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A Customer

A Customer

I never approach customers, but some come at me.
"Hi, how are you tonight?"

It startled the hell out of me and I jumped, then I heard a female giggle. When I turned I saw that she was a repeat customer but I couldn't remember her name. I have a lot of repeat customers. She bought collectable minerals for her brother and I've met him, Dave, he's a nice guy.

Why could I remember his? She's sexy as hell, not him.

She's tall, five-ten or more, short blonde hair, nice small to breasts with nice nipples I could see them when she wore a t-shirt without a bra. A really cute butt and all attached to a very well put together forty year old frame. I had wondered what it would be like to realign that frame, then just lay next to her and stroke her from head to foot until she relaxed.

It's the first of February, a Saturday night and raining like hell. My store's in Sonoma County, California and at that time of year it gets very damp. About forty inches of rain a year and twenty of them in January and February.

I had just closed my store and was going to get my car and head home. My wife had been gone for three years and all I had there was a cold and lonely bed so it's not a Home any more, just a box I sleep in. It feels like a cell most of the time. Or a coffin.

"Closed. Oh well he can get it late. It's his birthday next week. When will you be back in?" she asked.

I decided I didn't want her to go, she's sexy and I was feeling sorry for myself, lonely. I said, "What did you need? I'll get it for you right now and you don't have to wait.", as I unlocked and turned off the alarm.

I like talking to her. She's bright, laughs easily, at anything, and looks me straight in the eye when we talk. I really like that in people. That night she was wearing a jacket over a burgundy-red dress that swirled as her hips moved.

The material slipped around her, moving like one of those shifting energy fields you see in science fiction movies, a soft, shimmery film that reflected the light. She was lovely, lit just by street lights. Soft, everything muted with few sharp shadows, quite alluring and I wondered how she got there without getting soaked.

She knew what she wanted and just brought it to the register. I didn't even have to turn the lights on.

She picked a beautiful specimen of Azurite and Malachite priced at $325.00. I decided to give her thirty percent off and when I rang it up I remembered her name, Dianne, The Greek goddess of the hunt and I wondered if she was hunting that night. I would like to be hunted by her.

"I think Dave will love that. It's a beautiful piece and in perfect condition," she said.

I deal in minerals, jewelry and Grateful Dead memorabilia and I knew she had looked at that one before, while I was looking at her.

When she realized I gave her the discount she smiled and came around the counter to give me a big hug and a kiss. She pressed her breasts into me and I liked how that felt. She took her time with that hug, gripping me and I wasn't objecting. It felt like she wriggled a little too.

She divorced her asshole husband about a year prior. I met him once and can certify, in court, that he is an asshole. She was living with her brother. Actually it's her house from her parents but he was staying there indefinitely.

I've known her for four years and we do talk. She's forty with kids. I've met them, two girls twenty-two and twenty and in college. Both beautiful, like mom, and nice kids. They come in periodically and we talk.

Mostly about rocks but they talk about personal stuff some times. The twenty-two year old once asked me what a guys thoughts were when a woman was menstruating. That was a shocker and my answer was that it bothered some but some it didn't. Then she asked if it bothered me and I told her that wasn't appropriate. She laughed and we are still friends.

Dianne is very sexy and I've thought about her before but I never fuck around with customers.

But she wasn't letting go! She kept on hugging and I started getting hard.

'Aww, shit!' were my thoughts, I would have to push her away or poke her in the stomach with my cock. The problem was that then she wouldn't be poking me in the chest with her boobs any more and I didn't like that idea.

She leaned back and said, "Would you like to have a cup of cheer? I'm sick of being alone and I like you. Besides, I'm in the giving mood." and I wondered what that meant. I'm always up for a good looking woman to buy me a drink but that hasn't happened in a while and I was lonely. I would pay but she had asked, my favorite thing.

It felt like she pressed a little harder into me, touching my cock with her front, before she backed away too, but that may have been what I wanted to feel. Hell, I wanted to feel us slam together, again and again.

I grinned from ear to ear and said, "Yeah, I really like that thought. Where'll we go? How about John Ash, it's quiet and we can have dinner too, I'll buy." I locked back up as we talked.

"My living room. Let's take your car." she said, and smiled. Her smile was like a bright light and I decided to follow it, like a moth. She took my hand briefly, squeezed it then let go. That simple gesture made me feel great.

Things got brighter and I could see more clearly. I don't know, maybe I had just started caring a little. I haven't really cared about what happened to me for a while now, three years. We took our time and walked the three blocks to Safeway where I parked.

We didn't talk, just strolled, in the rain, and she would glance at me and smile and things got even brighter. About half-way there she took my left hand in her right. When I glanced at her she just grinned at me and kept walking, rain dripping out of our hair and down across our faces.

She was beautiful and I could feel a pull, deep inside me, clutching at my insides and squeezing them. That startled me. I had not felt that for a while and it felt good but it also scared me a little. What was I setting myself up for? A lot of sorrow if I wasn't careful.

All of her make-up was melting. Her mascara, eye-liner, everything. I looked at her and stopped, turning toward her. She stopped and faced me, just looking with the rain pouring on us. Her mascara and eye-liner were running down her face in streaks and I reached my right hand up, wiping her face gently with my fingers, washing away the makeup.

She stood and let me wash it all away. Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, smiling up at the universe as I washed her eyes and face, brushing her lips and wringing her hair gently as I ran my fingers through it rinsing as much out as possible. When I brushed her lips she kissed the tips softly.

I leaned forward, gently kissing her chin and her eyes opened, looking at me. She didn't say anything but took my hand and put her arm through mine. We walked the rest of the way to my car like that, in silence, arms linked, holding hands and smiling at each other like a couple of idiots, in the pouring rain. She had intertwined our fingers too and I liked that a lot.

I opened the door for her and handed her in. I got to see a lot of leg as she got in. I'm not sure if she did it deliberately or not (I'll have to ask some day) but that dress opened when she swung her left leg in and she was wearing black panties pulled tight into her.

I stood there, ogling her crotch and seeing a small crease, a camel-toe. She finally took my hand and gave it a squeeze and a little kiss before letting it go. I got very hard right then, tenting my kilt and I turned away to get in. I could see her grinning at me when I did. "Idiot!", I thought, "What a fucking teenager."

I drive a Highlander and it sits high so when I get in I pretty much a step up. All that water on my upholstery bothered me for about ten milli-seconds as I got belted in. When I started it she moved over, caught my arm with her left hand, put her head on my shoulder and her right hand on my leg. This is not an easy task with the console and soaking wet, but she did it very well.

She said, "No, I'm not going to use the seatbelt, I want to be next to you. I wish this fucking console wasn't here." It never pays to argue with women because you only ever have two choices; you can be happy or you can be right. Just accept the "I'm a guy, you're a girl, therefore I'm wrong" rule on how to be happy and drop the subject.

I put it in gear and started out. I don't drive fast. I raced sports cars but now I worry more about the condition of my ass than any glory so I kept it a couple miles under the limit.

As we drove along her left hand gripped my upper arm but her right moved down and lifted the edge of my kilt, creeping under to about mid-thigh, my skin was cold and her hand felt warm. I was quite hard but her hand never reached my cock, it didn't need to.

She was kneading my thigh and arm with her fingers. Tightening and releasing, left then right, over and over, releasing with one as she tightened with the other, all the way there. I was close to having an orgasm from that but I stopped myself. I wanted her . I've known her for four years now and she was always friendly but never indicated any of this.

Why now?

Why me?

While she did that she gave me very clear directions to a big house about a mile out of town and I parked next to the walkway. She waited until I got out and opened her door. I liked that. I like doing that for women and did it for Paige for forty-four years. I took her hand to help her out and she grinned at me as she stood. In the rain again.

"That's why your here. I've known you over four years and you've never been anything but kind, and a gentleman. You're not like any guy I've ever known, tonight is all about that."

She kissed me lightly then took my hand and led me up a couple of brick steps and along the brick walk into her house. Skipping and laughing as she did. Pulling me into her happiness and I was ravenous for that.

All this in a monsoon rain, a cold monsoon rain. But, you know what? I didn't care one whit. I don't think I even knew it was raining half the time. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Hell, my eyes were the only thing I didn't want to take off her.

We were soaked. Dripping big puddles on the tile entry. She turned the thermostat high as we kicked off our shoes and took off our coats. She laughed and made jokes about the two drowned rats, then she pulled me into the laundry room and said, "Strip, I want to wash and dry all this before it mildews.

I turned and hung our coats on a rack still dripping water like a faucet. I was so startled by the quickness of all this I just stood there. This was happening fast. I heard the furnace fan come on and when I turned back she was trying to unzip her dress.

She struggled for a moment then turned her back to me and said, "Fix that please." She pulled her hair out of the way and I fumbled with it, finally getting it un-stuck and pulled down to her ass. She wiggled her butt under my hand then started pushing the dress off her top.

The dress was stuck to her like a wet sheet and I reached out and pulled on it, pushing it toward her front and off her shoulders so she could get it. She tugged and finally got it down her arms and wiggled her beautiful butt clear, stepping out and tossing the dress in the machine.

She unhooked my belt and unsnapped my UtiliKilt, dropping it to the floor then pushing my boxer/briefs down too. When she did that my mostly soft cock popped out and waved in her face. She turned her head and kissed the head and I jumped.

She laughed, standing up and stood there in black hip-hugger panties - My personal favorite - and a black Shelf-bra that held her boobs up and presented her nipples for sucking. I leaned forward and gently sucked her right one into my mouth.

The nipple felt cool when my mouth touched it and she gasped, shivering hard. It finally occurred to me that she must be freezing, then I felt it. All of a sudden I was plunged into ice water. Holy Shit! I was cold and started shivering like crazy, what must she feel like?

When I started she did too and her breasts quivered nicely before she wrapped her arms around herself. She started to giggle looking at my crotch. I looked down and my cock was waving around like a limp sock.

I grabbed several towels from a stack over the dryer. They were long, thick bath blankets and I wrapped one around her while she kept giggling and laughing. The room was already warmer but we were both still shivering like crazy.

I popped the front clasp on her bra and she shook it off while I threw a towel over my shoulders and gathered her in my arms, wrapping us both up.

She snuggled against me, laying her cheek on my chest and I could feel her smiling. She squirmed and rubbed me with her breasts then turned her back to me and took my hands, pulled them under her towel and put them on her breasts. "They're cold, warm them up please."

I was amazed at how they felt. Warm, firm, but oh so soft too. A little sag, she was forty, but the nipples felt like pebbles rolling under my palms. I hadn't had my hands on breasts since Paige stopped liking it six years ago. Hers had been larger than Dianne's, a lot larger, but I've never cared about that. "Bumps to Buckets.", was my smart-ass comment. They could get to big though.

We stood and fondled each other. She had reached back and pulled the towel up, taking my cock and balls in her hands and playing with them. They started to warm and as they did my cock hardened again. All while trying to get us both dry.

My hands were all over her breasts then ran down across her stomach. She had kids and it had a slight bulge that I liked. I grabbed a handful and pulled at her until she jumped then slid it under her panties, into her crotch. Pinching nipples with the other and pressing my fingers against her outer lips.

She liked that and pushed against my hand, rocking her hips, rubbing herself against it and dragging my cock head along her ass crack as she squeezed her ass muscles like she wanted to grip it. Things got even brighter and I hoped she was telling me something, like she was into anal play too. She had very little hair and I wanted to see her.

She finally pushed my hand away from her pussy and reached under, putting the top of my shaft tight against her panty-covered outer lips and squeezed her thighs closed. We had dried each other as we fondled and there wasn't a lot of moisture so our skin stuck. I Tried thrusting and loved how it felt but couldn't move myself.

She finally let go and turned her front to me, putting her hands up, cradling my head and pulled me down to suck her nipples, urging me to do different things. She pulled me back so I had to stretch my tongue and flick at her nipples as she moved me from breast to breast.

Then she pulled me in until my mouth opened wide and I inhaled as much of her breast as I could. Licking hard with the flat of my tongue. She drug my open mouth around, then between her breasts, across to the other, then back.

She was moaning and making susurrating sounds, gentle whispers and sighs. Then she would moan again. When I cupped her pussy with my right hand, stroking her with my fingers, she jumped, then settled onto it and groaned.

She pulled my head up until I faced her and whispered, "Go slow. No one but Peter has touched me there in three years."

That gave me a jolt and it must have shown because she threw her head back and laughed saying, "Peter is my vibrator. No man has touched me since my divorce."

All I could do was stand there and look at her. What an incredible thing to hear. She wanted ome after doing without for three years. Why me? Why now? I decided to enjoy and just accept whatever she offered.

She waited for me, just looking at me, and I finally said, "Thank you Dianne, I don't know what to say. I'm flattered beyond belief. I haven't felt wanted for years, and now you? Why? What made you pick me?"

She put her arms around me and hugged. She rotated her shoulders, dragging her breasts across my chest, kissing me, driving her tongue into my mouth. I dropped the wet towels and got dry ones, then wrapped us tighter in them as she cupped my balls in her right hand, took my cock in her left and told me a few things.

"Because you are the most gentle man I've ever known. You're kind to everyone, even the crazies and recalcitrant butt-heads we have around. And the way the kids adore you, my two love you. You talk to them like they're people and half the mothers in town are madly in love with you wondering why they never found one like you."

All while softly fondling my balls and cock. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, staring at her eyes. I couldn't even tell if I was drooling. I was flabbergasted, stunned Into silence. That worried me a little. I wanted people to like me but this felt wrong. I was being held up as an example and some pissed off husband would shoot me.

"Because everyone in this town that's met you likes you. Your easy manner with everyone and the obvious care you show. Your love of sharing knowledge and even the couple of ass-holes that say they don't like you listen when you talk."

Don't like me? Who the fuck was that? Then I settled down, let go and it floated away. I didn't care. I'm just me and like Barnum said, "You can't fool all the people all the time."

And she kept fondling and stroking me. Gripping me and fucking me with her hands.

She got a little excited, pulled away a little and danced. When she did her breasts moved and I looked down at them, watching. She stepped back, the room was quite warm now, then leaned forward, twisting her shoulders side to side and they swayed with my eyes following them. All while hanging onto my cock.

She leaned closer and brushed my cock with them and I really liked how that felt. She had to get close because they weren't pendulous, small, but she licked and kissed my chest as she did. She sucked on my nipples and my cock jumped hard. I always liked that and she kept it up for a minute.

"I used to be a lot better at that but I've lost my tits. They used to really stick out. Sorry, but they were a couple of beauties." She let go of me, standing straight and grabbed at them, pulling and being rough as she said that.

I reached out and took her hands then kissed her palms. I made some soft sounds and pulled her to me and hugged her hard. She nestled in and we stood like that for a minute. I pulled back and held her shoulders, making her look into my eyes.

"Please, let me decide what I like. I love them, they're beautiful, you're beautiful. You'll decide what you like, not me. We can talk about anything and we will."

She smiled and said, "Take your socks off and throw everything in the washer, I want to show you something."

So I did and we tossed my shirt, kilt and socks in the washer with her stuff. until both of us stood there naked. She started bobbing her head around when my cock swayed as I moved. It was half-hard and she mimicked it, then she would giggle and laugh. She shook her breasts at me and turned to bend low and wiggle her ass.

I liked that view and made a few plans for later. Then she squeezed and both openings winked at me and I had to swallow or drool all over myself. I wanted to eat that. I wanted to devour it and I knew I would. Soon I hoped.

She put detergent in and started the machine then pulled me over and had me sit on top. That was cold on my naked ass at first. She pushed me back as far as I could get, my butt sticking, it squeaked as I moved, then she spread my legs out to both sides. She picked up an old, wood, twenty-four bottle Coca-Cola case and put it, upside down, next to the corner.

She smiled at me and said, "I had to buy that damned thing at an antique store. It cost me twenty bucks. Worth every penny though. It's the perfect height." She stepped up on the case and her pussy fit perfectly against the corner.

She reached up over me and brought down a bottle, drizzling the lubricant on the corner of the machine and my cock. "She must do this a lot.", I thought. When the machine started the wash cycle it started to vibrate and she snuggled her pussy against the corner, digging it in.

She also took my cock in both hands and started twisting and winding them up and down me so that I thought I was going in and coming out at the same time. I started to moan and get moore excited almost ready to come when she whispered, "Not yet."

She stopped masturbating me and leaned over for a kiss, running her hands up my arms as I played with her breasts. We rubbed and stroked as the machine went through a ten minute wash and rinse then start the spin cycle.

When it did it really started to shake and vibrate. She grabbed my cock again and started the same motions and I was ready quickly.

"Not ... yet ... Not ... yet ... Not ... YET ... ... NOW! ... ahhhhhh .." and she convulsed sending me over the edge and I shot cum clear to her chin. The next landed in the hollow of her throat and the next two on her breasts, then it just kept squeezing, pulsing and oozing cum as she stroked and pumped.

She would tighten her fist and force it down on me and it felt like the tightest pussy in the universe. The other hand would be right behind it and it was like an endless pussy and cock. I just kept, "Going In." I love women's hands. Paige did that to me for years, lying side-by-side, facing each other.

I was mauling her breasts, squeezing and pulling. Pinching her nipples and pulling until they popped out of my fingers. She would moan loud when I did that then push herself at me, wanting more, and I gave it to her.

I pinch the nipples and pull, getting tighter as I pull, stretching her breasts and nipples. I watch her face and just as the pressure starts to turn to pain I let them pop out. The change when they fall back against her chest is tremendous and if I've done it right she'll have an orgasm. She did three or four times.

When the machine stopped spinning we did too and just held one another. She stepped back and I moved, unsteady, as I stepped down on the crate. We stood there grinning at one another and she said, "You ever do that before?"

"No," I said.

"I always liked virgins." When she looked at me I cracked up and startled her. We held each other as we laughed, finally calming and holding hands.

"That corner gets really warm too." Then, "Let's go upstairs and start a fire and lie nude, drinking wine on a bear skin rug, telling bawdy stories. And fuck our brains out."

I could find no argument with any of that so we did.

She took my right hand with her left and led me upstairs to her room. Walking one slow tread at a time with her ass switching from side-to-side, just like you see in the videos and I was starting to breath deeper, faster as I watched. Watching her ass-cheeks caress each other as she took each step.

I could see her outer lips too and they squirmed against each other. Watching the inner lips poke out then disappear again. I thought about having her lay on her front at the top and eating her from behind but I didn't. I wanted to do that on whatever rug she had.

When we got to her bedroom door she turned to me and grabbed my head with both hands, kissing me. God, I hadn't felt like that in years. I had given up on a sex life. I'm seventy-two and don't meet many people other than my customers.

But she approached me!

So I kissed her back and started the tongue battle. We played, sword-fighting with our tongues, for a couple of minutes until she pulled away and backed into the room, pulling me with her. A king size bed, dresser and a couple overstuffed chairs, and the way I was feeling I knew we would need all of it. Probably a lot of the floor, a sofa or two and a table also. I was very Horney.

I was also dreaming like I was stoned but what beautiful dreams.

She turned and walked across an actual fucking bear skin. It was huge, brown and very soft. I knelt and felt it, almost an oily feel, like a well tanned hide should have. "Dave saw it at an estate sale years ago and had to have it. He paid over a thousand for it in nineteen eighty-five and it is a real Kodiac. I own it now so I get to keep it in here. Right now it's worth about fifty-thousand."

She turned on gas logs and came back to stand in the middle of that rug. Then she held out her arms and I stood, stepping into them.

I saw a movie years ago, some human/alien thing and at the end a couple was wrapped around each other and in an intense, spinning white light and energy vortex. That's what this felt like. Intense, raw, almost burning and the most wonderful thing I had experienced in years.

She pulled, rotating us and I could feel the heat as it passed over our bodies. Across my back then our sides, around to her back and my hands as they roamed from her head to her ass. Then around again and we stepped, twirling each other slowly.

We finally sank, lying next to one another with our arms and legs entwined And our heads toward the fire. We kissed and licked, touching and not saying a word but learning so much. Like she really liked it when I ran my finger between her outer lips and her leg. I fluttered my finger, stroking up and down and she melted. Important stuff like that.

"What do you want the most, right now, with me?" she asked.

I knew exactly what I wanted and I told her.

"I want to eat you and lick your ass until you cum while you suck me, you on top."

"Then I want you to lie on your front so I can enter you from behind. I'll fuck you hard until your pussy screams and you cum again, very hard. Then I'll stick it in your ass too but I won't cum yet. I'll fuck you in the ass until you come again and I'm ready to stop," I said.

"Then I'll go and wash myself before I come back to you." She lay and looked at me, right in my eyes with a somber look on her face. I couldn't tell if she was considering telling me to fuck off or agree to it all so I continued.

"I'll put you on your back, getting between your legs and put my mouth on you. I will lick and probe you. I'll fuck you with my tongue because I want you very wet and ready for me. I want nothing but pleasure for both of us. Just slick, slippery pleasure."

"When I'm through there I'll watch you as I put my cock in your pussy. I'll watch your eyes and how they narrow and widen as you feel it going in, slowly until you're going crazy then I'll watch your tits jiggle and your eyes jump and jitter as I slam fuck you."

"Then I want you to pull your legs back, spread them wide, and put me in your ass. Holding me and feeling me slide in until my body pushes your hand away. Face to face ass fucking is the best. I get to watch you. Your face and the way your eyes roll back. And your beautiful breasts, your whole body will move and quiver."

"I'll fuck you like that until you're ready to cum again, screaming my name. I'll see that in you eyes and when I do I'll cum with you. I want you to scream and clench your body, squeezing very hard when we finish." My eyes started moving down her body, lingering on her breasts, caressing them and her nipples with my eyes.

I continued down to her beautiful crotch. She's a natural blonde and she doesn't shave. The hair was thin and I could see her outer lips. She was wet and I could smell her. Fuck! I just wanted to throw her down and fuck her. But I didn't. But her nestled in that fur was very exciting.

"I'll hold your hands above your head as I fuck you and watch your eyes as you cum very hard." She smiled at this.

"When I cum I'll go away for a while and It'll take me a minute to recover so just hold me close for a bit." I pulled her to me and I could feel her grinning against my throat. She was biting me and grinning like a fool, giggling a little too.

And that's exactly what she did for me. I moved her to the bed and finally got my Christmas Fantasy. A little late though, it was February Fools Day. The first of every month is some fools day according to my business partner.

Christmas Eve I had been pretty down. Alone and sad, getting drunk all alone, remembering Paige and crying. I would have made a very bad deal with the devil if I could have had her back for a few hours.

Dianne did have a couple of neat ideas herself though. At one point she bent face down over the back of a sofa and demanded that I fuck her in the ass. Being a gentleman I did exactly as told. It turned out she really liked me in her ass.

She had already lubed herself - sneaky girl - and I slowly slid right in. She was very tight and started to moan. She kept that up for a minute then got very load and shuddered with her first climax. I had cum twice already and it took me fifteen minutes to get close again.

She had an orgasm continually every minute or two, moaning and growling as she did, shuddering, squeezing, and I just kept stroking hard.

When I was finally ready she could feel me start to throb and stood up. She reached back with both hands, grabbed my ass very hard and pulled me close. Gripping me very tight, clutching at me like I was her life-boat when her orgasm hit. I came very hard too and we just kind of melted together.

I reached around and cupped her breasts, rubbing them, pinching her nipples hard and she squeezed me hard with her ass. God I loved that and we both quivered and moaned as we came. She left finger nail marks on my ass, cuts that stung like hell, and we both laughed about it. She was a little excited.

Finally she slowly oozed me out and turned in my arms saying, "Dave's gone for five days. I told him about what I planned and he approves. He says to have a ball and I intend to do exactly that. I bought you a toothbrush and you won't need clothes, we'll both stay naked because I plan to ball your brains out for the next couple of days."

She stood there, looking at me, contemplating something. I just stood and waited. It took her about thirty seconds, then she continued.

"I'm thirty years younger than you, but I don't give a damn. If anyone doesn't like it, fuck 'em. I Know you have no one else and now I know I can make you happy, I know you can make me happy too because you have, very happy. I haven't felt this good about my life in years, and I want to see how long this lasts. I don't want it to end."

She smiled again, looked down coyly and whispered, "Besides, you passed the test and I haven't gotten everything on my Christmas list yet."

I was thinking, "What?" What was she thinking? But My heart knew and took over. I grinned from ear-to-ear and laughed. She hugged me and kissed me again.

And I simply said, "Yes."

We had fun when she cleaned the cuts. She put spot band aids on all ten of them, there were two thumb-nail cuts on the front of my hips. She also used kids band aids so I had to listen to her joke about that. I loved it.

She had an incredible list too that I'll write more about. One was with her bent over the railing on her back porch. Her house sits on a hill overlooking a small valley and when we did it she screamed as she came very hard with me in her ass, and I could hear an echo.

That sent me to places I hadn't been before and I wondered how she had discovered that and if any neighbors could hear. If they could they all knew who was causing it. She liked screaming my name. She told me later she liked doing that and using "Peter" but I was marginally better than him.

A little late but I forgave Santa. He has a hell of a job and if the presents come a little late, to bad, just suck it up. One of my daughters, Tina, now fifty-six, said that to me once when I was bitching about the pain in my back.

The next morning Dianne told me the whole thing.

She maneuvered it al. It wasn't Dave's birthday. She purchased the specimen just to be able to talk to me. She had been watching me for a while and really wanted to give an older guy a try. A Christmas present, and I was the fortunate recipient.

My ego took a dive straight down a deep well and I was kind of thinking what a dupe. Old fool, set up and knocked down. This woman was half my age and I had fallen for it. Not only did I get hook-line-and-sinker, I swallowed the whole fricking fishing pole. But she had never struck me that way. I was confused and hurt.

She told me later I had an absolutely grief stricken look on my face. I remember she reached up, softly cupped my face and gave me a kiss, the sweetest in many years. Like a first lovers kiss, sweet and soft. A caress.

Then she apologized until I had to tell her to stop. She had deliberately seduced me for exactly those reasons, but about the third day she discovered that she really liked me. I fit her needs and desires, and that pumped the hell out of my ego again.

She thought I would laugh when she told me but when my face fell she very quickly realized that it was far from a casual thing to me. That she fell in love with me at that moment and it felt like falling off a cliff.

I was so stunned that I couldn't talk. Dumbstruck. She just laughed and kissed me.

That was last Christmas. This Christmas I got my present on time, but I had been getting it for eleven months by then. I was glad I got another though. It's like the pink-bunny. It keeps giving and giving.

I just hope I'm never a burden for her.

She says , "No, you'll never be that to me.", but when I can't walk any more and the sex is gone it's going to be hard on her and I will hate that. I'm not sure what I'll do but I will not allow myself to linger past a point. She'll love doing every second of it but I will feel like a burden and I love her to much for that. We'll talk a lot about it.

In the mean time we are happy and enjoying a new hope that neither of us had thought could happen again. And it grows as we discover all the new things about each other. We laugh together, we cry together over silly things some times, we argue and we fight (holy shit can she fight) but we always sleep together and we always work it out. That's what partners do.

Typical married people, we just aren't married and will never be. She would lose her alimony and she hated her ex. She said she wouldn't let him off the hook for a fucking nickel. She doesn't say a lot, more as we get closer, but he was a very nasty prick and put her through hell. I want to hurt him but I won't.

All my family's met her and like her too. Shit, she's younger than four of my kids so she's more of a sister to them and I just sit and watch them, "Nerding out" and being very satisfied with my life. Her daughters love me and tell me I'm the best thing that's happened to their mother. That always makes me feel good.

I sold the store to my manager, Lana. Sold my house to her too and Dianne and I live in hers. I go in the store and talk to people, helping Lana and I don't get paid, it's family. Her brothers still there too but he and I like each other and spend time together. We just sit sipping scotch sometimes and she likes that, I can see it in her eyes while she watches us, pretending to read. She tells me every thing and I do her too.

"Never give up, never give in." was a line in a silly movie, Galaxy Quest, but it is very true. I almost "Gave Up" but a late Christmas present taught me to "Never Give In" and I'll love her for that until I die. Forever if I can work it.
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