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A mother in law affair (5)

Our affair continues and moves forward
In the weeks since the last time Judy and I hooked up, our relationship has been great. We have been together with the family numerous times and there has been no tension and no awkwardness at all. We have both been mature and composed about this. Speaking for myself, I will admit it has not been easy, but I know that our smart behaviour now will pay dividends the next time we are together. I have stolen more glances at her than I used to but that is natural. On Saturday night, my wife and I were at her parents’ house for dinner. They had some family friends over and it was a great night. As the evening wore on, their friends left and my father-in-law eventually went to bed.

Around midnight, my wife looked at me and said, “I’m going to go to bed too. I’m exhausted. Are you going to be up for a while?”

I said, “Yeah, I’m watching the end of this game and then I’ll be up. Is that okay?”

She said, “Yes, that’s fine. While you’re watching, can you help my mother with the rest of the dishes?”

My mother-in-law said, “No, it’s fine. I don’t need help, just pour me another wine and keep me company while I clean them.”

I said, “I can do that,” and poured her a glass.

I kissed my wife good night and watched her walk upstairs. We decided to stay that night because we had both drunk a significant amount. When my wife was upstairs, my focus immediately shifted to Judy. She knew it, too. She gave me a very sly grin and walked over to me. I was sitting on one of the high-top chairs so I swiveled my chair so that my body opened up to her.

She walked to me, stood between my legs, rubbed her hand on my crotch and said, “We said we were going to be smart. Don’t ever give me that look again while they’re here." 

I smiled as she continued to rub my crotch and said, “Sorry.”

She said, “It’s okay. I just want it so bad right now. I wish there was a way.”

I said, “Me, too.”

She stopped rubbing me and said, “It’s just too distracting. It’s all I can think about. I need to get these dishes clean.”

I said, sadly, “I know.”

I watched her walk back to the sink when it dawned on me that she was wearing a skirt. I knew the access was easier than it would normally be. I decided in that moment, I was going to take a chance. I saw her carrying some of the serving platters over to the big pantry closet they have and said, “That’s my chance.” I followed her over there and stood at the door as she was on her tiptoes putting the platters on a shelf. As soon as they were placed, I grabbed her from behind and bent her over onto the countertop. As she went to say something, I covered her mouth and said, “Shh.”

I lifted her skirt up to her ass and reached underneath to move her panties out of the way. As I did this, I felt her moistness and knew she was so excited for this. I dropped my zipper and inserted myself into her. She gasped as I entered her and dropped her head to mask any other noises she might make. As her elbows rested on the small countertop in there, I began to pick up my tempo because we both knew this needed to be quick. I was as hard as I have ever been with her and she felt as good as ever. Within minutes, I knew I was close. She was biting down on the collar of her shirt so her noises we muffled.

She managed to say, “Hurry.”

As she said that, I let loose inside her. It was a massive load. It drove her into frenzy too. As I was pulling out, she pushed back on me as hard as she could and said “one more minute.”

I forced myself in very hard and that did the trick. She let out a large groan and little giggle as I pulled out of her. I watched as gobs of my cum fell to the floor from her vagina. She turned around to face me, we kissed, she stroked my cock and then bent over to lick the remnants off.

After she finished that, she stood up, looked at me and said, “Wow.”

I said, “Yeah.”

She said, “Get out of here. Let me finish cleaning up in here.”

I did as she asked and went back to the living room. I watched the rest of the game while she puttered around the kitchen. About twenty-five minutes later, she walked over to me, kissed my cheek and said, “Good night, hun.”

I replied, “GGood night” and as she turned away, I patted her butt.

She shot me an evil look and just laughed as she walked away.

The next morning, I was the second person awake. Of course, the first person awake was Judy. As I walked down the stairs, we immediately caught each other’s eyes and just smiled. I walked over to her, hugged her, said “Good morning,” and poured myself some coffee. She just watched me as I moved around. I was determined to not make this weird and wanted her to know that.

I was so thrilled when she looked at me and whispered, “I need some help getting something in the pantry, would you mind?”

I burst out laughing, I could not help myself and she did, too. It was hilarious. It was also so reassuring because I was not sure about her behaviour leading up to that comment and wanted to be certain she was still able to handle this affair. I did not want our last time to be in a pantry closet. With that comment, I knew she was good and would continue to be.

Slowly, the others started to wake up and we all had breakfast together. A couple hours later, my wife and I left. I shook my father-in-law’s hand, kissed Judy’s cheek and left.

I am excited to see what happens next.

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