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Your Words

A loving email helps with her frustrations.
She dumps her bag on the ground as she walks in the door from a long day at work. With a sigh, she pours herself a big glass of white wine from the stock in the fridge, and takes a gulp. Walking through to the bedroom, she rests the glass carefully on her dresser. Looking in the mirror, she starts to slowly undress herself, feeling the weight of the day peel off her as her clothes do.

She can see that her breasts sit high in her balconette bra, her nipples almost visible under the soft lace framing the mounds of her chest. The matching g-string sits perfectly on her tanned skin, showing her toned ass as her reflection turns in the mirror. She smiles at herself, watching her pink lips reveal her white teeth, and she picks up her glass to take another sip.

Turning around, she logs on to her laptop and jumps onto her bed. Clicking onto Lush, she finds an email from you. She smiles, her heart starting to beat slightly faster. It's been a few days since you've been able to chat. Seeing the subject line reading as “All for Mel”, she is intrigued. She clicks on to the email, and leans back in her chair, ready to read your words.

“Before you read further baby, I need you to promise me, you'll do as I say. Say it out loud, promise me.”

Smiling, she raises her hand, and says to no one, “I promise, I will do as your words say,” and continues reading.

“Ok, start with laying on your back. Place your feet on the bed so your knees are in the air. Push your knees away slightly to open your legs up. I need you to take your dildo in your hand, and run the tip from your knee.” At these words, she reaches for the drawer next to her bed, and pulls out her 8 inch vibrating dildo. Turning back to her laptop, she continues reading.

“I want you to trace the tip down your inner thigh, to that sweet mound. You know how much I love that, right? Circle the dildo around your pussy, but quickly – we'll get back to that later, ok sweets? Run it up the other thigh, and let it rest for a moment. Now, run it up over your stomach, towards those perfect tits, and slide it over your nipple.”

She moans at the touch of the cool tip on her warm skin, and her nipples rise in hard mounds to meet the dildo as it runs across first one, and then the other. She lets it rest for a moment, before reading on.

“I know how much your nipples love attention, so I bet you liked that, didn't you? You need to keep on moving though, ok baby? Slide the dildo up to your mouth, and lick it. I want you to flick your tongue over it. Can you feel my tongue meeting yours to kiss you? I miss kissing those perfect soft lips of yours.” She closes her eyes at this, remembering their previous encounters, and at how alive she felt when their tongues touched. She feels her pussy start to ache at the thought, and she can only think about how much she wishes you were here. Remembering the purpose of the email, her eyes flick back to the screen.

“Run your toy back down between your breasts, and then circle your pussy with it. I can feel how wet you are for me already, aren't you gorgeous? Start to make those circles smaller and smaller. Tease yourself. Now, let it rest on your clit. I want you to sit up slightly and look at it. Can you see my tongue there? Return my gaze, I want you to look into my eyes and my tongue licks your sweet bump.”

At these words, her breath quickens. Her body is aching for your touch. Your words are awakening feelings in her that she has missed with you, due to your hectic work schedule.

“I know how much you miss this, because I miss it too. Let's step it up a notch, ok? I ant you to turn the dildo on, just to the medium setting.” She reaches down for the toy and flicks the switch, the vibrations jittering against her clit and making her squirm instantly.

“Now baby, write my name on your clit with the end of the dildo. That feels even better now that it's on, doesn't it? Slide it down over your pussy lips, but don't go in – just run it up and down. Let the vibrations spread through you. Return to your clit, and spread your legs wider. Slide your toy back down to your pussy. I'm going to let you dip it in, nice and gentle, and slowly, ok? Not too far though! Just the head. Now, tell me, how does this feel?”

At these words, she moans loudly. “This feels so fucking good honey,” she whispers.

“Now, pump it gently in and out of your hole a few times. I want you to taste your juices. Spin your tongue around the dildo, let it vibrate in your mouth. Place your lips over it, and pretend it's my cock. Remember how much you love sucking my cock? Suck this gently now. I want a photo of you, sucking a dildo, so I can imagine you are sucking my cock.”

At these words, she laughs. Knowing these are just words, even though you have written them for her, she ignores this part to continue reading.

“Done it? Ok, slide your hand down your body. Feel the vibrations along your skin as you reach closer to where you want it to be – where you want me to be. Ready? Plunge it deep into your pussy.”

She sighs loudly as she imagines your hard cock, pressing deep into her wetness. A tear escapes her lashes, and runs down her face as she thinks about how much she misses you. Her feelings quickly build back to lust though, as she pushes the dildo in and out of her hole a few times.

“Did you take that photo? Come on baby, don't leave me hanging! Don't you want to please me?” She smiles at these words, and nods, almost as if you could see her. The last thing she wants to do is disappoint you, and she remembers her promise before she started reading.

“I'm going to punish you – you need to take that dildo out of your pussy for disobeying me, and suck on it again. Put your lips around it, rest it on your tongue, and send me a photo.”

Smiling her defeat, she places the dildo in her mouth, sticking her tongue out to lick along the underside of it. The mild vibrations travel up her tongue as she reaches for her iPhone. Flipping the camera, she gives the screen a cheeky smile before snapping the photo, and sending it to you via a Skype message for when you wake up. Putting her phone down, her eyes drift back to the laptop.

“Done? Good, now for being a good girl, I will send you into heaven and make you cum. Lay back down and relax, and spread your legs again.” She obeys, her head resting on her pillow, and her legs fall open to reveal again the heat between her legs. Her head drifts to the side to keep your email in view.

“I want you to turn up the heat darling. Turn that vibrator up as high as it can go. Now, let's get back to my favourite part. I'm going to make you cum soon, ok baby? Hold the toy against your hole, and rub it. Feel your juices flowing for me. and hold it steady. Tense your lips against it, and imagine I'm on top of you. I'm almost ready, but I need you to tell me how much you want it first.”

Her breath quickens further as she reads this paragraph. The vibrator sitting ready, opening her hole, ready to be abused. Her mind wanders back to past experiences, remembering how you countless times before have pounded her cunt raw. “Fuck sugar, I really wish you were fucking me. I want you so bad!”

Your next words send her closer to temporary insanity. “Now, I can imagine how wet you are for me, and I can't wait to feel it. Imagine my cock sinking into your warmth, and do the same with your toy in one hard movement. Make yourself tight, and squeeze against it. Now, pull it out, all the way. Let the head rest against your lips before you shove it back in again. Enter yourself deep and thrust gently against it. Can you feel me moving inside you? I'm pushing my rod around, rubbing it against your pussy walls. Meet my thrusts and move your hips in time with it. Now, tell me how good that feels!”

“Fucking good baby,” she moans as she fucks herself with her dildo. Her hand is getting faster and faster, pounding against her pubic bone as the dildo vibrates throughout her walls. “You have no idea just how good this feels,” she says aloud, as she turns to read your final words.

“Pull it out honey, and rest it on your clit. Feel my tongue teasing you for a second before you plunge it hard and rough back inside your cunt. Fuck yourself hard with quick thrusts, deep inside you. I can feel how wet you are for me baby. I can feel your juices slicing around my cock, thrusting inside you. My lips are against your skin, moaning your name as I kiss your neck. I can feel how badly you want me, I know, because that's how badly I want you too. I want to feel you cum. I want to make you cum. I want to hear you moan. My cock is pulsing inside you. I want you to cum with me. I can feel your nails digging into my back as you moan for me. I want you to cum baby, cum hard for me. Use my cock. I know how much you want it right now. I can feel you abusing my cock to satisfy yourself, and I love it.”

Her hips rise and fall to meet with the dildo as she pulls and pushes it inside her pussy. Her eyes are closed as she feels your lips against hers, your tongue meeting hers, bringing her to the edge. The feeling of your rock hard cock pounding inside her is too much, and she can just make out the last few sentences:

“I have cum for you baby. Imagining you there, abusing yourself at my words, my was too much for me. So now, you need to cum for me.”

Her hips rise one last time as the dildo pulses deep in her pussy. She can feel her walls clenching around it, and she screams softly as her long awaited orgasm tears through her body. A hand clings at her breasts, pinching her nipples. She rides the wave as the sensations slow, leaving her soaked with sweat and breathing heavily.

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