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A Night on the Farm

Two Brits find something for each of them when doing a good turn!
It was late and we still had many miles to go. I was travelling with James, a gay friend of mine, and after landing a couple of days ago in El Paso, we had driven up through New Mexico, and now were heading to the area known as the Four Corners, where the four states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet.

The reason for the trip was to look for some quite rare species of cactus plants, the collecting and cultivation of which were an unusual passion of mine. On field trips such as this, we don’t actually collect plants that we see, as that is, in my view, a desecration of natural habitats and also happens to be illegal in most States and Countries. I try to take as many photos as possible, and if there were any seed, maybe a few pods would end up in my rucksack for sowing back home in the UK.

James is, if anything, even more passionate about these plants and has been all over, and is a knowledgeable travelling companion. His sexuality was not a problem, he knew that I was straight, and after several months in all of travelling together on various trips, sharing a motel room was simple economics.

We hoped to make a motel at Farmington, but now it didn’t look at all likely. We’d left Albuquerque quite late as we’d taken a long hike up the Sandia Mountains to the western rim to find a plant, and getting back had been all uphill, and rather slow going. The roads were pretty empty, but we couldn’t make the sort of progress we’d expected, and whenever we saw some likely looking areas of course we’d stop and hop out to spend our time looking down at the ground as we wandered around. This wouldn’t be the first time we had spent the night in the car, and at least had a comfortable and roomy Dodge SUV if it did come to that.

So by the time we had passed San Isidro and were heading towards Cuba, it was getting dark as I tried (badly) to sing along with a Country station on the radio. Just around a corner, I was flagged down by a woman waving some sort of scarf, and standing beside an old Ute. It turned out that she’d broken down, and needed a lift home. She told us that at this hour there was little traffic, and that there was no cell coverage. She thought that her husband would be getting worried.

The thing was, though, that she lived some 30 miles in the opposite direction to where we were going, to the north of Albuquerque, and that was going to make getting a room difficult, as it would mean a couple of hours extra, and we knew that there were no motels between where we were and Farmington. I explained this, and suggested that we took her with us and dropped her off in Cuba, where she could phone her husband. She explained that that wasn’t likely to be possible, as they ran a small farm in addition to their daytime jobs, and he was likely to be out getting the cattle in for milking, and then there were the children…..

She looked so unhappy that I decided that we should do the chivalrous thing and get her home. So Amanda jumped in the car, sitting between James and me. We explained what we were up to, which she thought very odd, as they had a few of those “spiny critturs” out on their farm, and they dug them up and burnt them whenever they found them. We were aghast, and told her so. “Well”, she said, “if you want to see them you’ll have to stay over”.

“Where?”, I asked, “I didn’t see any motels on our way through”.

“You can have a meal with us, and then I’ll see if the spare room is decent, and maybe you could have that, or maybe the barn, there’s plenty of hay”. And she giggled.

“What?”, I said, “why the giggles?”.

“Well, we don’t usually get visitors, and we’ve never had a male couple staying. It’s not done out here, it is the country, you know”.

“Ah…”, James broke in, “We’re not a couple, despite my efforts, but Chris is just too straight for me to even find a kink”.

“Right”, Amanda smiled, “Well, I had to ask, I sort of sensed your…..disposition. Oh, but we only have a double bed.”

“Sounds like the barn for you then Chris”, laughed James.

“I think I prefer it the other way round”, I told him. “ never told me”, he guffawed.

At the farm, Amanda introduced us to Jeff, her husband, a very fit looking guy, about our ages, and their two children who were ready in their nightclothes, having had their supper an hour or so before. Jeff said they had got hungry and so he made them a meal, even though Mandy wasn’t back.

He was very welcoming, I suppose in thanks for having rescued his wife, and after a couple of beers, we settled down to a meal.

As the meal progressed, James became much more voluble, maybe the beer had loosened his tongue, but he was regaling us all with some of his exploits when he was in the Merchant Navy. I think Amanda had warned Jeff, so there were no real uncomfortable pauses trying to work out exactly what James meant. It was obvious and we all laughed, but no-one more than Jeff. James asked about living so far out in the country, what it was like, and how did Jeff manage to run the farm as well as hold down a teaching job in the next town, all of 40 miles away. They seemed to be getting on very well, and I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw Amanda cast a few questioning looks at her husband, who seemingly totally ignored them.

After dinner, Jeff offered to show James the farm, and though it was dark, he said that the barn had electricity, and he had good lights on his tractor. His offer was accepted with alacrity by James, so much so that it didn’t seem as though I was included in the invite. Anyway, looking around farms in the dark didn’t do much for me, so I offered to help Amanda with the dishes, and told James that he had better take his backpack, as if he was looking at the farm and barn, he might as well sleep there.

“That is fine by me”, was his reply as he followed Jeff out of the door, with a rather theatrical wink.

By now, with a few beers and a full stomach, being alone with Amanda made my mind and other parts of me alive, as she was a good looking woman. Like many in that part of the world, she was well build, but not fat, strong and shapely, with red gold hair and blue eyes. The tingle in my groin reminded me of pleasures that I knew I wouldn’t have for some while, when the dishes were done, she showed me to my room, and as she turned to leave the room, gave me a brief kiss on my cheek and again said thanks for rescuing her.

I undressed and got into the bed, one of those soft and downy beds into which you can almost lose yourself. I sleep nude and the sinking in feeling was quite erotic, I thought, as I realised my cock had got as hard as nails. I tried to ignore it, and eventually did as sleep caught up with me after all that hiking and driving, and I knew no more until I was woken by a tapping on the door. Hiding behind the door, I opened it and poked my head round. It was Amanda, looking worried, and said that Jeff hadn’t come back in from taking James around the farm.

“What time is it?, I asked, and took my hand off the door to check my watch. As I did so the door swung open a bit more, and as I saw that it was just after 2am, Amanda took a sharp intake of breath, and I realised that I was displaying myself rather openly to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, I stuttered, pushing the door back to hide my nakedness. “Give me a minute to put some clothes on and I’ll come and see”.

When I got downstairs, Amanda was still wearing the dressing gown that she had on when she had woken me, and I had thrown on my jeans, a T shirt and boots. She had a couple of torches, and we went out into the yard.

The first thing that was apparent was that Jeff’s tractor was back, and there was a dim light burning in the barn. We crossed to the side where there was a window, and peeped in.

Another very sharp intake of breath, coupled with a gasp, and Amanda grabbing my arm to steady herself. There in the barn were two naked figures, one bent down, and the other slowly and steadily fucking his ass.

“Wow, it looks like James got lucky”, I whispered to Amanda, before I realised that this was probably not the most tactful thing I could have said.

“Fuck him then”, Amanda said, and turned to walk back to the house. I followed and inside I asked her what she was going to do.

“What can I do?”, she said, “out here you are either married and accept all that that means, or you are a slut and a harlot. I’ve suspected that Jeff was a…lacking in enthusiasm, as he hasn’t touched me for 6 months, no matter how hard I try to come on to him. And when we do get it together, it’s much more me doing it to him”.

“He was never that interested in sex, but did his duty efficiently enough, and we had the kids, and after that not a lot really. But he’s a great Dad, and we are good together in everything else, so it’s OK, really”.

Somehow I wasn’t sure it was, but I didn’t think I should be getting between husband and wife in a strange place in a foreign country, even if we did nearly speak the same language.

So we headed up the stairs again, only this time Amanda headed straight into what was my room, and stood there by the bed. “You’re not gay then”, she said, unbuttoning her dressing gown to reveal a surprisingly sexy nightdress, with thin straps, and a low cut front that forced my eyes to wande rover her beautiful and firm breasts, whose nipples were poking through.

“Err…no…but are you sure about this. I think you are a very sexy woman, but I don’t want to cause trouble”.

“Only one causing trouble is my Jeff, and he seems pretty well occupied right now”, and with that she dropped the dressing gown, and slipped her nightgown over her head.

Though I knew well enough that she was an attractive woman, I hadn’t been prepared for what I now saw, she was gorgeous, with full proud breasts with large areoles from which those long and hard nipples now stood fully to attention. It was with difficulty that I moved my gaze to take in all of her, strong wide shoulders above a surprisingly narrow waist, and the firm swell of a mature woman’s belly to a full bush of golden-red hair and strong and shapely legs.

“Oh, Amanda, you are amazing, so beautiful, I just can’t imagine what the problem is with Jeff?”.

“Let’s not talk about Jeff”, as she came close and kissed me, her mouth eager in its longing, and as our tongues touched, a shiver went through her. Struggling with my T shirt, I almost ripped it off, as her hands undid my belt, and then our naked bodies were together.

She was surprisingly wanton, her hands searching touching, stroking as my lips and mouth wandered over her neck, shoulders and breasts. As I sucked one nipple deep into my mouth, she groaned with pleasure, and when my fingers gripped and stretched her other nipple, her knees almost gave way. I moved her towards the bed, and laid her down, still working on her breasts with my hands, lips and at times my teeth. Each time they gave her tiny nips, she would literally shake, and at one time she gave a low scream, but urged me on.

I worked my mouth down over her tummy, and my hands stroked the inside of her thighs, touching the soft skin, and gently opening her up. When my mouth reached her bush, my fingers opened her lips wide, and my tongue slipped between them.

“Oh god, oh god, that feels soo good, oh yes…”

And she erupted, in spasms, as she writhed on the bed, her strength forcing me away, so I replaced my mouth with my fingers, and rubbed her hard clit round and round, prolonging her orgasm. As she slowed down, I slid a couple of my outstretched fingers into her sopping wet vagina, and gently stroked as I curled my fingers.

“No-one has ever given me that”, Amanda whispered to me, “Jeff never was interested, and I have been faithful…until now”.

My slow but firm finger fucking soon started to have its effect, and she got into it with abandon, pushing her hips up hard to meet my fingers going into her. I slid a third finger in as well to stretch her vaginal walls, and this triggered a second orgasm, not quite as fierce as before but longer, and causing her to squirt.

“Oh god”, she said, “ I’ve wet myself, I’m sorry….” But I stilled her with a kiss.

“Don’t be silly, you just came, not all women can do that, but I like it that you can”, as I bent down to lap up her juices.

My cock was, of course, as hard as iron, whilst all this was going on, and with Amanda being as wet and slippery as she was, I thought it time to position myself at her entrance, and holding my cock, I stroked up and down between her pussy lips, and then as she was starting to tense up again, in a single stroke slid deep down into her body.

She was surprisingly tight, the result of a healthy and active life, and it seemed that I reached further than she had felt before, the end of my cock bouncing off her cervix, as I lifted her legs up and over my shoulder to give me the maximum depth.

Eventually we found the right rhythm, and as our speed and urgency increased, the sweat making our bodies slippery, we moved together faster and faster, until first she exploded around me, the walls of her vagina squeezing me and sucking me in deeper so that a very short time later my balls forced their load of torrid hot sperm up the length of my cock and in spurt after spurt, deep into her belly, as her vaginal walls milked me dry.

Cuddling in the afterglow of what had been very unexpected and very fulfilling, we talked, about her needs, the seeming impossibility of her being able to do anything about it. Her hand had been stroking me all the time as we talked, and it wasn’t long before my cock started to rise again. She watched it fill and straighten, and told me that it was one of the sexiest things she had seen. My precum started to ooze and she rubbed it around the head of my cock. Then she moved down and sucked it into her mouth, her tongue whirling around. I just lay back and enjoyed the moment, as she worked on my responsive organ, until I started to feel myself close. I told her that I was near and she should slow down as I wanted her to ride my cock this time.

Smiling she moved up my body, and bent down to kiss me deeply and slowly, her full breasts tight against my chest her nipples dragging across my chest hair as we moved in this embrace. Breaking away, she smiled at me with such a glint in her eye that I asked “What?”

“Well”, she said, “if Jeff can get his ass fucked, why can’t I, so would you?”.

“With pleasure”, I replied, and as she moved above me, she drew her knees further up my body and sank backwards so my cock was pointing straight at her asshole. I reached down and stroked her pussy juices back to her tight brown ring, and slipped a finger in to lubricate her. She moaned as I did this, and as I told her to relax, I was able to slip a second finger in as she managed to do so.

“God”, she whispered, “that feels so good, I didn’t know it would be as good as this”.

“It will be better”, I replied, and took her hand and moved it behind her, so she could press my straining cock against her now not so tight ring of muscle.

“All yours”, I smiled, and gasped myself as her fingers gripped my cock and started to push it against her asshole. She moved a bit and when she felt she was ready, sank a bit lower, the pressure of her body and her hand squeezing my cock until it hurt, but that was quickly relieved as it popped through into her.

“Slowly now”, I coached, and so she did, gently working herself down on my rigid pole, until I was as deep as I could go.

“Oh my god”, she groaned, “I am being assfucked, and I never knew it was going to be like this”.

And then she started to ride me, pumping herself up and down on me, biting her lip as sometimes it was clear that it hurt a bit, but then groaning as the sensations of pleasure overcame her. I worked my hand between us, and stroked her clit in time with her movements, and it wasn’t long before her head went back, her mouth opened and she sat deep down on me, her body rippling as the orgasm hit her.

Guttural sounds came from her throat, and her eyes almost rolled up as she continued to work on my pole, until I finally came again, my hot sperm now flooding her anal passage.

She lay down in my arms, and just muttered over and over “oh my god, oh my god”. I kept her close, tight against me, until she subsided, and then reluctantly I let her go back to her own room.

Breakfast was an interesting experience, as Jeff had apparently taken his very early and left, so it was Amanda, James and me. To say that there was a tension was an understatement, and as soon as possible, I got directions from Amanda as to where the plants were, and dragged James outside.

“What the fuck did you think you were doing? Shafting our host! Were you mad?”, I exploded as soon as we were out of earshot.

“Hey, don’t be mad, he came on to me, and I could hardly refuse, could I?, and anyway he was a lovely hunk of a man!”, James retorted, with a big smile on his face. “How did you know?”.

I told James about our midnight voyeurism, to which all he said was “Oh!”. But then told him that it had made Amanda so horny that she came on to me too, so they both had had their Droit de Seigneur moment!

“Do you think they will be OK?”, James asked.

“I don’t know”, I said, “but I don’t see, stuck out here, they have a lot of options. So it’s just as well that they are good friends, even if not good lovers, at least with each other! But just maybe her experience with me might help”. I told him that she had wanted me to fuck her ass, and had got a lot from it.

“Well”, he laughed, “maybe he will get his cock in another ass sooner than he thinks, if she works on him right”.

“I do hope so”, I said, “do you think we should offer a practical marriage therapy service?”.

“Its an idea”.

To be continued…..(maybe.)

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