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A fortunate, providential accident

Pretending she had a bruised knee she got me to carry her home, my best fantasiy ever

Hi, mi name is Alberto, a 24 yo. Spanish guy and here is my story that began to be created at a bus body so that all male passenger attention would only driven toward her; nobody uttered a word  -speechless, staring at this beauty. I reckon she was 35 yo. 1,75 tall, long waving  reddish hair.

She wore a tight white blouse with low neck through which her wonderful breasts were seen, also the owner of some embellished tits, along with splendorous nipples.  My stare immediately searched at her waist to automatically go down,  and to my amazement, this beauty  had more to show us:  I couldn’t wait to look absorbedly at passenger in the city where I live now, in Argentina, with this unbelievable build up on that day I was on my way home riding this particular bus en route to my neighborhood.

All of a sudden, the bus driver stopped at this unusual bus stop. Passengers seldom board here, yet one female commuter was climbing on this bus now.  She was a gorgeous brunette, superb, showing off her well built   those perfectly shaped legs, also adorned by the black   mini skirt she wore with a little slit to one side of her costume on that particular leg side while walking along the bus aisle.

Submerged in my thoughts, I couldn’t help imagine her naked, hardly controlling myself, for it was obvious she liked this, shook her ass to be appraised by all men like the rubber doll at a show window waiting for potential customers.  She had taken a seat transverse to mine, a stupendous position from which she gave me a complete view off an elegant body, thus be contemplated in its richness and details by curious male passengers, needless to say, a well-built body indeed.  Her beautiful bubble ass made the mini skirt to get   raised, aided by some nice ass cheeks, to a point you could see where the stockings finished at her legs.

I watched like a perplexed, dumbfounded guy, probing the brunette. All of a sudden, she stood up, perhaps preparing to get off the bus.  Like driven by inertia, I was now an object that kept moving automatically getting off after the woman, regardless of this was not my final destination yet.


The bus had dropped her off at this particular bus stop, and she immediately started to walk in her direction, while it was funny to imagine but I would  be  in the right track here too, following her cautiously,  watching at her ostentation, pomposity  and flamboyance.   
It’s at this point when the most beautiful accident occurred: this chick had stumbled along clumsily, tripped over into a drain next to the lane, exactly at  the corner she had reached by now, with me behind her. I approached to enquire about her condition.

“Are you ok?”

She said:

“Oh, thank you, but… I don’t feel my feet!”

She was now sitting on the ground and had tried to get on her feet. To prevent her from suffering a major injury, I kept her from standing up now, saying:

“You’d better stay put, ma’am, go back to sit down or your feet will become worse under a body weight.”

I grabbed her ankle and began to rub, touching softly, asked her:

“Does it hurt?” 

She said:

“I just don’t feel if I still have my feet.”

While having this chat, I sometimes directed my look into her thighs and discovered a pretty tiny black panty, with laces and embroidery. The best part of this was her camel toe, a panty too stick into the slit, and the major cunt lips looking meaty. I couldn’t tell if she had caught me staring at her pussy, but she said: “I live around here,” instead. I volunteered to carry her, so she embraced me so I lifted her off ground with one strong push.


What a delicious sensation I felt as she laid her arms around my neck for support while my hands felt her beautiful legs. I began to lose control, fought to avoid smuggling my hand daringly into her pussy, to meddle with the cunt. I had a wonderful hard on by now, which had made a visible bulge above pants.

We finally got to a door and this mature searched within her pulse to take out a set of keys. We stepped in and she said:

“Please, leave me to rest on that sofa.”

I did so, she thanked me saying “I trust you, Mr. Otherwise I hadn’t let you in, but emergency obliged me to.”

She smiled so kindly, such a marvelous sexy smile, that I immediately asked her if she was alone at home. She said yes.

I asked:

“Do you happen to need something now, say,  can get it for you, ma’am?”

She replied: “No, not now, thanks. I’m only worried about being home alone, the way I am, mean… under this condition.”

I ducked, grabbed her leg, laying it stretched out on a table and got back to touch the feet for another examination. I asked:

“Do you feel anything now?”

She said no. My hand got up her calf. She said: “No, not yet.”

I began to massage her knee while she kept saying didn’t feel my touch or contact. Her face expression denoted happiness instead, appearing not to be suffering.  Her charm and seduction was intelligently dissimulated by her eyes, a lustful look perhaps, and I promptly began to get involved in the play, so I got up my hand to her thighs and began to stroke and squeeze there strongly. I looked at her face, looking for some sign of change, but she sighed softly saying:

“No, not yet, I don’t feel my leg, sorry Mr.”


This desirous, eager woman had now a hidden lust easy to deduce by the experienced young guy I was, so decided for a different technique to treat a bruise;  I guessed it’d surely work if I tried blowing my hot breath between her thighs trying to find out if she had an underlying soft tissue or bruised knee at the same time.

This way she would be able to say if felt anything and I started by spreading her legs so I could get in between and blew directly on this particular thigh.  I almost touched the panty with my lips, noticed her breathing quickening while she signaled to me: “No, not yet.”

I said:

“There’s some discoloration here, ma’am!!”

I discovered a purplish mark on the skin as if caused by a blow. Well, at least I was on the good track here.  I began to go up the leg slowly trying to locate a sensitive spot but with no results; hope this patient would inform / warn any moment from now, noticing her swelled and wet mound under the panty.  It was here at this point where I blew under the garter in the panty. This new sensation made her to grasp my head with her hands, gasping for air and beginning to moan softly.  I couldn’t take this anymore and passed my tongue on top of the panty. She got so horny, uncontrolled, that she felt obligated to raise her hips a little off the sofa, signaling me to slide the panty off, so I obeyed…

You buddies might figure out I used my hands to slide the panty off. Sorry to say I clinched the small panty with my teeth and pulled it down saying:

“Now, ma’am you’re gonna feel something delicious here; it’s worked before at other occurrences.   I’m the good therapist here ma’am.  You just be the good girl and cooperate, and please, lend me a hand, got it?”

As I uttered these words I looked her in the eye. I said:

“Somewhere around here might got hurt, I’m not an amateur flub dub, I figure out it must be a temporary problem regarding a fracture stress around here.  I want you to relax.”

I leaned forward to proceed: began to kiss the delicious vagina, so wet my tongue slid pleasantly between the lips. I gently pulled the lips apart and looked and her inner lips spread the tops of her pussy up until I could find her clit.    I kissed her gently, and then harder, using my tongue to separate her pussy lips and when she opened up for me to see. I run my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. I gently spread her legs more with my hands. All of this I performed gently. I tongue-fucked her and this felt divine. Perhaps she wanted some attention given to her clit, for began to shake her hips and quiver. I checked first if her clit had gotten hard enough to peek out of its covering to begin to lick it, or might still be waiting for me underneath? I barely could experience its presence, buddies, but finally felt the tiny pearl.   I solved the problem making it rise by licking the skin that covered this clit.  I couldn’t bear it anymore and began to lick hard.  


Her labia was being parted a little now to finally find the clit head, my tongue playing with it.  This had drove her wild, moaning madly, a woman out of control who had my head clutched between her hands now, pressed firmly against her twat. I still tongue fucked the vagina following a hysterical tempo and stopped only when I felt her liquids and creampy in my face; they tasted appetizingly. I said:

“Now, I’m going for the gold, madam.  Say if you feel something or have improved in any way.. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to give me a hand here… or are you a Saint Quentin quail, ma’am?”

She sat on the sofa,   sat up straight and took off her blouse. I saw some incredible breasts, those you wish to suck. This mature got on her feet and stripped, naked, completely. Fuck the duck!! If this had been sweat hog I had fucked her anyway, like the porky waitress I once fucked to end up exhausted.

Her eyes were now full of lust as she saw my hard on, and we hugged kissing passionately.  She was wishing more, and to speed up, got down to kiss the bulbous cock head, gave it a few sucking, then back to the testicles, making a slurping sound as she deep throated my dick which had got harder. I wanted to get to her tits, but first had to grab her face to get it away from her business here, and kissed her passionately; shift to the neck noticing she was enjoying this lot… until I got to my objective: nipples were hard, erect and stick out.  I nibbled them, licking and kissing until I felt her arms embracing me strongly, saying:

“Please, take me now; your superb shaft drives me mad!”

As I delayed this, ignoring the suppliant woman, stroked her body, trying to get her to the verge of an orgasm. She begged:

“Oh, no please, take me now. Wanna feel it within me, please!!”


I told her to lie down on the sofa and she gladly agreed moving quickly to it. I began to rub my penis against her labia, slowly at the beginning, while she screamed:

“Oh, fuck! Please, now!!”

I stared at her clean shaved pussy. It was unique, yet I had seen plenty of them . It was of a large size, color and shape that called my attention. This one was tucked inside like a little girl’s cunnie while I was expecting some thick luscious lips like coming out to greet me. She was special.
I continued my fondle a little more father and warned I’d jam her. This made her to go madder as was about to try this new piece of meat. She had been awaiting my attack until I was quite prepared to shove my dick within her. As I jammed my dick through the pussy a loud scream was heard around the room and probably outside; felt her nails sink on my back. She began a madly and ardent shake off her hips, and I barely could match her rhythm, pounding her; clutched her strongly and began to grind her, having both a wonderful time…

I was about to cum and warned her by whispering in her ear. She said:

“Oh, I want to feel your cum spurt within my cunt.”

I couldn’t hold it anymore and cummed. It was such a delicious sensation getting her to reach to her orgasm too.  We reached to a moment when we only hug and moaned from pleasure having both a climax.  Our rhythm descended until we were only two lovers who embraced each other so lovely, the woman still with a penis stuck inside. 

We continued fucking and loving each kissing at the same time. I yet don’t know or have details on how many orgasms she had to bear, climaxing lavishly. She was an obliging, thankful woman saying it had been a pleasure to be with me. My response came quickly as I still stroked her.
“You’re truly a beauty and I’ve enjoyed your exquisiteness a lot. You not only have been great but the best ever, and have adored you as well as your wonderful body; though I must tell you I’m a married guy and love my wife.”

I dressed up and was gone in a minute. Never knew her name, however satisfied to have loved this amazing brunette. No doubt I had made a Latin beg, and beg for me like no other woman had ever begged for me before.


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