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It was raining outside as was apparent by the melody emanating from the tinned roof of our garage. The rainy season had just begun after the scorching heat in May. Nature’s thirst from heat seemed to be quenched. Greenery in the fields seemed to revert but the natural music seemed to be on hold. I was relaxing in my room for there was no work pending. My eyes were half closed some what semiconscious. I was hearing some known voice but it seemed in my dreams. Suddenly I woke up from the semiconscious state and tried to locate the source of the sound. It was a male whisper coming from the garage. The garage was the place where my driver used to relax at night. He was in his forties but still well built and strong.


I slowly inched towards the window which closed on the wall facing our drawing room. The rattling on the tinned roof due to rain some what masked the whisper. Still, it was possible to catch the sound with indelible words. The sound was intermingled with short giggles fading   in   the noise from outside. I was growing impatient till the windows were pushed ajar to catch the glimpse of the other side. The garage was dimly lit as sun rays were infiltrating from the huge door. I saw my driver sitting on the folding cot besides our maid Radha who was not more than twenty seven in age though married. Her husband was a drunkard and used to waste his most of the time sitting with other friends.   Both the driver and the maid were engaged in petting. Radha was giggling in between as the driver used to touch and feel every possible loci. He whispered something in her ears and pulled her on his lap. She was also enjoying his moves. Their lips met in unlocked gesture. Maid had started breathing heavily as his hands started to explore. Her hands gripped him tightly and pulled his face down on the cleavage between her heavy boobs. The driver who was drooling was now   gratified. He ripped apart the blouse and couldn’t wait till the bra was separated. His eyes feasted for a while on the 38 C breasts with dark and erect nipples and sensuous areola. He then pounced upon them like a hungry lion, sucking and biting with every move. Radha burst into early moans holding his head tightly against the succulent boobs. Her hands slowly unbuttoning his shirts found the chest nuts which she caressed with her thumb and fore fingers.


My half pant was tented by the stony hard 7’’ dick making my posture unbearable.

I was stroking it to and fro to appease the hunger of sex. I could now imagine the maid sitting on my lap. There was no body at home and it was the time for real sex. I went away from the window and shouted at the driver. I couldn’t perceive an answer.   Shouted back and this time I got the reply. There was a knock on the door and the driver was standing disheveled. So you were sleeping, ‘ nn..not exactly sir’. I knew what exactly was going on. ‘You have to call the maid as there is so much cleaning to be done today’. Its raining she should not make it a holiday. Driver went back hurriedly and after half an hour the maid was there on the door. She was still horny and unsatisfied. Both of them must be cursing me deep in their hearts. ‘Why are you so late today?’ I asked. She gave an excusing smile and said it was due to the heavy downpour. I asked her to get in quickly so that she is done with the daily chores. I knew she was unsatisfied and very much uninterested in the work. Apprehending the problem I asked her to wash the utensils and just dust my room and leave. Her eyes sparkled as if she had been granted   the boon she was craving for. She moved very fast and when done with the utensils she came to my room for dusting. I could see the swaying lust in her eyes. As she continued my eyes were devouring her looks. I could see a small tear on the blouse near the button seam which made me hornier. The cleavage was alluring. With motion they used to separate and give the glimpse of those sexy boobs. The site was unbearable. I could not wait and gave her the hand to stand. She didn’t understand anything but stood. Now I was staring at her blouse directly which was holding those delicious curves. ‘ what do you want sir?’ she asked. ‘These’. I replied. She was taken aback. Before she could realize and make any move I pushed her on the bed . She nudged but my robust arms barred the movement. I was desperate . She freed herself and gave a sarcastic smile and pulled the edge of the blouse and gave me a complete tit shot. I was amazed by her unexpected move. I pulled her up and our lips locked. It was obvious that she knew what I   wanted.   Her lips were soft and moist. My tongue entered and started to explore her inner mouth. I   felt my cock growing achingly hard. I moaned passionately, allowing my hands to roam her body. Radha clung to me pulling hard on me with a hand round my neck. Her moans were intermittent but conspicuous. My hands reached her knees and started ascending on the smooth hairless flesh pulling the saree and the paticoat up. Our kissing continued for a while then she broke. Her hands pulled my banyans to leave the upper part naked. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse taking care not to rip or it would have come apart in pieces. The bra was tightly clung to the breasts which were slowly unhooked. As her boobs appeared I moaned in delight and caressed it lovingly with my hand. I licked those black berries and lowered my mouth to nurse on her swollen nipple. She flung her head back and breathed in sharp little gasps. mmm … …aaaaahhhmmm.. she continued to moan. Her moaning made me more hot as I tasted both 38C sized balls one after another. ‘suck them harder   sir…..’ she requested. My speed gained momentum as did her moans making the atmosphere more sexy. ‘ooohh. Radha you are marvelous I love them…….’ I almost shouted.


Suddenly my mouth broke contact with those alluring boobs as I moved towards her belly button. Encircling and kneading them with my tongue I moved down. My hands automatically tore through the petticoat and flung the sari away. She was writhing in pain for sex as she twisted her torso to let the sari separate completely. She had now separated her legs for me to have a good sight of her lightly haired pussy. I dared to touch the soft and silky flesh and started petting it like a furry animal. She grunted and moaned in pleasure .I placed my fingers on her delicate pussy lips, touching, enjoying and stimulating her sweet young flesh. Her lips were gently parted till the pink sex tool was discovered. I buried my face in her velvety pussy and put my long agile tongue on the folds of her pussy licking peak of sex cliff. ‘aaaaaaaa……hhhhhh..’   she started shivering ‘Make it faster ..’ I knew she was enjoying every part of my licking as she had parted   her legs more and more helping me to devour her completely. I was sucking and licking at her steaming sex point ferociously. Her widely spread legs quivered in time with my wagging tongue. Her breath came in little panting hisses. Her gritting teeth and breathing made a rhythm which she did with her eyes tightly closed. Her hands suddenly went to her breasts and she squeezed them brutally. The upper part of the boobs bulged like a balloon with finger marks on them. She raised her hips off the bed and was panting harder and harder till she came with a violent jerk for the first time and after her marriage. ‘aahhhhhhhh   I need more…….’ She stood up pushed me down on the bed and started opening my pants frantically.


She literally tore through the   buttons and disengaged my 7 inch hard cock. My pant was pulled downwards till they completely came off. I was lying back on the bed allowing her a free hand tour on my cock. She frantically milked the cock with one hand, while kneaded my cum laden   balls with the other. The pubic hair and the aroma of my dick turned her on more and more. She took my cock in both hands and engulfed with   her   lips. Her head was bobbing up and down , her hot lips encircling the cock as its   end was disappearing into her mouth. I could sense her tongue on the dick head   even as she bobbed up and down on it. In between I could feel her gyrating breasts hitting my cock as she continued sliding on its shaft. She left me groaning loud as the sucking continued. I had no choice but to hold her head and synchronise   with the rhythm before I came with a loud moan in her mouth. She watched my face placidly as the jet of white curdy material splashed in her mouth. Everything came with a roaring moan which was licked dry. She pulled my cock out, smiled, then rolled back on the bed. She lay prone hiding her face in between her wide spread arms. Her gorgeous hips were facing the roof. The site of hot contour shunted lots of blood in the penile sinuses pushing it erect once again. I slowly crawled on my knees with a dangling huge, engorged pole . As I came nearer to my prey the tongue protruded out and the head lowered automatically to locate and lick the hot spot with wrinkles. I parted the smooth buttock folds , the fragrance strengthened my erection. My eyes closed as the ecstatic pleasure shrouded the senses.

Each lick came with the groan from both the sides. I climbed upon her from behind and passed my open hands beneath the breasts slowly kneading and pinching her tits. ‘Aaaahhhh.mmmmmmmmmmm………ahm’.,the moans added to the joy and speed. My penis moving between her cleft send waves of flushes down her cunt. She was shaking in ecstacy, and was energetically lifting her torso to push my penis high in air . She flexed her thighs raising her hips up in air with wide opening of the cleft displaying the rugosed ring of anus prominently. I kissed and licked them and could observe them open slowly increasing in diameter. My finger trailed in to relax them more making the passage large enough for my cock to slide in. Ultimately the adjacent walls of the rectum could be seen and it was the right time for penetration. I could some how balance my starved cock and guide it through the wide opened mouth of the anus. Radha   gasped and shuddered as the massive piece of meat filled her to the breaking point. Hot fire inside climbed up her neck while she shaked in ecstacy. My piston thumped on her buttock as the balls caressed the pussy. I asked , ‘How does it feel’?. ‘ lovely… mind blowing sir   , aahhh, ahhhun, mmmm..mahhh she replied and at this point her body jerked violently and she came explosively.


It was now that she turned to her back   ‘come on fuck me please… make it fast’ I had no option but to submit to her demands.   I roughly thrust the cock up into her quivering young pussy. She cried out once, but I could feel her thrust.   She was very tight in there. Radha was filled by a real   man. . She could feel the total filling of her space which was often left unoccupied. Radha gasped and shuddered as the massive piece of meat filled her to the ultimate limits. She tried to retard the pace by holding on the thighs but invain. Her participation and co-ordination showed that this was what she wanted, and what her pussy was made for. His first move brought a little scream from her lips. Her whole body was on fire.   She was shivering all over . My each thrust shot within her the fire which   shot through her ass went up the chest   neck, and made her ears glow. Her breasts seemed racing up and down fully synchronizing with the thrust. I pulled her on the table just at the level of my torso where I could pump without putting any weight on her. She was enjoying every move every thrust pounding in her pussy. The room was filled with the moans and Groans as the game reached its climax. I grabbed her legs holding in air so that her pussy was just properly aligned and so that she could feel the full length of my cock in her loins. I   could feel the firm cervix against my cock . Her head was thrown back, rocking with each move, mouth opened and eyes closed. Moans were continuous and louder as the climax approached. She was grindind her pussy against my thick penis and stimulating the clit simultaneously. Her voice seemed to be incoherent as she was nearing orgasm. I had reached the point where unloading seemed inevitable and with the a heave, I   shuddered. As the speed decreased and the jet of thick cum filled her vagina instantly with a huge load dripping from the sides . She was continuosly grinding and slapping against my pelvis further stimulated by my shudders . It was that she started panting ferociously as the orgasm gripped her . She whimped, shuddered aaaahhhhhh..oohhhhhh…oooooohhhh and then came violently, her hips almost jumping half a feet on the table before it could settle down fully satisfied. The three hour long game brought pleasure and gratification on both sides equally.





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