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A Mother-in-Law Affair Finally Ended

Five years later, we finally end it...For good this time.

My affair with Judy lasted almost a full five years. We were never caught and no one ever suspected anything about us. The only two people that knew were my wife, who Judy confessed to last summer, and Judy's friend Jennifer, who Judy told a long time ago and who I hooked up with separately (a mother in law referral).

Had we wanted to, we could have kept going. Even today, we could still be hooking up once a week and having an amazing affair but it got to the point where neither of us really wanted to continue it. I think Judy confessed to my wife to make herself feel better. Almost as if confessing would ease the burden. It didn't. Not for her at least.

I remain shocked that my wife was cool with it. The truth is that she was very okay with her mother and I hooking up as long as A) she never caught us and B) her mother was the only other woman for me. Those conditions were super easy to stick to but, like I said above, months after the confession, the affair became less fun and we just kind of lost the desire to continue it.

We both realized it was over this winter. My in-laws as well as my sister-in-law and her husband were down in FL visiting our place because my FIL wanted to go to the tennis tournament in Miami. I stayed back due to work obligations and Judy stayed back because she hated sports. The other four went. They would be gone overnight. Judy and I hooked up in the afternoon and, to be honest, it felt forced. It felt like we had to do it. It wasn't fun and there really wasn't any passion. We ordered delivery for dinner and kind of just stared at each other while we ate.

Finally, since it felt awkward, I said, "So, I guess this is it, isn't it?"

She said, "Oh, thank god you said it."

I continued, "Yeah, that didn't feel the same today. Felt forced. Do you agree?"

She said, "I do. This was fun when we were worried. When we were nervous and eager. You're great but this isn't the same anymore."

I said, "I know. I've felt this way for a couple weeks, what about you?"

She said, "I started to feel this way when I came over a couple weeks ago while (my wife) was away and you took a couple minutes to get hard. That's never happened and I was worried you were starting to lose interest."

I just shook my head in agreement. We continued talking the rest of that night and amicably agreed that we'd tell my wife together that we were ending things.

About two days later, we finally had the chance to tell my wife. I did the talking.

I said, "Hey, since it's just the three of us, I want to let you know that you don't have to worry about Judy and I anymore. We've decided to end this."

My wife said, "I'm happy to hear that but can I ask why?"

I said, "To be honest, it wasn't fun anymore."

My wife shook her head a couple times and then said, "Well, I'm happy to hear this but you guys need to be honest with yourselves and me. If it's over, it better be over. For good. We've all lived with this secret for about a year now. It needs to be over for good if you're telling me it's over."

I looked at Judy, looked at my wife, and said, "We wouldn't have come to you if it weren't."

That was it. It didn't end in some explosive way that damaged lives or reputations. It ended because the passion was gone.

Thanks for reading this series and for all of the comments for each story. I swear this is 100% true and not falsified at all. My MIL is one of the most attractive, sexual women I've ever met and I will never forget any of the times I spent with her. Thankfully, my wife is the most attractive woman I've ever met while also being one of the coolest, most mature, women ever put on this earth. She let me have fun when she could have put me in a financial, personal chokehold.

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