A mature sexually unsatisfied

By marcosurbina

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She loved her husband -she insisted over. But had never got to an orgasm, so I was here to help

A sexually unsatisfied mature

I used to kiss her ass,  but later on I realized she loved to be fucked from behind  so getting a most pleasure and gratification out of it.  No doubt I was falling in love with this woman. Whenever we fucked she would take my dick out of her pussy to bury it well into her longing asshole, to enjoy it gratefully.

Hi buddies: you're welcome to read this wonderful story,   absolutely real. You please, forgive me for the long story I'm about to write, but it's my goal to mention all facts, and how they took place in reality.  It's a story which happened to me years ago when I was 23 yo. It's also  a long and precious sexual experience that I have treasured a lot, while    my  girl friend's first experience was at her 17, beggining to fuck to the limits. 

I live in a small town in the province of Andalucia, Spain,   not too small though, so every one is  popular here. I earn my living as  an electrician. That’s what I do for a living,  until   one day  a couple came to visit me in my home saying they  owned a place which needed   to be fit with a new network or wiring installation. This was an elderly couple  -she, 60 yo, while the husband neared the  53 yo. It was a rented apartment in the ground floor at the same  building where I live now. The new business there   would  be a florist's shop.

I was at the time too exhausted from  too much work during the last days, yet I accepted the deal.   I'd have refused it,  if this woman hadn’t begged me so  many times to go ahead, especially when   they couldn't find  an electrician anywhere, so they had turned to me to finish this work promptly,  in one or two days.

I must be honest and say  I took the job because I noticed the woman had a great body to fuck and the fact I've always liked matures.  This  one,  yet a little fat, had always caught my attention whenever I saw her around the town, or seen her walking in the streets.   Despite her age, she was cute, adorable, with large boobs   and an ass so splendorous, big and nice.   It made your  heart thump out of your chest.   She was always finely dressed   and perhaps attended regularly  to a  beauty parlor to make up her hair and have it painted red color. She also showed  a good make up in her face.

Three days later I got to work  and she had to come here to open the place for me  and stayed there chatting with me until I was done for the day.   She herself had to add some interior decoration, so we spent many hours together; quite a  conversational and a nice person. Soon we’d   become good friends.  It turned me on as she bent over and showed that extraordinary round ass of hers.  I had never cheated my girl friend and yet always  dreamed on fucking an old woman.  All my fantasies  would soon become a reality, I thought,  so I decided to do something about it.

I realized it was going to be hard to fuck her  for she kept on saying   that she was deeply in love with her husband. Well, my theory was different now and  I'd use a good strategy to get her: being be a   nice guy to impress her, and giver her a hand  whenever it was  required.  All women would  give in, if you keep pressing, harassing them,  but you shouldn’t  make a  mistake, try to fuck them before it's late, or they'd panic. First thing first, be a gentleman, never rude.

Everything was progressing all right, but despite all my plans were excellent, I had missed some details. That's why  I was not lucky as one day I fell off the ladder where I had climbed to work,   and broke one leg.  She took me immediately to the hospital where my leg was put on cast, and stayed there with me. She then took me home. I lived in the second floor above  where the florist's shop was.

From there on, she came to visit me everyday. I think she felt guilty for the accident   and she decided to do the housework for me while my girl friend attended the university in a major city. She wouldn't let me on my  own.  She'd do  this continuously until I  healed.   She always kissed me good bye in the cheek while I returned the kiss as close to her lips as I could. During this time  in my apartment helping me, I was permanently turned on by this woman, thinking and planning ahead how to fuck her.

I  had healed enough at last,  as to walk by resting one feet in the ground  for support. this alowed me to get off the bed and head  downstairs to meet her, with  excuses like: I was too bored at home and she would be a good company.   As she saw me, she was happy and told me to come down whenever I wished or felt the necessity, but one day while we were chatting indoors    -no customers were there at the moment-  and saw a couple through the glass window, standing there kissing  passionately. It was then she made this confession:

"I feel envy as I see young people  kiss like that!"

"Why that?" I asked.

"Well, my husband  has never kissed me in the mouth like that. He is so scrupulous and he thinks it's a nasty thing to kiss you in the mouth."

Even though I was not sure, I could tell  this woman was not sexually satisfied. Nonetheless she claimed she loved her husband totally and sincerely.   I came up with the conclusion that if the husband refused to kiss her in the mouth, he'd also  fail to do many things to her, like fucking.  So I didn't waste a second and replied:

"I love to kiss my girl friend, have you ever ventured to kiss another person?"

She said: "No, I haven't.  I love  my husband a lot and  whatsoever his strange behavior, he won't deserve to be cheated. I'm not a horny wife at all."

I said: "The fact you'll kiss another person didn't  mean you are a cheater."

"Well just figure out my kissing everybody just to know how it felt. Nobody will buy it" she said.

"Well just give it a try and kiss me to feel how it is!"   I said.

"I'd gladly accept that, but I'm too shy for it.  I already know you wish to kiss me and won't hesitate. On the other hand,   I don't think you're gonna  kiss  an older woman while your cute girl friend is waiting for you. I say it again: I'm not a horny woman and never would cheat my husband."

"Well ma'am,  it's the time for me to confess something: I've always liked mature women and  longing to kiss you, so come on and try!"

She was hesitant at the beginning,  so I had to grab  her arm at the same time as trying to convince her, to encourage and persuade her.

"Just a little bit and that's all, besides what's wrong with it if we both are wishing to kiss each other?"

"Ok, but just one kiss, to feel it, got it?" she asked.

You would never figure it out how happy I was at that moment. It had been  two weeks now since I hadn't fucked anyone and  this was my chance  at the back of a store, where I'd    keep an eye on any potential customer getting in,  while buzy with this grannie,  I had longed to fuck since first time I met her.

She was pretty nervous as I took her by the waist, shaking like jelly, and when I kissed her I could notice her dried up mouth, so nervous, and tense. But I told her: "You just  relax, lady, take it easy, let me handle it, I'll  take over.

She began to open her mouth and let my tongue inside her. She sometimes separated to breathe, so I took my chance to kiss her in the neck and in the ear, and soaked her with my saliva.  Up to this moment, my hands were pretty over her waist, but I began to get more tuned on and   moved them down to her ass. As she perceived this progress, she pushed me back and separated completely saying this:

"See it won't work? You promised me  we'd only kiss and you are already trying to do something different. I've told you enough I love my husband and I'd never cheat him, do you understand this? Is that clear?"

Saying this and she began to weep. I was shocked by this so I chose to leave immediately regretting I didn't wait for the best chance. I wouldn't   go down to her place any more and visit her because it was too difficult to anticipate  her reaction would  at seeing me again. I had  spoiled it all."

Three days after this I was sitting in the sofa watching TV as the door bell rang. I went to open the door and: There she was!!   I told her to step in and as she did while inquiring  why I hadn't got there during these three  days.  My answer was I began to feel bad due  to   her terrible reaction. I didn't mean to upset her. She apologized, she had been considering it and this would't happen any more.  I   shouldn't take it so seriously, she laughed, saying: 

"Can I kiss you now?"

I was caught by surprise, and I only could respond:

"It's ok."

She began to walk towards me, sitting in the sofa, then lifted up her tight skirt she wore and sat on my lap, putting   one leg to each side and began to be fussy and delicate and  kissed me. I let her make the first move  because I wouldn't dare to venture and do something wrong.    She began to kiss me furiously while poking her tongue inside my mouth. She sometimes kissed me around the face and in the neck and I was again turned on to the limits, I put my hands on her ass cheeks, but this time above her skirt which was already lifted to the waist due to hard work and commotion.   I made sure she wasn't going to   complain and   poked my hands farther into her  to touch  her panties directly.  There was one moment  I was tempted to poke her asshole with  the tip of my finger.

I figured out she would protest so I took it out quickly. She didn't comment anything about this and kept on kissing me  with more passion and intensity than before, so it was my chance to go over the operation again, many times, while she always responded quietly, not resisting.  As I noticed she was about to complain I took the finger out so I wouldn't screw it up. 

It was now when I decided to make my move and get to the next step: to touch pussy.  I sneaked one hand in the front side of her and dared to touch her cunt. She undoubtedly was wet, so I began to masturbate her slowly while she moaned yet  disapproved,  saying:

"Please, don't do this to me, just we ought to kiss now…"

"But... what? Don't you like it?" I said.

"I love this but I don't wish to cheat my husband. I'm not a horny wife."

I kept on touching her clit but my left hand was free to do its job, so I slid it under her blouse searching for the nipples which looked like about to burst out for such hardened as they were now. I finally could raise her blouse enough to suck them.  She quit resisting from there on and, leaned back a little to enjoy my stroking on her tits...  until she began to convulse and wriggle,  due to an orgasm she was having, so I asked her:

"So you don't fuck your husband since long ago? And do you feel pretty satisfied as you practice sex?"

"No, I've never cum when fucking him. I use to cum by working on my clit myself and fingering, then cum.  He only would climb on top of me until he cums.   He then qiot everything and doesn't want to know about this anymore.  That's all."

"Have you ever sucked a monster dick?

"No, never. He  has never eaten my pussy either."

"Would you like to suck my dick?"

"Oh just  can't tell. I don't know if I can  handle it, would like to give it a try, though."

She had not yet  recovered  from the big orgasm  she had just had, but  got on her   knees  and began to slid  out of my briefs. I had to give her a hand due to my big erection I had now while she was having difficulties in getting it out of my pants.  It was then as she tells me it's  bigger than her husband's, specially thicker, so she took my dick to her lips and began to lick it awkwardly. To encourage her and ease it  I told her to get naked completely.  I proceeded to lay her on the floor and ride on top of her to start a 69. As she felt my tongue in her pussy, she let out a loud moan which frightened me but she kept on sucking fiercely, until  I was transmitted the same sensations.    She took it out of her mouth on and of  and rubbed it against her face. She cummed twice while doing this until I began to explode  inside her mouth without warning.

I have no recollection about having   cummed so wonderfully ever. This woman  was reluctant to swallow the cum load but  was forced to as  the cock  got  all the way down her throat, resembling a gorgeous deep throat.  She had no other option than to swallow it all, thus allowing a chance to breathe,  gasping for air.   A great deal of cum spilled   around her lip, apart from the good facial I performed on her.  

My rod was still stiff, hard and   longing to fuck her slit, but chose to take  her to my bed room upstairs, so I'd fuck  well and luciously on my bed. Besides, I wanted to see her face expression  reflected in the big mirror as she reached her orgasm.

I made her to get in her 4's and moved the mirror facing her. She complained saying this was embarrassing, disgusting, as seeing herself in a mirror while fucked by a stranger like a slut,  I wouldn't listened, though.  I was overcome by a strong desire to take her from   behind and  penetrated with a single stroke, she shut up her  after a big moan. I felt like if ridding a motorcycle and this panorama happening in the mirror became exciting both of us  with her big tits bouncing with each stroke I gave her.  Sweet could be noticed in the mirror leaking all around her body (it was summer and there was no air conditioning in my room), but what most turned me on was her face  reflecting  great pleasure while I fucked her.

She was but an all dedicated woman grinding my rod,  and was still screaming and shaking whiled she began to   move around madly. I had never been with a woman who enjoyed sex so much like  she was doing now,  and I concentrated  looking after the best moment  for filling her pussy.   When  asked  if I could cum inside her  she said "yes", so at the moment she began to convulse I jet my cum load  within her;    it seemed like if  I was  discharging gallons of cum load into her cunt.

"How did you like it?"  I asked.

"Today I've enjoyed more than in my 30 years of marriage. It was fantastic, great, gorgeous."  she said.

"What was the best about it?" I asked.

"Everything was fine, especially when you ate my cunt and   fucked me at the same time.   I even felt how thick  your dick was, filling my pussy,   gripped by my vagina and the brush inside me.  Also I could cum without having to turn to a clit  masturbation to get  to an orgasm."  she replied.

There's something else I discovered: whenever  my husband cums he only is worried about emptying himself within me, then he's finished. But it's been different now with you. I felt a hot strong mighty stream hitting the bottom of my vagina, and felt extraordinary and lasting sensations.

"Do you feel bad because you had sex with me?" I asked.

"Well, yes, I don't regret it  totally.    But  I think I had never had  a chance to enjoy real sex if it hadn't been this way."

After a while chatting, we took a shower together, kissing constantly like people who loved each other. She then dressed up and went to the shop to open. I noticed she didn't have lunch that day. Her husband used to pick her up everyday at noon to take her home for lunch, but on this particular day   she  had instructed him not to pick her up for so   much work she was having there! She would take a little snack at noon in the grocery store at a nearby corner.

From this day on she brought her lunch to the store, then she'd go up to my apartment at break time, if I was available. She'd eat her favourite dessert sitting in the sofa.  I continued to fuck this woman for years and she finally became my girl friend who enjoyed to be fucked at unimaginable, indescribable sex positions, standing on her hands with my rod in her mouth.  Later on she gave me break: just funcking pussy would be boring.  This way I had a chance to fuck all her holes  and I still recall the day I tore  her asshole.   She complained about how it would hurt  though, referring to my hard thinck penis, almost massive. She was the hell scared!!   But it was a must to fuck that ass!!

It came the moment at last when she got used to it and she loved to   get fucked this way, so much that  she  frequently took my dick  off her pussy without warning and   directed to her asshole enjoying gratefully.

Four years after this she had to close the florist's shop  because her husband got sick and she had to   nurse him.  It was difficult this way to love my girl friend as I used to,  but still I dropped by her house to visit and fuck.

On a certain day, she called me to fix her washing machine.  As I got into the room where she kept this appliance,     she followed me in there and told me there was nothing wrong with the appliance. It was all a make up.  She began to kiss me while her husband was sitting in the sofa just a few meters away from us.   We stood up putting our hands against a wall and I fucked her in this standing position. She was now bent over to take my dick,  peering through a small crack   in the wall to keep an eye on her husband, her skirt lifted up  and her panties put aside while   she bit her hand almost to bleed as she clinched her teeth to avoid screaming by the  hard fucking.     She then got to her knees in front of me and made me a good blow job until swallowed cum. 

We were like this for a few months –fucking hiddenly in this room  while her husband didn't suspect anything or noticed something unusual, so I could fuck her all around the house, in all rooms available.  Her favorite position was on top  to ride me, but it was likely we were caught. Our encounters or reunions had to be quick and easy, while I performed a bang yes ma'am  so nobody suspected my rod had been  well inside her, hooked   by the penis which brought her to her great spasms.

Finally, her husband died from a serious illness and she had to move to another city to live with   her only daughter. I never saw her again.  I'm happily married today and I'm enjoying   good sex with my wife, but not so good as the one I used to have  with the mature woman.