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A Hot Day In The Garden

A Favour For My Aunite Turns Out Different
My “auntie” Carole asked me around to have a look at a tree in her garden that she needs cutting right back and the rubbish removed. She is not my proper auntie but an old friend of my mother’s, who over the years she had got as close to the family as any of my proper aunties. Her hobby is tending her lovely garden and as I have a pick up truck I agree to help.

In her mid-fifties she is only 15 years older than me, and is a slightly tubby lady, with a bubbly character and we get on like a house on fire.

Anyway, on the day, the sun is scorching, so I pop round in just a pair of shorts, pants and a polo shirt. Thankfully I’ve just got out of a cool shower and dashed on some good aftershave before I left, as by the time I get to her house the sweat is dripping off my face.

I call over the gate, and Carole tells me to come into the garden. She is sitting in the shade wearing a light flowery dress, which buttons down the front and a pair of pretty, but relatively high heeled sandals. I sit down next to her and enjoy the coolness of the shade, she tells me that “Uncle” Paul has gone down town to do some shopping, and place his bets, and then she asks if I fancy a beer.

I say yes and she gets up and heads to the kitchen. As the sun shines on her summery dress it becomes semi translucent and I can see that her shapely pair of legs. As she then returns I again get the silhouette of her body through the dress but I also notice how her breasts wobble, and bounce, under the thin material, despite me being able to work out she’s wearing a bra and knickers as she walk towards me.

Leaning forward Carole puts my beer down and I get a sniff of her perfume and a glimpse of her creamy white cleavage both down, and through, the buttons of the dress. Normally a conservative dresser I wish I could see her in this dress more often, I found my self thinking

As she sits down, leaning back, crossing her legs, her dress slips back down her thigh, towards her. It opens enough to reveal a substantial amount of thigh. I take a gulp of my beer and tear my eyes away from her legs only to have them stop and stare at her chest which is slightly heaving as she breathes. Finally I look her in the eyes and she smiles at me, raising her eyebrows as she lets me know that she has caught me looking.

I take another gulp of beer and say. “I’m so sorry I didn't mean to stare, but the hot weather affects me like this”.

She laughs, and shakes her head, making her bobbed hair flick and her boobs gently bounce as they rest on her tubby belly.

“Come on put your drink down and have a look at this tree. Do you want to take your shirt off?”

I don't hesitate, and in a flash my shirt is over the back of the chair and I am down to my shorts. I am also overweight, tubby and tanned, but she smiles and says “Mmmm, not bad for an office man”.

Moving through the flowerbeds we reach the tree, Carole turns and I see a bead of sweat run down her cleavage. Again I can’t help but stare, but this time she lifts her hands up and slowly unbuttons the top button of her dress. Then looking at me and winking she undoes the next button, then another, and then another.

When all the top buttons are undone Carole pulls the sides of her frock open to reveal her large, pale creamy white, 44D sized tits. They are cradled in a white lacy bra that barely covers her areolas, underneath is her white belly.

Yes her belly is tubby, and a bit saggy, but she is looking one model of mature womanhood. My eyes return to her tits again, and I watch the sweat trickle between them, and as I stare she runs her finger down the cleavage, scooping up the sweat before wiping it on my nose.

Carole continues to unbutton her dress until the two sides fall open, now revealing her lower belly and underneath her small white knickers.

My cock is now pushing at the front of my pants and making my shorts stand out. She has not let this go unnoticed, and licking her lips she runs her hand over the top of the bulge, before giving it a light squeeze. Through both my shorts and pants I can feel the squeeze on my bell end. I gulp, but feeling brave I let my hand stray up and onto her bra clad breast, squeezing the fullness of her tit. I push even more of her pale flesh out of the bra to reveal the top of a perfectly pink areola. Carole stands back and slips the open dress back off her shoulders, and lets it fall to the floor.

As she stands there I look her up and down, taking in all her mature curves, and creamy white flesh.

Carole breaks the silence “come on then lets get you out of those shorts, it's far too hot for them”.

"Well go on then Pete don't be shy" A male voice booms behind me.

I jump, and turn around sharply. Feeling embarrassed, and nervous, there is “Uncle” Paul, in his shorts and shirt. He is in his late 50’s and he is looking straight at me and smiling.

"Well, you were about to strip off and fuck my wife with me not here weren’t you? What's the problem now?"

I start to make apologetic gestures and sounds, I know if he hadn't turned up that Carole had turned me on enough to want to fuck her so I couldn’t deny it.

Then I feel her push her body against my back her bra and soft breasts pushing and rubbing just below my shoulder. Her belly wobbles against my hip as she thrusts her pubic mound into my leg. Her arm slips around me and she unbuttons the top of my shorts before her long fingers unzip the fly. My shorts flap open, revealing my hard cock pushing out my pants like a small tent.

From behind her hand then tugs at my shorts and they slip to my ankles. Looking at Paul I step out of them and wait for his reaction. He laughs at my discomfort, before taking of his own shirt, then his shorts, and then he drops his pants. He is now standing naked in front of me, with a hard on.

I can't help but look at his cock and his body, I am not gay, but this is the first time I’ve had a naked man stood in front of me with a hard dick. I am pleased to see that he is also not a particularly big boy, and a bit overweight, although I’m not sure what I was expecting.

Whilst I stand staring Carole slides her fingers into the waist band of my pants and strokes my cock. Gently, pushing the front of my pants down, she exposing me to her husband. He laughs, at first I think about the size of my cock, but he says it’s about my tan lines. I laugh in return, partly out of embarrassment, but party out of relief. I can feel her breathe on my back as she slides the back of my pants down and off my arse, and over my hips until they just drop to the floor and I step out of them.

I look around me and for the first time I realize we can be over seen by the neighbours. Paul laughs again "Come on Carole let’s all go to the benches up the garden." With that he ushers me to turn around. As I do Carole reaches out her left hand and takes hold of my hard cock, then in her right, takes hold of Paul’s cock and lead us through the garden to two benches with cushions on them. We are in the sunlight, but as I glance about I can see that we are not overlooked.

Paul is the first to sit down, and then Carole directs me onto the bench opposite and she sits next to me. Still a little apprehensive I look over to Paul who says "You're the guest; you better finish what you started."

I gulp and turn back to Carole, she leans forward and our lips meet as she guides my right hand back onto her bra enclosed boob. I squeeze her soft flesh through the material, and although her mature tits are not firm, they have a completely sexy feel to them. I squeeze more, and then with my flat palm, push and massage her boobs making her push harder against my lips and breathe heavily through her nose.

My hand slips behind her back and I undo the bra catch. Carole pulls back and this allows me to slip her bra off, one strap at a time. Slowly, sliding the lovely lacy material over her flesh, I first reveal that wonderful pink areola I had got a glimpse of before and then finally pulling the cups away completely her wonderful nipples.

Finally, I take in the full naked splendour of her creamy, mature, tits sagging, and resting, on your belly

I look over to Paul, he is sitting back, legs wide open slowly stroking his hard cock with one hand and cupping his balls with another.

I return my gaze back to the large creamy breasts, the lovely pink areolas and hardening nipples pointing downwards. Carole smiles and asks “Well Pete, do you like what you see?” “Yes” I hoarsely reply, and slip my fingers under each breast, squeezing between the sweaty flesh of her belly and the underside of her tits. I lift them up; they feel very soft and slightly sticky. They weigh quite a lot as they lay flat on my palms. I bend forward taking her left nipple in my mouth, before sliding more and more of Carole’s boob passed my lips until her nipple is about halfway back in my mouth and then I run my tongue around and over it.

At the same time my left hand is massaging and groping her right breast, my thumb rubbing her nipple, making it harder and harder. Carole’s hand is between my legs, cupping my balls, whilst the other pulls my head into her chest.

I can hear Paul saying “Go on mate, enjoy those tits!” My hand now slides over her cuddly belly and onto her knickers. Still sucking at her breast I slip my fingers into the side of the wet, sweaty, gusset and almost choke when I find a bald pussy inside.

My fingers quickly make their way to Carole’s soft vagina lips, and I slide them along her moist slit to the little skin hood directly above her clit.

I pull my head away from her left breast and now firmly lock onto your right breast, pulling at it, as it rises and falls with each deep breath, and then with a sudden jolt as I touch Carole’s clit for the first time.

Paul let’s out a load groan, and a shot of cum flies across the path and lands very near to us. “Don't worry!” I hear him say, “You two carry on, I’m sure I’ll get it back up again before you two finish!”

With that Carole stands up, letting go of my cock, and my head and hands pull away from her breasts. The cum has landed on the side of the bench cushion and with her index finger she spoons it up. Briefly she shows me the thick creamy liquid before licking it off and swallowing it.

At this point I am so glad neither Carole or I are touching my cock, as I’ve never seen a woman do something as sexy as that before I would have shot my load as well.

Then, still stood up, with fingers either side of her waist she lowers her knickers, baring her bald pussy, and those lovely, puffy, moist lips.

Stepping back towards me, Carole stops with her legs apart enough for me to see her labia slightly hanging between her legs. I reach up and slide my finger along them still taking in that she is shaven. At the same time she starts to thrust her hips back and forth, giving a little shudder each time I stroke her clit with my thumb.

Easing back onto the bench, Carole leans right back and spread her legs wide open, her moist fanny lips glisten in the sun. I look over to Paul again, he has now regained a hard on. Nodding he says “Go on Pete, give her a good licking."

I nod and kneel on the grass between her spread legs. Spreading her cunt lips with my thumbs, I lower my head and start to tease her clit as she gently thrusts her pubic mound into my face. I slip two fingers into her wet hole, keeping her clit on view using my finger and thumb of the other hand.

I then become aware that Paul’s cock is just inches from my face as he comes over and starts to suck on her tits, squashing them together and mauling them roughly.

Carole’s arms force my mouth into her pussy and Paul’s cock into her cleavage as she grinds her clit against my lips and tongue.

My fingers are pumping into her wet hole, and I can feel them getting sticky with her running juices. Paul taps me on the shoulder and says "Carole's ready now, fuck her!"

I get up and slip my cock into her puffy red pussy lips, it feels wonderful, and our tubby bellies rub as I start to pump her.

Paul is stood on the bench he has got himself into a position where he can slide his cock into her open mouth. Slowly at first he screws her face, as I begin to pick up speed on her cunt.

As I fuck her my eyes dart from her large, wobbling tits, to Paul’s cock slipping in and out of her mouth. I’ve never seen somebody get a blow job in the flesh.

Back my eyes go to Carole’s beautiful fun bags, the loose saggy flesh shaking right up to her chin and back down to her belly. Her areolas hypnotize me with their movement until I reach up with one hand and grab her left breast, pinching at the nipple whilst groping the flopping flesh roughly.

Paul reaches down, and follows suit, and I immediately drawn back to his cock inches away from my face, thrusting hard into her mouth, as she takes him to the base of his shaft.

I begin to feel a familiar shudder inside her honey pot as Carole is starting to cum, I feel her pussy muscles clamp around my cock, and I know I’m not far away from Cumming either. Paul has also sped up and Carole grabs the underside of his balls.

Then partly choking on Paul’s cock Carole gives one last pelvic thrust, and pussy shudder, and I feel her Cumming. I grab her breast harder and I feel her clamp her cunt onto my cock and I cum. I can feel my spunk pumping into pussy hole almost like a petrol pump.

Paul gives a long groan and Carole pulls back quickly, taking his cock from her mouth he shoots his second load of spunk onto her face, her tits and onto our hands.

Sliding his cock back into her mouth, from a couple of inches away I watch Carole lick it clean, before she lifts our hands, one at a time and take her time in licking those clean as well.

I straighten up and my cock slips out of her pussy, whilst I’m do this Carole lifts her breasts to her mouth and licks the spunk off them.

As I stand up Carole leans forward and slides my cock into her mouth, working her tongue up and down my shaft, she cleans my excess spunk off it, paying particular attention to my bell end.

Finally with Paul and I standing in front of her, Carole opens her legs wide open and with her pussy hanging over the edge of the bench, she squeezes her fanny muscles forcing out my load of white sticky spunk, letting it drop onto the grass below.

Exhausted, we all make our way back into the house to clean up properly and get dressed. Maybe next week I’ll come round to sort out the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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