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An educated, fine lady

Ambar was a pretty delicious woman in her 40´s, ready to be fucked!!

An educated person, her beautiful manners attracted me at the bar, only for old ladies.  I was impressed at the way she spoke some words into the microphone.   But now she was moaning, saying broken words into the head of my dick!!


I felt like if my cock could reach to the bottom of her old pussy while she rode wildly on top of me.  She took her tits out of her bra for me to suck them, nipples really hard for so much  lust.  While I did this to her, she moaned loudly and stroked her boobs relentlessly.


This is a story that I´d like to share with you and it happened to me three years ago while I was retuning home after I had   dinner with coworkers at the company´s party where I labor.

During the dinner party, I felt bored; to make matters worse, almost all my coworkers  -both male and females-  are boring people. So, on my way home, while heading back home I happened to walk past the entrance of a disco where only  customers on their 40´s  would attend.  I thought it was worthwhile a last drink there, it would go well with me after the boring  party I had just left, and decided to get in that  new place;  my curiosity would be satisfied when  I realized how these  places looked  like, and  new things to see here.   I stepped in and looked around.  As the waiter approached I ordered a drink and, holding my glass, I got close to the dance floor,   only to notice a gathering of people  so old they seemed grandparents, dancing crazily.  

There was a bunch of women, clusters of them, sitting at each table around this dancing hall, apparently very happy, having a good time there, while laughing and screaming in joy, taking a regular sip out of their glasses.

My attention was directed to a group of women, but  especially one was very outstanding, excepcional among them: a woman in her 40´s, rather flashy, with rolls in her body, but with excellent huge boobs and a fine-looking face. Moreover, she looked like an elagant lady with fine manners.  I stared at her for a long time, but each time paying more attention, as if  falling in lover with her.  I must confess  I like middle-aged a lot!!

I ordered another drink and changed to a new position where my observation was the best I could get. Our glances met, and we were now looking at each other in the eye, so I gave her my best smile, while rising my glass at her, made a bow, meaning:

Cheers!!  Let´s drink to it!!

She returned my smile politely and yet I couldn´t guess anything dirty in her eyes.  After a while, I saw her standing off the table to head for the lavatories, so I decided to go after her for a greeting   on her way out of the bath room.  I was sure she deserved a good compliment on my part; I´d feel happy to meet such wonderful woman.

When she excited the bathroom, I approached her and said: "Hi, I just wished to say you´re gorgeous tonight.  Sorry I´ve been watching you so shameless, but the point is I felt especially attracted by your manners, your etiquette and protocol.  You´re so elegant and graceful..." 

She said: -Thank you. You shouldn´t worry about me. Actually I didn´t notice you seeing me, and paying so much attention, but I must tell you I´m a little too old for you.

I said:  -Oh, well yes. That`s why I feel attracted by your charm. These days, girls in my same age group aren´t femenine at all, like you are.  New customs, a different fashion, don´t you think so?  That´s why your charm attracts me,  you´re different from others.  I like the way you move your hand around and your attitude when listening to a conversation. Besides, if this comment won´t  bother you, I think your body is  amazing, gorgeous.

She heard this and laughed loudly, but then grabbed my arm and said:

-You know?  I like you.  I think this you´re saying about me is not true.  But either way, why don´t we have a dance together?

I began to get hot  while dancing. Music being played was the one suitable for dancing embraced together, so I pulled her closer to me and began to move and shake, as best I could.  She at the beginning   wouldn´t pay any attention to my teasing, but after a minute she began to feel my hard on, looking for her pussy, like plowing into her.  I noticed she was sweating a lot in the  back of her neck and moaning softly each time I pushed. I proposed her to come along to my place, for I lived nearby.  Once there we would  drink more and dance.  She hesitated, considering it, but as I pushed a little harder more inside her pussy above her clothes, and I moved my hand down until it touched the edge of her panties, she clutched me more, and looking me in the eye, she proposed to leave right away.  She grabbed her jacket and out we went without saying good bye.

While she walked down the  street, she kept rubbing her ass like a dirty girl,  bouncing her ass cheeks.  She was as hot as I was and she would say yes to everything I wished for.   As we were in the elevator to my place, I began to lift her skirt and finally could land a hand on her cunt completely wet by now.   This made her to moan with eyes closed while I shook my hips against her ass, at unison withe my fingers  trying to dig into something.

We exited the elevator and found the door to my apartment.  Once inside, I slid off her skirt, smoothly, easily.  She never  resisted and her only reaction was only to moan and quiver.  I told her to sit at the table in the hall.  I was on my knees,   began to suck that wonderful,  delicious cunt of hers, until she cum with a loud scream,   grasping my head to force it deep into her leaking, dripping femininity. She gasped for air too when sitting at the chair, me sucking her juices off that hairy pussy.

She then pressed me to the floor where I landed directly with my cock still in her mouth while her pussy was stick to mine: it was the perfect 69.  No doubt she had planned it, something impressive and inspiring, because while on this, out of the sudden she stopped sucking my penis, raised her head  to ignore the shaft, and began to  moan like if something different was going through her  body: she was having a a pussy spasm, an orgasm!!  She even spoke unintelligible words into my hard dick as if it was a microphone,  when she finally cum.

She the resumed her sucking on my penis, because the big rod was more important than ever and deserved a good attention!!  But my plans were different:   Just wished to fuck her as hell, so I got on my feet and didn´t continue with this any more; made her lay on a table face up, while grabbing her by the legs, my hands wrapped under her knees.  Her cunt was wet, so much that on the first stroke, the cock went in entirely.  This put her nutty,  looking for the table rim to grip it fimly with her hands to get support, and push more agains my dick while I blew up her cunt fiercely.  My balls bounced lapping on her,  and probably  this made her more agitated.

Sometimes, as I stroked her in and out, I paused and lapped  the clit, then plunged it back on her love tunnel, my dick was on the verge to cum.  We moved to a sofa and she sat on top of me shaking wildly, passionately, uncontrolled. I still can recall her ass moving incredibly fine!!   I could feel my dick reaching to the bottom of her pussy while she kept on riding madly.  She began to take her tits out of her bra  -she was a busty-  and forced me into sucking her hard niples. 

While touching her breasts, I heard a loud scream, something electrifying.    But her shacking wouldn´t pause at all, for she knew I was about to cum and wanted to take all cum off my balls, feeling how I rubbed her boobs with my dick well inside her. I knew I couldn´t continue any longer and put her in her four  to discharge my load. I clutched her by the hair and pulled her head up.  My final blow was too much for her to stand, and it sounded like slaps on her ass, she begging for more though. We fucked like rabbits and I think her pussy was filled with galons of cum, something superb.

It´s a pity she refused to stay longer in my apartment, but she had already given me enough and we were done for the day.  Sometime later I saw her at a  bar chatting with a man her same age. I figured out he was her husband. She saw me and we smiled to each other, pretending  we had never met before!!


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