A Claytons

By Wibbly

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Husband gets pleasured by wife while camming to another woman
Please excuse this for being such a short story  but please enjoy :)~

He was cybering again  ........ there was a gorgeous sexy BBW who was flashing her tits and jiggling them about right there in front of his eyes. He wishes he could touch them , they look so soft , so sensual and those nipples were begging to be taken into his mouth.
He placed his hand down to his already hard cock and gently started to stroke , he closed his eyes  and  imagined what it would feel like to suck those big hard nipples.
He didnt hear the door opening , but he did feel her lips kissing the very tip of his rock hard cock and her tongue swirling around the tip , teasing the spot she knew ohh so well  , the spot that was so sensitive to her touch  that he shuddered. She laughed her nawty little giggle as she engulfed his cock with her mouth..........

He didnt know how he typed "T's sucking my cock"

BBW ~  where ??   

him ~ "she's under the table on her hands and knees and she has my whole cock in her mouth"

BBW~ that would look so hot - wish I could join her

** He groaned **

BBW~ two tongues going to town on your cock licking and sucking you

BBW ~ just the thought is making  me so wet

** her cam goes all funny as its readjusted **

Jesus babe he says to her - she's playing with her pussy , she giggles with a mouth full of cock
him~ thats right baby slide those fingers in

She slides to the tip and tickles her tongue into his slit and then slide her tongue up and down and all around the shaft , all the way down to his his balls and in turn she takes them and rolls them around her mouth gently sucking each one in turn.

Fuck she has a vibe he groans  , he is getting the pictorial stimulation and the physical - damn her mouth  and tongue are good. Her tongue is dancing around the shaft ...... teasing

him~ Ohhh baby he types you look so good wish I could nibble on your clit ......

  he knows she wont answer - she's too busy

He sits back and watches her head bobbing up and down he runs his fingers through her  hair - guiding her head right down on his cock .
His balls are bubbling - he can feel himself about to come - looks up and see's his bbw in the throes of a orgasm and the sight of that tips him and he can feel the cum shooting up his cock to her waiting mouth ..... she is sucking madly taking it all  as he groans and goes limp in the ch air .

BBW~ is that a claytons threesome ??  A threesome you have when you are not having a threesome LOL ?

him~ Both of you are cock teasers he laughed