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A doorman in the hot spot

This sensual Latina sweetie starving for cock, asked me to take off her dress

This story happened a long time ago. It was Sunday, two in the morning and this is how this new story begins to develop.  First thing first I wish to introduce myself: my name is Angel Montilla, a Spanish currently living in Maracaibo, a city west of Venezuela,  in Zulia region. I’m 27 single, not engaged yet.

It all began as I  visited an agency specialized in organizing parties  - entertainment-  while my sister in law was the owner of this place.  She was my brother’s fiancée,  my mother being a cook here, so it would be  too simple in my case to learn   how this kind of stuff was organized  at the agency. 

Progressing a lot, getting familiar with the whole thing here I became interested in working at the agency, wishing to be hired as a waiter and soon would be expecting   my engagement in this entrprise as it was decided.  I prompted to tell my mom and sister in law to call me if there was an opening at next party in case personnel was scarce  -an employee who failed to come.  Besides, I knew a little about restaurant work. A reply came in quickly  and I’d begin to work next on Thursday next week (I had enquired at the agency for a job on Friday). 

On my fist  day of labor, I’d dish up as a waiter in  a civil wedding, noisy party, and the party was scheduled to begin at 9:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. Sunday in the morning.   On my first assignment I’d be the doorman here, and coordinate  all musical bands to play tonight.  Since I consider myself a responsible guy,  I got there at 7:00 p.m. (it’s mandatory  for waiters, doorman and janitor to get there two hours before their task begins).  This way, everything would be coordinated beforehand,  paying careful attention to   details such as   a lay out of buffet tables (place settings for   persons or diner), utensil polish (forks, tablespoons, knifes, etc.) previous to wrapping them on napkins for each guest.  An  adornment  should be placed  on each table too,  cups and glasses washed cleaned; besides, everything should be handy, items like corkscrews, knifes, tools to prick ice, and finally, a can opener, and the like. 

After everything had been arranged, staff  ought to dress up; our outfit included a black suit, white shirt, and necktie. I hadn’t taken a necktie on that day, and didn't have on handy either, so I resorted to a trick that always works out:  to fold the shirt collar inward and  buttoned the shirt  to   finally resemble a  get at Mao-Tse-Tung outfit. You waiters should try this if ever forgot your tie at home.

All this took place at the hall  on the second floor of a building  -teacher’s union headquarters were located in the ground floor-  so guests are obliged to go up a flight of stairs, and leave the same way they got here.   Everything elapsed as planned,   people getting in and out of the hall,  bands playing music;  so nice with beautiful women looking at themselves in the mirror to look better. 


Party is over, time to leave  and we have  a show here whilst guests are heading down the stairs: drunk men and women struggling to get to the first floor, fighting about the only way to get home, having difficulties especially if there’s no railing or hand rail.  This was but a funny, amusing situation here,  mocking at each other as many of them tripped, skid, and sometimes lost their balance.

It is at this minute two ladies on their 40`s or 50's  approached to me, a lot drunk, asking for my assistance to manage their way downstairs.  I helped them carefully, nice and with courtesy, being tenderly and gentle,  while they comment it had been a great party.  It not only had been  well organized  but the agency staff courteous and polite as well.

We finally got to our destination below, the two ladies thanked me for the favor while a cute one tips me 5 dollars  and kiss me French.   I got turned on, feeling admiration and incredulity at the same time. After I became calm on receiving  this kind of monetary and labial reward, got back to my post at the doorstep. While going back, I couldn’t help thinking in my enthusiasm, disturbed  by this woman's  attitude.

I had never met or seen her before, and again, out of the sudden, there she was:  a female in She was a brunette, her hair gathered after a hair dresser had made an elaborated and sophisticated hairdo. She was the one I had helped with, I thought.  A few people were still at the hall and I could perceive her blue navy dress, without being disturbed,  tight enough, showing off  her well built body, perhaps from many hours spent at a gym,  and  beauty parlors.

Not many wrinkles, despite of her age, but her deteriorated hands showed her transit through life.  As she got to the hall entrance to leave party, she was surprised at seeing a stairway here, perhaps not recalling  she had to  make her way up as she arrived to the party, and  a comment was made by the woman: “So, gotta have a glider to avoid tripping?”  I replied:

“Uh, well, lady, this is not precisely a glider, but can give you a hand to reach your destination downward.”

She gladly accepted with a smile, excited  by this state of affairs and  I helped her carry the ornament -it’s a custom in my country to take home this ornament after the party, a decoration always placed at the center of table.  My other arm served as support for the lady to keep balance while walking down. 

I yet can’t tell if she skidded deliberately or if it was just an accident, but she requested that I grabbed her waist as she tripped over. My heart pumped out of my chest and only was looking forward on how to fuck this milf,  my eyes avidly searching her body looking for her curves, trying to discover her goodies and sensuality hidden under that blue navy dress that masked her lewdness, along with the prominent ass.  Her  tits were not big, erect though. 

We had made it about three steps down, as she comments again: “Hey, listen. What a strong hand you have here!!”

I replied, grabbing her ass: “They’re even stronger than that!!”

She had no sooner heard this utterance than I began to notice a face  expression  to  discover she was only  a   woman longing for sex, hadn't been stuffed since time now.  My instinct makes  me to check by glancing around the hall for curious people,  or my boss   catching me in the act. I risked kissing her, the best French kiss ever,  and she liked to go along.  I felt as if my throat was pulled off abruptly by this mature. She began to take off my coat, unbutton my shirt while I did my job in raising the dress up to her tits.  It’s now as I discover she’s not wearing panties after I unzipped the dress in the back  and I could see better now, still  wearing glasses   -I’m nearsighted.

This was something I learned  but had ignored to now:  women don’t wear panties if the dress is too tight, so undies are not marked delineated or visible through clothes fabric.   I had now an exhibition of her well built sire like body.  I was now the one who did the heavy lifting  by  taking off her dress while got  inquisitive about her gorgeous body.   I was so turned on by this sight that my hard on was about to explode within my pants, but  she came to help by  sliding  off my boxers and, out of the blue,  a massive throbbing penis sprang up to life.   


I didn`t realize my mouth had been kissing a pair of tits in front of me while one of my hands was engaged in exploring her vagina.  She was totally wet sitting on the desk. I couldn’t stand this any more, spread her legs wide as much as I could and, with colossal force, I penetrated within her.  My penis pocking within caused her to moan:

"Oh, yes, like that, please."

The great rhythm she had accomplished was accompanied and assisted by a constant slamming of my meat into her, due to both my  enthusiasm and stimulation. The only thing she did was to moan from pleasure showing the face of a meek slut who only wished to fuck.

I thought in something different  while pumping her pussy and put  my finger into her ass. Surprise got her to keep silent for a split second  and after she recovered, she let out the loudest scream to now meaning but wished to get banged harder. We sweat a lot and almost about to cum, I was now like a matador ready to thrust my final cast stab into her;  I attacked, increasing speed and force at the same time: she cummed after she  several orgasms.  I filled her vagina with my cum load at the right moment, feeling a gush of cum jet into her natch: we both screamed from pleasure, our faces showing fatigue and weariness and a kind of  an inertia after this event.

We kissed and caressed each other, collected ourself, dressed up an composed so not leave evidence. We now should  leave separately, looked around for any witness, and find out I’m not wearing my glasses, so got back to pick them up, after I wiped them clean. I waved her to come down. As we were   walking toward the parking lot, I talked about the great experience we had  just had and inquired about the likelihood for another rendezvous. She only would smile back, perhaps from  satisfaction, while I kept on awaiting for her  answer, getting desperate  while approaching to the parking lot.

I repeated the question but she started the engine, took out a 20.000 Bs. bill -20 dollars at the time-  out of her purse, gave it to me and kissed me good bye in the mouth. Fuck!!! She burned rubber, scorching tires in a fast acceleration!! never came up with a response.

I no longer work at the entertainment agency while she's  taught me a lesson I had been ignoring for so longl  now. The low salary I earned as a waiter was rewarded  by stuff like this, free sex, getting carnal favors, only if I was the gentle waiter, treating matures well, so I was more tan happy here, fucking white meat.

My co-workers never understood why I did this job so willingly, but only knew   a woman is ready to fuck and have fun their   vitality  awoken by having to  turn to young guys that   grinded  them hard and off routine.

                                                                     THE END

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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