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Mark and Darlene  met on the chat in the web site for adult friends, and  considered this subject thousands of times, always giving it a second thought.  The fact Mark mentioned his   fantasy so many times to her, it had already aroused an interest on her too, so she was not reluctant to carry on with his plans;  it had also  been one of Darlene's fantasies for many years now and here  was  her chance.  She was so prepared to the point that nothing would stop her from doing this.
      Mark and Darlene had never seen each other before, or shared pictures. The city where they lived were thousands of miles apart. Until  finally got to a decision and considered having sex in the darkness of a hotel room; they wouldn't talk to each other  while fucking, a room so shady that even their faces couldn't be seen when   they  met  for the first time.
       Many months  after such deal, Mark  climbed on his car and chose a course that  would lead him right into this woman. She had made him so turned that he  jerked off every day. She was so horny on the chat,  like the real slut.

      To Mark,  each mile of progress in the freeway meant one step closer to the woman's hot mouth, hungry for cocks,  closing in to her natch. Mark's lust and desire for this woman was growing bigger  each time; he had never imagined  a woman like this before: too dirty, while chatting on the web. This is why Marlene –this was her name-   deserved to be sexually abused. He figured out Darlene  would give up  the instant Mark began to fuck her as hell, falling in his hands to  get the woman  until completely satisfied and certain she was fulfilled;  no need to turn to another motherfucker.
       Mark and Darlene  agreed on his getting first there, and would wait in the hotel room,  until Darlene's arrival, and they also   made their point in having this encounter in  complete darknes:  no partial shadow,   or dimmers.
       Darlene only ought to pick up the key at the reception desk and go up to the floor, find the room number, ignoring completely what would happen if she ever opened the door and stepped in…
       Mark had already driven for many hours and was only halfway to his destination now, getting  more turned on as he travelled faster. That's why he  stepped on the gas pedal once more considering  his chances.
      "We're closing in and so is the little slut with  her hot natch!"  -he thought, smiling to himself wickedly...
       Darlene, on the other hand, couldn't catch up her sleep recalling the facts over the same stuff again and again. She'd fuck Mark finally, no matter how young he was, for this duddy looked like a teen.  She wasn't  attracted to teenagers, but as hot as she was now, this would be her only chance now, aroused by the mere thought of a dick so hard.  She wondered how to handle this man’s behavior, trying to anticipate something, for he believed he was superior. 
Which dress  she would wear on that important day? No way to seduce him by putting on lingeries, especially when they were not supposed to utter a word or see each other. It was a pity there were so many impediments and she couldn't   go to the date without panties:  it would be  a stupid thing to do.
       Darlene made up her mind and decided not show off in panties,  so she'd only slid out of her pants as the chance came  to feel Mark's dick inside her too quickly.  She had longed for this moment for weeks now. Only hours to go before her lover fucked her, and this made her cunt wet. This pussy began to beat out of control as if pleading: "Please, fuck me!"
       Mark got to the hotel too nervous, anxious. It was like a dream to be there. What had started as an innocent play game, it was real now, no longer a fantasy.  Darlene and Mark didn't know yet if they liked each other as they met in the hotel room in complete darkness... they would only   play it along guided by a primary behavior.
       Mark had gotten into the  room and was  too hesitant about getting naked, stripping off his clothes, or  should he  wait completely dressed up? Since this had been his first time involved in such a weird experience, it was comprehensible why he was so nervous. Perhaps he didn't have the nerve to do this, and  deceive that woman. Mark went on back to his business putting everything to work. He closed all Venetian blind and window shades, turned off lights and sat on bed to wait, with his hard on. He was too disturbed... uneasy.
       It was so quiet here, with the only sound of his heart beating out of his chest. He heard foot  steps... then silence... wrong sign.  Well, if this isn't her coming, where might this lady be by now?...
       Mark didn't have to worry: the lady had already got here and was now in  the parking lot,  waiting patiently at the wheel. She was aware Mark won't be around to check. Nonetheless this made her pussy wet. She was scared about this situation. How could she  trust this guy? She was not confident, but it's so fantastic to  feel emotions like these. She thought about gobbling up Mark's dick first thing first, and then feel that rod in her innermost recess while They'd melt together doing love,  while breathing agitatedly. No doubt she was too hot.
       As Darlene Gomez went to the reception counter, she picked up the key and started walking to the room.  It  was  like a dream, and she had the feeling of a slow motion picture taking place. She no longer feared or was cautious while heading straight to the room... a few meters to go and the man would be waiting inside  total quiet to give her the big surprise!

       Darlene stepped into the room but couldn't say anything because it was too gloomy.  She was sure this  guy was waiting for her in the room hotel, so she  closed the door behind. In the meantime,  Mark's eyes, had already used to the darkness, in the position  to spot the woman silhouetted against a wall, so he could plot what he was going to do and jump at the chance. He even felt delighted by giving her the surprise first.
       Darlene was too disoriented and she was an easy prey this way; her nerves  began to set her up, no question this animal would   jump her any moment. She also had the feeling of somebody devouring her, but it surely was her imagination.
This story to be continued…

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