A mother in law affair (3)

By JMPhil

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Our affair continues and clarity finally appears.
It’s been a couple weeks since Judy and I initially hooked up. Things between us have been good. There hasn’t been any extra sexual tension, nor has there been any weirdness. We’ve both handled our time together, both alone and with other people, extremely well. That’s not to say there haven’t been thoughts, because I know there have been plenty of times I’ve seen her since our initial hook up where I have thought only dirty thoughts but I have been able to keep my composure and she has too. As I had stated towards the end of my last story, Judy and I left that morning knowing that we both wanted more but weren’t going to risk everything just to have some sex. We were going to be smart about our next meeting and we were going to wait for the right time, regardless of how bad we wanted it. Since our initial rendezvous, we haven’t had the opportunity to get together until this week, thus my writing.

This past Monday, on my way home from work, I received a call from Judy. We exchanged pleasantries and such and then she said, “Are you alone in the car?”

I said, “Yeah, why, what’s up?”

She said, “Well…I wanted to know what you’re up to tomorrow night.”

She knew my wife was going to be away for a couple days this week and I knew that’s why she was asking.

I said, “I don’t have plans, I have to take your daughter to the airport tomorrow morning, but that’s it.”

She said, “Then you do have plans. I’m coming over to have some fun again.”

I smiled and said, “What about your husband? Where is he going to be?”

She said, “He is going to George’s retirement party, remember? He’s not coming back til Thursday. We’ll be all alone.”

“Oh. I didn’t remember that. That sounds like fun. Do you want to meet me at my house after work then?”

“Sure, do you have any requests?”

“Yes, one. I want you to dress up. I want you to pretend you’re going to a cocktail party.”

She said, “Sounds like fun. I won’t let you down.”

“Ok great. See you tomorrow then.”

We hung up and I was instantly excited. I slept well that night, got my wife around, and drove her to the airport. I dropped her off, said our goodbyes and went to work. The day was a blur. I didn’t focus on a single thing, couldn’t focus on anything. I just wanted it to be the end of the day. About 10 minutes before closing time, I got a text from Judy saying,

“I’ll be there around 6:30. I got a little held up today. See you soon!”

I got home, cleaned the house up, freshened up, and went from there. She would be arriving any minute. A couple minutes later, I saw her car pull in and then enter the garage. I did not get an early glimpse of her outfit but I knew she wouldn’t disappoint. She didn’t. She walked into my house and I was speechless. She looked phenomenal. Her bright blond hair was done perfectly and looked great against her tan face. She did as well with her make up as she’s ever done and her glasses framed her face perfectly. She chose a black cocktail dress that fit her body extremely well. It sat on her curves great. The collar was a V-neck that plunged to just the right height. It was a sleeveless dress and her tanned arms looked sexy too. The dress sat about 2 inches above her knees and her legs looked very toned with the heels she was wearing. I have never seen her wear those heels before but they looked great. They were taller than average but she looked very comfortable in them. I was speechless with her appearance.

I was finally able to say, “Wow. Just wow. You look great.”

She smiled, got a little red and said, “I tried.”

“You look so good.”

After I said it, I inched closer to her and put my hands on her hips. I let my hands explore her body and she did nothing to stop me. I inched even closer as my hands found the clasp on the back of her dress. I let it loose and the dress gently fell off of her body. I stepped back to take in the new visual. She was wearing a black, lace, padded bra with matching black lace panties. The black undies against her tan body looked remarkable. She stepped out of her dress and one step closer to me. She slowly knelt down and extended her hands to my waist band. She undid my pants and dropped them to the floor.

I was as hard as diamond and was immediately exposed to her. She placed one hand on my shaft and used the other hand to slowly rub the tip of my cock. I made a half step closer to her and by the time my foot was planted back down on the ground, my cock was inside her mouth. She was very deliberate with her actions. She focused, at first on the tip, flicking her tongue against the head and then wrapping her lips tightly around the head and sucking very hard. It was a new technique and it felt amazing.

After a couple minutes, she slowly started to put more of my cock inside her mouth until her lips were at the base of my shaft. This blowjob was unlike anything I have experienced. It felt amazing. Like I said, she was so deliberate. After a couple short minutes, I was ready to explode. The sight of this beautiful older woman on her knees in front of me wearing very sexy undies while sucking my dick had me in a stage of utter bliss. I rubbed her head right behind the ear to give her the signal I was very close. By the time I had given her the signal I released the first of three large spurts of cum into her mouth. She was able to handle all three and swallow them without any struggle.

She took a moment and looked up at me and said, “Whoa!”

I laughed, she laughed, and then I grabbed her hands and helped her up from her knees. We embraced and exchanged a long, passionate kiss. I grabbed her around the hips, brought her in as close as possible and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Great idea.”

We walked to the bedroom where I was more than anxious to return the previous favor. I sat her on the bed, where we satjust weeks ago, took her leg in my hand, slid my hand from her ankle all the way up to her crotch and then all the way back down. I slid her shoe off and then ran my hands back up to her crotch and then again back down. She was breathing a little heavy and I knew she was ready for a lot more that evening. I did the same thing with the other foot and then it was go time. I knelt to the floor, ran both my hands up the outsides of her legs until I got to the waistband of her panties.

I bent over and kissed her pussy from outside her undies and could feel just how wet she was. She smelled magnificent too. I gently pulled on her panties until they were down on the floor and then ran my hands back up her legs to pussy again. I placed one hand on her waist and used the fore and middle fingers of my other hand to enter her. She felt great. Very wet, very ready, it was such a turn on. I was using my fingers very hard inside her. She was rocking her body with my fingers in a very good rhythm at first and then she said, “Kiss me. Do it. Do it now.”

I knew what that meant so I bent back over and entered her with my tongue. She gasped, moaned and laid back dramatically to let me do my work. I must have been at it for 20 minutes but I finally gave her an amazing orgasm. As she caught her breath, I stood up and stared down at this near 60 year old beauty. As she caught her breath, she looked up at me and smiled.

I said, “Ready for more?”

She said, “You know it.”

I reached down, pulled her legs up and pulled her body to the edge of the bed, I slid my cock inside her and started fucking her from that position. Watching her body get in rhythm with mine was a great feeling and we were both making each other feel so good. We eventually both came in that position together. We took a 5 minute break and came back and went at it again. This time, I propped her body up on a pillow on the bed facing downwards and I entered her from behind. This position again gave me all the control and I was able to maintain the pace and power. Watching her from this angle was as sexy as watching her from above. This older woman has so much sexual drive and is so passionate in bed, it's amazing.

By the time we were done, it was roughly 11:15 or so if I remember correctly. We were both spent. We were sweaty, the room reeked of sex and sweat and we needed to lay down. After we both washed off, we laid in bed and started talking.

She answered some questions I had about some of her past experiences and I did the same for her.It was a very mature conversation to have after a couple hours of passionate fucking. We fell asleep shortly thereafter. That was probably the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.

Remember, her husband and my wife were not going to be home for another day yet so, the next morning when I woke up, I let her sleep as I went to the shower. While in the shower, all I could think about was this beauty and what the next steps were. How to proceed? Do I proceed? I knew I hadn’t gotten my fill yet but also knew that the passion was too real and far too intense. This was going to continue but we had to get better grip on it.

I got out of the shower, got dressed and sat on the edge of the bed to wake her. She said, “I’m going to sleep for a while. I’ll lock up behind me.”

I said, “That’s great. Do whatever you’d like.”

She said, “We have tonight too. Will I see you?”

I said, “Yes. Wouldn’t miss that opportunity.”

“Ok. That’s what I wanted to hear. Tonight though, you come to my place.”

I said, “Ok, sounds good. I have to get going, I’ll text you later.”

I left for work and the rest of the day was a blur. I texted her late afternoon and said, “Hey, when should I stop by?”

Two hours later, there was still no reply so I went home and started cleaning the house and doing odds and ends. Finally, my phone buzzed, it was her calling.

I answered and she said, “Oh honey, I am so sorry. My friend Jen stopped by and just wouldn’t leave. She left about fifteen minutes ago if you’d still like to come over.”

I said, “sure, I’ll see you soon.”

That was the moment I realized I had no power in this situation. The clarity of that moment told me I was going to have to help make this affair safe but that it was going to last until she said so.