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Working Overtime

Who knew working late could be so erotic?
It had to have been near midnight, and Toni was still at her desk, typing up some document on the last case. No one else had offered to stay except her, but this week she needed the extra hours. Files were stacked high on her desk, and the clock was ticking away. She brushed a strand of her light brown hair from her face and sat back in her chair and sighed. She skimmed through some of the files and realized that some of the ones she needed were not there. Toni sighed again and shook her head, before roughly standing up and searching through the towers of papers she had which seem to have been mocking her. She sat down again and closed her eyes.

Toni clearly needed something to put her mind to ease. She looked towards her boss's office, which came fully equipped with a fourty-two inch flat screen and a black leather sofa. A bit of late night television never hurt anyone. Eagerly, she got up and made her way to his office, kicking off her three inch heels, and letting her hair down along the way. Work could wait, but her sanity couldn't. She carelessly flicked the lightswitch upward and searched the desk for some kind of remote. She carefully skimmed the top of the desk with no luck, and started to open the drawers.

Toni reached down to the last drawer, still unable to find some kind of contraption to power the tv and found something that made her curious. There was a large red portfolio with the word Private written across it with bold black writing. "Curiosity killed the cat, Tori." She told herself, but that didn't seem to stop her.

She reluctantly opened the folder and her jaw immediately dropped. There was a picture of Kathleen, the girl who sat at the desk next to her in the nude, spread eagle with those sweet pink pussy lips, Toni had been dying to kiss. She felt a wetness between her legs. There was a sudden lust that had crept up on her. She was unsure if she wanted to hide it. She just stared at the picture, admiring Kathleen's soft curves and ample breasts. And especially that tight, shaven pussy. God, she had never been more turned on. Still curious she turned the page.

There was Kathleen again, only this time she had been with Darcy. Darcy sat at the desk just behind Kathleen, and she too was eye candy for Toni. Toni quivered. The lust had begun to form deeper from between her legs. Her knees trembled at the sight of Darcy and Kathleen together. Darcy's tan skin and dark hair contrasted with the fairer skin of Kathleen, but she looked so good with Kathleen's face burried between her legs. She slowly slid into her bosses chair, folder in hand, staring at it with shock and awe. Her legs spread ever so slightly as her hand unbuttoned her blouse. She was filled with carnal desire from the sight of these women. She disposed of her shirt and threw it to the ground.

Biting her lip, she placed the folder to the desk. This was bad, she was about to get off in her boss's office. And though it was oh so wrong, it did feel oh so good. This was exactly the release she needed. She rubbed her hand over the cloth of her bra, her other hand roaming freely down her stomach and carefully unzipping her skirt and kicking it off. Her hand now began to caress the folds of her lips over her thong panties. She pulled a breast out from beneath her bra and licked her finger, placing it on her nipple and caressing it. She pressed the back of her head to the chair and moaned. Her fingers kept tracing shapes against her swollen clit as she teased herself.

"Fuck. Oh fuck!"

She opened her legs a little wider, before unlatching her bra and slowly sliding the straps down the smooth skin of each shoulder. She let it fall away, as she wasted no time taking her underwear down to her ankles. She was fully exposed. Her wet pussy glistened in the light as she furiously manipulated her clit.

Her body shivered in delight as she bit her lip and let out a soft moan. She licked her the finger from her free hand and dragged it between her breasts, down her stomach, passed her belly button until she found her tight hole. She pressed her finger inside of her and her pussy swallowed it hungrily. Her cheeks flushed bright pink as her skin became moist with sweat.

She continued to pump away at herself, harder and harder with each thrust. She pinched her clit and groaned loudly, nearing a low scream. Her hips bucked with the movement of her hand as she slyly slipped another finger into her tight hole.

"YES! YES!" She cried out.

All she could imagine was Kathleen's lips between her legs and Darcy's sweet pussy riding her tongue. She continued to assault her clit and her fingers began to wiggle inside her, stroking her g-spot hungrily. Goosebumps rose on her arms as her entire body tensed up. Her toes curled and her eyes rolled back. Her screams echoed off the walls as she felt herself begin to reach her climax. She pumped her fingers in once more before screaming at the top of her lungs. Her sex juices began to flow out of her with haste, pooling beneath her round ass on her bosses black leather chair. Her body shivered delightfully as she pulled her fingers away and pressed them to her lips. Slowly, she licked them clean and moaned. Oh how sweet she did taste.

She pressed her hands against the desk and looked behind her at the mess she made. She chuckled to herself. "That's one way to get paid overtime."

[Please keep in mind this is my first story, all feedback is appreciated! Thank you]

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