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A Mother In Law Affair (7)

After a couple months, we decide to continue.
It had been a couple months since Judy and I had a rendezvous. After the last time we were together, there were some different feelings. I felt satisfied by the affair but oddly, I was looking for something different. When the Jennifer opportunity presented itself, I think that's why I took full advantage. I had come to realize, and I think Judy did too, that this affair had felt like it reached its end. About a month after that last rendezvous, we spoke and seemed to be on the same page. We had fun but it was time to end it.

We had gone through the whole summer, vacations, dinner, etc and were fine. No weirdness or anything which was great. I was still very attracted to her and often had dirty thoughts but there were no urges or massive desires to fuck her like there previously were.

A couple weeks ago, the urges crept back into my head. My wife and I went to a charity function that my in-laws attended too. She looked amazing that night. She wore a brown dress, heels, had her hair pulled back and looked really sexy. My head wasn't the only head she turned that night.

In a private moment that night, I muttered to her, "Judy, you look amazing tonight."

She said with a smile, "Look what you're missing." 

I said, "I thought it was mutual."

Feeling feisty apparently, she replied with, "Sure honey. Not now."

My head was spinning as she excused herself and went back to my father-in-law. The rest of the night, all I could think about was fucking her brains out again and it became the sole mission.

I wanted her bad. I saw her almost every day after that function and she taunted me, teased me, and looked amazing. She knew I wanted it and I knew she wanted it. It was up to me to make it happen.

I decided I knew how much it was worth to me. I knew my father-in-law had an upcoming consulting trip coming up. I decided to book my wife and her sister a weekend getaway for the same weekend. I knew that would clear up the house. The plan fell into place as well as expected and the time had come.

A couple hours after my wife and sister in law left, I got a text from Judy that read, "Well, I'm here waiting...where are you?"

I replied, "Half hour. Getting ready."

She replied, "You have no idea what you're in for."

I showed up at the house and got hard before I even got in the house. She greeted me in the garage wearing nothing but heels, panties, and a matching bra. She threw her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss right there in the garage. I let go of her and followed her into the house. As the door closed behind me, she stopped, turned towards me and without saying a word, dropped to her knees and opened my pants up.

She looked up at me and said, "I had a head start on you today. I've spent some time with my vibrator getting ready for you."

Before I could reply, she already had my cock in her mouth.

I watched as her head bobbed on my cock and felt total bliss. The blowjob was amazing. She massaged my balls as she sucked my cock until she felt them tighten up. She knew I was going to blow. She was moaning while my cock was in her mouth and I knew she was encouraging me to cum. When I did, it was a massive load. I sent three large spurts and two smaller ones into her throat before slowly pulling out. I leaned against the wall nearest me as she swallowed my cum and licked her lips.

She looked up at me and said, "Did you miss that?"

I just smiled at her as I helped her up. I kissed her again and whispered, "You missed it too."

She smiled and walked me back to the bedroom. I laid on the bed as she mounted up on top of me. She guided my cock inside her and started riding it slowly. She wanted to make this last and enjoy it. Her body looked so sexy on top of me as she rocked her hips back and forth on me. She had me on the brink of another orgasm and I could tell by her quivering lips that she was near one too. I reached my hand towards her and put my right thumb on her clit and pushed. When I did, her body started to convulse and she had the largest orgasm I had ever seen. Her orgasm forced mine too. I came deep inside her pussy. She collapsed on top of me and rolled off. As she did, I sat up and watched as my cum oozed out of her body onto the sheets. She sat and giggled as I gently tickled and touched her mound and clit again.

We wound up fucking two more times that afternoon before having dinner. She made us dinner and we fucked again that night before falling asleep.

It felt good getting back with Judy although I wasn't sure now how this was going to end or when.

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