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Why do fools fall in love… Jacie 2 (Chapter 4)

Jacie gets a surprise visit, then surprises her guest!

“JACIE! Jack has phoned three times already, are you ever getting out of bed?!? Oh, and your friend Laura is here.” Her mum’s voice echoed in Jacie’s ears as she tried to get some clarity through her cloudy thoughts.

‘Who the hell is Laura? What happened last night? How did I get home?!?” Just some of the thoughts mingling with the confusion in Jacie’s mind, as her bedroom door opened and in bounced Laura smiling her beautiful smile, her sky-blue eyes shining.

Jacie instantly recognised her from the park the night before.

‘Oh that’s what happened.’ She remembered, closing her eyes again.

“Hiya Jacie, we never got a chance to talk last night, you left so suddenly!” Laura seemed far too chirpy for this hour of the morning. Jacie eyed her up and down, her shapely legs clad in black leggings. The smooth white skin of her flat tummy showing above them, under her figure-hugging black vest that showed off her round breasts and perfect cleavage.

“What do you want?” Mumbled Jacie sleepily

“Well, I wanted to see if you were ok, Jack seemed to think you were upset when you left last night. But I’ve just bumped into Steven on the way over, he told me what happened.” Again that beautiful smile.

‘Oh shit, that happened too,’ suddenly Jacie’s memory cut through the stoned cloud in her head, she closed her eyes as she remembered her exploits from the night before.

As she opened her eyes again, Laura had come closer, about to perch her wonderfully formed buttocks on the edge of the bed. Her fragrant perfume, floating down onto Jacie’s bedhead. Laura placed her hand on the other side of Jacie as she sat down, effectively pinning her under the quilt. Leaning in, conspiratorially, Jacie realised Steven must have had said something about what had happened, even though she made him swear not to tell anyone.

“Don’t worry,” Laura whispered, “Your secret shall go no further, Steven should know better than to kiss and tell.”

Jacie didn’t know where to look. In this position, Laura’s incredible breasts filled the bottom of her view, whilst her enticing mouth was just inches from her face. Having just woken up, coupled with the after-effects of last night’s smoke, and now the mesmerising effects of that intoxicating perfume, Jacie was lost for words. She tried to snuggle further into her pillow, but could not move. She also felt the urge to throw her arms around Laura’s neck and pull her into bed with her.

‘WHAT THE HELL?!?!’ She screamed inside her own head.

Laura seemed to hear her and sat back up slowly, her arm carelessly drawing across Jacie’s breast through the quilt. Jacie immediately felt a quiver between her legs, merely adding to the confusion. Laura stood up again, wandering over to Jacie’s jewellery box, caressing the rings and necklaces there. Jacie found herself staring at her legging-clad buttocks, she could make out her knickers underneath, the French style hugging each buttock perfectly, accentuating the shape. She turned onto her side under the covers, allowing her hand to press against her crotch, she was surprised to find herself a little wet.

“I can feel you looking at me Jacie,” Laura said without turning, “I kinda like it!”

Jacie froze, trying to drag her eyes to the floor. “I, er, noticed your knickers, er, sorry, I like the shape of them, they look comfy.” Jacie closed her eyes as she spoke. ‘What the fuck am I saying?’ She thought to herself.

“Yeah, they’re my favourites!” Laura replied still checking out Jacie’s stuff.

Lost for words, Jacie managed to blurt out; “So, what colour are they?” Internally: ‘Oh my god what the hell?!’

Laura didn’t seem to mind, she turned to face Laura, pulling down her leggings to reveal her white lacey knickers, with a little black bow at the front. “You like?”

“They’re...very cute.”

“They are really comfy on my arse too, they don’t ride up, see?” Laura turned again, this time pulling her leggings down to just below her milky white buttocks. The knickers ending about halfway down her buttocks, framing her arse perfectly.

Jacie was enjoying the sight, she wasn’t used to girly things, did not even have any close female friends to speak of.

Laura spun round again, throwing the quilt from Jacie’s body. “And what are you wearing?” She asked, eyeing Jacies long brown legs and white cotton knickers.

Jacie reflexively tries to cover herself.

“No need for that babe,” Laura cooed, “just us girls here.”

Jacie smiled timidly, still covering her knickers, her eyes flicking every now and then to Laura’s.

“I’m no lezzer Jace, I’m not trying to screw you! Though, if I was so inclined, I think we’d have loads of fun in bed! You’ve got a great body, you should show it off more, you know?”

Jacie jumped out of bed. “Well, my mum gave me these,” She said, getting out the stockings and bra to show Laura. “It’s just; I don’t have anything to go with them.”

“Very nice,” said Laura appreciatively eyeing the lingerie, “well put them on and let’s have a look.”

“What? Now?”

“Yeah, c’mon, I’ll help you.” Laura said, taking one of the stockings, rolling it up.

‘What the hell.’ Jacie thought as she started to roll the other.

Laura bent down, motioning Jacie to put her toes into the stocking. Without thinking, Jacie lifted her foot, Laura sliding the stocking on, pulling it slowly up her leg, making sure it remained straight as she slid it up onto Jacie’s thigh. Jacie gasped at the touch of Laura’s warm hands on her thigh. Laura seemed to let her hands linger a moment longer than needed. Jacie could feel more wetness trickling between her pussy lips. This was becoming the most erotic experience of her life so far, even compared with last night’s adventure with Steven.

‘But why with a girl?!?’ Jacie screamed inside her head as she bent down to put the other stocking on herself. She could not help glancing at Laura’s knickers every now and then, she still hadn’t pulled up her leggings for some reason.

With both stockings pulled up over her luscious thighs, Jacie simply said, “thanks.”

“Well let’s see the bra too.” Laura eyed Jacie’s firm breasts through her T-shirt to emphasize her point. Jacie’s nipples, giving away her obvious state of arousal were clearly showing through the thin cotton. She quickly spun round, turning her back to Laura as she pulled the T-shirt over her head. Quickly placing the cups of the bra over her firm breasts, she could feel Laura behind her, soft hands taking the bra straps, fixing the clasp. As Jacie slid her hands into the straps to pull onto her shoulders, Laura reached round cupping her breasts underneath and lifting them before adjusting the straps to enhance her cleavage. Again Jacie felt a quiver between her legs and let out a small gasp.

“These are nice, Jace, Steven is a lucky boy! Well, he will be when he gets a little further!” Laura announced as she kicked off her shoes and pushed her leggings down to her ankles.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Jacie asked ask she turned to face her, seeing her undressing; “No, er what are you doing?!?”

“Well, as cute as your little cotton ones are, they don’t really go with the outfit! I figured you could borrow mine?” Laura simply hooked her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and slowly slid them down her long smooth legs before delicately stepping out of them. She let them dangle from her extended finger in front of Jacie’s face, not a bit concerned that her bottom half remained exposed. Out of surprise, Jacie remained frozen to the spot. Her eyes slowly travelled from the offered knickers to Laura’s cleavage, and then down passed her cute belly button to the perfectly trimmed triangle of black hair that pointed to her pussy lips. Jacie slowly licked her lips, as she noticed the glistened a little.

‘Shit! She’s turned on too! What the hell is going on?!?’ Jacie wondered

“You want them or not?” Laura said, shaking her knickers gently.

Jacie seemed in a world of her own, eyes glued to Laura’s pussy. Grinning, Laura moved her other hand and slid a fingertip over her wet pussy lips.

“Like what you see?” She slowly licked and then teasingly sucked the wetness from her finger.

Jacie felt compelled to kiss her, she stepped forward, their mouths meeting in a rough kiss, Jacie using her tongue to taste Laura’s juices on her mouth. Laura stepped back and half-heartedly pushed Jacie away.

“You’re a good kisser babe, but what the hell are you doing?!” She asked, smiling.

“I …honestly don’t know what possessed me!” Jacie blushed and turned away.

Laura took her hand, pulling her back to face her and brushed the hair away from her cheek. “Don’t get me wrong, you are hot, but I like cock!” Laura pulled Jacie to sit the bed, never letting go of her hand. “I’ll level with you. I am seriously turned on right now, I have no idea why. “Jacie looked into her eyes, surprised. “Seriously, I’ve never been attracted to a girl before, but you are fucking sexy. Dressing you up made me wet!”

“I’m, I mean, I feel turned on too. I don’t know why, I mean, I’ve never even been with a guy never mind a girl! Oh, I mean, I’ve only been with guys…” Jacie looked away again, her cheeks flushing once more.

Laura placed both of her hands into Jacie’s lap, entwining their fingers. “It’s ok babe, I don’t judge you for being a virgin! I get called a slut, even though I’ve only ever been with two guys! Are you judging me?”


“Besides, it is sexy that you are a virgin, never been touched by a guy…Listen Jace, I’m not a lez, but I really need to cum right now, you made me so wet! Do you wanna join me?”

“What, you mean, make you cum? I, erm, I don’t-“

Laura cut her short “No soft-arse! I mean, you play with yourself and I play with myself, I think it would be hot!”

Jacie didn’t know where to look.

“Come here, you’re so cute!” Laura pulled her back onto the bed, both of them lying side by side, Jacie in her lacy stockings and bra with her wet cotton knickers, Laura wearing only a vest. “It’s just us girls baby, keeping secrets is what we do” Sliding one hand over her breasts and the other down over her tummy to her pussy, Laura let out a quiet throaty moan as she closed her eyes.

Jacie was mesmerised, she could not tear her eyes away from Laura’s display of self-pleasure. Her pussy was almost dripping now. She took the opportunity, whilst Laura was distracted, to slide her own hand down her body, sliding her fingertips over her wet crotch. She gasped as she did so. Laura opened her eyes, smiling. Somehow, Jacie felt comfortable with this. She surprised herself as she relaxed into the bed, very aware of the heat from Laura’s arm next to hers.

Laura seemed in a world of her own, squeezing each breast with one hand, gently pinching her nipples, whilst sliding her fingers over her wet pussy lips and round her clit. Meanwhile Jacie was starting to feel braver, rubbing her clit through her soaked knickers was nice, but not enough. She slid her hand inside, over her bushy mound, down between her thighs onto her slippery lips. She opened her lips with two fingers and pushed the tip of a third into her tight hole, then back up and proceeded to circle her clit slowly, sighing loudly.

She kept glancing across to Laura, satisfied her eyes were closed again, she would steal glances down at Laura’s incredible body next hers. Made all the more irresistible due to the obvious pleasure she was giving herself. She seemed to be almost in slow motion, one hand slowly massaging and playing with her breasts through her vest, the other rising up and down between her legs. Her breathing had become deep and intense. Seeing her like this made Jacie even more aroused, her knickers were soaked, she could feel the wetness spreading lower, onto her buttocks.

Suddenly, Laura turned her head towards Jacie, her eyes remained shut, a look of pure pleasure on every feature. Jacie felt Laura’s hot breath on her shoulder, so intimate and exciting. She was close to cumming now, turning her own head, seeing Laura like this, she could feel it building up deep inside her. Their faces so close to each other, Jacie lifted her chin, bringing her mouth slowly towards Laura’s. She could resist no more; she risked a small peck on the lips. Laura moaned appreciatively. Emboldened, Jacie kissed her again, moaning back as she did so, this time lingering on Laura’s soft lips. Laura kissed back, so softly, almost not breathing. Jacie let herself go; she reached across and placed a hand onto Laura’s breast, feeling it through her vest. Laura simply slid her tongue between her lips into Jacie’s mouth. As their tongue’s met, Jacie exploded. The feel of Laura’s breast in her hand, her fingertips on her own clit and now the electricity of another girl’s tongue in her mouth took her over the edge. She came hard, her body shaking and all but screamed into Laura’s mouth.

Just as her orgasm was calming down, it was Laura’s turn. She seemed to stop breathing altogether, her whole body tensing. She lifted her pussy towards the ceiling slightly, gripping her breast tightly, sucking on Jacie’s bottom lip. She let out a low guttural growl as she slowly relaxed back into the bed, shuddering every other second, until finally she broke the kiss and exhaled a long satisfied sigh.

After what seemed like an eternity of satisfied silence, Laura finally said, “Well, that makes you the naughtiest virgin I ever met!”

Jacie blushed only slightly this time, smiling she murmured, “I like you.” Before closing her eyes and hugging Laura to her.

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