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A run to remember part 1

A change in my usual run direction leads me to a nude beach
At twenty-one years old, I am very fit. I am also the worlds biggest thrill seeker. If I am not at the gym or work I would be skydiving at the airport near my house. Every morning I enjoy getting up at 4 am, before the world wakes up, and go on an early morning run. I would often go on trail runs and run the shoreline of the beach. Sometimes on my trail runs I will even do a portion of the run naked, for I am nowhere near residential neighborhoods. Something about the freedom and forbidden aspect of it just really turns me on.

This particular morning I woke up and got dressed and began my trek to the beach. There were no cars on the road and the sun was just beginning to rise, as I got to the beach parking lot. I usually followed the shoreline about three miles before hitting my set point to turn around. I felt a little more energetic that day so continued further down the beach. I ran for another mile and saw a person off in the distance. I continued my run towards the womanly figure that was starting to form. It was still very early and I was surprised to see anyone even awake.

The closer I became the more I started to make out that this woman was completely naked. I tried to stare ahead and not be rude, tried catching a glimpse of the women. Just as I was passing in front of her she waved. I looked up and slipped on a wet rock. My head smashed into the sand. All I could think was, "smooth Jake, real smooth".

She ran over. "Are you alright?" she asked. I tried to play off my fall and not make eye contact. I went to get up and continue but she grabbed my wrist. "Relax for a sec honey. You were running like a maniac." I stared forward, out over the water. She asked me what I was doing up this early. I told her my usual training schedule still staring forward.

She noticed my avoidance of any look toward her. "What is your name?" she asked.


"Well my names Debbie." We shook hands. "Jake you know I'm not in the bathroom. You're allowed to look at me even though I am naked." I laughed nervously. I looked at her quick then continued to look at the rising sun. My heart was racing and not from the run. She stood up. She walked in front of me. She did a playful sexy spin and shook her tits. Her body was amazing. She was about mid forties and had a perfect heart shaped ass. Her breast were at the very least c cups and still firm and perky. Her body showed a faded outline of a bikini. She had my eyes glued to her. She sat back down next to me laughing. "Well Jake I had to break the ice somehow and you were not budging."

I laughed. "Is it even legal?" I asked. She put her head back.

"I will explain it the best way I know how Jake. I work a finance job in the city. This is my summer home. I had this place built to be a getaway. My week is a stressful rat race but when it is over I get to return here. Every morning I am here no matter the weather. I will come out to my beach totally naked. Feel the freedom and breath of the ocean on my naked body. It is my therapy. Everyone has that one something that takes them away from it all. This is my nirvana."

I smiled at her. Her description was so perfect that it made me think of my times running naked on the trails. She asked me what was my form of therapy. I already knew my answer. "Well I am actually a licensed skydiver. My therapy is flying. To me it is the ultimate feat of man. Every body movement I make in midair controls my flight pattern. When I am in the sky my mind does not think about anything but the freedom of flight. It is my passion."

She was amazed by my answer. "I could never do that," she said.

"Yes you can. You have to. I can promise you it will be the most amazing experience of your life". She gave me a sly smile.

"Tell you what Jake. I will make a deal with you. I will try your therapy if you try mine. Stand up."

I stood up and she told me to get naked. I was embarrassed. When sitting it was not noticeable but standing openly presented my eight-inch dick getting harder under a loose pair of gym shorts. She lifted my shirt over my head. She them reached for my shorts and pulled them down. My dick flopped out fully erect. I apologized for my boner.

She smiled. "Please honey. The fact that a forty-five year old women can still make a young man that hard is nothing but a compliment." I sat back down next to her. "Jake there is another thing I do every morning to clear my head out here." With that comment she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy. "I do not mind if you watch," she said while moaning. "Or join." I began to stroke my dick. She grabbed my other hand and placed it on her tits.

"Do you like them Jake?" I nodded my head in amazement that this was actually happening. "You can suck on them honey they don't bite." I leaned down and began circling my tongue around her nipples. She lifted my chin and kissed me. "Jake there is a bed on my balcony. Would you like to go there with me?"

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