A fantasy for You

By voyeurwest

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To all the girls I've seen and worshipped
A Sexual Fantasy Can you sense my spirit behind you? I am here breathing so softly that you can only feel me when you read this. I am standing nude behind you, with a hard erect shaved cock straining to be inside you. My body although not young is still in fairly good condition with hardened nipples caused by me looking at you sitting in front of me. The day has been warm and the room is still. Only the sounds of evening birds settling down for sleep disturb the air. My hands are now on your head smoothing your hair, slowly going round in circles to massage your temples and relax your being. You can feel yourself slowly sinking into the chair, your legs start to drift apart and you have no control over your muscles. My hands dictate your mood which is completely serene. Your hands leave the keyboard and become relaxed by your side with the palms upward in a tantric pose. My fingertips move to caress your temple making you even more sleepy, you close your eyes; trusting me completely that I will not harm you. My hands sink lower to your neck and face, still massaging softly and covering your eyes so the only sensations available to you is touch and sound. You murmur to me how much you like this and ask me to keep going. My spirit breathes out the answer without words but you know that your wishes so recently spoken will be carried out. Now there is change again as my hands move to stroke your arms down both sides slightly tickling you as I pass by your inner arms from your armpits to your palms. Making the area so sensitive that it sends shivers down your spine to your centre of being. Your nipples are now fully awake and strain to push the air from them. They start to get uncomfortable as the forces inside you are fully realised and there seems only pleasure for you to be experienced from now on. Your hands slump beside your thighs and my hands realising that there is no more pleasure for you in this place move to cup your breasts. You first feel my hands as two warm electric currents sending charges to your nipples as they caress and stroke the outer surfaces of your wonderful breasts.

You are fully aroused now although you do not have the energy to resist; nor do you want to. From the underneath of your bulbous breasts to the tips my hands are constantly moving. They thrill you. They delight you. Your body is straining for fulfillment. Your lower lips are now pushing themselves outward to receive their share of caresses as well. Your clitoris strains to be touched. Your inner lips are opening and throbbing ready for impalement. But not yet!! First my hands dip lower to move over your belly; Each a separate entity and both moving independently and in opposite directions. Your belly tightens and retreats from this touch; but only because the sensations are so deliciously welcomed. Your body slumps further down the chair so that your sex lips are exposed over the bottom of the chair.. They demand to be satisfied. But not yet! Your legs are loose and wide apart. There are beads of moisture between your legs. You have no control over this Your mind demands your body to be satisfied and fucked! But not yet! My hands at last move to stroke your clitoris. My fingers rolling it between them to send sharp shocks to your brain. You wish to be sucked NOW and fucked; NOW.

What more can you do to encourage this spirit to enter you? You ask: “Please satisfy me”. and the spirit replies “turn away from the screen”. and you see. just smoke in a man’s form standing before you. He bends and kneels before you. and brings out a long red tongue to enter your slit and lick you out Spirit moves the tongue as if it does not belong to any mortal, licking and plunging inside your centre releasing sensations that are too much to bear Your mind revolts; It is too much you slump to the floor and your minds goes blank. You are only sensations without a body. You do not feel the engorged penis entering your red crowned bush The plunging of copulation and the slow withdrawal. but you know it has happened because your clitoris is throbbing and erect and wrapped around the invading penis while your whole cunt, is sent into spasms of lust and excitement; and fulfillment. You are only a sexual being now no more a mortal. You have become a sexual Goddess.