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All Because of Millie

For the first time in three years, I feel like a true woman again because of you.
Dear readers:

I know this story is rather long, but it would not have made sense if I had put it in two parts. I hope this does not deter you from reading it because I would love comments. It's my first venture into a "mature" story and I think it came out well. I hope you will think so also.


All Because of Millie

Millie had just turned forty-five a month ago. She had been by herself now for three years and quite frankly, she had gotten used to it. The death of her husband had been hard at first, she had to admit, especially losing him after twenty years of marriage. Before he died, he told her that he wanted her to be happy after the inevitable happened, and she was happy with her life. She had adjusted to being without him. But then she met William.

William was an older gentleman that delivered bottled spring water to, After Eight, the company Millie’s late husband had founded and that she now owned and ran. He had been her new delivery man for about two months. William really did not need to work because he was actually retired; he just needed something to do. He had been tired of sitting in his house alone. Like Millie, he was a widower; his late wife having passed away a year ago.

William was in his middle fifties, slim and graying around the edges, and Millie thought that made him look distinguished. But that was always the case with graying men. Millie had gotten to the point where she looked forward to his weekly deliveries. William always walked in, the five gallon water bottle propped solidly upon his shoulder, smiling. Millie loved the way his lips crinkled under the graying mustache. William always had something to share and she also found his sense of humor delightful.

Millie was sitting behind the receptionist desk when she saw the delivery truck pull up, William behind the wheel. She smiled as he got out and headed to the back of the truck and reemerged with the clear filled bottle of water on his shoulder as always. William, she found, did not look like a very strong man, but he was always able to carry the weight with ease. She knew that he was hiding muscles under his shirt.

William came through the door with a smile on his face as always. He saw Millie sitting there, looking content as usual, even though her present location was not her normal spot in the large office space. The five gallon weight rested easily on his shoulder as he spoke.

“Good morning, Mrs. Totalani! You working the front today?” William asked as he paused beside the desk.

Millie looked with a smile and said, “No choice but to do so. Rebecca is on her honeymoon!”

“Aw, I see. I didn’t even know she was getting married,” William said and smiled.

“I didn’t either. It was surprise to me when I came into work this morning to voicemail. Needless to say, it is going to be a rather long day!” Millie answered with a little hatred in his voice.

William finally had the opportunity he wanted. Ever since that first day he saw Millie, he had wanted to ask her out. He just did not know how since he had been out of the dating scene for many years. Now was his chance.

“In that case, after work, have dinner with me,” William asked and smiled.

Millie was surprised, but it was not like she had never been thinking about it. She had been and that is what scared her. Being alone for three years now and developing feelings for someone new she really did not know, made her feel a little uncertain of herself. She had all kinds of emotions going through her head, especially now that William asked something she thought she would never hear again.

William could tell that Millie was surprised, so he went to the water cooler to unload the heavy weight on his shoulder. He figured letting her think was best while he replaced the empty five gallon bottle.

Millie was still sitting in the same spot when William reappeared with the empty bottle in his hand. She felt all warm inside at the sight of him, especially since he had essentially asked her out.

“Well, Mrs. Totalani?” William asked with a smile.

Millie had made her decision. She was actually ready to move on with her life. This could be the happiness her late husband had wanted her to have.

“First of all, my name is Millie from now on, and yes, I’ll be happy to have dinner with you tonight,” she said and gave him a friendly smile.

“Wonderful! Pick you up at say, seven?” William questioned.

“Here’s directions to my house,” Millie had already sketched them out and had them ready to hand him.

William smiled and nodded his head and out the door he went to the delivery truck and drove off.

Millie, for the first time in three years, felt all warm inside. She had forgotten what that feeling felt like. She loved feeling it again. It comforted her.

William was just glad he had finally grew some balls. He knew he was ready for love again and he knew that woman had to be Millie. There was just something about her that lit him up inside. He could not wait for tonight.

After a rather long day of answering phones and doing her own work in between, Millie was ready to head home and freshen up before William arrived. She had enough time to strip and take a shower and find something special to wear.

The shower felt good and regenerated her body. Now she stood naked looking in the walk-in closet for something to wear. Finally, Millie settled on a white silk blouse and black slacks. With them in hand, she turned around and laid them on the bed to retrieve her undergarments. After she had slapped them on, she dressed and looked in the full length mirror. She wondered if she was overdressed because in the mirror, it looked way too formal, but she also knew she was trying to impress William. However, she had already done that and really did not know how much.

When the her doorbell rang, she became nervous and started to shake. Millie took one last look in the mirror. Everything looked in order, so she walked downstairs, her legs still shaking with each step she took.

When she opened the door, there stood William in a suit and tie and she was so glad she was not the only one dressed up. It was evident that both had been thinking the same thing.

William had trouble concentrating as he looked at Millie. Her dark brown hair curled sensually over her white silk covered shoulders. The deep auburn of her aged tan highlighted by the white sheer shine was absolutely breathtaking. He knew she saw him looking over her mature slender body. He just could not help it.

Millie looked over him in the same way William had looked over her. It made her feel good to be ogled again. She had forgotten what it felt like to have a man look at her in that way. She was still glad she was able to turn heads. Well, at least William’s.

“Look at you! Millie, you look beautiful,” William said as he handed the roses he had hid in his hand behind his back.

Millie blushed and smiled and thought of the last time she was given flowers. It was by her late husband and she knew this was a sign from him. She knew he was telling her, from beyond, she had his blessing.

“Aw, aren’t you sweet William. They are beautiful. Come on in and let me just put them in the vase on the table and I will be ready to go.”

William followed Millie into the dining room and watched her grab the vase to fill it with water. He watched her slim frame move as she went to the kitchen sink. She stuck the roses in the vase. The roses were just as pretty as Millie.

She turned around and said, “Okay, let’s go!” and out the front door they went to his truck for a night out together.

The dinner was wonderful and the conversation was enlightening. Millie thought to herself, as William drove back to her house, how she felt during the night. For the first time since the death of her husband, Millie was free to feel.

William had the same feelings as Millie. As he drove back to her house, all he could think about was all the things he missed passionate in his life and for once, he was getting them back. All because of Millie. It was a good feeling to know that he did not lose them. He had thought once his late wife had gone, he would never realize what love was again. He found it in Millie.

Millie watched William turn the steering wheel and shoot his truck into her driveway. As he placed it in park, he got out and walked to the passenger side and opened the door to let her step out. She felt his hand fall into hers and the sensations that followed. Sensations that she had not felt since that day her love actually ended.

The light from the front porch lit their way as they walked up the sidewalk hand in hand. They both stood there on the porch like a fresh teenage couple trying to figure out what to do after a date was coming to an end.

Millie looked in William’s eyes as he looked down into hers. William smiled and said, “I had a wonderful night with you Millie”

“I enjoyed the evening with you as well. It has been a long time since I did this. A very long time.”

“That makes two of us,” William answered as he took a hold of her other hand. He pulled her close to his body and hoped she would not push away from him.

Millie felt a rush flow through her body. A rush that she had not felt in three years. It felt wonderful to her. She did not want him to let her go. She felt good in his arms.

William knew he had her now. He could tell she was not going to push away from him. He took his hand and brushed a few strands of her hair from her face and brushed her blushing cheek. Slowly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.

Millie closed her eyes and fell into his deep passionate kiss. And that was what it was. Passionate. The rush she had felt emerged again, this time evoking feelings she had thought she had lost forever. William’s kiss reached deep into her soul and unlocked a frenzy of emotions that traveled through her body. For the first time in three years, she again felt like a real woman.

As William kissed, Millie felt the heat rising in her body. She felt all her sensual spots react in the manner that she remembered. She felt her nipples begin to rise and her pussy get wet. She had not been wet in the three years since. Moist, yes, but not wet. She had thought her pussy had dried up in those years. Since she was also forty-five, she chalked it up to age. It hadn’t. She could feel her body readying itself for passion.

William had not felt so warm inside as he did now with his lips locked onto Millie’s. It just felt so right and for the very first time in a year, he truly felt like a man. He could feel his penis starting to react, straining to lengthen inside his pants. He had not had that yearning there since. Of course, he never lost the ability to get it up; he had just lost the longing that actually made his penis rise. Now he had that longing, that yearning, that desire, and he had Millie to thank.

Millie could feel the stirring in his pants against her hip. She could feel his manhood restrained inside its holster at the moment, struggling, wanting to be released. She could feel it pulse up and down and that only made her wetter. She could not remember the last time she had soaked her panties, but she was soaking them now. Her warm naturalness ran out of her in slow trickles and she felt it pool in the lining that rubbed her sensual fold. Millie also felt her hard nipples want to poke out of her bra. Sensitive and tight, she felt her nipples rub the padded cups that concealed them. She was getting hotter with desire by the minute.

William wanted Millie and she wanted him. Both knew it as they felt each other under that deep kiss. Millie could feel her body slowly giving into him, and William could feel his body absorb her. He was so ready to feel himself inside a woman again. Millie was so ready to have a man fill her. However, both were scared something would go wrong.

“Oh God, Millie, I want you so fucking bad!” William said as he took his lips away from hers and pressed her head into his chest.

His chest was warm and hearing his words caused Millie to trickle more arousal onto her panties. She was ready for him to take her, but she wanted him to know how long it had been for her and spoke into his chest, “William, it’s been a long time for me.”

“Me too, that’s why I want you so bad now. You’re the first woman that has made me feel truly like a man in a year.” William said.

“Three years for me and God the feelings you have brought back,” Millie answered shyly, “I thought I had lost them forever.

William and Millie both knew why it had been so long, but did not say a word to each other. She just dug out her keys, opened the front door, and invited William to her room.

He immediately took his jacket and tie off and tossed them on the couch as they passed by on their way to the stairs. Millie led him up to her room, the top button of her silk blouse already open. The moment they were in her room, they embraced and kissed again and both felt the passion riding high in the air of the room.

Millie’s hands immediately found the buttons of William’s shirt and meticulously, she unhooked each one. She ran her hands over his broad chest, scratching him with her fingernails sensually. His skin was hot and his nipples were getting hard like hers.
Millie felt his hand tug at her blouse to bring its tail out of her pants. He was not as meticulous as she was, popping buttons as he tried to get the blouse off of her. Millie found that hot and could afford to purchase a new one. He pushed the silky fabric over her shoulders and it fell off of her arms and to the floor easily sliding off. Millie reciprocated with William’s shirt.

In a hot moment, Millie wrapped her arms around William’s bare torso and she felt the bulge in his pants against her. He ran his hands over the curve of her upper body until he felt the band of her bra against her back. In one snap, he had it loose and she came out of it quickly. He sat on the edge of her bed and looked at her. Seeing her topless brought back all the reasons why he was a man.

Millie stood in front of him as she felt his hands move up her curvy sides to where his hands wanted to rest. As he moved his hands, Millie felt her nipples get even harder. They were now standing out like they never had before. Her big round areolas were also very sensitive as her nipples stuck out hard. Then his hands finally reached them. He cupped both and began to squeeze. Millie moaned as his hands carefully caressed her still firm breasts and tweaked her hard nipples.

Millie rested her hands on his shoulders as he felt her up. She leaned her head back and sunk into his hands as they felt her round protuberances. She could feel more wetness form in her pussy and fall onto her already soaked panties. She was ready to have them off and William must have been a mind reader.

Slowly, he let her breasts go and brought his hands down to find the button and zipper of her slacks. He unloosened both and along with her slacks, he grabbed the elastic waist of her panties and pulled down. Millie had only one thought as he pulled. He would see just how wet she was. Even though she was forty-five, she kept her pussy clean shaven and she knew that her juices were going to make it glisten.

As William pulled her slacks and panties down, he got a full view of her smooth wet pussy. It was dripping with desire and he could not wait to get into it. He could smell the scent of her core and it called out to his hard penis in his pants.

Millie stepped out of her pants and kicked them over to the shirts on the floor. Afterward, she reached down to the belt buckle around his waist and unhooked it. She saw the huge bulge in his pants and she knew she was about to release it. In the same manner that William did, Millie did also. He stood so she could get them off of him easier and when she pulled down, his hard penis came out and bounced with its heavy weight and stood at attention. It was ready.

Now they both stood naked and embraced yet again. William leaned down to kiss her and she let him. His lips felt wonderful on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and dug her nails into his back slightly. As she did, she felt his cock jump and the head of it touch her sexual entrance. It knew right where it wanted to be. As the head of his hardness massaged her sensual slit, yearning to be inside, she felt the wetness pour from her insides again. She was ready.

William turned her slowly and aimed her right for the bed. Millie felt her back fall into her sheets. She looked up at him as their bodies prepared to be one. She was ready for him to be inside her. It was a moment that she had not felt in three long years.

Slowly, she widened her legs, readying herself to accept his hardness. Her body was now hot and her pussy was quivering for his entrance. She was ready for William to push into her, but she could tell he was taking his time and he was making sure she was ready.

Millie saw the look in his eyes as he hovered over her, straddling her body with his strong arms. She could tell he was looking for a sign because he knew it had been a long time for her. Millie smiled at him and nodded. With that sign, she felt the head of his hardness pierce her hot wet opening. She grimaced because the sting of having a hard cock inside her made her feel like a mature virgin.

William felt her hot wet walls consume him as he plunged into her depths. She was tight for obvious reasons, but she felt so damn good. He had to get used to her tightness before he could start thrusting.

Millie felt his cock inside her. It felt good there. She could feel the hot core of him inside as he filled her. It felt like something she had never had before, it had been so long. Millie anticipated his movement.

Then he started. Slowly, William backed out and he felt her lips glide with his cock. As he slowly moved back inside, the tightness began to give and he was able to feel his hardness sink into her even deeper. God, William thought, it felt so good to be surrounded by a woman again.

Finally, William leaned all the way down on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him, again. Her breasts rubbed against her chest; her nipples hard and rigid. He never skipped the rhythm of being inside her as Millie stroked his back with her hands and nails gently as he thrust slowly into her. Suddenly, Millie had the urge to moan and could not help letting it escape her lips. As the moan over took her body, she wrapped her legs around his waist. The moans got deeper.

William felt her legs against his waist and as she hooked them around him, he fell deeper into her depths. Slowly, he took all of her warmth and felt his cock sink all the way inside her. He felt her inner walls grip his hardness with everything she had. Slow and easy, he thrust, slurping sounds now coming from between them.

Millie felt his love pour into her as she consumed him. They were not fucking. This would never be a one night stand. Millie could feel this being forever because they were making love. Nothing hardcore about it. This was passionate lovemaking at its best.

William felt the passion, the desire, the hot erotic emotions flow from Millie into him as he slowly made love to her. He could also feel that this was more than just a fuck. That it would never just be a fuck. It was purely two people sharing themselves with each other and that it would always be that way.

Millie finally felt that tingle she had lost three years ago and it was building fast as William slowly exited and entered her. The emotions of a pure true love orgasm was taking hold and she was so glad that her body still had it inside her. Millie could not wait for the moment that her orgasm fully consumed her so she could let it go. She wanted William to know that she fully enjoyed his love making.

William could feel the change inside Millie’s body and he knew that he was bringing her to orgasm. Millie, too, was bringing him to orgasm as well. William felt his spasm start and he could not wait to express his love to her in the natural way. He was ready to let his orgasm fill her and let her know how he truly felt about her.

Millie began to moan louder, deeper, and longer as the orgasm burned inside. She felt the heat of it reach its boiling point. Slowly, she sighed and let the orgasm over take her. She lightened the grip she had on him with her legs and lowered them to the bed, curling her toes as the orgasm flowed through her and onto William still with his hardness deep in her sexual passage.

William felt her orgasm on his hard penis. Her wet inner walls gripped him as her orgasm constricted and pulsed. He grunted as her orgasm wrapped around his hard member. The sound he made was not only because of feeling her orgasm pulse around his hardness. It brought his spasm to a head and he had no choice but to let it go. William heaved a long breath and at the same time he let it out, the nerve that drove his love liquid out, thumped and he felt his hot naturalness burn its way through is hard shaft and spurt streams inside her.

Millie felt his hot orgasm splatter in sequence inside her and she moaned satisfyingly as William erupted into her. She lied there on the bed, her orgasm still going as William’s orgasm filled her at the same time. Her body began to sink into the bed as she counted the spurts that were released into her climatic orifice. Yes, she began to think to herself as her body tingled, that it was true lovemaking when two bodies climaxed at the same time.

William shot the last of his several long bursts inside Millie and felt her body begin to relax immediately. He, too, began to get soft inside her. Slowly, he removed his semi-erect penis from her. As he did, he saw her orgasm all over it, making it shine in the light of the room. Her leftover orgasm also exited her sensual lips as well.

William collapsed beside Millie on the bed, gently turning his satisfied body to her. Millie was smiling from erotic bliss. William stroked her hot face with his fingers. Millie found his other hand and gently took it into hers. She squeezed it firmly and said, “Thank you William for bringing out feelings I so thought I had lost. The longing, the yearning, the overall emotions finally found a way back to me. For the first time in three years, I feel like a true woman again because of you.”

William just looked at her and smiled. He could not say anything back to her. He did not have to say anything at all. He could tell Millie knew how he felt. Her words had said it all. The same feelings Millie had also consumed him. Inside he was thanking Millie also and she could feel it as she squeezed his hand. He truly felt like a man again. All because of Millie.

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