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Addiction: Chapter Two

Older women are addicted to a younger man

The meal went well. Mags sat on Paul’s right with Kay on his left. Everyone was chatting away. They had ordered and were all drinking Chablis. Mags had her left leg pressed against Paul’s right leg. Paul put his hand under the tablecloth and soon found her wet pussy. She had a huge clit; he slid two fingers inside her, and she was gripping his fingers tightly. 
Paul put his left leg against Kay’s right leg. She pushed against him. He then put his left hand under the tablecloth. Ann took his hand and guided it to her wet pussy. He fingered both of them until the meal was served. Kay leant over and kissed him, then whispered, “I'm looking forward to tonight, and so are Mags and Bunty.”
They finished their meals, and Paul paid the bill. They arrived back at Kay’s house. Kay got everyone champagne, and then everyone was stripped. Mags and Paul were sixty-nining on the carpet. Kay and Bunty were eating each other's pussy while Ann and Donya were kissing and playing with their tits and pussies on the sofa.
Paul was now fisting Mags’s pussy. Her pussy was tight and very wet. He also had three fingers in her ass. Soon he bent her over an armchair and went into her pussy doggy-style. He pushed it in deep six times then brought it out and went inside her ass. He rubbed her clit as he pounded her ass. After ten minutes he pulled out and went back inside her pussy. He had a great rhythm going. Fifteen minutes later, Mags had a very noisy orgasm. He was still rubbing her clit as he was riding her and she made him stop as she couldn't take anymore. They kissed, then Mags said, “That was the best fuck of my life. You are unbelievable; I don't know how many times I came, but it was a lot.”
Paul kissed her then said, “I enjoyed it too; I love it when you grip my cock when I am riding you. I think we will have some fun on Monday.”
Then Bunty and Kay came over. Paul kissed Bunty as Kay went down on him. Bunty was a great kisser. He was playing with her enormous tits as they kissed. He then sucked her hard nipple and fingered her wet pussy. She had a huge clit too. Kay, Bunty, and Mags had all identical bodies. Kay said, “Paul, are you ready to go down on her? I have her ready for you. I have been fisting her pussy and ass.”
He went down on Bunty; he was sucking her clit and fisting her. She was gripping his fist. Kay was sucking her boobs as she fisted her ass. Bunty was hot, he bent her over an armchair and went straight into her very wet ass. He ass-fucked her for ten minutes with Kay fisting her pussy and Paul rubbing her clit. Bunty was moaning with pleasure. Paul then went into her pussy doggy-style. Kay was playing and sucking her nipple as she ass-fisted her, fisting her ass with the same rhythm as Paul was pounding her pussy. Twenty minutes later Bunty couldn't take anymore. She had just had an enormous orgasm. Paul came out of her, and as she turned around and kissed him, she said, “That was the best, thank you.”
Paul replied, “I enjoyed it too. I think we will have to meet up regularly. I would love to spend a few hours with you. I think we both would have a lot of fun.”
Bunty gave him a very passionate kiss then said, “I would love that.”
Paul then started on Kay. Forty minutes later she had a massive orgasm. As Paul pulled out of her, he thought about how all three of them were wonderful in bed. They were all so good. Including Ann and Donya, all five had class and beautiful bodies.

Donya came over and kissed Paul then said, “It turns me on when I see you riding other women. You have a very athletic movement. Kay was an excellent help for you with Bunty. Do Ann now, and I will help you; I've got her very wet in both holes. Darling, I am looking forward to having you inside me later. I have also been thinking about Mags. It is a very good idea. If we employ her, then I could save a lot of money as my legal bills are enormous... I mean hundreds of thousands, every year.”
Paul kissed her then said, “Which firm do you use?”
Donya replied, “Wilson and Cameron.”
Paul answered, “They are expensive. Val works there at the moment, I will call her tomorrow and see what she says. Do you have the Internet in your aunt’s house?”
Donya said, “Yes, it is very fast. I was surprised how fast my iPad was on it.”
Ann came over, and Paul kissed her very passionately. Then Donya and Paul started on her. Forty minutes later Ann was trembling when Paul slipped out of her. She turned around and kissed Paul then said, “That was the best. My whole body is shaking. I have never felt so good.”
Paul replied, “It was wonderful for me. I wish we had got together like this a long time ago.”
Ann kissed him and whispered, “So do I, we could have had so much fun. I think Donya wants you for herself now; she likes you. I'm sure that we all will have a lot of fun in London. I love it when you ride me hard.”
They kissed then Paul whispered, “You are an incredible ride, and I love it when you grip my cock tight when I am riding you.”
Ann kissed him again, and then he went to Donya and whispered, “Bring your glass and follow me.”
Paul went into the kitchen and took a bottle of champagne from the fridge. He also got a wine cooler. He then went upstairs to his room. He put the champagne on the table. He took Donya in his arms and said, “You have me from now until breakfast. I have had four different women tonight. All of them are satisfied, but I have not cum. I have saved all my cum for you.”
They kissed. Donya said, “Thank you. Let's shower then we will both be fresh for each other.”
They showered, and for the next two and a half hours they made love in many different ways. Paul had cum twice, and Donya had lost count. They were totally at ease with each other. They were sitting on the sofa in Paul’s bedroom. Paul had set the alarm on his smartphone for six. Donya had kissed him when he had set it.
They were finishing off the bottle of champagne. Donya said, “Everyone enjoyed tonight. You were wonderful; I think Mags has got the hots for you, and so do Ann, Kay and Bunty, but I believe we should limit it to one or two at a time. We still have Molly and Val to look after. I think we should invite them out for dinner when we come back from London. They are wonderful when they are together; Ann, I believe, has paid all of Val’s university expenses. They both appreciate that.”
Paul replied, “Ann respects all Molly has done in the hotel. There's a manager and four duty managers, but it is Molly that runs the hotel. The controls that she and Val have put in are fantastic. Val is excellent in arranging systems. I will phone her tomorrow about Wilson and Cameron; why are you uneasy about them?”
Donya said, “My husband used them for years. He was very friendly with the Senior Partner, but he died years ago. I pay hundreds of thousands every year to them, and I don't know what they are doing to earn that sort of money. At home, I have files from at least the ten years. They are writing with a lot of legal jargon such as consulting, advising, researching and auditing. All the companies that I own do this work. They don't do it for me. They have done the legal work in arranging the leases of the two houses beside my aunt’s house.”
Paul replied, “I will have a look at them, and maybe we should do that quite quickly; I will also speak to Val tomorrow. Where will we stay? I think that I should move in with you. For the University your aunt’s house would be ideal, and it will take at least nine months for the planning permission to be passed. Mags could also use it as her office, and we also need to talk about your different business interests and the benefit of having Mags as your lawyer. We will also have to setup a company for the hotel. We have a lot to think about.”
They finished the champagne and went back to bed. They kissed and touched and ten minutes later Donya was on top of Paul, grinding him as he played with her tits and clit. Forty minutes later they fell asleep in each other's arms.
The alarm went off at six o’clock. Both of them were awake and already kissing and touching. At twenty minutes to seven, Paul had come again. They showered. Donya was going to her flat, and they would meet up at her aunt's house. She said that it was a good idea to move into the house and they would stay there tonight. Tomorrow they would be in London. They told Kay over breakfast, and she said, “Can I move in as your housekeeper?”
They both laughed and kissed her. Paul said, “You will be visiting us often.”
Paul left and told them to message him and keep him up to date on what was happening. He kissed them both and left. Donya then packed a suitcase with his clothes. Kay helped her, ading several things that had just been laundered. After Paul’s second lecture he phoned Val. Val was funny she said, “I hear that you have a girlfriend, how can I help you?”
Paul explained about Donya’s concerns about her legal bills; Val was very calm, and asked what her surname was. Paul told her, and then Val asked, “When is your next lecture?”
Paul told her he had finished for the day. She said that she would call him back in five minutes. Five minutes later his phone rang; it was Val. She said, “One of the partners here has been fleecing Donya for years. I was doing an audit of the partner’s fee notes and questioned him on it, and he said that she was a very wealthy woman who appreciated the good work he did for her. I don't know of any work that he has done apart from two leases of two properties that she owns. Donya could go to the Law Society about this, and he would lose his practicing certificate. He is a total asshole.”
“Donya is a very wealthy woman. I did an exercise on her companies and it is very cleverly set up, but it could be improved with the latest IT. Just to think, I can make her cum in ten minutes. Paul, as a person she is fantastic. She is kind and honest. The two of you should get on well. Tell her to do something about that asshole, and I will help her all that I can.”
Paul then told them about Val and setting up the three properties as a boutique hotel. He also said that she wanted a study done on how to improve the profitability of her companies, and that she was also going to set up a law firm to look after her interests. Paul asked, “Would you be interested in joining this firm?”
Val replied, “I would love to do that. I don't care what the salary is, I want this. I promise to make the Reza group a very profitable group. I will hand in my notice this afternoon after I have filled a USB stick with all Donya’s files. When I hand in my notice, they will tell me to clear my desk. I will let you know what happens. Molly and I want to see you soon; we both miss you.”
Paul said, “We spoke of that this morning. We are in London for the weekend. What is the best night next week for you and Molly?”
Val told him that she would message him after she had asked Molly. 
Paul called Donya and said, “I have spoken to Val; she didn't realise that you are Donya Reza. She has even questioned the partner that sent the fees out. He told her that you are a very wealthy woman and you appreciate the excellent service he gives you. Val says that you could go to the Law Society about this. Val did an exercise on your companies at University. She believes that she could make them more profitable. Where are you, as I'm free now?”
She replied, “I have been busy. I have arranged for my housekeeper to come to my aunt’s house. I will be at the house in two hours time. I have had keys cut for my penthouse and aunt’s house so you can get in anytime you want. I would like to have a chat with Val; I will not let the attorney get away with that. Shall we go to that Italian restaurant that we went to yesterday?”
 Paul said, “I'll go for a coffee in an Internet cafe so that I can do some research on this morning’s lectures. I will be at the house at three this afternoon. Can we eat first then go back to the house for a siesta?”
Donya laughed and then said, “We will have to be back at the house at four as I have a wine order being delivered then. I would love an evening in with you tonight. Would you like an Indian takeaway?”
Paul replied, “I would love that. I know an excellent restaurant that delivers, and it's only a two-minute walk from the house. I have their card in my wallet. They do an excellent Thali.”
Paul then went to the Cafe. He logged onto their WiFi. His phone beeped, he had a message from Kay which read, “Darling, last night was amazing, my pussy is still tingling. I think you will hear from Bunty and Mags as both asked for your number. Thank you for what you are doing with Mags. She is looking forward to her new job. I have put an extra packet of your pills in your toiletry bag. Please remember that I am just a phone call away. Lots of hugs and kisses, your Kay xxx.”
Paul sent a reply which read, “Darling, thank you for that. I'll use them with you. I enjoyed being with the three of you last night. Last night was a first for two things; having a mother and daughter and having two sisters. All three of you are wonderful in bed. I look forward to having you all again. Lots of hugs and kisses your Paul xxx.”
Paul continued his research. His phone beeped again, it was Bunty and read, “Paul, l am sorry that I missed you this morning. Last night I had the best sex of my life. I think of your cock all the time. Next time we are together can I take some pictures? Thank for what you are doing for Mags. She was so chirpy this morning. She is looking forward to her new job. I asked Kay for your number; I hope you don't mind. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. If there is anything that I can do for you, then please let me know. Lots of hot kisses anywhere you want. Love Bunty xxxx.”
Paul replied, “Bunty, you, Mags and Kay were wonderful last night. I enjoyed myself. It was a turn on for me to have a mother and daughter and two sisters on the same night. I'm so happy too about Mags. I think she will be a great asset in her new job. Hopefully, we can meet soon. It was a lot for me having five women on the same night. Donya and I are now living together. We will still keep contact with Ann’s coffee group. Our intention is to invite two from the group to have dinner with us, so hopefully we will see each other soon as I enjoyed my time with you. Lots of hugs and kisses, Paul xxxx.”
Paul continued his research. He left at five to three for the house. His phone beeped with a message from Val which read, “Been told to clear my desk. It was the partner who is ripping off Donya that told me. I'll sort him out. I have the USB stick. If you need me, call me. All my love, Val xxxx.”
Paul arrived at the house, as Donya was taking some suitcases into the house. They kissed, then Paul helped her empty her car. Paul then told her that Val was told to clear her desk and she had all of Donya’s files on a USB stick. Donya asked, “Where is Val? I would like to speak with her. I'm so annoyed that Burns would do this to me.”
Paul phoned Val. She was five minutes from them. Paul told her to come to Twenty-Two Park Gardens. Val arrived three minutes later, and Donya invited her to join them at the Italian restaurant. They walked there, but Donya left a note on the front door asking the Wine Company driver to call her mobile number if there was no reply at the door. 
They ordered a bottle of Chablis which was served immediately then they ordered their main courses.

Val then spoke. She brought out an iPad and told them that Donya had been ripped off during the last six years of over three and a half million pounds. Val said that previously to that, Donya’s husband had also been overcharged over a ten year period of over another three million pounds. Val had all the paperwork to prove this. On Monday she would give a letter to Mags that Mags would send to Mr George Burns, saying that if Mrs Donya Reza was not in possession of six and a half million pounds by close of business on Friday, then all papers would be forwarded to the Law Society. 
Their main courses were served. Donya told Val that what she was proposing was brilliant and to go ahead with it. Val also told her about the exercise she had undertaken at University. Val was able to tell Donya things about her companies that Donya had no idea was happening. 
Donya then said, “I would like to have a word with Mags and Val this evening to make sure everything is in place for Monday. Does anyone know Mags’ phone number?”
Val had it, and phoned Mags. Mags could be at the house by four-thirty. Paul paid the bill, and they walked back to the house. Val was checking the Internet connection, which she said was wonderful. She then said that they would need to go to Staples as they needed a printer, fax machine, photocopier and scanner. They would need to set up a network. They also needed to get parchment paper and envelopes to match. They would create their own stationary. Donya asked if they should go now, but Val said to wait for Mags as she might want something. 
The wine order arrived. There were five cases of Pol Roger, five cases of Louis Roederer and five cases of Laurent Perrier Rose. There were also ten cases of Premier Cru Chablis. There was a wine fridge in the kitchen that had some Dom Ruinart champagne and also some white burgundy. Paul then filled the fridge with the new wines and took the others to the cellar. 
Mags arrived, and she was glowing. She hugged and kissed everyone, then she said, “I'm so glad that you called. I have a list of things that I need to ask.”
Val said, “We need to go to Staples as we need computers, printers and a whole list of things. May be better if you come with us to make sure that you are happy with what we buy.”
They had decided to use the dining room as the office so they didn't buy any desks or chairs. The only office furniture they bought were two filing cabinets which would be delivered this evening. They purchased a Canon, four-in-one unit for one hundred and twenty pounds. Mags had said she had used the same machine in a lawyer's office and it ran on the cheap ink, which saved a fortune, but gave high-quality printing. They bought a Dell Power Edge server and all the bits that went with it.
Staples workers were packing all the boxes into their van as Donya paid them. Val was amazed with all the cables she was buying. They also got excellent stationery. They got back to the house, and Paul gave the driver a ten-pound tip for all his help. Val and Mags started unpacking the boxes, while Paul and Donya went into the lounge. Paul opened a bottle of Dom Ruinart, which was delicious. 
Donya said, “I think our evening in is not going to happen tonight. Val is unbelievable. She has a razor-sharp brain. She knows what she is talking about. That George Burns is in for a shock. How much will we pay them, as I have no idea about these things?”
Paul replied, “Mags has an honours degree in Law with distinction. So has Val, but Val is also a Chartered Accountant. Mags could do the CA course and she should, if they are doing audits of your companies; it would be beneficial if she has that degree. That's why I have to study until next June, so I get mine. Having Val and myself there will be good. Val should be on around one hundred thousand per year. I would pay Mags the same. We should work out a package for them, like a company car. I would imagine that there will be a bit of traveling involved.”
“We will find out quite quickly how much they will save you. Val is an expert with her accounting programmes. We need to look at the big picture and check each company for its profitability; I will be qualified by the time it takes the two of them to set it up. I'm sure that Val will be asking for turnover figures on a weekly or monthly basis.”
Val came into the room and said,”We have lift off. The system is up and running. I need to start downloading programmes. Can you give me your credit card number so that I can use it for the purchases? It won't take long to download. Is it possible that Mags and I stay here over the weekend, as we want to be able to go on Monday morning?”
Donya said, “No problem, that is a very good idea. We were going to have Indian takeaway tonight; would you like to join us?”
Val said, “I'm for it, let me ask Mags.”
Mags and Val came back into the lounge and Mags said, “We will stay because we have so much to do. But all my clothes are at Bunty’s. I must phone her and ask her to pack a suitcase of fresh clothes for me. The system that Val has bought is so fast. I am so excited about this project.”
Donya replied, “If Bunty does that then ask her if she would like to eat Indian with us tonight. She was so much fun last night.”
Mags phoned Bunty, who agreed to be there in twenty minutes. "She would be delighted to eat with us, but could she stay overnight?"
Donya said, “No problem; when she comes we will order, as I think Paul is getting a bit hungry now. Val and Mags, we have not discussed salary. Maybe we should do this now. What do you think?”
Val replied, “My salary was sixty-five thousand pounds per annum. I have a mortgage to pay from that. I expect Mags would be on a similar figure. Perhaps we could start with this figure and then have a review in nine months time; by that time you will be able to judge us on our performance.”
Donya replied, “I would like the starting salary to be seventy-five thousand pounds, and we will have a review in nine months time. Tomorrow morning we can go to the bank. We can set up a trading account for this operation. Is this acceptable for you?”
Both said that it was more than acceptable. Bunty arrived with a suitcase for Mags, who thanked her and took the suitcase upstairs. Bunty was looking stunning. She kissed and hugged Donya and Paul. Paul felt the weight of her enormous breasts against his chest. Her tongue went deep into Paul's mouth when they kissed. She also pushed her pussy against his leg. Paul got her a glass, then went to the wine fridge for another bottle of Dom Ruinart. 
Paul phoned the Indian restaurant and gave them the order. He was told, as they were under a little pressure, that it would be forty-five minutes before it would be delivered. Donya then went to her handbag and brought out a fifty-pound note and a five-pound note. She said, “You two get comfortable, and I'll give this to the girls, so we are not disturbed when the meals arrive.”
Bunty was kissing and touching Paul before Donya was out of the door. By Donya came back Paul was naked with Bunty in a crotchless bodysuit and her enormous breasts uncovered. Bunty was sucking Paul’s cock. Paul said, “Bunty wants to take pictures of my cock when she makes it hard. Would you like to help her?”
Donya stripped to her bodysuit. Her vulva looked incredible. She popped both her boobs out of her bodysuit as she knew Paul liked that. Donya said, “I'm very sure that we will get him very hard; do you have a camera or will you use your iPhone?”
Bunty replied, “My iPhone. Could you take the pictures, as I would like one with him teasing my clit with the tip of his cock? The other pictures with just his hard cock. I don't want any face pictures, just his cock and my pussy.“
Donya said, “Okay, let's get him hard.”
They both went down on him, with Bunty sucking his cock and Donya massaging his balls. Within minutes he was rock hard. Donya started taking pictures. The one's of the pussy teasing were excellent. Donya showed the pictures to both of them. Bunty was over the moon with them.
They both worked on Bunty. Soon she was ready. Bunty wanted to go on top, so Paul lay on the floor and Bunty mounted him, and shortly she had a powerful rhythm going. She was gripping his cock as she rode. She was taking his cock from the base to the tip with very long thrusts. Paul was rubbing her clit as Donya played with her tits. Twenty-five minutes later Bunty had an enormous orgasm. She collapsed on top of Paul.
They kissed then Bunty said, “That was wonderful. I'm still tingling from yesterday. I'm so glad that Mags phoned me. I was thinking that with the new firm that you are setting up, I could help you. I am a Chartered Accountant. I know a little about the IT aspects, but I know a lot about accounting procedures. I have two secretaries in my office. They do all the office and bookkeeping work. I'm only spending two hours a week in the office. I would like to help you.”
Paul replied, “That's a good idea if you can do it. Val has all the best programmes, and she knows how to run them. We would benefit from your experience in the summary of the accounts. We can talk it through with the girls later. It would be good to have another CA on the letterhead.”
Donya said, “I'm so happy that you have offered this. Paul is correct in that your experience will be invaluable in the analysis of the accounts. You must receive a salary. We can arrange that in the most advantageous way to suit you. I am excited about this. I am looking forward to the staff night out.”
Paul topped up their glasses. Bunty said, “This is going to be good for Mags. I also thought that she should study for a CA degree. With her honours degree in Law it's only a one-year course, and with Paul and I here she can do her practical here with us. I haven't spoken to her about this but I will soon.”
The doorbell rang, and they heard Val speaking. Val knocked on the door and said, “The meals have arrived, and we will eat in the kitchen.”
Bunty replied, “We will be there soon.”
Donya went out to the laundry room and came back with three towelling bathrobes. They put them on and went to the kitchen. Mags and Val had plates, cutlery and napkins arranged. The meals were laid out buffet style. Paul offered Mags and Val some champagne which they accepted. Val said, “All our downloads are done, and the system is good. Tomorrow morning we can start working, but rest assured Mr Burns will get his letter on Monday.”
They sat round the table chatting after the meal. Mags brought up several good points regarding checks and balances on what they were doing. Bunty said, “Mags, I have thought that it might be a good idea if you went back to University and took your CA degree.”
Mags replied, “I have been thinking the same. Today I emailed my old professor who called me back. He told me that I could join the class on Monday and would have my degree in June. Because I have a first class honours degree with distinction, he will allow me to join the class as he feels that I can make up the three months that I have lost. I think I will be in the same class as Paul.”
Paul said, “If you are I have excellent notes which, in all honesty, just need reading. I am sure that you will catch up. I'm sure that you will be able to help with the setting up of the firm and your classes. The same as I'm doing. Donya, what's your line of contact with all of your businesses, as I believe we will need to start talking with them soon?”
Donya replied, “I am so happy that you're going to do this, Mags. I am sure that you will do it. I have the email addresses of all the CEOs. I am Chairwoman of all eight of the Companies. I don't participate in the day-to-day running of any of the Companies. I get the yearly accounts before they are published. I make money from every company. I think that I should have done this a lot earlier.”
Val said, “Mags, you are doing the right thing. It will be easy for you to catch up. You have Bunty, Paul and me to give you help. I would speak to your Professor and ask him what research you should be doing this now to catch up as I'm sure he will have already next year's final paper already completed. Donya, could you give me the email addresses of the CEOs, as I will be needing to contact them so we can start getting numbers coming in? The other thing is, what will we call the firm?”
Donya said, “We had an old accountant called Tom Patterson; he worked for my husband's father and my husband for years. He died eighteen months ago. I would like the firm to be Patterson and Partners. Through his wise advice, our companies grew. It was he that developed the framework on which the companies conduct their businesses today. This was set up over thirty years ago, and I see the need for change, but would be a name that would mean a lot to me.”
Paul replied, “Patterson and Partners will be the name of the firm. Val and Mags must tomorrow get the firm registered. I'm sure that we will be operational by next week. I will go to the cremation with you on Monday then attend the lecture at eleven-thirty with Mags. I think that Val should telephone every CEO of your companies saying that Patterson and Partners would now be analysing all their company's figures. Perhaps it would be better if you phoned them tomorrow morning to tell them this was going to happen. Val, could you check if Patterson and Partners website is still available?”
Val took her iPhone out typed something in and then said, “Patterson is available. Donya give me your credit card again, and I will secure it. I'll have email addresses and a website up and running by Sunday evening. Donya and Paul, please tell me what content you want on the website?”
Bunty said, “Mags, what's the name of your Professor?”
Mags replied, “Professor Hugh Hayes.”
Bunty said, “I know him. We studied together. We called him HH; I had heard that he was lecturing, but I didn't know that he was now a Professor. He once asked me out, but I was dating someone else at the time. When you speak with him, tell him that your aunt, Bunty Cambridge, was asking for him... or maybe don't, as he was so boring. Every time he saw me his eyes just focused on my boobs. It may do you a bit of good as I know that he fancied me, but to be honest I couldn't stand him.”
Val went into the dining room. She came back ten minutes later to say everything had been taken care of. She said, “We will use IBM Cloud for the secure storage of all the data. I was approached by a Senior Manager from IBM to join their consultancy team. I will now email him and explain to him what we are doing. He knows the work that I do. I'll ask him to give Patterson and Partners IBM accreditation. I am sure that he will act as all companies that Donya owns use IBM cloud. It's a great advertisement for them as the Reza group has probably as big a turnover as IBM. I will send him an email tonight. This Manager is responsible for all eight Reza companies. He helped so much in our analysis of the Reza companies.”
“Having IBM Accredited on our website says an awful lot. Occasionally IBM uses Reza companies in their own advertising. This could be very good for all of us.”
Val then sent him an email explaining what she wanted. Bunty and Donya packed the dishwasher, and they went into the lounge where Val and Mags got comfortable. They both were now wearing crotchless bodysuits. Val was looking at Paul. She undid the belt of his towelling bathrobe. She opened it and his semi hard cock popped out. Before she went down on him, she said, “I am addicted to you.”
Donya said, “I think we are all becoming addicted to Paul. I have never felt so happy in my life.”
Bunty and Donya started working on Mags. Donya went down on her as Bunty started playing with her tits. Val and Paul were sixty-nineing on the carpet. Val was hot, and Paul sensed it as she was very wet. Paul also sensed that she wanted his cock now. He bent her over the sofa and went into her doggy style. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. He was going deep inside her as he rubbed her clit.
Twenty minutes later Val had an enormous orgasm. Paul came out of her. She turned around, and they kissed. Val whispered, “That was excellent. You have got to see Molly soon; she's missing you so much. I'll move in here until we get things up and running. She is on holiday next week so she can come here any night; it's now over four weeks since she has seen you.”
Paul kissed her then whispered, “I'll call her tomorrow and make it for Monday night. We will be back on Sunday evening. We have the cremation on Monday morning, so Monday night is the first night that I can be free.”
They kissed again. Val said, “I am going to work hard at Patterson and Partners, I honestly can't wait to get my teeth into it. The sooner we get numbers coming in, the happier I will be. I think that we will need a secretary after a few weeks. Mags and I will manage in the early days. I managed to get a lot of standard legal letters on my USB stick, but we won't be doing much standard legal or accounting work. Bunty has two secretaries; perhaps we could use them if it gets too much for us.”
They kissed again. Paul then went to Mags. She was more than ready for him. Thirty-five minutes later Mags had a fantastic orgasm. She turned around and kissed Paul passionately then said, “That was wonderful. I'm going to work so hard at University. I will get my degree in June with you. Val is right about the Professor; he will know what is in the final papers. He can't keep his eyes off my tits, so if I am wearing some risqué tops, then you know the reason why. Between ourselves, I believe that we both could get honours and distinction.”
They kissed again; Paul said, “I leave it up to you but don't be bringing anything into the group.”
Mags replied, “Don’t worry, all he will get is a feel of my tits and perhaps, if he is very talkative, a nice hand job.”
Paul smiled then went to Donya. She topped up their glasses. Donya whispered, “I want you alone tonight. Let's sit here for a while then we can go to bed. They have all enjoyed this evening. I must now make contact with all the CEOs. Some of them, I have never even met.”
Val came into the lounge. She looked happy. She said, “I have just had an excellent conversation with Ken Reed, the Senior Account Manager with IBM. There's no problem with the Accreditation. He thinks it's a perfect idea for the Reza companies. He is the Senior Manager for all eight Reza companies. He has suggested a meeting with you tomorrow, Donya, so next week we can go around all the CEOs. By doing this, we could have all the numbers coming in by the end of next week. Is ten tomorrow morning here good for you?”
Donya replied, “That's a great idea. I'll be here at ten. This is a big relief for me as I didn't know the way forward. Now I don't need to explain anything to them, and Val can explain everything to them. I think maybe Bunty should go along too. Val, I am so happy that you phoned Ken about this, as I wasn't sure of the correct protocol on how to proceed, but this way it says that an order has come from above.”
Mags said, “Yes, Bunty should be there. I can be there too. I sent an email to my Professor, asking if I could have a meeting with him tomorrow. He can see me at two in the afternoon. It will be so interesting tomorrow. I think that we can move forward quickly now.”
They chatted for another twenty minutes. Donya and Paul went upstairs. They were hot for each other. Thirty-five minutes later Paul exploded inside her. Donya said, “I loved that. I could feel you squirt inside me. I'm amazed that you don't cum inside the others.”
Paul replied, “So am I; it's difficult with all of them. They all grip my cock as I ride them, but until you are pregnant all my sperm is for you. Tell me about your eight companies.”
Donya said, “This could take some time. I will give you a shortened version. It all started with my husband's grandfather in nineteen hundred and four. He was Iranian. He had been educated in England. He was a geologist and also an engineer, and was a distant relative to the Shah. He got involved with the initial Persian oil company. He also got involved with other oil companies throughout the world. Within ten years he was a very wealthy man. His primary business was the oil business, developing sites and building refineries. He then branched out into the carrier business. Today his company has the biggest fleet in the world. In the early nineteen thirties, he set up Sovereign hotel group. We now have over four hundred hotels around the world. He also set up the Sovereign Bank and Sovereign Insurance, both major players in their fields.”
“In the thirties, my father's father was now running the business. After the war, he set up Sovereign Air as an air cargo company. He bought ex-military cargo planes very cheaply. Today this is a huge business as it developed into three businesses. Sovereign Jets, which is the largest private jet company in the world; we are flying on them tomorrow. The second company is Swift Parcels; my husband had the vision in the mid-eighties to see that the Internet was going to change how people bought goods. They needed to be transported and delivered. It's one of the largest logistics companies in the world. Last year the turnover was sixty billion dollars.”
“We also own a lot of properties. We own London City Airport. We also own a Chateau in Champagne with a large vineyard. We sell the grapes at harvest. That's a profitable business, but it's one of the smaller businesses we own. As I remember them, I will tell you about them.”
“There is another asset which was not set up as a business. When you told me that you were interested in antiques, I thought that you would be interested in this. All my husband's relatives bought antiques. They are housed in the Reza Museum in London. During the war, they were relocated to a safe warehouse in the south of Scotland. The pieces shown in the museum is only a fraction of the antiques that we have. Every investment has proved worthwhile. I would like you to have a look at it. Maybe we can add to it, as it is better than having money in the bank.”
They kissed, then made love again. Next morning they had another fantastic session. Bunty made an excellent breakfast. Val and Mags were still in bed. Paul kissed Bunty and Donya then left for University. Donya told him that she would pack his suitcase for him and Ann would be here then when he arrived, they would leave for the Airport. 
Ken arrived at ten. Donya’s housekeeper brought them coffee. Ken was very professional. After Val had explained what she wanted, he then telephoned all the CFOs of the eight companies and arranged meetings with each of them for the next week. Ken told them that the firm of Patterson and Partners were going to monitor their figures. They would not at the moment do an audit of the company's books, but this could change in the future. He also told them if they wished to speak with Mrs Reza they could as she was sitting beside him. Not one of them asked to speak with her.
Ken was happy with the telephone calls, and so were Val, Bunty, Mags and Donya. The first meeting was in London on Monday morning. Donya arranged a flight for them. They would meet at seven thirty on Monday morning at the Airport. They would fly to Paris on Tuesday to the Insurance company's head office. The head office of all the other companies were all in London. 
When Ken left, they sat in the lounge. Val said, “Ken, is on our side. He knows that within a year Patterson and Partners will be auditing the Reza companies accounts. I will able to give a figure next week when I get to see the accounts. That will be a decision for you, but from the  group, I believe that you could save over a hundred million pounds on audit fees, and it may be more.”
Bunty said, “I agree with you. The savings will be enormous. Val, we should do a costing on this as soon as we have sufficient data. I am looking forward to this. I must speak with Kay, as it could be in our interests to have Patterson and Partners. It would mean that Patterson would have two very experienced secretaries. I see a lot of changes in the next few months.”
Mags said, “Ken told us this morning how to modify the power the large accountancy firms have on all businesses. This is technology taking over. The firms that charge enormous fees, their days are numbered. I am sure Paul will see this as soon as he hears about it. Donya, you heard what Ken said, and they were flying down to London on Monday morning.

Paul said, “It scares me to think how much the Reza group are paying in accountancy fees but it must be staggering. There will be significant savings to be made. I believe that this time next week we will know a lot more than we do today.”
Ann then came and gave him a hug and a long passionate kiss. She was pushing her pussy against his leg. She then said, “I have missed you so much.”
They kissed again then Paul replied, “I have missed you too.”
They left for the airport fifteen minutes later. Bunty dropped them off at the Sovereign Jets office. Five minutes later they were airborne. Ann said, “This is incredible, thank you, Donya, for arranging this. This is a memory that I will never forget.”
Champagne had been served as soon as they were seated. Menus were offered, and they all selected a different main course. Lunch was served fifteen minutes later. Paul asked if he could taste the others main courses. He then said, “Everything about this experience is five-star apart from the food which is at best one-star. Donya, you need to do something about the food. This is budget airline catering. How many meals do you serve a week on your jets?”
Donya replied, “I honestly don't know; several years ago I asked about the quality and was told it was the best value for money to buy from the airline caterers. I will message Val and ask her to bring it up at the meeting she has with the Sovereign Jets directors. You are correct in what you say; the meals are one star.”
They landed at London City Airport. It was the first time Paul had been there. He was amazed at the number of Sovereign Jets that were there. They were greeted by a man in a chauffeur’s uniform. He helped the Sovereign Jets steward with their baggage, and then drove them to Donya’s house. All the baggage was taken into the Master Bedroom. Maria then told Donya that her aunt would see her at four for afternoon tea. 
At four they rang the doorbell of the house next door. A maid opened the door then led them into a lounge, where a very distinguished lady who was very frail was seated. Donya then hugged her. They spoke in Persian. Then she introduced Ann and Paul to her. She then said, “Paul, you are a very handsome and from what I have heard a brilliant young man. Donya wants to have children with you. How do you feel about that?”
Paul replied, “If we are fortunate enough to have children then I would be the happiest man in the world. I would also be the best father to these children that I could be. Every day my feelings for Donya grow.”
The old lady said, “I ask both of you to do something for me. I'm the last living Reza. Donya is a Reza through her marriage to my brother. Unfortunately, they didn't have any children from their marriage. I ask you both to use the name Reza, along with your own name in the surname of any children you may have. Will you do this for me?”
Paul stood up and went to the old lady and shook her hand. As he held her hand, he said, “You have my word that I will do this.”
The old lady pulled Paul towards her then kissed him on the cheek. She then said, “Thank you. I know that you will be a good husband and father. I'm glad that I have met you and your mother. I must rest now. Thank you all for visiting me. Donya would you help me to my room.”
Donya helped her aunt out of the lounge. Ann and Paul sat on the sofa. Ann said, “I will be surprised if she is still here in twenty-four hours time. There's a rattle coming from her chest. She has not long to go. You have made her very happy by agreeing to use the Reza name. I believe that is very important for her. You are going to be a very wealthy man. Donya loves you. We all love you. I'm looking forward to having dinner then going back to that wonderful bedroom with Donya and you. I believe that there's an excellent French restaurant only a minute walk away.”
They kissed. Paul played with her enormous breasts. Her nipples were hard. Paul opened her legs slightly then slipped his hand up her skirt. She had no panties on, and her pussy was wet. Her clit felt enormous as he gently squeezed it between his fingers. Then there was a very loud scream from Donya shouting for Ann to come quickly. Paul and Ann then went into a bedroom. The old lady was seated in an armchair. Her eyes were closed, but there was a smile on her face. The maid appeared with a sheet and covered her face, then asked Donya if she should call for the doctor. Donya asked her to do this.
They went back to the lounge. Then the maid came into the lounge with a bottle of Dom Ruinart and three glasses. The maid said, “Miss Reza told me to do this if she died with a smile on her face.”
She opened the champagne, filled the glasses, then left the room. Donya said, “It was amazing. She gave me the combination of her safe and told me all her papers were inside. I opened the safe and went through her papers. She was organised. There is even the undertaker she wanted us to use. The safe is in an adjoining room. Before I went, she told me that Paul is the man for me. When I came back into the room, she was dead. I knew that she hadn't long to go from the rattle from her chest. I wish that I had spent more time with her.”
Paul hugged her. Then they kissed. There was a knock on the lounge door.  The maid came in and said that the doctor had arrived. Donya went to him. He told her that he was surprised that she had lasted so long. It was as though she was waiting to see Donya that had kept her going. The doctor then gave her the death certificate, saying, “She died happy; what a beautiful smile she had on her face.”
The doctor left. Donya then telephoned the undertaker. They would be with her in thirty minutes. Donya then went to the bedroom and removed the sheet, then took several photographs of her and her smile. The only jewelry that her aunt was wearing was a gold Patek Philippe with a beautiful gold strap. Donya took it off her and put it on her left wrist. It fitted perfectly. Donya then went back to the lounge and told Ann and Paul what she had done.
The undertaker arrived and told them that Miss Reza had left instructions that she wanted to be cremated. He could offer them a cremation at nine thirty on Tuesday or Wednesday. They arranged it for Tuesday morning. The Undertaker told her that he would put an intimation in The Times. Donya said no, that she wanted a private funeral. The undertakers then took the body away. Donya then spoke to the maid, who gave Donya the number of her aunt’s old secretary. She was in her seventies, and was Iranian as well.
Donya phoned her and told her that her aunt had died and the cremation was on Tuesday morning at nine thirty. She wanted a private cremation. She asked if she any of her aunt’s friends that she could invite. The secretary told her that all her friends were dead. Her old gardener would be there and perhaps two or three more. Apart from the maid, there were no other employees now. The secretary told her that she had spoken to her aunt yesterday and that she was looking forward to her visit. She was also sad that she couldn't go to her sister's funeral on Monday. Donya thanked her and said she would see her on Tuesday. 
Donya then went to the maid. The maid was Spanish. She was unmarried and had a room in the house. She had worked for her aunt for eighteen years. Donya asked, “What will you do now, as I don't know yet what I will do with the house?”
The maid replied, “I'm an only child. My parents are both dead. I inherited a house and ten acres of land. I have developed the site. I have sold twenty of the houses, and have fifty houses that I rent out. I will stay here as long as you need me then I will return to Spain. I have enjoyed my time working with your aunt. She was a remarkable woman. She helped me so much with my development. Until you know what you are doing, then I will stay here. Maria, your housekeeper, is also Spanish. We are good friends. If you sell the houses, then the two of us will retire to Spain, and she will help me with my houses. My name is Camila. You know that your aunt has a magnificent villa at Sotogrande?” 
Donya shook her hand and said, “I honestly don't know what will happen with the houses. As soon as I know anything, then I will let you know. I didn't know about the villa; I will have to travel there and see it.”
Camila replied, “You should. It's on the golf course. A one minute walk to the Club House. We would go to her villa from October until March. She enjoyed the heat. She had her Christmas turkey on the patio. She loved that. She cried when we left in March, as I believe that she knew that would be the last time she would visit there.”
Donya, Ann and Paul then walked to the French restaurant. They had an excellent dinner. Over dinner, Donya asked if it would be possible to use the Sous Vide meals that she used in her hotel on Sovereign Jets. Paul said, “That's a good idea. We would have to look at the reheating of the meals, but under refrigeration, they could last for six months. Frozen they could last for years. We will do an exercise with, say, six different meals and work out the costings. I will get Val to check it out next week when she visits Sovereign Jets.”
They got back to the house. Maria had left a note saying that she had retired for the night. She had left some bottles of Dom Ruinart in the fridge. She would be in the kitchen from seven tomorrow morning and had everything for a Full English Breakfast. Paul got the champagne, and they went into the lounge. Donya said, “I wish that I had spent more time with my aunt. When I put on her watch today, I felt that I was so close to her. I want to visit her villa in Spain. I want to discover all I can about her. I am happy that you both met her today. I have the feeling that if she knew that we would be having a threesome tonight, she would have been happy for us.”
“When we arrived, and she spoke in Persian with me she told me that you were the man for me. I had told her that Ann was your mother and we had worked in the same hospital together. She told me that you were a beautiful woman and you must have a good lover as you were glowing. She also told me that I was glowing too. I believe that she knew what was happening between us. I will learn from Maria and Camila what she was like but I am sure that she was a remarkable woman.”
That night they had a session that lasted over three hours. Both Ann and Donya had cum multiple times. Paul finally came inside Donya, and he had the feeling that Donya would now be pregnant. 

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