickly ready to play - his dick was big and hard just like I knew it would be. I was looking up at him the whole time I was stroking him, but he of course could not enjoy the view because he was driving and towing the boat for that matter.

“Yeah baby, don’t stop, that feels great” he moaned.

“Whatchya got?” I asked him coyly. This was a little game we played whenever I grabbed hold of his hard cock.

“Hammer of Thor,” he told me proudly. That’s what he called his hard throbbing cock today, but it changed up all the time. As he told me about Thor, he took one hand off the wheel and moved it to my back and gently started rubbing my dark tanned skin as he undid the tie in my bikini top. Now I’m a fairly petite girl, only 5’2 and about 110lbs, so when my DD’s broke loose they began to sway and bounce as we hit a small bump in the road. I was still stroking his cock and could feel it pulsing in my hand. The sight of my bare tits always turns him on.

“Baby! “ I said as I removed my hand from his shorts. “You gotta keep your eyes on the road. That’s enough of that for now, but now you know why I was hoping the guys wouldn’t be showing up today.”

“Awe don’t do that, don’t stop. I can do two things at once” he cried with a little smirk, knowing full well that he was not going to be able to continue driving and blow a load at the same time. “Oh and the guys won’t have a problem if you keep this up when we see them later,” there was that little devilish grin again.

“Ha, ha, very funny, like that is ever going to happen,” I said. By this time I was sitting upright and reaching behind me to re-tie my top and put the girls back in place. I felt his hand reach over and grab my left breast which he gently squeezed.

“Shouldn’t you have both your hands on the wheel mister?” I teased and rolled my eyes at him. He was always copping a feel when he could.

“Why don’t you take your shorts off so I can see how hot you look in that bikini,” he asked while darting his eyes back and forth between me and the highway. I smirked back and thought to myself, okay, I have an idea that will make him want to ditch the guys today. I decided to oblige him and then took it a little further with a wee bit of a tease.

Since I was already unbuckled, I adjusted myself back to my seat leaning against the door of the truck. I undid the snap of my cut offs and slowly pulled down the zipper. Then, hooking both thumbs around either side of the waistband, I lifted my ass and wiggled my hips back and forth to slowly pull my shorts down my thighs and past my knees. At this point with my legs pressed together I pulled my knees up to my chest and waved my feet in the air as I let my cut-offs drop to the floor. I then took my hands and slid them from the top of my thighs, up to my knees and spread my legs wide open. With one foot up on the seat and the other resting on the dash, I kept my bikini bottoms on, but slid them over to reveal my wet, shaven pussy. It took him a minute to notice as he was still driving and getting ready to take the exit off the highway to drive to the boat launch. At this point we were only about ten minutes away from a crowded beach area.

But the tease did not stop there. When he looked over to catch a quick glimpse of my sweet little petunia I got a very joyous “Yeah Baby!” That was all I needed to hear to continue. I brought my fingers up to my mouth, licked them and got them good and wet. Keeping my eyes on his, I slowly lowered them and started stroking my clit. Apparently I did not need the extra saliva for lube because I was already dripping wet. Not sure what was making me quite this horny, but hey, what the hell. With one hand I pulled the sweet lips of my hot pussy apart and with the other, started rubbing my clit and rubbing good. I was enjoying this big time as my mind started to wander a bit to the guys watching me. The guys?! I thought. My head rolled back and my eyes closed as I started gyrating my hips and arcing my back. Just then I felt my boy reach over and try to play along but since he was still buckled in and driving all he could reach was my thigh. That was enough for me. I raised my head and locked eyes with him again. All he did was smile with a grin from ear to ear as he continued to watch the road and watch me pleasure myself.

At this point there was no turning back... it would be like cheating at solitaire – what’s the point? This was no longer about teasing him and all about me getting off. I quickly moved my wet fingers a little further down inserted them, first one, then another and one more for extra satisfaction. Fuck I was hot, soft and dripping wet inside. I was in knuckles deep and God it felt good. My other hand now moved up to my breasts and I started tweaking and pinching my nipples. They were already nice and perky, but with my groping touch, managed to get even harder.

My own hands traded back and forth between the throbbing wet pussy and playing with my firm round tits. With me rocking my hips and my guy rubbing and squeezing my inner thigh and cheering me on, I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

“Oh baby, cum for me!” he encouraged. “Let me see your sweet little pussy juices pour out of you”

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to cum” I yelled, threw my head back and closed my eyes “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Fuck yeahhhhhh I’m cumming!” At that, my pussy juices ran from my cunt and dribbled down to my ass. My hips were still rocking but slowing down now, bathing suit damp from the excitement. Breasts were fully exposed now as I had managed to push the little triangle cover-ups of my bikini aside and of course my ponytail was long gone and my hair had the beginnings of the JFL. I raised my head and slowly opened my eyes to learn that my guy had pulled over and stopped the truck and was enjoying watching my orgasm as much as I enjoyed having it. All I could do was give him a sheepish smile.

“Baby, I love how you always start off beautiful, sweet and sexy and then become a dirtysweatywhore when you cum,” he smiled as he leaned over and gave my pussy a gentle teasing lick and quick kiss that caused me to quiver one more time. “Now get dressed so we can get the boat on the water and see what the river will bring”.

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