A Mother in law affair (2)

By JMPhil

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The next night has more passion, more excitement
After my second blowjob of the morning, we kissed again then I finally got dressed and drove into work. The drive in and day of work was an absolute blur to me. All I could think about was what I had done the night before and what was coming that night. I had no idea what I was in for, I had no basis for expectation either. The day seemed to drag on forever. At about 3:30, I was fixing to leave for home and I got a text from Judy.

It said, "What time will you be home?"

I replied, "I am probably leaving my office in the next couple minutes. Are you coming over?"

Her reply floored me. There were no words, just a picture, it took me a second but I quickly realized that the picture was of my bed.

I replied, "Leaving now. Stay right there!"

"I'm not going anywhere, see you soon :)"

I sped home, got there as quickly as I could.

The whole time I was driving, I was thinking to myself, "What happened to this woman?" 

I wasn't complaining, I was just shocked that she came out of her shell so quickly.

I pulled in the garage, ran into the house, looked around and walked to the bedroom. The door was cracked and I gently opened it to reveal what I can only describe as the sexiest view I have ever seen.

Judy was lying on the center of the bed, legs spread, bare naked and probing herself with a bright-pink vibrator, waiting for me to come home. I was literally speechless. She didn't stop as I walked into the room and didn't stop as I started to remove my clothing. As I walked to the side of the bed, she scooted her way over towards me and still did not put the vibrator down. I was as hard as I have ever been. She took her other hand, grabbed my balls and started to massage them. Then she propped her body up higher on the pillows, so she was more comfortable and then slowly took my cock into her mouth.

She was slowly sucking on my dick as she continued to penetrate herself with the vibrator. It was such an amazing sight. I was running my left hand up and around her chest, playing with her tits and her nipples. Between watching what she was doing to herself and feeling what she was doing to me, I was about ready to explode. Again, like the night before, I gave her the warning.

She pulled her mouth back and said, "I'm ready."

Within seconds, I let out two large blasts of cum into her mouth and throat. She swallowed all of it and didn't seem to struggle one bit.

I collapsed on to the bed next to her.

I hugged her, I kissed her and then I said, "Today was the longest day of my life. I was so anxious to get back to you."

She said, "I could tell. Do you want to take over?" As she looked down at her hand at the vibrator that she was still using.

I smiled and said, "Yes, please."

I inched my way down her body as she removed her toy from her pussy. She was so wet that I barely needed to even touch her to get a reaction. I quickly inserted two fingers inside her, as I kissed all around her mound and inner-thighs. Her breathing got heavier, her movements got harder, she was moving her body to put my fingers in place and I knew it was time to start eating her out. I plunged my tongue inside her which caused her to squeal and giggle. I kept going and before long, she had an amazing orgasm.

I sat up, at this point I was between her legs and inched my cock close to her pussy.

I was on my knees and I said, "Do you need a break?"

She said, "Don't be silly."

"Ok, good."

She grabbed a hold of me and guided me in. We started slowly but I increased the speed and power of my humping as I was reading her body language. The whole time I was on top, all I could think about was how sexy this woman was. It was an amazing experience.

We finished in that position and tried two other positions that she had wanted to try that night. By the time we were finished, we were exhausted.

We spooned in bed, in silence for a while, before she finally broke the silence.

She said, "Where do we go from here? She comes back tomorrow."

I said, "I don't know but I do know that the thought of never doing this again is one I don't want to have."

She said, "Me either. We've both waited too long for this. Want to see if we can keep it going?"

I said, "I'd really like that. As long as we're smart about it, I think we can keep this going without any red flags."

She said, "I agree. I'm tired, let's go to sleep."

We fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up, stared at my still naked mother-in-law for a couple minutes and went to shower. I got out of shower, walked to the bedroom and found her getting dressed.

She said, "Time to start the day. Thanks, hun."

She kissed me and left the house.

My wife got home later that day, we made love when she did. It felt great but I realized that I really wanted this affair with her mother to continue. We'll see where it goes...