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a pleasant suprise

it wasn't the girl friend

When I was 18 I was posted to Catterick.  As usual on a saturday I went into Darlington intending to go to the pictures.  First, I went into a cafe for a coffee and whilst there, started to talk to a pretty girl who was also on her own.  We went to the movies together and whilst sitting there in the dark I put my arm around her shoulders and let my hand drop down onto her boob.  It wasn't pushed away so I started to stroke over the nipple which soon went hard.

No matter what manoeuvre I tried that was as far as I got.  Whilst waiting for her bus to her home, as it was dark I pushed my crutch against her's.  She must have felt my stiffy and didn't push away but I was still only allowed to stroke her breasts outside her clothes.  Made a date for the following saturday, but still no further action.  This time she asked if I would like to spend the next weekend with her at her home.  Of course I said yes and hoped for advancement.

On arrival was introduced to her mother and older sister, both of whome had lost their husbands in a mining accident.  After tea we went for a walk in the local park, only this time I managed to get my hand up under her sweater and move her bra strap off her shoulder so I got her lovely breast into my hand  to stroke her rock hard nipple.  I put her hand onto my rigid crutch but she wouldn't go any further because she said that was how her sister had to get married and she was too young to get married.  I sure as hell didn't want to, either, so we walked home, me with blue balls.

We had supper and went to our individual beds just after her mother went upstairs.  Didn't see her sister anywhere.  I'd been in bed about 10 minutes when the door opened and in the dark saw a white shape come towards my bed.  The white shape went upwards and a hand pullede back the bedclothes and climbed into bed.  I thought, at last.  I put my hand up to the head, but instead of my girlfriends long hair it was short. I thought, sister is missing her husband and a bird in bed was ok with me.  We kissed and I stroked her breasts which were obviously been used to feed a baby, smallish and lovely and pliable, tasted great.  She took hold of my throbbing beast, felt it all over as I slipped my fingers into a very wet place of beauty.  After a few minutes of playing with each other I crawled over & entered. She wrapped her legs around me and it only took a few minutes and she was bucking aroung, gripped my thighs tight, held her breath and then relaxed as she came.  I managed to hold back, because it was tooshort a pleasure so kept moving around inside her.  It took about 5 minutes and I had to cum and as I did, she came again.  All the time she was kissing me and clawing my back.  As an 18 year old it was the best 'jump' I'd ever had.  She pushed her nighty against her crutch to stop making traces , left the room.  It only took about 5 minutes for me to fall asleep.

The following morning I went downstairs and the girlfriends mother was making breakfast.  In conversation I asked if the sister didn't like getting up too early.  She told me she wasn't home yet as she was on night duty at the hospital.  It dawned on me like a bolt from the blue.  My lover was her.  After a few seconds I pretended I knew, went over and kissed her, and she said to come as often as I liked.  The best offer I had ever had.  I spent 5 more weekends loving her and even mentally started to love her, and not only for the great sex.

After my last visit got sent to Malaya for 2 years.  Wrote to the "girlfriend" every so often and towards the end of my tour she said to come to the house for part of my disembarkation leave, and I could see her baby brother and they didn't even know their mother had a boyfriend.  What a shock as I quickly realised who the boyfriend had been.  What a shit.  Realised I couldn't face them again, so volunteered for another 6 years and stayed out there for another year and stopped writing.  After another couple from her she got the message and said she was going out with a local boy.





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