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A run to remember part 2

After stumbling onto a cougars private beach on a run. Jake gets invited back to her home.
I just smiled and nodded my head. I followed Debbie back towards her house. My cock was throbbing at this point. Debbie's walk alone could make heads turn. Her beautiful heart shape ass swayed with each step. It looked so firm. I could not remove my eyes. 

"I see you have got a little more comfortable looking at me Jake," Debbie said with a smile while she shook her ass a little.

I was caught off guard, "I apologize but the view is amazing." She smiled. We got to back sliding door. She opened it really slowly and turned around.

"Jake we have to be really quiet. We cannot wake my husband."

My heart sank. "Your husband’s here?" I almost yelled. I started to back away.

Debbie bursted out laughing, "I am sorry Jake. But that was too easy."

I giggled, assuming that meant she was joking, but just to reassure I asked, "He isn't, right?"

"No Jake, I wouldn't do that to you. Don't worry that is a divorce over and settled." I felt a whole lot better after I heard that. I almost did not know what I got myself into. Well then again, I still did not know. I followed her up a spiral staircase, getting an amazing view of her ass going upstairs. She opened up a set of double glass doors to an amazing balcony overlooking the water. The door was big enough to wheel a full queen size bed in and off the deck. The deck was equipped with a bar, Jacuzzi, and the bed already set up. Clean Egyptian cotton white sheets and a giant down comforter. She looked back at me. "How do you like my sanctuary?"

I was speechless. I walked around the deck looking at the view. I sat down on the bed and it was like landing on a cloud. Debbie was at the bar bending over to get something off a low shelf. My cock was at its full eight inch length. I started to stroke it, watching Debbie. Debbie turned around and saw me. She dropped what she was doing and got down right in front of me.

"Oh no honey, that is my job." She grabbed my cock and started to tease it with her tongue. She licked the whole length of it and spit on it. She then began to stroke it with one hand, while the other caressed my balls. She let the head of my cock stay in her mouth as she continued to stroke. I was in heaven. Her mouth felt amazing. She let her tongue slide down my whole shaft and took both of my balls in her mouth. She maintained eye contact with me the whole time. "You like that Jakey?"

I could barely talk. "Oh, fuck yes Debbie." She then took my whole cock in her mouth and started going up and down. Her mouth felt incredible. It was like no blowjob I had ever had. She pulled my cock out and looked up at me.

"Did you enjoy the view of my ass before Jake?"

"Debbie, your ass is perfect." With that she directed me to lay down on the bed. She straddled me and started slowly grinding herself against my dick without letting it go in. She then grabbed my cock and let her pussy slide down the whole length of it slowly. I could have cum right there; her pussy felt so amazing. I raised my hips up into her and we started building a slow rhythm. Debbie was amazing at riding cock. She dipped her whole ass and hips down. She would slowly shake her ass back and forth on the way down as I pushed up.

"Mmm, Jakey I have not had a cock this good in years." I grabbed her ass and kept guiding her down. I lifted her off my cock and laid her on the bed. I began to suck on her tits. They were so perfect and round. I let my tongue slide down her stomach and to her pussy. I gave small kisses all around her thighs and above her pussy avoiding it to tease her. I then let my tongue flick her clit and I felt her body shudder. I began sucking on her clit; I heard her moan loud enough to hear from the beach.

"Oh Jakey, don't stop please." I felt her hands going through my hair as she pushed my head down and spread her legs more. I was eating out her pussy letting my tongue go as deep and I could in. "Jake I can't take it anymore I need your cock again."

I got up and teased her pussy more with the head of my dick. She grabbed it and pushed it in herself. "Fuck me hard Jake." I put my hands under her ass and began fucking her pussy hard and deep. I could feel her pussy convulsing and getting tighter. "Jakey I'm gonna cum don't stop." I went even harder. I felt her pussy tighten up one more time and her body gave away. She moaned loud. "Oh Jake I'm cumming mmm." She was breathing heavy.

"Jake fuck my tits and finish on my face." Those words almost made me cum alone. I pulled out and moved up between her tits. She pushed her huge tits around my cock as I began pumping it in between her massive breasts. My cock slid in her mouth every time I pushed up. I could feel my balls getting tighter. I knew it was gonna happen. It felt so amazing. "Cum for me Jake. Right in my dirty fucking mouth." I began to shoot my load all over Debbie's face and mouth. I kept pumping. I felt like it wasn’t going to stop. With every push between her tits I blew another huge stream of cum on Debbie's face. It felt amazing. Every time I pulled back a little cum would drip between her tits too making it more lubricated. After about 20 seconds of continuous cum on Debbie my cock finally stopped. Debbie licked my cock clean and I collapsed on the bed next to her. She grabbed a towel from the nightstand. I was out of breath and in a state of bliss. I looked at Debbie.

"I'm so sorry. I have never cum that much in my whole life."

Debbie smiled. "That is about the best compliment a woman in her forties can receive sweetheart. And don't you worry. I like big loads," she said with a wink. She laid back down next to me and we watched the sunrise and the day start, totally naked together on the balcony.

Comment for more. This is my first story and I appreciate the support.

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